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  3. I think he may have listed recently on here ( 2 complete sets at ) similar price, could be a coincidence though...
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/354113309811?hash=item5272cc4c73:g:9o8AAOSwjididrwu
  5. I have some congo silverbacks 😉
  6. * please note - this is just an example Vault - the real one will remain a secret to ensure the safety of my stack 😁
  7. Going against my word! final reduction to £380 posted sd £30 lower than I paid when spot was £1580, thanks for looking.

    for sale or exchange (By Platinum Member) Proof Sovereign - 2009 NGC PF70

    Listing updated - 2009 still available.
  9. No. They came from full sealed tubes, but now they are in individual resealable plastic baggies. - Alex
  10. Is that like dehydrated water? Just add water.. Airless bubble wrap, just add air
  11. Last week
  12. Sold pending payment Update: SOLD, payment received with thanks.
  13. Very good price, shame that it isn't a Greyhound as I am looking for one.
  14. Item has now Sold on fleabay. thank you
  15. I’m hand now priced at cost if anyone’s interested.
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