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  1. Unfortunately whilst there are good guys on ebay, there are many more out to rob you. I have bought silver off ebay, but I am pretty confident I can determine if a 1oz silver coin is genuine or fake. Even then I'll only buy single coins from a trader until I've determined they're trustworthy - and know where they live! I still haven't bit the bullet and bought any gold (thanks for the advice guys in my other thread) but absolutely when I do it's coming from a UK dealer - spotting a fake gold coin from a real one is not a skill I have or know anything about!
  2. My beasties landed courtesy of UPS today. They look good in @BackyardBullion youtube video but way better in the flesh. Thankfully the Queen must have finished her donuts and licked the jam up before appearing on my coins. They're really well packaged by the half dozen in monster boxes - not that I've got a half dozen (at least not yet!), with pairs of coins in capsules shrink wrapped onto heavy card backing. Definitely definitely worth the premium over the cost of a kilo silver bar in my opinion.
  3. Hi Guys I've been stacking silver for years, but since Brexit and no VAT free way of legally acquiring I've stopped (apart from a kilo Queens Beast which I couldn't resist). I now have some money burning a hole, so thinking a few ounces of gold. What gold though? Thinking Krugers (as everybody knows what they are so are easily sellable), I do like the Maple - it looks real pretty, also thinking Queens Beast as coin collectors might drive prices up down the line? Or should I go Sovs? CGT isn't a consideration as far as I'm concerned, running rings around HMRC is a specialist subject of mine! So what shiny stuff would you steer a gold newbie to? Thanks in advance!
  4. Which is why I always advise anyone to keep a quantity of cash (physical, savings account or better still both) to cope with emergencies. As a young man the amount I had stashed was small as I could only afford to save a small amount. I would recommend keeping the equivalent of at least six months wages, better still a years wages, so you have a cushion to fall back on. Only once you have a safety net think about buying shares, metal, crypto or whatever. Just my two cents!
  5. BBP are getting more but they are not sure when. You can request an email when they get them BUT be warned - their second batch went so quick their process that sends the emails never triggered as stock was back at zero before it would have done it's thing! Best to check website daily if you really want one.
  6. RM will have more for sale soon, keep your eyes peeled as they flew off the shelves. I've seen one dealer taking pre-orders for September delivery, which suggests to me that RM are going to be producing for the foreseeable future (though limited quantities as I suspect they only have 1 machine to stamp out the kilo monster?) and that particular dealer is down the pecking order. BBP have sold out twice now I believe, would imagine they'll be getting more - will post here if/ when I find out!
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