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  1. Here is some more information on the RMS Douro and its cargo of gold coins. https://www.allgoldcoins.co.uk/pages/31-the-sovereigns-of-the-rms-douro
  2. Here a couple of coins for you :- The First Coin is what I had thought was a 1890 Lon 1st head, in fact I think it may have been catalogued as one originally, however Steve Hill is adamant that this is actually a 1890 Sydney with 'S' mint mark worn away. Shame I didn't have a better picture, but I still think it was A London? The second is a newly discovered Sydney 1st Head (confirmed) - 1891, to date it is the only one to be found : ??
  3. I have seen quite a few broken bar 'A's its the die that has broken, the Royal Mint obviously didn't feel its was worth taking the Die out of production.
  4. Although it won't help with every coin you could try viewing coins in negative colour mode, I have copied 2 of yours below, it can often make some clearer to see:
  5. Just to say we keep a presence on eBay, we have 100% positive feedback on over 1000 sales. Ebay is fine if you buy from the right people, but if you buy from a dodgy photo, from a low feedback seller, something that looks too cheap, then yes you may well get scammed.
  6. Allgoldcoins

    Soapy bath?

    There is a difference between cleaning and washing coins, if you think about it coins found in shipwrecks have to be washed, that is not cleaning as such. A soapy bath or use a ultra sonic cleaner is fine as all you are doing is dislodging dirt, you are not changing the coins surface. Where you have to be careful is in the drying process, you should not rub the surface of the coin, just allow it to dry on a kitchen towel. You should never use any abrasive type of cleaning solution or metal polish.
  7. Thank you all for your help, I will give it a go..
  8. I have decided to submit some modern silver proof and a couple of gold proofs for NGC grading. I have joined up and got the forms, but I am pretty confused on how to fill them in, or what needs returning etc? Can I send coins in for grading in their original Royal Mint capsules, as I can't even make that out? Any help or if anyone has a similar completed form they could upload I would be very grateful. And I am submitting from the UK via the London office. Thanks
  9. I have a London 2012 Olympics Gold series. 9 coin full set 3 x 1oz and 6 x 1/4oz coins depicting various sports. Limited to 1000 sets and provided boxed with certificate. This set #338 Offers invited as its a quick sale for a customer, looking for offers over £8000, condition as new.
  10. I don't see why not, it looks to be a decent MS grade - Victoria has all her hair which is not seen unless its a good coin, I guess it looks rather nice hen you turn it at an angle?
  11. The coin looks genuine and in very nice condition, i certainly would not be going anywhere near it with a gold testing kit. A good pair of scales for coins : https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/1317187511
  12. I think the answer is the same as it is for buying any coin as investment/collecting, if there are millions of these things and if they are all the same such as a krugerrand. where the design stays the same and there are no particular rare years, then it has no collector value at all, its just a piece of bullion. The same is true of the Britannia's and Eagles, nothing much changes, however the Royal Mint have hit upon the idea of producing limited edition bullion coins. This means with the QB you have now 11 different designs to collect, you can't just go to the mint and buy any one you like a
  13. My advice to anyone who simply wants to hold gold at the cheapest possible premium, is to buy Krugerrands. If you are buying sovereigns and want the best value for money, then I suggest you buy good grade sovereigns that would grade MS ?? on the Sheldon Scale. Yes that means quite a hefty premium compared to low grade coins, but the bonus is that in my experience a good (Victoria / Ed / Geo) sovereign will hold its numismatic value even when gold itself drops. I think you have to be careful buying neither at rates close to BV or close to MS, a VF (AU58) 1911 London Sovereign will only ev
  14. Hi Its not what is called a variety, the striking is simply poor as it was on many of the Shield sovereign legends, I have shown your coin in negative below and a 1880s Shield sovereign which has an inverted 'A' in Victoria instead of 'V' In general you are looking for either a wrong digit or numeral being used, this is most often seen with a correction such as the correct digit or numeral being struck on top of the incorrect one. The 1880S is quite rare as there was no attempt to fix the error, so one can assume the mint completely missed the error.
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