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  1. I remember the prize you offered for the 10k subscriber (I think!) Congratulations!
  2. This is easy - 1g gold bar from the Royal Mint. Comes with original 'Happy Birthday' packaging. £63.50 with additional postage of your choice. Photographs:
  3. A fantastic response to the community. Nice to see. £142.70
  4. The below offerings are a good mix of decent graded Eisenhower Dollars and some quite rare highly graded major varieties. The prices are as set and the listing will be open for two weeks. There won't be any reductions during this time as the any coins that do not sell will be shipped to the US for auction in July. Items as follows: RARETIES 1971-D Eisenhower - Type 1 Friendly Eagle FS-901 MS65 - £175.00 1971-S SILVER Peg Leg FS-401 MS64- £199.00 1972 Eisenhower - Type 2 MS63 - £175.00 1972-S SILVER DDO FS-101 PR PR69DCAM - £265.00 GOOD GRADE STANDARDS 1971 Eisenhower MS62 - £28.00 1972 Eisenhower - Type 3 MS64 - £40.00 1972-S Eisenhower MS67 - £45.00 1972-S Eisenhower Silver PR67 (Old Green Holder) - £90.00 1973-S Eisenhower MS65 - £40.00 1973-S Eisenhower MS66 - £55.00 1974 Eisenhower MS64 - £60.00 1974-S Eisenhower MS67 - £60.00 1976 Eisenhower - Type 1 MS63 - £45.00 1976 Eisenhower - Type 2 - MS63+ - £45.00 1976-D Eisenhower - Type 1 MS64 - £34.00 1976-D Eisenhower - Type 2 MS65 - £45.00 1976-D Eisenhower - Type 2 MS65 - £45.00 1976-S Eisenhower Clad Type 1 - PR69DCAM - £40.00 1977 Eisenhower MS63 - £35.00 Postage is additional at buyer's choice if buying up to two items. If you either buy three or more, or spend over £300.00 postage is free and will be sent by appropriately insured Special Delivery. Pictures to follow next week as having issues with camera. If anyone wants the cert numbers to check on the coins in the meantime, please let me know. Thanks for any interest.
  5. Open to offers if there is interest before the listing is closed on Sunday. Cheers!
  6. Some reductions. These will go over the pond next week unless there is interest here. Happy shopping! (postage is additional) 1c - PR67RD - £10.00 1c - PR64RD - £12.00 5c - PR68DCAM - £12.00 10c - PR69DCAM - £18.00 10c - PR69CAM - £16.50 25c - PR69DCAM Clad - £20.00 25c - PR69DCAM Silver - £20.00 50c - PR69CAM Silver - £24.00 1$ - PR68CAM Clad Type 2 - £23.00 1$ - PR68CAM Silver - £25.00
  7. Totally forgot about this……. Getting old. Shakes head… @MickD, you are the winner! Please tell me know what postal service you want and I can then send the final amount and bank details! Cheers, Andrew.
  8. This is a collection of coins that are partly collected from coin fares/eBay/Great Collections and also ones that I graded myself. The purpose of building this was to learn about the modern silver coin grading process. Building a collection of CAMs and DCAMs and to see how the grades jump about from 60-70 was really important to me, but it’s time to let these coins go now. I will be losing money by selling them all, but what I gained through learning about the process and also the relevant differences for modern coins is worth every penny/cent! Graded items as follows: 1c - PR67RD - £13.00 1c - PR64RD - £15.00 5c - PR68DCAM - £14.00 10c - PR69DCAM - £20.00 10c - PR69CAM - £17.50 25c - PR69DCAM Clad - £22.00 25c - PR69DCAM Silver (old slab label) - £30.00 SOLD 25c - PR69DCAM Silver - £25.00 50c - PR69DCAM Clad - £30.00 50c - PR69CAM Silver - £28.00 50c - PR69DCAM Silver - £30.00 SOLD 1$ - PR68CAM Clad Type 2 - £28.00 1$ - PR68CAM Silver - £30.00 Postage is additional at buyers choice. *Open to offers for all if someone wants them all* Pictures below. Please let me know if there are any questions.
  9. Here is a small and random selection as follows: 2018 Silver Proof 10p - original acrylic case and cardboard box 1898 US Half Dollar 1897 US Quarter Dollar 1915 Cuban 20 Centavos 1944 Dominican Republic 25 Centavos 1942 Dominican Republic 10 Centavos Auction starts now at £1. No minimum or maximum bids. Closes on Friday 13 May at 8pm. Usual rules per the TSF template re final bidding apply. Postage is additional and at the choice of the winning bidder. Cheers.
  10. Interesting in light of the recent city views London launch where they are offering 50 Kilo coins: https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/city-views/london-2022-1kg-silver-proof-coin/ How long will the wait be for those?
  11. I am out now. Received my last Royal Mint proof today. Concentrating on bullion and older graded proofs. I think I expect too much from the proofs and there will never be a perfect coin. Certainly, given I am ecstatic with an MS63 grade for an old Half Sovereign, me moaning about a PR69 modern proof is just so irrelevant now. Onwards.
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