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  1. The page numbers on this thread are moving upwards as fast as the gold price. I cannot keep up!!!
  2. All the dealers offer their current pricing online. I am just being lazy and trying to see if there was a single place for this information. If I remember correctly, i think @Darr3nG developed the comparrison for buying from dealers....I have a feeling that Lawrence Chard even talked to Darren during that development.......if my memory is working!! @Darr3nG is this something that is possible? Comparrison for prices offered by dealers for sovereigns, perhaps?
  3. Has anyone got an overview of what the dealers are paying per sovereign at the moment? I have a contact in Hatton Garden that will always pay spot. When he is not buying there is an alternative that always offers 97%. Either way, that's pretty good at the moment considering the prices a week ago. Not sure about the others (ATS, HGM, Bairds etc.) Is there a 'price' comparison website for what they pay??
  4. From Wonger who was trying to cut his losses.
  5. No, because you probably sold them when spot was at £1,450. 🤣🫣😬
  6. 1900 by close tomorrow and heading to 2000 by the end of April. #onecanonlydream What is physical gold?
  7. I’m buying too and have been for the past month. Loving this. It’s so exciting!
  8. To be fair, he was only wanting to mass-debate with you. You should be flattered.
  9. France 20 Francs 1851-A (Paris) – Ceres – £360 Please!!
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