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  1. Dr. Kevin Clancy - Knows his stuff.. 2022 Proof Sovereigns and sets I am told due @ Beginning of November.
  2. The 1899P is classified as rare, but as noted above there is normally a few around if you want one. The price range is from £500-£1000 and has not really moved too much compared to other sovereigns from the Aussie mints in recent years,. Yes only 690,500 struck but its about how many are left today, and in truth there are quite a few if not excessive amounts.
  3. The stories behind the Mint are just as fascinating as the coins themselves - Surely we have to see the Waterloo medal appear in the Great Engravers Series ?
  4. I think if we knew the whole story from the Mint at that time it would make for somewhat of a soap opera. A fascination for me, is why the 1821 reverse St George Dragon with sword, still has the end of the broken lance laying on the ground, a feature which remains to this day? Of course the 1821 sovereign does carry the initials WWP just under the broken lance with B.P moved to the right of the date where it also remains today. It all kicked off in 1823 when Pistrucci refused to work Chantry's somewhat flattening effigy of George IV into a coin engraving for the new circulation £2 coin of that year. Jean Baptiste Merlen who took the job, and I think I am right in saying that although he designed many coins for the Mint it was the only one he actually got his initials on to? He went on to design all of the next generation sovereign shield reverses, but you won't see J.B.M on any of them. The Royal Mint had Pistrucci paid up front a huge amount of money in 1819 to design a waterloo medal, so he basically stuck 2 fingers up at the mint who couldn't sack him, and again writing from memory I think he took 30 years to finish the medal, and then he sent a snotty letter to the Mint telling them what he thought of them. The piece itself is a work of art but it was stated that most of those who were actually due a Waterloo medal were dead...
  5. The whole point of a sovereign is that it is 916 / 1000 , it weights 7.98grams and it is 22.05mm in diameter. If you change the composition you change the coin. The Mint seem to favour copper these days over silver, and a lot of their coins are actually classified as Rose Gold.
  6. We try to keep most of the 1985-1997 Maklouf proof sovereigns in stock, its getting harder to do as the mintages were extremely low compared to the bullion production figures. The most expensive are the early 1990's. There is a gap year in the Maklouf sovereign series, 1989 when only the fantastic 500th Anniversary proof sovereigns were produced. Not the best image of the Maklouf Portrait, but it was to hand :
  7. He is the entire set almost free from any blemishes, they do exist in almost as struck condition, but many as the examples above have been cleaned with abrasive cloths over the years as 1937 was well before the days of capsules.
  8. TBH : I would grab any Ansell grading in the MS's they are like hens teeth in high grades, nearly all are VF in old money or AU?? in slabbers land.
  9. I actually did a rarity vs value chart for the coin news in one of my articles, apart from the obvious candidates mentioned above, there is still quite a bit of value to be had in low mintage Geo V sovereigns. If you can't go for a 1917 London then get the 1916L All the Canadian sovereigns are worth a punt, low mintages makes them great value (obviously except the 1916C) 1919-1931 Aussie sovereigns avoiding the ultra expensive years provide good value, such as 19M / 23M / 24M / 26M / 30M / 31M / 25P ..... 31P Although not prolific these have all been going up in value steadily, go for the very best EF-UNC My favorite sovereigns are the Vicky shields, and although many years can easily be found putting together a set of EF-UNC is very very difficult, and getting more so.
  10. This goes back to the so called privatisation of the Royal Mint in 2009, not the Tory party as you would suspect but under Labour. Its a private company now with 1 share holder, 'The Treasury'. I think the part of the Mint that actually makes UK currency is separate. They actually made a loss for a few years until they came up with the idea to issue more commemorative coins and get involved in the bullion trade. Someone at the Mint clearly saw what Pobjoy were doing with the provincial issues and had a brain wave to go down the same route using the Royal UK Mint as the selling point. As a dealer I have to offer the latest coins, but also stay true to the traditional market such as sovereigns, these have sat in the background steadily going up in value, and the market is a lot more stable especially for investors.
  11. The Winnie the Pooh jar of honey 50p did well, although the next 2 in the series were not very sought after. Its the Mr Men coins that really just didn't sell at all.
  12. Alice in Wonderland has been the best seller this week of the new issues, only 175 struck One Ounce versions sold out by the Mint. Collectors are starting to pick their coins carefully amidst the plethora of releases. A tactic that used to inundate the market with coins from places such as the Isle of Man and the Falkland Islands struck by the Pobjoy Mint.
  13. If anything its the date which is misaligned, the mint mark looks in the right place to me?
  14. Although the Martian machines have either 3 or 5 legs, this design is contemporary so the 4 legs are not a mistake just part of the adaptation by the artist. The coin was part of the year set pre released earlier this year in advance.
  15. Yes there has been some confusion but the above exemption is for the coins mentioned, the 180% rules does not apply to the exemption list. Just to add the 180% rule applies to coins and bars that are considered bullion, investment gold only - This is a separate exemption which does not mention any restriction on value.
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