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  1. Hi - no worries. I’ll get some pics tomorrow for you if it’s okay? I’m thinking £275. It’s mint condition with bags of extras.
  2. Are these still available please?
  3. Hi folks - is anyone interested in buying or exchanging a Mavic Air Fly Combo. Fabulous kit and many, many accessories. I'm really testing the water to see if there's interest but can provide photos, details etc if there is genuine interest. Thank you.
  4. Hi Sixgun - great advice and I've also learnt so much since joining the forum 6 weeks ago or so. Can I please ask how you can get alerts to new selling threads? TIA
  5. Hi resolution American Eagle and British Britannia.
  6. Good afternoon - looking to source a couple of these in good condition please, preferably in capsules. Not graded Thanks
  7. Hi - would you take £60 for two please plus postage that covers the £60?
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