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  1. Few small coins in excellent condition, mark on reverse of wedge tailed eagle is inside capsule not coin, unfortunately I couldn't get capsule open to photograph. New South wales proof has small mark on capsule obverse, so I opened to take pic which shows coin is perfect. Lunars are not in original capsules . 2004 S1 1/2 oz monkey £17 1999 S1 1/2oz rabbit £30 1987 NSW 20gm proof £16 1991 Tasmania 20gm proof £16 1994 20gm eagle £20 All plus postage of your choice PPFF or BT please. Take them all & get freepost to a UK address.
  2. 3 x 1oz 3 graces arrived this morning.
  3. I like them & as a collector these are reasonably priced just getting 3 X 1oz silver . I'm leaving the 10 oz for now but if anyone buys a lump of them & wants to swap one (three graces) for a 10oz una & lion I have 10 of those lol, I'll swap one.
  4. Just for info re anyone who wants to include coins/bars in the mix, the exchange is as follows your metals. 1oz Gold bar/coins spot + 1% 1oz platinum bar/coin spot +5% 100gm - 1kilo silver bars only spot +5%
  5. 2010 Rolex Black Dial with ceramic bezel (discontinued) GMT Master II, with all papers box receipts etc & is as new, serviced by Rolex 23-03-20 @£555 £----- You will not find a better example of this beautiful watch anywhere, I have not worn it since Rolex service in 2020 something you want to consider before buying a used Rolex has it been serviced. To help out any long standing paid up members that would love to own a Rolex sports watch I will accept up to half of the purchase price in gold bullion coins eg 1oz Britannias or bars, silver bars 100gms up to a kilo in weight plus 1oz platinum coins or bars. I will also accept a deposit of £1500 & the balance can be paid over the next 6-9 months. Any questions message me ONLY thanks.
  6. There is a big difference between investing & trading. If as you state you want to invest, most of the UK banks have a fairly decent platform for investing, I use Halifax bank for my ISA & also use it for my so called Share dealing account. For more adventurous dealing/trading options etc I use Saxo bank which is a Danish bank with offices in London. The platform is good but I don't think it is really suitable for a new investor, I only signed up because it allows me to write options on my heavyweight shares something Halifax doesn't offer. So as a newbie I would avoid CFDs Options etc you as will likely lose all your money. Gain some experience as an investor 1st ie don't attempt to run before you can walk. IMHO these are fairly dangerous times for investing & especially trading for obvious reasons.
  7. @LemmyMcGregor Here's a thought for you don't over think things. Just buy what you like.
  8. Where's the venue ? Wembley Stadium
  9. Update guys, I can see this deal is going nowhere so I'm withdrawing both watches. Thanks for all interest shown.
  10. Another PF 70 Yale arrived today, my favourite design of the Queen's beasts series. Thanks @SilverMike
  11. @LawrenceChard certainly has it in for the dumb press re coins lol, I have it in for them & the BBC for all the woke s--te they come out with.
  12. @richatthecroft well I'll give this pal, you've got balls admitting to owning the Harry & Megan crown 😂
  13. Just a heads up I'm working on a deal for a certain Rolex watch & will need to sell one possibly both of my watches to do it. Both these watches were bought brand new by me from an AD in the UK, if it doesn't come off I won't be selling either of them. All I'm looking for at the moment is if anyone is seriously interested in either watch they are NOT for sale today it will be early April if things go to plan. Both watches are stunning & I'll provide better photos with all papers boxes etc as & when they are for sale these are just off the watch thread. Anyway they are 2010 Rolex Black Dial with ceramic bezel (discontinued) GMT Master 2, with all papers box receipts etc & is as new, serviced by Rolex 29-06-20 @ £555 2020 Rolex Rhodium Dial with platinum bezel Yacht Master 40mm comes with all papers box etc & is as new Please don't contact me if you haven't the funds to purchase or ask for a discount the watches are priced to sell. PM me ONLY thanks.
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