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  1. £1250 plus post Quality example in my opinion. Thanks for looking.
  2. Continuing will PF70 Full Sovereigns…some have box and COA some don’t. 1984 £550 sold 1993 £675 sold 1995 £675 2001 £550 2002 £700 2003 £475 2006 £475 2009 £475 2013 £525 2015 £625 2017 £1150 2018 £525 sold 2019 £525 2021 £700 All prices plus post. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi all. Its looking inevitable that I’m going to be without income in the very near future so I’m just making sure I have some spare funds in case things don’t work out…so this is hard to do but I’m putting up some bigger items from my incomplete collections 😢 First up is a few PF70 NGC 1/4 Beasts. All are complete with box etc. I’ve tried to price fairly and in line with what I originally paid. Dragon £850 Bull £800 sold Yale £800 Lion £750 All prices plus post. Thanks for looking.
  4. All my graded duplicates / spares. PCGS 1999 PF70 UCAM Half Sovereign £280 NGC 1825 VF30 Half Sovereign £500 NGC 1914 MS64 Half Sovereign £275 NGC 1909 MS61 Half Sovereign £220 NGC 1910 Half Sovereign £220 NGC 1902 PF63 4P £45 Swaps I’m looking for PF70 Full Sovereigns, 1986 PF70UC Half Sovereign, PF70 1/4 Beasts. Older silver proofs. (1887, 1902 etc) Best prices. No offers. All plus post. Thanks for looking.
  5. It will let me buy the 1oz, 2oz and 5oz gold along with the 1kg silver…it says 1 of each in stock….
  6. That rounds off the young head crowns and a cheeky George vi too.
  7. 13x 925 silver 3 pence. Edward and George. £29 posted Thanks for looking.
  8. 1887 1884 Lower grade. £20 posted 2nd class the pair Thanks for looking.
  9. Don’t buy the hype, buy the coin if you really want it. While I was tempted I simply can’t start another series. 😂
  10. A couple of eBay gambles that turned out to be quite nice.
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