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  1. Take the pamp & singapore mint bar £48 inc postage to a UK address. Withdrawn tomorrow afternoon if not sold.
  2. Yes I'm a bit eccentric😄 I like to carry a piece of silver with me. These are my carry pieces although 1/2 oz pamp is for sale, I've up graded to 1oz pamp that has a few spots lol. I will add I don't carry these all at once, I have 1oz pamp in my jeans, Britannia in my motorbike jacket, £20 coin in my suit jacket pocket.
  3. Yeah I understand what you are saying. When I collect a set I like to have all the same labels, I have two complete sets of graded coins with the standard brown labels & others I'm collecting now QB two ozers for example have a specific label I like.
  4. Why, the graded PF 70s from anyone else are expensive & who says the royal mint are going to grade queens beasts. It doesn't make a great deal of sense IMHO as the set is nearly finished with only 2 to go.
  5. motorbikez

    Gold as collateral

    Lol I've had similar experiences with retail banks. I gave up with them 20 odd years ago, every time I went in with what I consider a simple enquiry the staff including bank manager could not answer my questions. Example in 2000 I wanted to buy a new Golf GTD from Ireland as they were £3000 cheaper than in the UK (Ireland was in the punt then) I asked if I could hedge some cash forward, f--k me what a performance the manager was clueless eventually I was referred to someone in Manchester who knew what I was talking about & to fair sorted it for me. That was HSBC but I've had similar trials & tribulations with Nationwide & Lloyds. I don't engage with banks at all now other than current account. All retail banks can do is sell you stuff you don't want or need if you are gullible enough to take their advice.
  6. Centamin is one of my larger PM holdings I currently hold 40,000 shares & will continue to hold, management are now focusing fully on Sukari after being distracted by a foray into Africa.I neednt't go into figures etc the internet is awash with stuff see below, which pretty much covers it. If you are getting bogged down with info re PM miners go for an investment trust such as KDave mentions Blackrock gold & general. Take a look at the link below, the advantages of investment trusts for less experienced investors are you can pay monthly into them, some with a minimum of only £50-£100 per month so you don't have to panic as to when & if you invest or not. You can see which PM miners they hold within the trust. From the few posts I've seen from you, I think you would be more comfortable with an investment trust option. All of them also have the option to pay a lump sum in if you so desire at anytime. https://www.trustnet.com/fund/price-performance/t/investment-trusts?sector=T%3ACNR&IsTrustnetITSpecialistVct=null&tab=fundOverview&pageSize=50 Sharecast News) - Centamin increased its interim dividend by 50% after first-half profit more than tripled as the price of gold soared.Pretax profit for the six months to the end of June jumped to $191.1m (£146m) from $59.6m a year earlier as revenue rose 56% to $448.8m. The gold miner increased its interim dividend to 6 cents a share.Centamin average realised gold price increased 27% to $1,657 an ounce as investors bought the traditional haven asset during the Covid-19 crisis.The amount of gold produced rose 9% to 256,084 ounces and gold sold rose 21% to 270,529 ounces. Costs rose 3% to $164.3m.Chief Executive Martin Horgan said: "Over the first half of 2020, Centamin has successfully navigated the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic to deliver a strong operating and financial performance. This operational delivery has enabled us to benefit from the recent strength in the gold price."The FTSE 250 company, which operates the Sukari mine in Egypt, said it was on track to achieve its annual production guidance of 510,000-525,000 ounces of gold and for costs of $630-680 per ounce produced.
  7. I wouldn't take too long with your research. Here's another example of a real trade in a PM miner I own. What I'm saying here is if you procrastinate too much you are missing out on potential profits. There is a trend with real momentum behind it. Record inflows into ETFs, futures markets going berserk, shorts getting slaughtered. Example below, up at the time of writing over 17% in two days. This is an exceptional time to be in PM miners & you have got to be in it to win. I personally believe the PM miners will run the rest of this year at least, there may be the odd pull back & I would expect that, use that as another buying opportunity. Note I am not giving you advice, I'm showing you a real trade. I sold some shares to add to my existing holdings in HOC & on the odd occasion I buy & sell within a couple of days or weeks I have absolutely no intentions to sell any PM holdings after selling NEM a week or two ago (that was because of $ weakness), I also have substantial holdings in CEY & FRES Good luck with it. Date Type Company Market Quantity Executed Price Net Consideration Reference 03 Aug 2020 BUY HOC LSE 4,000 267.00p £10,746.90 2192P42 Trade
  8. Where does money come from? By HerefordBullyun, According to the average 16 year old, the magic money tree, which has been propagated by the Fed, The Bank of England, ECB etc etc etc
  9. As above, prices plus postage of your choice & risk. payment by PPFF or BT 100g Baird £87 marks on plastic packaging SOLD 1oz Singapore mint £29 1/2oz Pamp £17
  10. Anyone, depending on label up to £100 on top, not bothered if it has OMP or not.
  11. Without ratching about I know I have 30-40 of the old £1 coins in a box somewhere all of them non standard depicting something on the reverse such as a bridge or the set of city coins etc. No idea why I kept them, just liked the look of them at the time😄
  12. Wonger is like some of the share gurus on here, they never actually show a buy & sell trade of of their own but talk as if they have great knowledge, some may have most don't. Basically use your common sense. One way to get a pretty good picture of the guys who sell on here is look at their sales feedback & take it from there the feedback system works similar to ebay. Personally I have bought & sold on here with no issues so you can be 99.9% confident dealing with sellers on here, obviously someone with 0 or a few feedback points offering the most fantastic deal needs to be viewed with caution.
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