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  1. Hi i am looking to buy 2002-2005 BU sovereigns and pre 1838 sovereigns in any condition. If you have anything let me know please. i am also looking for BU 5 pounds bullion as close to spot. Regards Chris
  2. Hi everyone I am looking for 357€ each sovereign. I can ship also in UK with 307,5£ each. 15 available. Shipping in Europe is 30€ and in uk 30£. Thank you for looking.
  3. If anyone secured a gold one and wants to sell feel free to contact me.
  4. Hi everyone i have for sale 12 old sovereigns in good condition. 12 x 315£ each = 3780£ shipping in uk 30£ no import taxes Thank you Chris
  5. It would be easier to show you , with a nice beer aside. I am not so good at describing my thoughts in English language.
  6. Sideburn is the highest part of the hair. look how sharp it is. Usually i dont need reference its just experience through the years. I can bet for that. Even in a 65 coin you can see the same hair.
  7. Hi guys The coin is graded MS63 from PCGS. My opinion is that the coin is MS64 minimum because of the fantastic luster it has and the details. The wear on the hair is not an actual wear but a die wear if you understand what i mean. Its the same as sovereigns issued in 40's. Low relief
  8. A coin i bought recently 1863 Victoria gold sovereign shield no die can you guess the grade?
  9. For sale 1 ounce gold Krugerrand 1972 asking price 1560 euros shipping 30 euros in Europe. i can accept payment in pounds and ship in UK without any import charges. Shipping in uk 30£ Thank you
  10. You can try MS70 liquid. ITs an american product very effective. These sovereigns were top quality! Original luster!
  11. Still Available till the weekend. we have a group order in uk.
  12. 10 left... send me pm so you can reserve your coins and complete payment.
  13. Thank you all. Please send me a personal message with the quantity so i can secure you the coins. Thanks again Steve.
  14. if someone can organize a groupo order i am happy to ship.
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