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  1. I thought chromatic aberration was more to do with the lens rather than the type of camera body?
  2. The pre-owned bullion started a few months ago, I mentioned it here back in May:
  3. The final Queen's Reign coin (The Commonwealth) pops out at of the queue at 9am.
  4. I got a best price kilo bar from ATS Bullion and it turned out to be a lovely cast JM bar, which I gather is worth a fair bit more than the average bar? No idea why tbh!
  5. Yep! Definitely would have bought one if I knew if would be a JM bar. Looks like they have all gone now though, doh!
  6. I was tempted by those, too, but they add VAT to them despite being pre-owned, which they don't do with most of their other pre-owned silver items. Wonder why.
  7. It's the smart man's choice: VAT exempt, and stacks well.
  8. If there's anyone on here who doesn't know, they don't deserve to be on here! 🤪
  9. It looks like it's your lucky day, @LawrenceChard - according to this coin dealer, a low certificate number could increase the value by up to 83%!
  10. Now available: https://www.royalmint.com/gifts/bullion-gifts/ganesh-20g-gold-bar-minted/
  11. I wasn't convinced it would be a straightforward as doing 1000 * 1.0717^50, but it turns out it is about right if you model it with the bank base rates for each year. But anyway, the interest rates in the 70s and 80s were particularly high compared to now. Your £1000 banked in 1972 would have doubled even before the 70s had ended, and quadrupled by 1985! Conversely, if you stuck £1000 into a bank account in the year 2000, it wouldn't even have doubled by now, 22 years later (again, modelling with base rates - obviously the smart people would hunt for better rates). How depressing. I think we should all just admire the silver stuff for its shininess
  12. Maybe it's just another one of those coins that a lot of people decided to give a miss to because they already had one or more from the annual sets.
  13. I was curious about how well this one would do, as it is supposedly one of the favourite £2 coins of the year... ...but most people already have one because it was in the annual sets in bunc, proof, silver, silver piedfort and gold!
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