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  1. Yes I do have the same mental block for proof coins £1,800 for a 1oz gold proof is now £2,800 ish so I've refined what I'm buying I don't scatter gun as much now with the commemorative stuff (but theres still some nice ones wit milage in them if you chose right) £1000 for a sovereign sounds mental......But if you said to someone they will be £400 each or there about to someone in the the 90's when they were less than £100 each they would laugh at you...... the £400 ish could 4x in the next 30 years easy.
  2. GoldDiggerDave

    Grade or Not

    Just a quick little video (videos are better that pictures) The 1919 P MS61 is ok some edge nibbles, contact marks and some wear to the high points. The strike is also very average. The 1911 C is instantly a much better strike and as much less damage around the rim the fields are also pleasing on the eye. Hope you find this an helpful comparison. Dave George 5th Sov.mp4
  3. GoldDiggerDave

    Grade or Not

    It depends on what you are trying to achieve. it’s it sentimental reasons, part of a graded series’s of coins, you hoping it will grade very high and make loads of money or just want to see how the process works? Some questions you may want to ask yourself as there’s no one answer fits all. There is multiple edge knocks, the obverse is worn so it will not grade high imo. It’s a common year large head variety.
  4. Me blabbering on about the 2022 £5 Sov's............................ the 89 is pretty as well
  5. There is something seriously wrong no way should fine gold react this fast. It's supposed to be 999.9 parts per 1000 gold.
  6. Have you managed to work out the difference between real and fake gold yet?
  7. Another one I got from Chards….the photos don’t do it justice. PL fields, will try and get better pictures.
  8. One of my bullion sovereigns I got from Chards not the best light and I’ve not done any conservation work yet……..buts she’s a beauty! Got a few more but will show them once they are conserved!
  9. I had this conversation with a friend yesterday and we were both reminiscing when we were stacking these when they were £190 each and today they are bouncing around the £400 mark. He was saying for him now they are becoming practically harder to buy 1 a mental block for him as he's still wishes he could buy at the sub £200 mark, (don't we all) but 2 real world limitations £400 is a chuck of money now for normal people and wages have not doubled in the time gold has. Yes you could say buy less per year but is there a point where even buying 1 is a considered purchase. We could say it's all relative but it clearly isn't, by the time every gets their 10% pension boost and workers get there 8-15% pay rise it's very likely gold would have risen again 15-20% more, is gold accelerating away in terms of affordability for mortals especially if you look at the longer term predictions for gold. I know anyone can predict anything and the market could go south so this leads me onto another question....... A what price for a bullion sovereign would you back the truck up......and I mean really back it up, pull a chuck of savings, load the credit card I mean really throw a good portion of your wealth into it? Would be interesting to see where the low and high bar is for people. For me I'd back the truck up at £300, but would have to really consider buying less at £600-£650 if they doubled in price again in the next 6-7 years to £800 and wages had still not kept up I'd be out. (I'd be selling loads so I'd still be happy) I can hear people saying you can play the spread, of course you can but I just really wanted to simplify at what point is a sovereign too much for a moral working person?
  10. @westminstrel sorry for this being a little off topic, but I'm sure you appreciate the quality of this coin.....This is part of my youtube short videos. Can we please have a 2023 proof £5 sovereign made to this quality please!!!!!!!!!
  11. Gees mate, can you at least wait until I get my 5 coin memorial set delivered first 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Panic over its recovered the 50p.......that should be enough for a new capsule 🤣
  13. Got a £5 Sov jubilee proof and the £5 sov matte BU next.
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