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  1. I've just invested in my first consignment of freeze dried food! it's got a 25 year shelf life and will feed 1 person for 3 moths or 3 for 1. If a nuke lands nearby then it will be irrelevant but once I'd got my mind set on it I had to have it! Luckily my Mrs is pretty easy going! lol Makes me feel a bit better mind! 🙈
  2. That looks fantastic Dave, maybe you could do that football coin for me? it's only a fingerprint should be childs play for you! lol
  3. Thanks for the heads up m8, but I'm trying to keep some cash back at the moment.
  4. A chance to buy some lovely Mexican silver with "man fat" detailing. Get in early before the pearl necklace brigade see them. Spunk your cash out and see your coins returning the favour.
  5. That's exactly what's happened to me as well m8!
  6. What's everyone's opinion on this grey line? I've started to only use the loupe when I can see something with the naked eye. There's an obvious spot on my lion proof which probably should have gone back to the Mint but I didn't get around to it 🙈 so i'm trying not to make the same mistake again. TIA
  7. Anyone fancy a crack at this? Not sure it's a deal though! Lol
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