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  1. I was hoping the RM would go back to screw type capsules rather than going for a pound shop fix.
  2. Yes I do and as I said before they are all taken on a Samsung S7 edge, not expensive equipment, you just need the right lighting.
  3. I can't but if I had seen the one for 8500 I would have bought it.
  4. I wouldn't rush to check your PM, but I would do a straight swap for the Una 2oz 😀
  5. I didn't see the one that went for 8500 but have seen the some snapped up at 10-12k and I don't think you can pick one up for that now online, but I am happy to be corrected. And again its where these prices will actually settle.
  6. @GoldDiggerDave I know you are, I have to buy these things, and work on market prices, all the 2022 Sovereigns are going to have to be set at a new price somewhere and the same needs to happen for the Gothic Crowns. I think these may settle around 14k?
  7. I must add I had to buy this on a the secondary market so it wasn't cheap ☹️
  8. It arrived today : What are these actually worth, what is a fair selling price?
  9. Interesting you post a 1976 sovereign for some reason people are buying up that year? Have I missed something about 1976, first year to be struck in Wales wasn't it? Nice example though.
  10. I guess 007 is nice to have for the Bond coins, and 2022 for the Proof sovereign, I can see those maybe adding a couple of quid?
  11. I remember years ago putting up a coin for sale with a generic picture, the cert said No1, I had no idea it would cause an influx of buyers who ended getting quite angry with me when they didn't get No1, so I stopped that practice pretty sharpish
  12. I would be interested to know if people think low certificate numbers make a difference to value of not only the Gothic Crown but other proof issues as well. And how low can you actually get, I have never seen anyone with Cert No1 for arguments sake.
  13. In the queue at 8.30 on 4 browsers didn't do much for me, best potion on my Opera was 1200 the others were 4000+, in the end I managed a 2oz silver and have spent the rest of the day chasing a 2oz gold which I did get on the secondary market for a lot more than RRP. No special exemptions for dealers on these, no special treatment or allocations, just down to plain luck good or bad. A very expensive day..
  14. Do lets us know, its just concerning they show the Lighthouse cases on the same pages, and the old RM capsules didn't fit in them you could not shut the lid?
  15. I have seen that, but I am not sure they are the same as the ones they use in their sets or just ones you can buy off the shelf? They don't sell any of the screw type capsules at all.
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