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  1. @CosmikDebrisThanks for the custom 😀 @modofantasmaThanks for the welcome 🦁
  2. @AndrewSL76Thanks for the warm welcome ☺️
  3. @SilverDrumwe are honoured we were your first purchase!! Here's to many more! 🙂
  4. Thanks for the feedback @GrahamDiamond👍
  5. Hey! Thanks for the warm welcome and feeback 🤗
  6. Hi Everyone, Newbies to the forum here . Excited to join after lots of our customers have mentioned this fantastic forum for many years. HGM are really interested to look at what deals we can offer to the forum members directly, and we will aim to tailor these based on your feedback. Looking to really cater some nice deals directly to forum members 👍 All The Best, HGM 🦁 Hatton Garden Metals, UK Based
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