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  1. Michael Jackson always bought 2 pairs of pajamas, he wore adult size tops but preferred to squeeze into young boys bottoms.
  2. I was in a supermarket the other day to get some essentials like bread milk etc . So i got the bread , sugar , fruit and i made my way down to the milk aisle where i saw this old man , throwing cheese ,milk ,and butter everywhere. I thought how dairy. and the last one today, Don’t you think eating clocks is very time consuming?
  3. Was in the pub last Saturday and with some mates and we argued all day about what to call a medieval soldier but it was getting late so we decided to call it a knight. Added 0 minutes later... People say I'm dumb because I have a lisp, it's makes me thick
  4. When I went to Yellowstone Park I wanted to see the geysers, but I'm not good in high pressure situations Added 0 minutes later... I have a Polish friend who's a sound technician. And a Czech one too.
  5. I went to the chemist today, saw a shop assistant and asked if she had something that would kill coronavirus. She said “ammonia cleaner”, I said “sorry, I thought you worked here”. Added 0 minutes later... My cat jumped in the washing machine when I wasn’t looking, at least it died in Comfort.
  6. More stuff for us to pay for that was a waste of money.... ”The government should be investigated after again blowing millions of pounds of public cash on PPE that didn’t work, Labour has urged. It comes after the revelation that 50m face masks, bought as part of a £252m contract with Ayanda Capital – a London firm that specialises in “currency trading, offshore property, private equity and trade financing – proved essentially useless to health workers.” https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/government-wasted-millions-on-face-masks-deemed-unsafe_uk_5f2bb7e7c5b64d7a55eee786
  7. So pubs and restaurants might have to shut to allow kids to go back to school. How about if you have kids you aren’t allowed to go to pubs or restaurants and we keep them open? As someone who doesn’t have kids I couldn’t care less about schools re-opening, I don’t have to spend money feeding and clothing mini me’s so I would like to spend it having a social life. If people who have kids have to stay in then at least they wouldn’t be able to come out and let their undisciplined offspring run riot in pubs and restaurants, they should be banned anyway.
  8. Expert virologist was just on the news saying we will need 16 BILLION doses of vaccine as it looks like the world will need to be done twice. Natural immunity, plasma treatment, just not giving a wotsit due to being willing to take a minute risk given who the virus affects most and not being at risk etc. All of that must be poo pooed so some very rich people can become even richer, keep the oiks and riff-raff under control and working hard to make a living that is worth less every time they start up the printing machine to give big business more money. Its all been said before, more eloquently than I can put it, but it’s really really really getting on my ****ing tits.
  9. Various sources - Mass surveillance programme of all animals that live with humans suggested by Professor Joanne Santini of University College London due to one cat being tested positive...
  10. Hmmm, don’t believe anyone but Boris and chums and obey at all times: https://sharechecklist.gov.uk Some of the stuff people post online is hilarious, click on Full Fact for a chuckle
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