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  1. Thanks. So you are telling me that 2021 is the first year of bullion Britannias in 1/4 oz version. How come that isn't the great news we all waited for, the start of a new series. Excluding 2013&2014 1/4 oz S.S. Gairsoppa version. I couldn't find others in 1/4 except proof ones you already point. as for the mintages, why do you think RM started to treat them like a top-secret? to hide the fact their production is falling or to do other shady business? I don't have another explanation for hiding information except for the fact they would be embarrassed somehow.
  2. Hi, Silver gentlemen The interwebs are full of disinformation about this beautiful coin. (1/4 oz Silver Britannias) I remember through the alcohol-induced fog that I read somewhere that it is minted every year since the beginning. (1997.) While a couple of the dealer's websites say 2021. is the first one, so I am confused. Can someone who is a Britannia aficionado drop the propper knowledge ⚫ Is this the first year that 1/4 oz is minted or just first with "new anti-counterfeit features" (squiggly lines)? ⚫ What are the mintages for the bullion ones? (only 1/4 oz version) ⚫ Does the proof version exist? ⚫ What are the other sizes except for 1 & 5 oz? Thank you for your help friends
  3. @StevenDS thaks for a link. appreciate it, people stop being salty to each other. market determines the price. If they are not available at the moment then it means nothing to the buyer in the present. we can ask as much as we want but, again the market will tell us where the price is. also it is super easy to program bot to check prices. we should all be helpful to each other. cheers silver dorks
  4. Again thanks to all of you for warm welcome, so nice from you all. I really feel welcomed. @Agpanda @BackyardBullion @Jamesd @Draconicus @Xander @KitboyE17 @ChrisSIlver @MickD @CadmiumGreen @Serendipity I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Cheers
  5. and @Jamesd, thanks. (don't want to be rude and ignore welcome)
  6. Hi all, Thanks for warm welcome. @Agpanda, nice panda site @BackyardBullion thanks, like your YT channel. Cheers all.
  7. Hi fellow precious metal dorks. I have been lurking for years, and finally created the account (I found certain pieces I need for my collection so here I am) It is polite to introduce my self so I am 1604 gold and silver collector.
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