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  1. Modern with conservation £65 if you want it grading it might be best if you don't try and remove the mark as the NGC only charge £9 for the service.
  2. These are a nice 50p with grading there is alway a chance you don't get the result you want, even if the coin looks 100% perfect. It might be a bit of fluff or some residue that's simple enough to remove. I've conserved a lot worse If you need it grading I do offer this service.
  3. Still think the RM missed a trick, instead of the faux hammered coin they could have just made a modern hammered coin with irregular blanks, would have also got round any quality issues.
  4. They are just knocking out coins for what job lot of blanks they can get their hands on.
  5. I’ll no doubt sucker myself in to buying a couple the mintage is okay at 3,500. I still thought they would milk us with another SOTD a reverse frosted would have been nice.
  6. So what do you think the RM will try and sell this for £1150-£1200?
  7. Not many days left for the launch, they might be kicking back the dates due the the backlog
  8. I’m surprised that have not milked the 2022 sovereign a little more, I’m almost disappointed
  9. The likely mid year drop of £5 BU and piedfort won’t be that far off.
  10. I’m still waiting for the 1kg silver form December 2021
  11. @westminstrelif they have the blanks mate, I think we still have a few on here still wait for their James I coin.
  12. Hi @Scootermuppet if it’s for purely investment then secondary market 1oz gold with the lowest premium……..BUT also collect a bit of something you like, nothing wrong with a 50/50 stack, 50 % bullion and 50 proof and other coins you like. The special year proof sovereigns have all appreciated well over the years, other proof coins you buy may not do as well.
  13. No selling fees.......£200 for the platinum membership pays for its self in 1 sale compared to ebay and PayPal tax........AND the best part you don't have to deal with scrot bags on ebay. Also some good people on here.
  14. I’m just doing this on silver bullion for now as if I muller one of them it’s not a issue just to see if the chemistry works. For bullion I could do a tube in about 1 hour using this process. I did a batch of 91 silver proof coins in 4 hours when I conserved those a while ago. The silver bullion milk removal is just for a bit of fun and it’s meditation for me if I get any grotty silvers I can make them look better.
  15. @modofantasma I’ll add a few photos, I did as a video as it’s easy to make a coin look good from one angle. Not perfect yet .
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