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    1/10th Au coins. Looking to get all the silver Britannias with unique reverse. Chunky Ag without sharp edges :o)
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    - Just beginning - Not nearly enough = tragic complete loss to metal detectorists

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  1. I don't know what else to do but post the above here.
  2. Has anyone who bought from this sales post received their goods yet? @SilverTalent told me he would post my goods on Monday SD and upload my tracking data. I haven't heard from him since 1730 on Monday night and that was just to say he'd get back to me. He has been online here yet will not answer these posts or my PMs. I am seriously worried and hope everything is OK with him.
  3. That's all well and good thanks mate. I just want a refund.
  4. I'm getting really worried has anyone had any contact from ST today?
  5. Hello SilverTalent, due to the lack of delivery details and contact I would like you to refund my money please. Thanks.
  6. Hello, are there any updates on posting of orders? Busy week so need to arrange someone to be @ home for delivery? Cheers
  7. I might be interested in the SA crowns if you decide to split mate. PM me if so. Thanks.
  8. Ah! I see where our difference lies
  9. The half crown swivels so I assume it must have been drilled for that to be possible. The sixpence doesn't seem to be damaged by the mount. Wear would be minimal on cloth, where friction occurs, again I assume. Thanks for commenting StackemHigh. Bet they'd look great on a heavy winter coat 👍
  10. Are we in orbit yet .....?
  11. Hi folks - Looking for one of each of these not fussed about condition, better is always good 😀. If you wanna sell PM me with a price delivered 2nd class not signed for would be my preference for single coins. Many thanks for reading. Thought I'd try here before resorting to Ebay.
  12. Sorry mate can't manage to take these after all. Problems problems.....
  13. I'll take 6 of the best please posted first class not signed for. Send me the bill and I'll get you paid mate, thanks.
  14. Well...at these estimates I guess I am going to have to hold till at least orbit is achieved. Thanks for the comments folks.
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