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  1. https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/dont_vote_for_a_psychopath_tyranny_at_the_hands_of_a_psychopathic_government
  2. I can’t wait for the debate later tonight. The Hunter Biden stuff should make it top notch entertainment if Trump plays it right.
  3. We are really screwed now. The app was one of the main weapons in this war that was key to the survival of the human race whilst we wait to see how many people get ****ed up in the vaccine trials before telling our supreme leaders we won’t take it. God help us if they decide masks don’t work (again), if the virus finds out it will be carnage. https://m.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/coronavirus-test-trace-patrick-vallance_uk_5f919ef8c5b686eaaa0f1f60?guccounter=2
  4. From the hugely popular Germania Mint I have for sale the second of the Warriors series. A stunning coin #269 of a total mintage of 499 pieces. Dealers and eBay currently selling for between £300 and £400. £275 £265 + your choice of delivery (this is also for sale on other sites) https://germaniamint.com/warriors-ariowit-2-oz-silver-bu/ PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Year: 2020 Grade: High Relief Denomination: 10 Mark Mint mark: Germania Mint Metal content 2 oz Purity 999.9 Ag Diameter 45.00 mm Mintage 499 pcs
  5. Miami Beach Mayor just said on CNN, in defence of his muzzling argument, that the Great Barrington Declaration says he should be able to enforce mask mandates? Can’t see where it says that. How can these people get away with it?
  6. He’s in north Manchester. It’s grim up north 😂.
  7. Price drop bumpity, rumpity, trumpity, frumpity bump!
  8. Having a beer fearing Tier 3 is coming. Guy on next table was waffling on about young people spreading Covid being irresponsible, uncaring etc etc. Next topic of conversation is how him and his mates are having their weekly poker game tomorrow night, I guess they must all live in his house.
  9. It’s a no from me. Agree with everything said so far. Sorry.
  10. Also, anyone else hear about HanCOCK taking the piss, drinking in a House of Commons bar after 10pm and cracking a joke about who was paying for it?
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