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  1. Hi I have 2 x half ounces 100$ canadian for sale. Total one ounce of pure gold. Asking price 1290£ Shipping 27£ Thank you.
  2. Good afternoon Today i have for sale a wonderful lot of halves sovereigns. 2001 pf69 215£ 1983 pf69 215£ 2016 bu coa plus box 215£ 1912 George 1/2 215£ 1874 half vict 215£ 1896 half vict 215£ 1926 SA Georg 215£ 1887 half Victo 230£ shipping 27£ No import charges. Thank you
  3. Good afternoon I am selling a 1989 proof double sovereign with green leather box and coa. Coin is in very nice condition no hairlines or marks. 1250£ Thank you.
  4. Hi I have for sale 1 x Cyprus Makarios BU (minimum 66) 450£ Sold 3 x halves shields 1892 Victoria 225£ each. no import charges. Thank you. Chris
  5. Welcome back silver-forum members i missed that. So today i have for sale 20 x 1 ducat 1915 restrike 165£ each 6 x 4 ducat 1915 restrike 605£ each All in perfect condition. No marks or scratches. I can accept bank transfer and uk buyers dont worry about import charges. Shipping is 27£. Thank you. Regards Chris
  6. I will take care of it by finding you one soon with free shipping.
  7. @SilverTalent you have the first word if you want to buy both otherwise @MJCOIN takes one.
  8. Yes they are still available.
  9. Hi everyone For sale 2 x 1846 50 pesos in nice condition. Asking price 1615£ each If someone buys both i can do free shipping ,otherwise its 27£ with fedex. Thank you. chris
  10. Back to 1 ounce and 10 ounce Need quantities. Also still looking for 1 ounce gold.
  11. Hi I am looking for a raw or graded 1937 proof sovereign in low grade PR58-61-62 I can pay 2600 pounds maximum. Any offers? Thank you. Regards Chris
  12. Good morning For sale a wonderful gold set of 20 and 100 Drachmai Constantine II 1967 (1970). 21st April of 1967 Limited mintage of 10.000 Commemorative issue Brilliant uncirculated condition 20 drachmai 1967 weights 6.45 gr with fine of gold 0.900 100 drachmai 1967 weights 32.2 gr with fine of gold 0.900 The 100 drachmai is the largest commemorative coin that was issued in modern Greece. Asking price 2160 pounds Shipping via fedex 2 days delivery 27 pounds. Thank you Chris
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