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  1. ……..And they will email you 45 minutes after they have sold out!
  2. Well done! These are interesting sovereigns and still many go under the radar.
  3. It’s not the lumps of wood mate I’d be using, the splitting maul and my Chainsaw would be a better choice. If it all goes to something like the purge then I’d go all St George and get my insanely sharpe Gladius out!
  4. It’s a good experience, the visit around the museum is worth the entrance fee. I’ve stuck a few sovereigns, the 2nd year I sent the sovereign back as it had a strange flaw in the field of the coins, and to be quite honestly they don’t handle the coins with that much care, once it was stuck it was unceremoniously chucked onto a tea tray and passed to the packing team. good day out but I’m hitting a mental block with the price of modern gold proof coins.
  5. I’m happier buying bullion sovereigns as it removes the stress that comes with modern proof coins. Modern proof sovereigns for the most part are bulletproof., though I’m at that mental block stage with the price. £600+ is bonkers expensive IMO.
  6. I have been in the bullion room and watched new sovereigns being made, not a rough as this but still more of a mechanical process than a proof coin. They are struck then the sovereigns go into stacked hoppers then divided up into 25 for tubes. But yeh when I saw the coins being thrown it did cause my OCD go up a few points. Back then a sovereign was worth £3 so in 64 years its increased in gross therms 103 times. So by 2085 each sovereign could be worth £31,724 if it tracked at the same rate. They normally hold around a weeks wage in relative terms.
  7. The sound test is fascinating.
  8. @CollectorNo1 The Gillick Sovereign would have been perfect if the reverse was more traditional. Like the 2021 double sov the reverse is stunning, the obverse not so good. I think sooner or later they will nail mega coin. Possibly a shield back using JBM original shield paired with the Gillick portrait perhaps. I like that they try different things.
  9. It depends which coin it is. I bought the pattern silver 3 graces. I liked what they did with it by trying to make it as close as possible to the original pattern pice. it’s un milled and has the denomination of a crown and has the same silver content. Will it be massive popular? I’d say no, but I bought it because I like it, not keen on the EIC tattoo on many of their coins. the EIC are worth keeping an eye on, some of their coins don’t hit the mark some are total gems 2021 double sovereign for one IMO is a cracker of a coin and closer to the original sovereign reverse than the 1989 sov. cheers BTW what’s it selling for?
  10. For me it when it hits a psychological barrier when Gold proof 50p’s hit a grand. I was out. Also this is why I whinge like an old lady about the quality when you are paying 100%+ premium for a proof strike you have the right to be hyper critical. If there’s any defect at all you might as well buy 2 bullion sovereigns for the price of a BU or proof.
  11. I might speed the process up on launch day. I’ve had that nightmare of the security check on payment and holds the check out up. By the time you re do the payment it’s all sold out.
  12. Hi Guys, Auction will end 9pm Sunday 25th July 2021. No reserve bids of increments of min £5. Winner is highest bid at 9pm. Will include Royal Mail special delivery to UK only. Starting price £350.00 have fun.
  13. My 2nd Matt SOTD sovereign is going back. I'm done with Matt sovereigns. Good luck to those who managed to get a problem free coin. I have sent back more than I have kept. I have a 1902 matt proof with less issues.
  14. Your does not look that angled. The angled J looks more like back to front L’s IMO. Looks more hooked than angled to me. love Jubilee heads!
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