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  1. What are they ? 1/2, 1, or 2oz if they are 1oz they are worth/ will make around £270-£300. 1/2oz & 2oz sets are a lot more desirable to collectors.
  2. Lol I thought you were looking to buy, if you are selling & going to split it I'd be interested in the 10oz if it is in mint condition. Try it as a set it should realise more as a set, do you have cert & outer box. The problem with splitting it most collectors like all the stuff case cert & outer.
  3. I don't collect the 5 coin sets pal, they are not that popular with collectors, within that set though are two rare/desirable coins the 10oz & the 2oz.My ballpark wide estimate would be £1250-£1650 max. But that is only my opinion if you like it & feel comfortable with whatever price it is just buy it.
  4. Decide whether you are a collector or stacker or a bit of both. Stacker just wants weight at cheapest price possible. Collector likes beautiful coins/bars & will pay extra for them. Although some on here want collector coins for bullion prices lol.
  5. Will withdraw all coins tomorrow 6pm if not sold.
  6. 3 silver bullion bars for sale.Payment by PPFF or BT, all prices inc FREE delivery by RMSD to a UK address. 10 oz Engelhard £210 SOLD 10 oz JM £210 SOLD 250 gm Baird £177 SOLD
  7. Free postage to a UK address on everything until Sunday 6pm.
  8. 1 rabbit sold. 2 dragons 1 rabbit, Britannia & 1/2oz monkey left.
  9. Where am I complaining about it, I merely pointed out the Guardian is begging for money & I found it amusing.Re starting a thread , I'll start any thread I like as long as it does not offend public decency or bring TSF into disrepute.
  10. Not being a Guardian reader ever, I only saw that statement after clicking on an article on that other bastion of non bias MSN & it is certainly not a problem in my eyes. So are you saying the Guardian is biased when they state they are not.
  11. The difference is the Mail & Sun aren't begging for money or claiming to be free from political bias, unlike the Guardian. ". Our journalism is free from commercial and political bias"
  12. Lol I was going to put this item from the Guardian in the joke section. Guardian probably the most biased paper in the UK, makes the BBC & MSN look very balanced lol. News is under threat … … just when we need it the most. Millions of readers around the world are flocking to the Guardian in search of honest, authoritative, fact-based reporting that can help them understand the biggest challenge we have faced in our lifetime. But at this crucial moment, news organisations are facing a cruel financial double blow: with fewer people able to leave their homes, and fewer news vendors in operation, we’re seeing a reduction in newspaper sales across the UK. Advertising revenue continues to fall steeply meanwhile as businesses feel the pinch. We need you to help fill the gap. We believe every one of us deserves equal access to quality news and measured explanation. So, unlike many others, we made a different choice: to keep Guardian journalism open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay. This would not be possible without financial contributions from our readers, who now support our work from 180 countries around the world. We have upheld our editorial independence in the face of the disintegration of traditional media – with social platforms giving rise to misinformation, the seemingly unstoppable rise of big tech and independent voices being squashed by commercial ownership. The Guardian’s independence means we can set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Our journalism is free from commercial and political bias – never influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This makes us different. It means we can challenge the powerful without fear and give a voice to those less heard. Reader financial support has meant we can keep investigating, disentangling and interrogating. It has protected our independence, which has never been so critical. We are so grateful. We need your support so we can keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. And that is here for the long term. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support the Guardian from as little as £1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Support the Guardian Remind me in July
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