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    • Bora BR99 has chrome barrel, so good with steel and slug. Section 1 though. Might upset the country set on a shoot. Have seen (walked past) 'green cartridges' at shows. Didn't think they were steel. What are they and can't they be used? I shoot¬†mainly 6.5CR at 600-1000yd. My 12ga doesn't see much daylight, it is a¬†Baikal, you Purdy guys can only dream of such quality. I got it in a bundle of other items, must be worth nearly ¬£100. Keep thinking of buying a half decent 12ga, but I just don't do the discipline often enough. Back on topic... When equities, PMs and crypto are all heading lower, what are you supposed to do. Maybe reloading stuff, seems to be getting more expensive.¬† Have been looking at an Omega for ages, just keeps getting more expensive, even from Watches of Mayfair. Hard to know what to get in terms of investment watches, the Omega is going to be a daily.
    • Many thanks AZ&M ... such an interesting update on the two coins. I hadn‚Äôt realised that the gold¬†1967 $20 100th Anniversary Coin¬†was¬†part of a set.¬† ¬† Do you know the size and weight of the specimen gold 1967 $20 100th Anniversary of Confederation? ¬† ¬† I agree with you the price of the¬†set on EBay appears¬†high relative to the number produced but the gold content of the $20 could have a bearing on this, although it seems unlikely, as the $20¬†looks to be the size of a sovereign? ¬† I note that Drake Sterling currently have¬†two exceptionally¬†high grade 1914 $10 Canada Reserve Fund... PCGS¬†MS65 at AUD $5,750 and MS65+ at AUD $7,500. In my view I don‚Äôt¬†think these prices are justifiable?¬†They may be rare from a grading point of view but certainly not from the point of view of the number released by the Bank of Canada in 2012.¬† ¬† I contacted a London ‚ÄėNumismatist‚Äô yesterday as I couldn‚Äôt understand why the 1913-C¬†Sovereign was rated R4 by Marsh and yet to date 188 have¬†been slabbed by PCGS and NGC combined. Marsh in the 1980‚Äôs defined R4 as 11-20 examples estimated to have survived - Extremely Rare. My London contact reckons that around the time The Bank of Canada released the Reserve Fund $10 & $5 coins¬†they also released¬†Ottawa minted¬†sovereigns to the market place? ¬† I wonder if you, or any other members,¬†have any information on whether the Bank of Canada released any Ottawa minted sovereigns after¬†the 1980‚Äôs when Michael Marsh wrote his book ‚ÄėThe Gold Sovereign‚Äô? Clearly with #188 1913-C coins slabbed together with other non-slabbed 1913-C sovereigns in circulation these can¬†hardly be considered to be extremely¬†rare? In his somewhat characteristic way¬†my London dealer dryly commented that in his opinion he now considers the 1913-C¬†to be ‚Äėcommon‚Äô ...... (Marsh rarity definition).¬† ¬†
    • Never thought of shotguns as 'protectors' of wealth...more a 'hand it over, you slaaag'¬† plunderer of wealth¬†ūüėā
    • I actually think you are spot on. Blindly absolving any company that sells milky coins (without first informing the customer¬†that this is a possibility), just because "that's the way it is" and "get used to it" isn't an attitude that will help improve a business. However the consumer has the right to vote with their feet. If the fact that this thread has made someone think before buying with this company, then that can only be a good thing. People are entitled to receive what they have paid for and the quality of the coins should be part of it.¬†If a dealer has milky coins, inform the public, sell them at a lower price and everyone will be happy. Offering a discount on a future order, rather than a refund or partial refund on the spot, is poor business practice in my opinion. By offering a discount on a future order they are able to spread the refund cost over the two orders. Which is clever tactics but a little cheeky. Hopefully someone from the European Mint will see this thread, take the comments on board and consider changing how they do business. Now don't forget with Brexit coming up and probably a deal on WTO terms, you won't be getting the same prices after the new year, you'll probably have to pay 20% VAT on the silver as soon as it crosses our shores. So this business may lose a lot of its UK business, by improving standards, being more open with the quality of the coins, they may be able to hold on to some of their UK customers. ¬†
    • They go on sale 19th October¬†
    • Looks like it will be on the 1/4
    • Im not endorsing this practice but for some YouTubers they do it as a full time job so unless you have thousands of subscribers the monetisation¬†is not a great deal.
    • Steady now @Stuntman¬†- nobody said anything about knowing how to use them ūüėā sometimes the safest thing to thing to be when I have a gun in my hand is a clay pigeon ūü§£ūü§£ on a serious note about the diversification thing though, it‚Äôs hard to know how to split assets sensibly sometimes, I know shotguns and some hold value very well, some appreciate if you but the right ones. Another protector of wealth I hope! Some are even nearly as pretty as PM‚Äôs ¬†
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