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  1. None are currently graded by PCGS - I admit I last looked yesterday!!!
  2. Lovely coins those. A good solid investment, I think. Congratulations!! I’m not engaging with the auction prices on the 2oz. I am not even talking about the 2oz coins. Long term hold for me the one that I still have! I am selling the 5oz and the 10oz though. Post grading for the 5oz and currently considering available options on the 10oz after today’s news.
  3. Love this thread! What do people think about grading the CoA!? Not something I have ever done but I have seen a few for the V75 US releases....... In answer to the general question, I love a ‘good’ CoA, and it doesn’t need to be low. A high one too! I have 172 for the 10oz Three Graces (out of 175!) and 250 for the 5oz (they minted 500). I was personally really happy with those!! I saw that Backyard Bullion got a 001 CoA for a platinum release (I think it was the 1/4oz 2020 Britannia). I think he made a good amount selling it on...people definitely like them!! I have to admit that wh
  4. Congrats! What did you get?! Don’t worry if you prefer to wait for the today I received thread. I’m excitable, ignore me!! Coins of the Realm are excellent and give really good client care. Absolutely brilliant to see them getting recognition and more items selling. I just wish that Penny had been in one of their earlier auctions as I may have got it within budget!!!!! Still gutted about the 10oz....sad times.
  5. The 10oz Three Graces didn’t sell today! Gutted for Coins of the Realm and for the consigner. I thought that would sell. I imagine it will likely be in the next auction or perhaps go for grading. Will be interesting to see what happens at the other auctions this month at Sovereign Rareties and Coin Cabinet. Sovereign Rareties don’t have a 10oz and I don’t know if Coin Cabinet will or not... I had a bit of a family emergency today which meant I wasn’t able to concentrate on the Coins of the Realm auction and missed most of it. Sad times. The coins I was watching went for above my strict li
  6. Yeah. The moderns have been doing exceptionally well. I will be in touch as it doesn’t hurt to try new things! I hope everyone is excited for the auction tomorrrow.....I’ll be watching the 10oz!!!
  7. Hahahahaha! (Damn it).........
  8. Cheers @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions. Hope you are well! Mine will be with Coin Cabinet in either their April or May auction (not yet clear as to which has been selected). You make me feel bad for not offering it via your platform. I may regret that depending on how well it does tomorrow! I have an ongoing relationship with TCC and they have obtained some excellent prices for me recently. Good luck with the auction tomorrow and perhaps you can do something to prevent further bids on the 1825 penny?? Haha!!
  9. Coins of the Realm just announced a 10oz Silver Proof Three Graces. Est. is 9-12k. Auction is tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how it does. This is NOT my coin. Mine is being auctioned elsewhere... Cheers.
  10. Absolutely agree. It is an incredible coin to hold. The brilliant look and perfection of the large 5oz but with the added weight. It’s incredible to hold in the hand. Which is why I am still scratching my head about the general response and lack of interest...
  11. There will no doubt be a new thread for the next in the series coin but I thought I would give a brief view here. I just have a feeling that it will be Wyon’s Britannia. It would fit into the series and is a beautiful example. Not too different in terms of the largish background and with a mirrored finish it would be spectacular. If anyone is interested in this, there is a beautiful example at the Coins of the Realm auction: The 1825 penny. Imagine that as a 2oz Silver piece for 2021..... I am bidding but I feel the price will far exceed my limits...check it out (and don’t bid as I want
  12. That’s great news. I think there is an issue with the 10oz though...... The 10oz I have does not seem to have any sensible interest at all. A few business have asked me about it but they have rates and taxes etc and of course won’t pay the amount that an individual buyer would pay. Further, no one in Asia wanted to make a sensible offer (one person offered me less for it than they would be prepared to pay for the 5oz .....) and in the UK it seems people I have spoken to are not interested in it at all. I feel like the 10oz is a massive failure if I am being honest. Probably not helped by
  13. Only the 2oz Silver Proof being reported by PCGS at this time. Still waiting for them to confirm grades on the 5oz.
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