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  1. @GoldDiggerDave sputum, I think a septum would be well noticeable.
  2. Could be a wealthy guy & now it's his carry piece.
  3. @BarryWoods Not my thing pal but as a collector I've always said if you like it buy it.
  4. @goldhunter why don't you message them on here, they are an official sponsor.
  5. QB unicorn sold. Take proof shark for £40 inc 1st class signed for.
  6. Few nice silver collector pieces all prices plus postage of your choice, payment by BT or PPFF thanks. All coins in great condition, I opened Shark capsule as I thought there could be a spot on the obverse but it was a mark on the capsule. 1oz kook is sold as bullion but looks pretty good to me. 2017 1oz QB Unicorn comes with cert, booklet case & box SOLD 2000 1oz Sydney olympics shark comes with cert & case now £40 inc 1st class SF 2011 1oz kook SOLD 2019 1oz Royal arms SOLD 1993 2oz kook specimen strike SOLD 1996 2oz kook specimen strike SOLD
  7. I'm talking from a buyers point of view here pal, US specifically I NEVER buy stuff through the global shipping programme its a complete rip off. You are by default using a middleman/company to do stuff that is totally unnecessary, I always ask the seller to send by USPS or whatever, its far cheaper. As an example if you buy a gold coin there is no VAT due on entry to the UK but GSP automatically charges you VAT then you will have all the grief of trying to battle with UK customs to get the incorrectly charged VAT back. Best steer clear of GSP IMHO.
  8. When the Una & Lion bars were released RM stated they were the 1st of a 3 part series so something & it would make sense to me that 3 graces would follow Una & Lion. But it seems they are very short on anything under a Kilo at the moment.
  9. @MJCOIN I'd say a fair price for it at this exact moment in time would be around £2700 I base that on the 100 oz Britannia bar being worth £2550-£2600 in the current market. The Una & lion 100oz bar has a mintage of only 1200 & is not for sale anywhere that I can see. Although the 100 oz bars have a smaller market I still believe it will command more than a comparable Britannia bar which again is more desirable than most modern minted bars.
  10. Last pig sold thank you, take snake rooster & dog get free 1st class signed for.
  11. Update 1 X rooster 1 X pig 1 X snake 1 X dog left take the 4 get free 1st class SF
  12. Update 1 X rooster 2 X pig 1 X snake 1 X dog left
  13. Update 2 x rooster 2 x pig 1 x snake 1 x dog 1 x monkey left.
  14. Buy any 4 get free 1st class signed for. Buy 8 or more get free RMSD. There will be no further price reductions these are the best prices I can see worldwide.
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