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  1. I think that’s disgusting personally, on a fair size order you would think the dealer would make a little more effort to rectify the situation. I could see how a sovereign in a Jiffy bag could go a stray but it’s a little harder to lose a monster box. I think either party can file a claim and why the Mint can’t be bothered when you can do it yourself. I’ve never dealt with them myself, hopefully another member can offer more help and advice on what steps to take next. Hope it works out and the box reappears along the line somewhere for you
  2. Can’t give these away 😅 I’ll take them if still available tomorrow night.
  3. I guess it’s been an easier process for me collecting only ngc and only full and half sovereigns so far my tolerances are a lot easier to work out.
  4. As explained above, it shouldn’t be to difficult there are a few checks, the weight of course compared to a similar slabbed coin. I’ve found it can vary up to about 1.5g from either side of the extreme to the other - this was different years though not the same coin exactly. The pictures on ngc are the biggest help, marks on the coin if not a 70 should be the same and able to spot. If not the case you can compare, I have a couple with a spec inside the case and another which has an odd bulge but it adds up identical to the ngc stock photos. I highly doubt all these will be added so well to make it identical.
  5. £47.50 + post each or 375 posted for all 8.
  6. I guess it depends on the product being sold, in my business at least 50% of purchases are cancelled or retuned if I said no I would lose a lot of repeat custom. Lots of wasted time and work but unfortunately that’s how it works.
  7. I can confirm later but think was 11mm this is just a pic I had on my phone for a size ref. Added 0 minutes later... I can confirm later but think was 11mm this is just a pic I had on my phone for a size ref.
  8. As per pictures good worn condition just under 100g. £70 posted recorded post.
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