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  1. I am still buying at my usual quantities but at the moment I am concentrating on gold that has seen its usually higher premium evaporate so has largely remained the same price, proof, graded, young heads etc. You may find given you have no trading feedback you will have to send first and receive payment on receipt should you sell on the forum, or potentially go though the @BackyardBullion intermediary service. If the former just be sure to deal with established members for the first couple of sales till your feedback has built a little and people will pay in advance of shipping. Good luck though, I sold a large portion of my own stack last year to pay down my mortgage when my low rate deal was ending. Gold may have skyrocketed since but I suspect I have/will have saved more in interest payments than I would have made on my gold and I have zero regrets
  2. Not me given my entire stack is CGT free
  3. Received today from @JamesH I am finding because the premiums are literally zero on most coins atm and hugely shrunk on the rest, I can still buy shields at a very similar price I was paying in January
  4. There are rumours of a possible bank failure today, Best hope it is something like that, if it is the start of the collapse of the dollar were all up the creek and Gold wont save us The UK will be as hurt by an dollar collapse as the US will
  5. Lol, are we here reassuring ourselves this is a good thing
  6. @SovereignBull I said I would tag you when I sold one of these but cannot remember which one 🤷‍♂️
  7. I have a few proof 1/4oz Brits available, selling as bullion, all are coin and capsule (RM capsule or I can transfer to an airtite T22) only unless otherwise stated. Some very limited mintages in here (2015 is 333) and some years that only came in sets. Cheapest bullion 1/4oz brit I can see at time of posting is HGM at £498.68 posted. 2022 £475 SOLD 2018 £475 SOLD 2015 £480 SOLD 2010 £475 SOLD 2009 £475 SOLD 2003 £475 SOLD 1997 with box COA £485 SOLD *spot at time of posting with gold at £1849 is £462.25 I can supply a limited number of the older style boxes with coins for an extra £5, I think I have 4 available. Prices do not include post which will be £8 for one, £11 for two and £18 (ouch) for up to 4. BT or PPF&F, UK mainland or NI only
  8. I am indeed, but I have been buying for a long time I have the luxury of cost averaging which a new stacker would not have I remember people asking the same thing in 2011 and then panicking and selling up when it dropped £200-250 an ounce, but those same people if they had held on would be up 250+% right now, (from memory we went over £1100 an ounce and dropped back to around £750ish within a few months/couple of years) The price when you buy only matters if your looking to make quick money, if your looking to hold, gold only ever goes one way in the long haul. Though buying any dip is always a nice feeling
  9. Wee bit of silver today, a nice little 1874 shilling
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