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  1. Its basically the same size as a modern pound coin, don't quote me but I suspect when they introduced the pound coin in 1983 they based it on the sovereign size? As for the colour, not many of us see .916 or 999.9 gold in everyday life, we mostly see jewelry of 9 or 18ct which is mixed with silver and it diminishes the tone, 9ct looks almost silver compared to it.
  2. Yes but is it a coin or a brick? the 2kg is even worse, what next the 10kg ☹️
  3. The 10oz is a coin to hold as is the 2oz Gold, I really only think they are going up in value
  4. As a dealer I see most new issues, but in truth the Three Graces are simply stunning, there are so few of the 10oz silver and 2oz Gold that I think this is a coin that will stand the test of time. Yes prices may fluctuate at the slabbed coins come on to the market but I think they will all find homes and disappear from the market place with exception of the 2oz silver. I am quite happy to hold these coins for a while if not for ever
  5. I hear the importance of grading for you on hear, I cannot see NGC or PCGS making a huge difference on price, and here in the UK you have to send your coins to Paris for PCGS and with BREXIT, insurance and the Pandemic it feels a lot more comfortable sending coins next day delivery to London. Also you you say the certificate number has a bearing on value, would you pay more for a lower certificate number ?
  6. We will probably know sometime in October regarding the release date and design.
  7. Here is a 1989 quintuple sovereign in FDC as struck condition, note that the queens nose looks slightly squashed, they all to appear to be the same.
  8. The ebay coin is not a fake, however you should consider the fact that this has clearly been handled, and it does not have its case or numbered certificate. As a proof coin it has very little value above its spot price. Modern Proof sovereigns should have remained in their capsules and be untouched to have a proof value, it is only of use in this condition as an example of the year as there is no BU alternative. All Raphael Maklouf sovereigns have seen prices rise over the past few years, as no BU versions were issued making these the only option for collectors.
  9. Hello Everyone We are Allgold Coins, dealing in Gold and Silver coins since 2002, we are specialists in the British Gold sovereign 1817-date, and have just completed a 2yr monthly series on the gold sovereign in the Coin News magazine. We have most if not all of the latest Royal Mint issues and a significant back catalogue of proof gold coins. We are always happy to give help and advice. We look forward to a long and happy future on this great forum.
  10. 2020 The Great Engravers 'William Wyon' Three Graces 5oz Silver Proof Coin Issue Limit 500 (This Coin Cert No290) Denomination £10 Alloy 999 fine Silver Weight 156.30g Diameter 65.00mm Reverse Designer William Wyon Obverse Designer Jody Clark Coin as shown in pictures below. PRICE : £4595.00
  11. Seem a little expensive to me, I would sell my 5 oz silver for $6000 - they are not giving the coins away that is for sure. 2 kilo isn't a coin its basically a brick, there has to be a limit to what is a coin somewhere?
  12. Its difficult to predict where prices will settle for the 3G coins, I am sure the 2oz will stay reasonably settled around 2-2.5k GBP, as of now the 5oz Silver looks to be around 5-6k GBP, 10 oz Silver (The so called invitation only coin) does look like a 10k coin, but very early doors on it. The Gold 2oz around 30k GBP and I think will stay at sought of level. I am hearing around 80% of silvers are coming back as PF70, that might not help anyone looking to gain a premium for their slabbed coin. The silvers do seem to have a deeper relief, and probably look nicer than the gold version
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