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  1. I alternate the Pamp & Britannia & keep the £20 coin in my bike jacket all the time." Today I mainly be carrying the Pamp"
  2. motorbikez


    @CrabbyNever wears off pal.
  3. Agreed the 1st one is poor, I think RM should have started with one of the better designs of this series to get it off to a good start. No doubt there will be some good designs coming in the future but IMHO RM have missed a trick here after the stunning success of the QB series. I'm also not bothering with this series at the moment, I may have a change of heart if the next one is a decent design but for now I'll give it a miss.
  4. @Praetorian Everything is available except 1/4oz gold proofs individual & 10 coin sets.
  5. We'll have to see what the rest of the designs are like but the original QB Lion is streets ahead of the panther IMHO.
  6. Not really pal 7010 is high IMHO for silver 1oz proof & I think I'm giving the panther a miss I don't like the design, you can see it in the flesh on this RM video about 2.25 in if you can't be bothered to watch it all.
  7. @westminstrel doesn't show the design just an email saying its for sale 9am tomorrow.
  8. @paulmerton I got the email too & that's a 1st, usually RM emails on the day of release 2 hours after everything has sold out lol.
  9. Yeah completer was just a scam/money maker for the RM, it is not part of the 10 coin set but is a very nice stand alone coin for anyone who missed out on the set.
  10. Why go to all the bother of minting a platinum coin, the Fed could just print a big trillion $ paper note, something they are good at perhaps with mickey mouse on it. Powell, Yellen & co love mickey mouse money.
  11. I'll probably collect them as there is nothing else at the moment that takes my fancy in modern coins unless the designs are absolutely dire. But IMHO the RM did a very good job with the QB series so I'd guess they will not want to kill the golden goose so to speak.
  12. @dicker that website I mentioned earlier in the thread was called Coins & Banknotes of Australia. For some reason all favourites I deleted years ago have re appeared in my favourites list lol. Still not a great deal of help but maybe some computer buff on here can track it down & see what happened to it.
  13. Dragon & Yale are the ones to keep, you'd struggle badly to get those two, strangely enough the falcon which wasn't that popular at the time is also hard to find & all three will be very expensive to replace.
  14. @dicker Looks like he stubbed his benson & hedges out on the Queens face @thesongofthunder that's the obverse not the reverse.
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