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  1. You were right BYB, 131 is pretty special!! Nicely packed up too. Very happy indeed! Thanks a lot!
  2. Actually I may have just got the 3 and 5oz from an old BYB video I watched earlier, but I'm aware of something coming out in the next few months.
  3. Hi Neil, Thanks for your concern but if anything you did me a favour by drawing my attention to the fact that people were choosing numbers, although I didn't understand how. Also thanks for offering but yours weren't the numbers and I wouldn't want to take it off anyone anyway. It was my mistake not finding the thread, pure and simple, I just wasn't aware of it at the time. All is good guys, let's leave this now, I'm happy with my bar and look forward to locating the threads for the 3 and 5oz rounds soon😂.
  4. It's fine really. I just didn't know what was going on at the time as I didn't know about the thread. No big deal in the grand scheme of things. My mistake. Will learn and move on. Peace and unicorns all round🦄
  5. For the record guys and gals, it was my mistake I never saw the thread re the allocation of numbers. Apologies for the essays. I have messaged with and apologised to BYB for even suggesting that I was unhappy with the process!
  6. Hey BYB, You have done a great job in bringing this whole thing together selling your wonderful pourings. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the way you went about it, it was perfectly fair. My apologies if I came across badly, I had absolutely no idea what was going on and perhaps articulated it badly. Maybe 131 was meant to be and I look forward to receiving it!
  7. BYB, FYI, I can still only access this thread from your message in response to colnagos question at about half seven tonight on the original 100g thread.
  8. BYB, I am not going to cry over the bar number don't worry, my point was that when I saw neilwillow ask for numbers, I asked if I'd missed anything. Colnago didn't seem to know the numbers either with his post shortly after mine. Only at that point did the thread pop up, I had no idea about your post to say 5pm today at all. I have literally been checking all day wondering what's going on. I can now see the original message where you tagged me in on the first wave so to speak, but nothing came to me re the choice, until about half seven tonight when you replied to colnagos post with the thread. I don't want to ask someone for my number, this whole thing isn't meant to sound rude, I think there must have been a glitch somewhere. Not to worry, I was just a bit disappointed when I saw that the numbers had been available for over two hours without my knowing. It's not the end of the world, 131 is fine. I hope that I haven't offended anyone here.
  9. Don't want to moan but I've been waiting all day for this thread, hoping for a certain number. When I received it a few mins ago I find that there was an earlier run of it that I missed ( which happened to include the number I was hoping for!). What happened so that some people had an earlier choice to me please? Hence my earlier question, have I missed something. A bit disappointed to be fair.
  10. Have I missed something here re the potential choices of bar??
  11. I'd potentially be interested in 4 dragon bars if you did split! Thanks
  12. Hi mate, could be too late but any chance of 5 of those please?
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