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  1. I bought from two dealers during 2021 - one I'm a long time customer of and the other being H&B having being tempted by their Sovereign deal. At no point have either party poked me for anything other than the money to pay for the shiny stuff. In H&B's case it was one little Sov, so inconsequential I should think. HMRC do like to put on the rubber gloves from time to time. Tunnelling into a dealers vault is possibly a less hassle way to accumulate gold!
  2. Mine landed in the late post too. Very nicely presented. Certainly beats the Sov sized capsule in plastic bag from my regular bullion dealer! Anyone know if these big capsules and inserts are available for sale anywhere? If they are I think I may treat my other Sovs to fancy new homes.
  3. Utterly stupid isn't it? Any high value stuff I ship is always in plain clothes so it looks especially dull and uninteresting to any sticky fingered people.
  4. Daft question of the day: what is the number 19 significant of? In relation to what I hear you say... Marketing bumph from RM promoting a wooden coin case + 2022 bullion Sov + subscription for a bullion Sov, one a year. The case holds 19... seems a mighty odd number. The average age of a US serviceman killed in Vietnam. I can not think of anything else with a 19 link...
  5. Update on the bullion Sov. RM are shipping out to several dealers next Monday the 10th. I'm expecting to receive some on Wednesday 12th. No idea if H&B will be receiving their first allocation as part of Monday's shipment. £333 buys a Sov from a well known Brummie dealer - so the H&B one represents only a £14 saving - although who knew where the gold price was heading... none of us!!! Still, that's enough for a nice curry from my favourite Bangladeshi...
  6. Lots of good advice. I've been hoarding silver for years but only started acquiring gold having sold a property earlier this year. I would emphasise the good advice about avoiding ebay: there are plenty of dodgy folk selling dodgy stuff and you could easily end up in a paddleless vessel up a creek with a lump of gold plated tin. I take my chances with silver coins but only buy the odd coin until I satisfy myself a seller is kosher - and I'm confident I can spot a dud (famous last words!) With gold I wouldn't know - I've a fake Kruger I was given and I can tell you now I can't tell it apart from a real one! Good luck, and most importantly, enjoy!
  7. I take it the artist who produced that image was visually impaired? Either that or c**p...
  8. Sure does. Scale always does for me though, I looked and thought that's way more than 14 ounces... zooming in it's mostly lovely lickle sovs. Guess my brain assumed Brits?!
  9. I'm more than a little tired of this lot ringing and being too ignorant to leave a message on my answer phone. This speaks volumes; it's a marketing call not a need to converse about an order. I've decided to give H&B a little Christmas present...
  10. The photo hopped picture doesn't seem to be moving up and down for me. Must be doing something wrong?
  11. Seems good advice to me, and advice I think I shall follow. This year I've tucked a few gold Queens Beast completer coins away - I convinced myself the £25 premium over a Britannia my dealer charges would likely be worth it. Anything different from the norm stands a chance of becoming collectible is a lesson I learned years ago in the stamp world.
  12. They may have an insurance policy that covers loss in transit or may risk it "self insurance".
  13. Are your unwelcome calls coming from a Bournemouth phone number? Is the swanky Mayfair address just for show?
  14. £304... sign me up!!! I suspect the Gentleman was either confused or should be running for election
  15. I ticked the "cheque/ postal order" box as I couldn't get their website/ my card to make friends. Still trying to remember where my cheque book is, haven't written one in years!
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