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  1. It just shows the RM up for what it is, it was scared of getting it wrong so has an unlimited cash in, dealers are already selling these less than RRP on day of launch. I’ll pick up a cheap gold 50p in January. I am hoping for 2oz gold unmilled coronation crown next year, but no doubt will have to pay up front for 2045 delivery.
  2. That’s why I’d dump before the rates would go up too much. Ie if the rates continue to rise I could release more gold bullion as the rates rise so it would be a rolling scale. Everything is a balancing act and it’s almost impossible to predict exactly where the cross over will be, or even if there is one. We might see a bizarre scenario where interest rates are high yet gold remains buoyant more people out there are distrusting the banks more and you can only have 85k per financial institution of that’s protected…….problem with cash in the bank is a bail-in and that’s something I could see, attract everyone to liquidate some then nail everyone for 20% of their savings. All I know about the financial future we will see nothing like it in history ie the death of physical cash.
  3. Also for what good it has done me I have sent the RM sales team an email to say they got the launch wrong, especially the high end 50ps the masses would not hoover up gold piedforts at 2.4k and even the gold and platinum ones so they should have had a limited mintage for them. They don’t have a clue what the demand would be so they have lit up the minting presses like Liz has done with our cash……the same result everything becomes devalued. Fine if they wanted everyone to have the opportunity to buy one then base metal BU’s and possibly the silvers…….come on the silvers are not a keepsake are they? Most will tone by Summer 2023 and sent back for a refund. it’s been a badly managed cash in by the RM, especially when people realise they put their prices up over the weekend just before the launch……suppose they wanted everyone to have one at the higher price. as much as a positive spin the RM puts on this anyone can see the mangers are clueless and many of them know nothing about coins and even less about us the people who buy them.
  4. It looks like short term offer to generate certain coins especially if they have already sold/allocated them to other customers and they are finding it difficult to get new stock. This could just be the ripple effect of the recent spike in gold and it was reported some gold dealers sold out of their stock in a day. As for gold price no one knows, I’m keeping an eye on interest rates as high rates have had a negative effect on gold as it becomes attractive to have cash in the bank again, however all because this happened in the past it does not mean it will follow the same trend again. if I can get 7%+ returns from bonds or and ISA I will be tempted to hold more cash or tie it up for a 1-2 fixed at that rate, if interest rates increased got over 10% I would liquidate 75% of my bullion for cash savings as in this scenario I would be getting a very healthy return. You have to have a plan for yourself as one persons strategy does not necessarily work for the next guy.
  5. I went to bed early, I’ve got a feeling the reason why they are taking orders for this launch now and kicking it over the fence until January is to keep the pre Christmas Sovereign slot open…….. What a complete S show yesterday why anyone would buy a proof coin for RRP on day of launch with out a maximum mintage are stupid especially when they have until end of December to place an order. agree with what @apachebleu said once the hype dies down and the people who have bought them have had Christmas to pay for and a few months high energy costs they will be dumping the expensive ones way less than RRP.
  6. I offered to go around in person mate to check em! for a small fee of course.
  7. Don’t forget an extra 2% discount for BT and debit card sales
  8. Even BBP are emailing me with them……every man and his dog will be selling these dealers will have a window to flog these and make a small cut.
  9. https://crawleycoins.co.uk/collections/queen-elizabeth-ii-memorial-coins/ If these coins are being discounted already one day of release by dealers it’s not looking good folks…..does it matter if you have over paid today as you are “Real collectors” or are you not slightly miffed they RM has cashed in and will mint as many as people will buy? It’s that not the point of a proof coin that it’s carries some exclusivity with limited numbers?
  10. Something everyone needs to get used from now on, I might order the silver, gold and platinum 50p on the last day would be great to get a proof coin with the highest COA ever.
  11. Who’s gonna feel like they have been right turned over by the RM paying up front day?
  12. @paulmerton read above it’s taken at point of purchase not dispatch like they normally do🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 0% loan to the RM for over 2 months!
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