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  1. Still making my mind up with this one. I like it but will be interested to see the Royal Mint’s version.
  2. Alderney’s 2021 Gothic Crown. The precursor to the next Royal Mint Great Engravers (due in November 2021).
  3. Afternoon! I am just wondering if we should compile a list of regular online auctions or other places where coins are on sale - such as fares or one-off meets. If this has already been done, we can ignore this thread but perhaps someone can add a link to the relevant thread (I could not see one!) Auctions: I regularly buy from Coin Cabinet and Coins of the Realm and I am aware of Sovereign Rareties. Are there others that people know about and are happy to share? Fares: I know of the London Bloomsbury fares. Are there others? Countrywide would be good as I can travel and would enjoy trips out and about! Online: I don’t use Facebook. I’m only on Twitter (work - non-coin - related) and Instagram is just for family stuff...maybe I need to get a Facebook account...is it worth it? Cheers!
  4. I received notice from Mark just yesterday that they had been dispatched. So photos to follow either later today or on Monday.
  5. Yes! That was one of the four I was selling! The others pulled their weight...phew...!! Anyway, someone got a bargain. Happy for them! I was able to get a coin today for a good amount less that I was ready to go to, so it’s pretty good to be honest. Swings and roundabouts as they say!!
  6. Look at it like this - it went for £5 more than you bid, but had you placed more bids, so might the other person. You could have saved yourself a bit of money. Yes, it is annoying that the other person got the coin at a good price, but there will be more.
  7. Depending on what you were looking for it was not too bad. I got one coin for a lot less that I thought it would sell for. Pretty happy. Also, four of my coins sold - three for profit and one at loss - overall I am up by a tidy amount. Happy.
  8. £6k is a lot of money but it is still reasonable for the Una in a 70 grade. It was selling for £7k+ previously.
  9. That is not odd at all. I know a few people who are bidding today who have not started yet. People who just want to bid live. Good luck on that one item!! We are not in competition as there are no sovereigns for me this time...just the commemorative stuff!
  10. Good luck to all those bidding and selling tomorrow.
  11. If you say ‘oranges’ really, really slowly it sounds like ‘gullible’, which as you say is also not even in the dictionary.
  12. If anyone has sent back the 1/4oz QB Silver Proof set, please can you confirm the CoA? Like others, I am still waiting for my first set to arrive - I was told it was part of the second batch and should be sent out in August. I just want to take care that I am not taking delivery of a set that one of you have returned! I will of course check the set - I just want to have an idea of the CoA's too. Cheers!
  13. The terms and conditions clearly stipulate that payment is due in 14 days. This is what is important here. The invoices do not reference a time period, they reference the terms and conditions. Legally and administratively nothing can happen until day 15 post issuance of the invoice. However, why anyone would not clear an invoice once received and wait until the last minute or even later is beyond me. Once you place a bid you are committing to buy and you should clear the payment at the earliest point.
  14. You have 14 days to pay via Coin Cabinet. It was 21 days but they have recently amended and updated their terms and conditions. Section 8.2 sets out (and note the the following is an extract) that: 8.2. Notwithstanding the rights as set out under clause 12, should a Buyer fail to pay within 14 days after receiving an invoice, the Auctioneer reserves the right to take legal proceedings against the Buyer, as well as pass collection over to a debt collection agency. This would entail a collection fee of 15% of the value of the total order, payable by the Buyer. [...] https://thecoincabinet.com/terms-conditions/
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