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  1. Gonna have to get me some of those too!!!👌
  2. 2 of the 3 Platinum Completers that arrived this morning. One, in my opinion, had an unacceptable scratch on the reverse so I have taken a punt and sent it back already. To be fair the guy on the phone was inclined to agree with me when he saw the photo. It's bullion, I know, but to get two beauties and one with scratch left me a touch deflated. My first Pt, I was expecting them to be smaller relative to gold, but they seem nicely thin with a rounded edge if anything. Let's see what the Royal Mint come back with.
  3. PLEASE IGNORE THIS; Can't erase🤷 Sorry
  4. You got me🤣. 10 days til payday.......
  5. 👌I want one, I want one, I want one......
  6. Thanks for getting back @TheDoc👍
  7. Hey Doc, I've seen those tubes with the red lids before but never managed to find them. Where are they from please? Miles better than my dried herb plastic pots. I draw the line at cumin and curry powder though!🤔
  8. Work teams past, present and future!
  9. Worked with several ex military over the years, great guys all of them. All honourable if nothing else, I'd have every one of them on my team all day long. Respect Bully, I hope you are doing well mate.
  10. Sorry, meant @James32. I don't know that you are called James🤣🤣
  11. Cheers @James32, Thought so, but worth the check. A question raised from your comment on maybe look for the bullion on the forum. How would anyone on here be able to offer anything cheaper than the mint initially? Or are you suggesting wait? For spot to decrease? Or something else? Indeed, I did purchase a tube of '21 Brits and a kilo Baird from dealers when I first started ( before I found the forum obviously) so know all about expensive purchases😱. I also bought into the Seymour Panther etc proof 10 coin run and am not naive enough to think that there was no tax on a 96 quid purchase for one ounce of Ag. I am not looking to sell anything going forward, so will be in for the long haul, I suppose I'll just have to swallow the costs if I want to get on board with the Tudor Beasts bullion silver. Thanks for your time @James32, I appreciate it.👍 FFposh
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