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  1. These have been minted again and deliveries to dealers are ongoing. BBP currently have stock.
  2. Nothing surprises me with RM. They can't communicate, they can't control quality, they have next to no idea of product availability. I wonder if their vaulted storage is actually secure - if it is then it's probably the only thing they're doing right! That's if a padlocked garden shed can be termed a vault!
  3. Well you can't enjoy your money when wearing a wooden overcoat, so may as well spend it on decorated coins, big plates or in my case toy cars. Brum brum...
  4. I view them as contrived nonsense. You like silver? You like giraffes? Buy a coin and a giraffe picture/ print to hang on the wall. Much better solution. Or get a pet giraffe... cat flap will need enlarging though!
  5. I think the Welsh are all hiding at home scared of the lurgy. Or possibly just scared of hard work? The DVLA disease could have spread easterly... And in the meantime the sheep are running the show. Baa!
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys. You all said coins. I'd been fancying a bar, but then with the price of gold as is I'd have afforded a puny little thing. Just wouldn't cut it for a man with dreams of a car boot full of the stuff ala Michael Caine in the Italian job. That will have to remain a dream unless fast car, shotgun and stockings come into play! So after much sitting on hands I bought some Sovs. Dinky little things aren't they! Appetite whetted they have been joined by one of Her Maj's beasts (and I don't mean Prince Snowflake of Sussex). Well 10 beasts actually, the Completer coin is very nice, even if I do need a magnifying glass to appreciate the detail in it's full splendour. A Britannia next I think when the piggy bank is able to oblige...
  7. Ah, I think you're onto something. The QC man at RM is obviously drinking milk and eating cookies whilst sneezing a lot due to covid. So it's real milk, real Oreo's and real covid...
  8. I fail to understand the comment about the capsule touching the coin. Of course it does, unless their is zero gravity in the capsule and the coin is floating!
  9. The one's I have are perfect. RM supplies them in capsules with the capsules shrink wrapped onto card backing. Sounds like a third party has had his/ her fingers in!
  10. Personally I see no point in paying larger premiums for fractional silver from a stacking/ investing perspective. In simple terms, what's the point? An oz of silver is cheap, as in the average man can likely afford to buy the odd coin or 25. If you can only afford a quarter oz a month, say, then save your money for 4 months and buy a 1oz coin. If we were talking gold then fractional probably is affordable by many, but a 1oz gold coin a month will be out of reach of a lot of people. Now if you're talking from a coin collector / hobby point of view then, yes, why not if it floats your boat. Just remember that you're going to lose that premium, or most of it, on resale unless you find a like minded coin collector who wants such a thing. Just my 1oz worth
  11. My brain says if you can offload the eagle, buy an oz of something else and pocket a good few $ whilst at it then go for it! It all melts down the same...
  12. Given the quality of fake items that come from China these days (as opposed to a lot of poor quality fakes elsewhere), I would always open a seal. I really don't think forging a holographic shiny sticker strip would be much of a challenge to the right man - knocking out a forged coin I imagine is harder.
  13. Crikey! Looks like those silver bars walked up to Mike Tyson and insulted his mum!
  14. I have always found their service to be excellent and that they have stock if they say they do. Indeed, when I've tried to order X coins before the website flags up their stock level if they have less than X in stock.
  15. I'm thinking of getting a few more of these. The premium over a kilo bar is now getting a bit silly though: BBP have Prioksky bars on sale at nearly £100 less than the Beast - about 12% cheaper if my brain can do it's sums. Still, they are beautiful.
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