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  1. In a word no IMHO, number 1 may be desirable to some people or some specific number that means something to you but in general no.
  2. @Gildeon is the expert on those coins pal.
  3. Anyone worried about a +/- movement of 10% in a week in any PM shouldn't be buying it in the 1st place.
  4. Just a couple of observations re the silver 1oz 70 QBs, a white lion recently sold for only £130 at auction but it had a milkspot, a clean one would make around £200 more. Griffin has gone stupid IMHO last 2 at auction ebay US made over £520 but it is what it is, supply & demand I guess.
  5. They probably won't be a good investment in a financial sense, but if they make you happy that's all that counts.
  6. Full set of PF 70 1oz silver QBs inc 2 I got today.
  7. These 3 beauties just arrived from the US, my PF 70 QB set is now complete.😃
  8. Sprott Physical Silver Trust Announces "At-The-Market" Equity Program to Issue up to US$3 Billion of Trust Units (newsfilecorp.com) This could be interesting, Sprott hates JPM, LBMA, COMEX & co as much as we do, but unlike us he is a billionaire with a lot of fire power. This will make IMHO the bullion banks who continually roll over silver short contracts think a little bit more. I read somewhere very recently JPM have broken ranks with the other bullion banks in this rigged game & they are no longer shorting silver & are actually taking delivery of 1000oz silver bars.
  9. As above anyone got one for sale or are grading any message me thanks,
  10. Would also be interested in a 68 or 70.
  11. It says maximum coin mintage 103 for the 2oz gold proof. Doesn't matter anyway they are no longer available.
  12. SS just beat me to it I'd say the same around £400 only 1 coin seems to make £5 or so more than the others & that's the tiger, so IMHO it wouldn't really be worth selling them individually.
  13. @Touvex You've got to decide if you are a collector or stacker (you can be both) You've already said you like the designs so you are leaning towards collecting. My attitude is (as a collector) if you like it buy it just don't expect to pay bullion price for a premium/in demand coin.
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