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  1. Hi everyone Looking to buy a 5 coin set 2022 Let me know if you have one.
  2. Hi everyone I have for sale 40 x 2011-2013 BU sovereigns at 330 each. Payment BT shipping insured via fedex 27 pounds or post office 8 pounds. Free shipping 20+ Thank you Chris IMG_4917.HEIC
  3. Hi George I have a 70 graded if you want a 6000 pounds free shipping. Regards Chris
  4. Happy new year everyone i have for sale a nice roll of 1980 x 26 Elizabeth II gold sovereign in BU condition. 20 left 330£ each plus 6£ for shipping 27£ fedex insured. IMG_4465.MOV
  5. Hi everyone Is anyone offering a 2022 set 5 coin for 5600? Thank you Chris
  6. Hi everyone i have for sale 1977 50 pounds gold coins from Cyprus Weight : 16gr fine : 917 Issued by Royal mint. with box 680£ each payment via BT shipping 8£ or 27£ via fedex. No import charges. Thank you Chris
  7. Hi everyone i have for sale 2 gold bars at spot price. 1 ounce pamp and 20 gr pamp 1303£ and 838£ One ounce sold - payment pending. Shipping via fedex 27£ or 8£ via local post office Thank you
  8. Hi everyone I have for sale 20 Francs with Angel at 253 each Payment via BT Shipping via fedex 27£ (2days delivery) or local post office 8£ (1-2 weeks) Thank you Chris
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