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  1. Did not think it would sell out with the high mintage for a SOTD. Got a few of these and they are all low mintages for sovereigns, problem is I think it will be a generation or so before these become highly collectable if not longer.
  2. I've had one of those plaster mouldings in my hands, W.W Victoria young head...........priceless.
  3. I love die cracks, I've got a few 1871 SB's with almost the same die crack diagonally in the 1 in the date. It would need one hell of a database but it would be great to see first strike sovereigns and pictures of the coin throughout the life of the die set.
  4. Am I just talking solely about gold bullion? No for example I bought a 5oz gold proof completer and they also sold a 10oz gold proof completer out of the back door, same for the 1kg silver proof, hay presto! A 2kg silver proof turns up on LPM. once we all pile into the 1oz gold completer it would not require too much imagination from them to knock out more as they know were are all suckers and will keep on buying them.
  5. They are milking everything bullion and commemoratives they are double dipping, launching a product and then pumping different sizes later in the year plus completely different sizes and weights out of the backdoor from companies like LPM. You buy a coin on the launch and it effectively becomes obsolete or loses value/interest when they pump out the "new and improved" 2oz version.
  6. Stay well clear and buy from a reputable dealer. You can get some cracking secondary market/bullion sovereigns at very low premiums.
  7. @Dougall1 would be interesting to see what your thoughts are and if you have decided what direction you are going. I ploughed 70-90% of my spare cash into the mortgage, for years my commission and bonus were used to pay off the credit cards as I set myself the goal to be mortgage and debt free before 40. I’d did this by 38, I’ve only had normal jobs and been made redundant 3 times in the process. Peole look at their money being stored in lots of different pots, I’ve found this a bizarre view. If you are minus 100k in debt and have plus 10k in a bank account you are still min
  8. I have bought one out of morbid curiosity to see if they can make one without any spots.........Now I'd better say my magic word!
  9. Agree with @Groundup anyone calls me who I’ve not asked to call me gets told to get lost. That simple, most of the people who ask to call me end up getting told to get lost as well 😂😂
  10. https://www.sovr.co.uk/media/pdf/Iverson-embedded-with-letter.pdf Handy for Jubilee heads.
  11. I remember gold hitting 1k per oz and thinking that’s expensive. I think gold is currently under valued, but don’t have any wide eyed expectations that it will take off over night. Who knows the value of gold is so low compared to currency creation (America’s 8000 tons is only worth around 300 billion) it could become obsolete, or not even considered to be a worthwhile store of wealth in a few generations if the currency creation continues and gold is not revalued. The revaluation of gold is an interesting topic where some are saying 50, 100, 250k per oz……..I doubt it but something will have
  12. I love some American Eagles with the purple toning, I wouldn’t mind if Brits toned like that.
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