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  1. Welcome, dealers will always have these and some follow members I can always get some small allocations of new releases if you need. As for new potential other releases you will not go wrong looking at sovereigns, either proof or bullion. 1/4 gold bullion coins like the queens beasts and the new Tudor beasts are a safe entry point into semi-numismatic as these are bullion have low premiums yet can fetch a premium later on. The monarch series has just started and I can see some very saught after coins, the Edward VII in September this year will be one I'm watching as a collector of sovereigns I'd love to get hands on a modern gold proof Edward VII coin. There's Henry VIII January next year which I can see being very popular as well as many others. Untimely it will be your own learning curve and I'd always say to anyone collect what you like first, never stop asking questions there's loads of people on here with a massive collective knowledge. Cheers Dave
  2. All sold now, I will be getting 1,2, 5 oz silvers in the next monarch launch plus 2oz gold.
  3. The Edward VII in September will be one I'm watching very closely as it will appeal to sovereign collectors a modern gold proof Edward VII sounds very attractive.
  4. I'd like to see something like this for the next coin in the Monarch series in March James I, would be a nice tie in with the jubilee horseback portrait
  5. @James32 we should petition Anne Jessopp for some new boxes for the SOTD Sovereigns. We did get better packaging for the sovereigns after a few emails. Would be nice to get a box the same size as a proof sovereign, possibly the date and COA number engraved on a small metal plaque, like we get on the 10oz and 1kg coins. Those black boxes are nice but they are a surgical glove job......When I hear the snap of the rubber gloves at the doctors I know a black box is about to be handled.........
  6. Agree mate, they take up too much room in the safe as well
  7. There will be the normal £5 BU and likely a Piedford BU. I'm thinking there is room for a 5 coin piedfort BU set. I'd be all over a reverse frosted sovereign. it would look the business, the QB reverse frosted are really nice.
  8. @Paul nice mate the 2nd portrait will be here soon, hope it’s not another month wait for that. Can’t wait to get hands on my 5oz gold portrait. feel sorry for those who have bought on the secondary market, can see some unscrupulous people hiking up the price on the 2nd coin, definitely some eBay shenanigans incoming.
  9. They might give us a BU piedfort set later on in the year?
  10. @NewCoins As a young man it was 5 1/4 Inch, then when I got older 3.5 inch is all that i could handle..........today it's just a memory stick!
  11. @NewCoins If it was still floppy at 5 1/4 inch I'd never stop bragging!!!! 😂😂😂😂
  12. That's so the 2000s ! I'm picturing Anne with my 5 and 1/4 inch in her hand!!!!!!!!
  13. @Samcrewsilverlover I ended up in the stroke ward the other week for 4 days hope you are okay now mate. Luckily I did not have a stoke and was in better shape than some of the poor guys in the ward.
  14. No need to fall out about flipping this is my uniform 9:00am on release day!
  15. It's struck on a Sunday so we have to pay them double time!
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