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Newbie PM FAQ's

Newbie Precious Metals FAQ's. A section for commonly asked questions for those new to precious metals investing and collecting. e.g. Should I buy coins or bars? Is Gold or Silver Better? is there import VAT importing precious metals into my country? This section is a Question format style, whereby the top answers can be upvoted by all members reading, making it easy for newbies to find the most relevant answers to their first questions. For discussions, and questions that are not basic newbie questions please use the discussion sections of the forum for in-depth discussions. For questions specific to using the forum please please use the Questions on using the forum section. Please also see the User Guides section. 

This FAQ section is for Premium Members. Premium Members help to support TSF greatly, and by replying to questions in this section Premium Members can be assured that they are helping other Premium Members who are giving back to the community and helping it to grow further. Upgrade to view FAQ's and ask new newbie questions if they have not already been asked. An extra thank you in advance if you choose a (recommended) Platinum level Premium Membership. 

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