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  1. I may have 2 brits just seeing how funds workout, will send you a message tonight if I need them 👍
  2. 2018 Proof Full Sovereign £415 plus post. If you don’t want the box and cos £400 plus post. Lovely Condition as per photos. Box has some shelf wear. Thanks for looking.
  3. £260 on the 69 £360 on the 70 Will be back with me in the next couple of days Would exchange for other year PF70 Full and half sovereigns. Thanks for looking.
  4. Does anyone have a nice raw one if not?
  5. matt1r

    Fed up with eBay

    Clearly fake but a newcomer could be forgiven for not knowing, from an established member. Trying one on or trying their luck?
  6. Send me a pm and I’ll get back to you shortly 👍
  7. Reduction. You can’t buy and get graded for this price.
  8. Beautiful vintage watch, great condition overall. Manual wind. The band is nice and tight. A few marks but minor. Comes with box, spare link and service paperwork. 34mm and I believe it to be late 60s. £2550 Would part ex on sovereigns Thanks for looking.
  9. £410 posted. With box and COA. Thanks for looking.
  10. I need 1986, 1997 and 2019 (although have 1 in grading currently)
  11. £345 posted. Would straight swap for a 1986 1997 or 2019 PF70 NGC Half. Or would part ex on mint proof full and 1/2 Sovereigns. No box or coa. Thanks for looking.
  12. So close to completion now. The 2021 will most likely be up for sale later as it’s a double.
  13. Selling this just over scrap price compared to what HGM are offering. Please correct me if wrong but I think this is called an Albert chain? Comes with half sovereign (polished), holder and some little keys (I don’t know if these are gold or not, they are very light though and can’t see why they wouldn’t be) Chain 25.6 half sovereign 4g £550 plus postage. Thanks for looking.
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