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  1. Appreciate the lengthy reply, the more I hear and read I’m thinking it’s not really for me it would only be doing half the job I need. I may be better off just popping to the jewellers when I need verification.
  2. I appreciate the help, what version have you got any can you test all purities..9ct chains etc. No one seems to have any stock at the minute, I’m going to do a bit more research Before I make any decisions but saw this one on eBay too 193488386571
  3. Did you buy the sigma direct any import charges? They’re currently stating no individual orders on their website.
  4. I can only select auto generate German, I e sent them an email anyway to see what they recommend
  5. Thanks for the reply yea I can’t understand much there, it just seems easier and if there’s any tax I can avoid ordering from Europe, I want to test 9carat too which it seems the screenbox lacks?
  6. Hey wonder if anyone can give any input and maybe already own one? For less than the price of an Oz of gold the piece of mind would just be great. ive been looking at the gold screen box on https://www.gold-analytix.de/en-uk/goldscreenbox thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Good deal maybe everyone else has spent out like me 😅
  8. Are you particularly looking for a 1918 c?
  9. Forgot to add received the 2000 the other week from @Booky586 thank you and a cracking deal on the half thanks too @sovereignsteve Its great to be here the amount of trust required between members on the forum and for the most part how everyone looks out for one another 🙏🙏
  10. It’s quite incredible really up over £300 an o since December
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