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  1. https://www.ma-shops.com/svcollector/cat.php?catid=1863&sort=letzteaenderung take a look here please if you like anything.
  2. I will ship tomorrow to @arphethean many thanks to all who have ordered.
  3. Sure you can have it. sending you payment details.
  4. Only 5 available thank you Available dates 1856 - 1905 x 2 , 1854 , 1908
  5. I am happy to do that. Shipping cost 27 pounds with fedex otherwise with local post office the cost is 8 pounds but the delivery time is around 20-30 days. So normally i prefer only fedex. There are 35 available at spot price. 279 pounds each Regards Chris
  6. Hello i have for sale 47 X 20 Francs mixed dates (40 left ) i ask 280£ each around 1.5% above spot. All coins are problem free without knocks or scratches. Shipping cost 27£ via fedex Any questions feel free to ask Chris P
  7. For sale 3 X sealed 10g bars Pamp Swiss made 545£ each shipping 27£ Thank you
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