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  1. Lovely little crown, just need a 1818 Georgeiii now
  2. Last shout before they go in the bin.
  3. £6 posted second class standard. Great condition the Woden box has some marks on the wood from manufacturing.
  4. Could be worse, could be drawn and haven’t got your contribution 😂🙄
  5. Yes looks to have the lovely blue fiery tones like mine, quite common with this set.
  6. £32.50 ea plus post Take all 3 for £31ea plus post Thanks for looking.
  7. For comparison a 62, 64 and a beautifully toned raw one with super clean surfaces, I’ve always thought this one would to well (65+ but don’t want to slab such a nice original set)
  8. As above, best dealer price I can see is £191 posted so if anyone can beat that Thanks
  9. 2011 1oz Brit Packaged AMark 1oz Bar 1935 3D High Grade £2.50 1937 .500 Crown cleaned £15 1948 SA .800 Crown £14 1951 SA Crown .500 £12 1952 SA .500 Crowns Nice £12 1952 SA .500 Crown High Grade £18 1953 SA .500 Crown £12 1957 SA .500 Crowns £12 1966 Canada .800 Dollar £12.50 PL Thaler £20 All plus post, message for individual pictures. Sold as bullion to avoid disappointment. If you take the lot I’ll include postage and a small bonus.
  10. https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product-category/new-items-just-arrived/?utm_source=The+Coin+Connection+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=abee66bb7f-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_02_18_COPY_02&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_10bae54d00-abee66bb7f-379800758&ct=t(EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_6_11_2018_0_3_COPY_02)&mc_cid=abee66bb7f&mc_eid=6bd8175390
  11. Not back but will be in a couple of weeks, seeing if any interest. 1887 MS63 Double Florin £220 1902 PF61 Florin £200 1952 PL65 SA Crown £110
  12. Just got this result top pop 1888 crown 😍
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