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  1. I am looking for the following 2 coins : 2022 Platinum Jubilee £5 Gold Proof boxed with COA - Can Pay £3000 1982 BU Full Sovereign - Can Pay up to £400 Thank you
  2. We are looking for a 3 coin 2022 Sovereign Platinum Jubilee set. Please only answer this request if you are happy to trust our 20yr dealing and trading reputation. Payment via Bank Transfer or F/F PayPal upon receipt of the set. However if you require payment before sending the set we will Pay via PayPal with seller / buyer protection. Offer Price = £1250 upon receipt or £1250 up front minus PayPal Fees. Please only deal with us if you trust us, as we have had one deal fall through. We can be fully verified as trustworthy throughout the numismatic industry.
  3. I can pay £1200 for a 3 coin 2022 Platinum Jubilee 3 coin sovereign set.
  4. Thanks for the link, just had a read, I would not want to guess their secondary market price?
  5. Anyone know anything about the Piedfort sets? I have heard there are 70 of them? Saw one on fleebay for a whopping 31k surely they are not going to be worth that?
  6. You can see all 10 dates together here :
  7. We cut it down to size with a pair of scissors 😀 Actually we also give the original box as well..
  8. I am not sure what anyone else thinks but we thought the SOTD's came in really cheap boxes, so we though we would supply our remaining few like this. We think the coin deserves a proper case :
  9. I think they still owe me a coin from Q Victoria Jubilee. Seriously RM have become shocking for fulfilling their orders, but quick enough to take the currency stuff to pay for them.
  10. There won't be many portrait coins available on Monday because the Mint have promised most buyers of the reverse version an option for this one too.
  11. Now if I could just convince HM Queen to sign mine, that would be exclusive 😀
  12. There I am putting proof sets back together, I wonder how many of the 5 coin sets will end up being split up? You won't go to coin heaven 😀
  13. They are still around and a new one due later this month to add.
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