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  1. As above can be sent to my friend in the US, message me if you have one in hand for sale will pay by PPFF or BT thanks.
  2. Yeah I have seen the video & IMHO the above is a good thing, whether it will happen is another matter LBMA & Comex will no doubt fight back along with the bullion banks to keep the scam going.
  3. Weekend bump, only 2oz coins available with free postage or all 3 for £175 inc RMSD.
  4. All in excellent condition, note Shark proof capsule has bad scratch, coin is mint. Will ship worldwide, all plus postage of your choice, payment PPFF or BT thanks. 2014 Lunar horse Proof 2011 Lunar Bu Rabbit 2012 Lunar Bu Dragon 2011 Bu Phillies £24 ea 3 available all SOLD 2000 Shark proof £26 SOLD 2014 croc £26 SOLD
  5. I like the 2015 & as @Shinus732013 is underrated IMHO
  6. I used to cover the numbers but don't anymore, you can see most at auction or on NGCs site or Numistackers videos & as @Arbkev I like to check potential purchases out on NGC.
  7. As above £100 plus postage, payment PPFF or BT thanks.
  8. Lol they are a joke, but not the only ones, I have a look at Kitco comments from so called experts now & again. If gold moves more than around $15 to the upside they are nearly all predicting great things, if it drops the next day by a similar amount its all doom & gloom. At least with KWN news they are consistent, 90% of their expert commentators are perma bulls & gold & silver are going to the moon lol.
  9. If they send you something like that again, just get a refund that coin is ridiculous considering it was a replacement.
  10. RM embraces non discrimination of disabilities, unfortunately it seems the recruitment officer has been trawling the local blind school.
  11. Yes pal straight from RM, came very quickly, ordered late Thursday afternoon, greyhound appeared Saturday morning.
  12. Super pick up, the rarest & probably the most expensive QB 1oz in PF 70 👍
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