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  1. Glad you like your bar Thanks for supporting the Barn Owl Trust too xxx
  2. Thanks for the mention. The Queens Beast coins have been very popular and I think they are the nicest bullion coin the Royal Mint has produced. Kind regards Caroline
  3. A good point, well made and applies to all collections new and old since the oldest or rarest become more expensive and harder to source as time moves on.
  4. Hello everyone Our listings for the latest Queens Beast Coins are now live for Pre-order on our website. Pre orders enable you to guarantee the purchase price at current rates and always ship pre-orders first as soon as we get our first shipment of coins from our supplier. If you are not happy to wait then buy when they come into stock. Our prices are all inclusive of packing and postage and we offer discounts for bulk purchases. Pre-order 1oz Gold UK Queen's Beast The White Horse of Hanover Coin, 2020 Pre-order 2oz Silver UK Queen's Beast The White Horse of Hanover Coin, 2
  5. Hello Shane, welcome the guys here have a lot of knowledge.
  6. We are running a seasonal sale and many of the items in our Special Offers section have additional savings available until Midnight tomorrow (29th November). Click the link to browse our pages of offers Bleyer Bullion Special Offers
  7. Hi Andrew Sorry we don't have any of those but wait and see..... Caroline
  8. There is a lot of hype around Black Friday and we aren't doing a 'Black Friday Sale' as such but do need to clear some space in our vault before all the 2020 stuff comes in. We are therefore offering super clearance deals to tempt our customers, running up to the end of the month. So watch this space or keep an eye on our site for links. Most of the lines are new stock that has been hanging around a while.
  9. Welcome to the forum, we are a friendly bunch.
  10. Bleyer are pleased to announce that we have recently obtained new stocks of Queens Beast Griffins and Lions and having made substantial reductions are able to offer them at the best prices on the market. You can now also buy these in sets with extra discounts. Click this link for fast access to view Silver Queen's Beast Coins
  11. Welcome to the Silver Forum, yes you are right to be worried. Silver and gold are bright and shiny so it doesn't take long to get the bug! If you are keen to learn about precious metals generally you can find a lot of information on our site. Check out some of our past articles, you will start to pick it up just by having some skin in the game but if there is any aspect you want more detailed information on feel free to give us a call. We are not pushy and won't try to sell you anything, product guidance is freely given. Here is a link to our Archive which I hope you will find helpf
  12. I have added it to our list of articles to research for and write
  13. We are starting to do some pieces that are about historical and scientific points of interest, which relate to bullion https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/blog If we do some research into the historical origins of silver stacking, would an article on the subject be interesting for you?
  14. In case you were interested, this is a piece written by my colleague earlier in the year, which covers how Brexit has impacted gold prices https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/brexit-timeline-impact-on-gold-prices-2017-2019 . Obviously things have happened since this was published and this piece is about gold and not silver, but I thought you might find it interesting
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