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  1. I had a similar (albeit brief) moment wondering what "currency opr" was when I read https://www.chards.co.uk/info/payment-ID
  2. Royal Mint bullion misprice? They are selling a tube of 10 x 1oz Queen's Beasts 2019 Falcons for only £13,978 (only 2 tubes left): https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/gold-coins/queens-beasts-2019-falcon-1oz-gold-ten-coin-tube/ Although clearly above spot, that seems like a mistake (or certainly a bargain!) when you consider an individual Falcon coin has a significantly higher premium, e.g. Royal Mint is selling these coins individually for £1,756, Chards is £1,680, or £2,641 from BbP(!). The premium on the tube of ten Falcons is very close to the premiums on the tubes of 2021 Britannias and Queen's Beasts completers, which can be bought individually for around £1,350. Indeed, they also have two 10 x 1oz tubes of gold Queen's Beasts Dragons in stock, but those are £17,045 - which I suspect was supposed to be the price of the Falcons too...
  3. Also looking for two good 2011 silver Britannias if anyone has any to sell?
  4. It's all about where you hide it I guess. Anyway, the pro burglars will be on the lookout for fancy biscuit tins instead 😉 You can get some RUBs in solid, opaque colours, but not the 2.5L ones. I use some of the solid blue 4L and 18L boxes for things that don't like sunlight.
  5. I did wonder whether something like this would happen, and it also puts me off buying any platinum or palladium as all three (Rh, Pt and Pd) are mostly used in catalytic converters (80% of rhodium production goes into cats, according to wikipedia!). In the future, when most vehicles won't have or need catalytic converters, it's surely only a matter of time before they all go down even more? At least the 1oz Platinum Britannia coin has a face value of £100 to fall back on if it gets really bad
  6. Very nice tins! Do they contain plastic trays full of 41mm shortbread rounds?
  7. You're very good at finding all these things and telling us about them. Thanks!
  8. Like many people in the UK, I'm a big fan of the Really Useful Box brand of storage boxes as they are pretty durable, stack well, and they come in almost any size you could need ranging from 0.07L to 145L. I get most of mine from Hobbycraft, Staples or Ryman depending which is cheapest. Anyway, one of the less common sizes is this 2.5 litre box which I had been using to store some special LEGO until I realised today that the 3-row tray insert it came with was just perfect for storing assorted sizes of 1oz and 2oz coins in capsules. The 2.5L box also has the same lid dimensions as the 5L, 5L XL, and 8L open fronted boxes (34x20cm), so it will also stack with those if you want to use the same system for storing chunky bars and so on. I haven't tried it yet, but I think you can nest two of these tray inserts in the 5L box; however, I think they would be hard to remove when full! I'll put some photos below to demonstrate. I've put an empty Quadrum capsule in there just to show that they fit too (perfectly, in fact). The round capsules contain various coins with the largest coin diameter being 41mm. There are also some 2oz beasts in there, a small stack of 1oz bars, and a bunch of bagged coins I haven't sorted out yet. I estimate you could fit about 100-120 round 1oz capsules in there if you maxed it out, and this sort of box should be fine holding that kind of weight. One of the things I like most about these boxes is that you can easily see what's in them without having to open anything - but that could also be a bad thing What do you think of this storage solution?
  9. I saw that video and thought it looked about right, but the fact that it weighs exactly 10oz made me wonder whether either the length or girth might be slightly off to compensate - otherwise that's quite a coincidence if a real round would weigh exactly 10oz if it was made from solid silver! Okay, I'm going to stop talking about length and girth now
  10. Just curious, are they exactly the same size as a real round?
  11. I'm after a few different 1oz silver coins if anyone in the UK can help? The first one is a 2016 1oz Canadian silver maple leaf with tank privy mark. I've found a few in stock in the US/Canada, but the import duty and postage is a bit of a killer! Next up is the 2021 1oz Royal Arms, as I missed the boat on getting that one: (got!) Then the Royal Mint's 2019 1oz Year of the Pig: (got!) And also the 2015 1oz Year of the Sheep: (got!) Finally, does anyone in the UK have a 1kg tungsten cube they no longer want (either labelled or plain)? This seems to be another item where a large chunk of the cost for a new one involves import duties and shipping!
  12. I'm still not entirely sure what the difference is between a stacker and a collector. The two terms seem almost synonymous for some people.
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