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  1. Love Trump , MSN & the full force of the fake news casters are against Trump but I hope he prevails again.
  2. Agreed 2nd set of 3 coming up 1 people you ask a question then they start answer with SO 2 Gordon I saved the world Brown 3 BBC & channel 4 ,the worst UK fake news broad casters
  3. 1 The woke brigade 2 Matt HanCOCK 3 Nicola Sturgeon
  4. @PapaLazarou Lol thanks for copying me in pal grrrr🤬, I've kept away from this thread & other Covid bullshit threads as they make me seethe. I stand by my initial comment made more than 6 months ago when this kicked off. It has been milked up out of all proportion , all that pontificating idiot Matt HanCOCK & his Scottish friend Nicola Sturgeon are doing is destroying the economy & scaring the general public. I could go on a rant but I can't be bothered, but I will say how wise is it for MPs to award themselves a £3300 pay rise when the ordinary people of this country who aren
  5. Lol they are a joke, but not the only ones, I have a look at Kitco comments from so called experts now & again. If gold moves more than around $15 to the upside they are nearly all predicting great things, if it drops the next day by a similar amount its all doom & gloom. At least with KWN news they are consistent, 90% of their expert commentators are perma bulls & gold & silver are going to the moon lol.
  6. If they send you something like that again, just get a refund that coin is ridiculous considering it was a replacement.
  7. RM embraces non discrimination of disabilities, unfortunately it seems the recruitment officer has been trawling the local blind school.
  8. Yes pal straight from RM, came very quickly, ordered late Thursday afternoon, greyhound appeared Saturday morning.
  9. Super pick up, the rarest & probably the most expensive QB 1oz in PF 70 👍
  10. @BeeCee My experience of selling sets has been good, depends on what you are selling how desirable it is etc. As we are talking about Queens beasts specifically there are always in any set some coins that command more money than others (the key coins), sometimes due to lower mintages & or desirability. In the bog standard 2oz silver version of the collection the Lion & Griffin make much more than any other version. In the 2oz graded MS 69 it is the Griffin & White Horse that make very good money, you would currently not get the White Horse for less than £250 as it is
  11. Why sell at all they are a great set.
  12. Don't concern yourself about which way gold or silver is going. You have a fairly immediate need so sell now. You can guarantee if you mess about trying to squeeze a few more £s out of your PMs it will go against you. A bird in the hand etc comes to mind.
  13. There is no actual forum policy, but Chris has put this statement as a guide, which IMHO is good enough
  14. It's obvious that the spotting annoys you, you can try to work it out with the seller or put it down to experience. I recently nearly bought a graded 2oz QB from a seller on here & categorically asked if the coin had any spotting or fogging. He said yes (& sent photos) so I declined the deal as it was not mentioned in the add. He was fine about it as was I.
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