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  1. A very good buy to complete a 2oz graded set, the greyhound is incredibly difficult to get in any grade for some reason.
  2. Any paid up member who is short of funds can pay for these coins over 3-6months if you wish, & any others you may need excluding Yale & Griffin which are sold.
  3. I've done it before for paid up members with no problems, I don't mind taking payments over 3-6 months for anything I sell over £500 or for a 10% deposit I'll hold anything for 3 months.
  4. £700 inc RMSD this weekend international buyer gets equivalent postage discount.
  5. Free RMSD to a UK address this weekend, international buyers get equivalent postage discount.
  6. 1/4oz gold proof Griffin of Edward, £710 inc RMSD to a UK address will also ship worldwide at cost. Comes with case, cert, booklet & outer box, all in mint condition. Pic shows coin & booklet if you need photos of the rest message me. Payment by PPFF or BT
  7. Having completed this set in PF 70 I've decided to sell my set of 1oz raw coins, initially I'm selling the hardest to find (& most expensive), LIon of England, Unicorn of Scotland & Red dragon of Wales. I have already sold Griffin & Yale, the rest are available Dragon £210 now £200 Lion £200 now £180 SOLD Unicorn £180 now £170 all plus postage, I will do some sort of deal if anyone wants all 3.You can see all 3 actual coins in a video I did a year or so ago 58 seconds in. If you want photos message me they all come with cert, booklet, case & outer box all in excellent condition as are the coins.
  8. Yeah, but if you do grade it & it gets a 69 that's fine. If it gets anything less you can always take it out of the slab.
  9. Yeah I know a dodgy seller on ebay that definitely does not highlight milk spots or other faults & has or had a 2oz 10 coin set for sale.
  10. @Seaview Re the 10oz Una bars they are a limited edition of 6100 bars worldwide & they are currently out of stock at RM. 1oz bullion coins appear to be unlimited mintage & previously when RM stated mintages( top secret now) the mintages of 1oz silver Britannia coins often ran into over one hundred thousand coins for a particular year.
  11. If I were you with just one bad coin, I'd do exactly what you intend grade them, there are always people who just want one individual coin(if you decide to sell) or you could as you suggest pick up the one bad coin you need down the line, might be a long wait though with such a low mintage. The simple solution for the RM would be to let customers only send their bad coins in for replacement as certain purchasers will just want a refund. That will give RM a lot of good coins from the sets that come back to send to exiting customers that want replacements. For example if someone that has 1 or 2 bad coins that leaves 8 as replacements to send out. Although IMHO that would be too simple for RM to contemplate.
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