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  1. One word: 'character' I would take a general circulating coin with character over a plush shiny brand new one every day of the week.
  2. A 2019 PF70 sold in the recent coin cabinet auction for £675.00 too. A.
  3. Wow - it is STILL available! I guess because it does not show on the website - you can only really see it by clicking that link!
  4. As title suggests, looking for an 1847 Gothic Crown. Ideally PCGS but NGC also good. Any grade, thanks. Please pm with pictures and your price. Thanks.
  5. Yeah, you did say ‘full set’! I wonder if they will do a Completer? I guess we have to assume they will!!
  6. Yeah, on this occasion Tesco were content to accept 45 2020 Sovereigns for the £44.50 petrol bill and even offered him a nice new 50p straight from the bag.
  7. Maybe you’d eaten too much of that scandalous Findus Lasagne? I hear horse meat has a terrible affect on the neighvous system causing furlong term memory loss.
  8. Which is why I said ‘I know what you mean’. Lost in translation all over the place. Anyway, are you going to order one? I think the sets will be where the best investment is (as per the others - especially the 1989) but they will be big bucks….
  9. Well, no. You implied it looked like one based on the mocked up shield. 🙄
  10. Sorry, I may have misunderstood and been an idiot - there were bullion releases - of course there were! I even have some carded BUNC sovereigns and half sovereign!!!! I am talking about the 'classic' bullion rather than BUNCs etc. Ignore me.....
  11. I guess it depends why you are buying - if you are buying as an investment/pension support - then it doesn't matter. If you are buying for any other reason then of course the premium is going to hurt.
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