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  1. When you are looking for un peso El Caballito, beware salesmen with viente pesos y un puñado de otros oro. (this is my new saying - basically: 'watch out for silver salesman who also have gold').
  2. No, @danmc82, but I think the Queen shares your confusion judging by the look on her face.
  3. Special offer: 4 x 2020 bullion sovereigns. They will be taken from a tube. £349 each plus postage (£7 insured or £3 - buyer’s choice) or £1,390 for all four plus postage (£10 insured or £3 - buyers choice). I will be posting out tomorrow. Andrew.
  4. Just to buy when the price is good! In respect of physical ‘hold’ I am only buying gold for the time being. I will be selling as and when needed to rebalance the average price. For stocks etc. I am concentrating on GGP and ALBA. Looking to invest each month as funds allow once physical gold has been added. No plans to sell either GGP or ALBA unless they hit my new targets (£1.50 for GGP and 5p for ALBA).
  5. Many thanks to @Jamesd for the four Dos Pesos. They’re in nice shape and a good addition to the little coin collection!!
  6. We all make mistakes, god knows I do everyday! Perhaps you should edit the title of this post as not everyone will read all the way down to your last post? Whilst I have an open account with NGC I rarely use them (I am a PCGS fella) and I have no connection with coin connection and have never bought from them, so have no reason to support them - I just think it is good to be absolutely clear about experiences, especially when you change perspectives.
  7. Thanks to @CookieMonster for this lovely 10 Dutch Guilders. Beautiful coin.
  8. This is very true - there were only 550 of the Silver Proof Machin Portraits struck for the sets. The ones released today have the JC portrait.
  9. Special prices till 11pm tonight. Withdrawn after this time. 1984 8 £300 1985 12 £300 1986 8 £300 1987 19 £280 1990 12 £280 1991 13 £280 1992 14 £280 1993 9 £290 1994 11 £285 1998 11 £285 1999 15 £285 2000 6 £380 2003 12 £290 2004 12 £290 2007 24 £300 2008 7 £325 2009 8 £325 2010 11 £295 2011 10 £300 2013 8 £380 2014 10 £375 2015 21 £325 2015 12 £325 2018 7 £370 2019 5 £380 2020 8 £370 Message me if intere
  10. Back on sale. Just till end of weekend before being consigned for auction. Prices reduced as per original post above. Postage is also now included.
  11. Love this! Strange to see that the Dragon seems to be getting the better of old St George......
  12. Also received this massive(!) beauty today. Very pleased to add it to the stack!
  13. Items: 10 different date PCGS slabbed PR70DCAM proof half sovereigns. Just the slabs for sale. No boxes or CoAs. These are the most sought after of the 1980-2021 run (so far). I will consider gold (sorry, no silver) trades if the price exchanges can be agreed, with cash in addition on either side where relevant. I will also consider offers and can give good reductions on purchases of more than three. These are also currently for sale on eBay. Anything not sold will be consigned to auction in Feb/March. Prices: 1980 - £475 (census shows only 5) 1982 - £525 (census
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