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  1. The proof coin set exemption example seems like a grey area to me. Of course the coins are exempt, but what about the fancy box and other presentation material they come with that forms an intrinsic part of their value? Before you know it you'll have sneaky people making massive tax free profits by selling fancy expensive boxes as long as they bundle a single small CGT-exempt coin inside them.... wait, hang on a minute! https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/gold-coins/19-coin-sovereign-collection-case--1-coin/
  2. Turns out there will be 1oz silver and 1oz gold versions as well as the 2oz and 5oz ones mentioned in the proclamation. Great news for my fellow beans-on-toasters!
  3. Quality is merely secondary to the thrill of the chase!
  4. A complete 100g combibar is normally intentionally overweight by about a gram to ensure that each of the 100 individual pieces weighs at least a gram when it's broken up. Even so, it doesn't seem impossible for a single piece to fall slightly under weight if all of its neighbours won more than their fair share of the bendy boundary during the separation process. On the other hand, how sure are you about the weight? It's very tempting to believe a measured weight is true and correct just because it appears on a digital display of something you own, but unless you have calibrated them I wouldn't trust them to be accurate, and I can understand why a seller might not want to trust them either. I have a super-cheap set of digital scales that reads down to 0.001g (up to a max of 50g) and it comes with a 50g calibration weight. Of course, I have to trust the calibration weight actually weighs 50g for this to be of any use, but it does weigh exactly the same as another 50g calibration weight I have, so I have a reasonable amount of faith in it Is it bullion by post? I'm sure they'll (or whoever else it might be will) respond to the video appropriately anyway. If not, you could demonstrate weighing something of a known weight, or simply the other two pieces as a comparison. Even a scale that doesn't read accurately is generally still useful for showing something is relatively heavier than something else.
  5. I wonder if they'll be selling any in the Royal Mint shop that day! They have guided tours (essentially full of people who only want to go there to get the one-day-only SYO Jubilee 50p) running late into the evening, so it's going to be a very long day for the people working there!
  6. Unless they're planning on selling 3.7 million annual sets 😂
  7. I've just had a cunning idea involving some old coins, a hammer and a packet of hotdog sausages from Aldi!
  8. Well let's hope they're nice and cheap as a result
  9. The image referenced in the email is hosted on the Royal Mint's website, so the appearance of the email can change at any time regardless of when it was received. So there's two possible ways: The image hosted by RM used to contain something else but now contains a picture of the coins; or The web server previously redirected requests for the image to a different image but no longer does.
  10. Just got these! Does anyone know what they ought to be worth in this sort of condition? I think I got a cracking deal either way
  11. It won't be long until technology allows us to pay to download coins from the royal mint website and print them out at home. Imagine the effects on the Royal Mail, DHL, collectability, piracy, and prices!
  12. Might just be the medieval lighting they are using for maximum authenticity!
  13. The image in mine is sourced from: http://content.royalmint.com/images/2743/Main.BritishMonarchs.1.jpg The image at that address could of course have been changed at some point.
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