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  1. Just popped mine back in the return post 😬
  2. Cost Co price update from the Stevenage store... Not sure they change they price that regularly, seem's over priced with the current drop.
  3. Just edited the post above, hopefully they are visible now.
  4. From one chip muffin to another. I've spoken to the mint already, and got the same ol' return email. Just fired back a response similar to other's asking, "what exactly will you return to me?".. Thoughts and opinions on Liz and her zit. Below a 68? I'd be happy with a 69!
  5. Already gone and messed this up, decided to take the three Graces out for a sail. Managed to have a boating accident...
  6. Almost forgot this second delivery, fully took advantage of the BullionByPost referral code. Four free ounce's of silver with a best value sov
  7. Today i received my 9am back until the next release...
  8. I cant be the only one that woke up early like its Christmas morning? Now sat impatiently waiting for the post to arrive.
  9. For anyone thinking that you have to be a high rolling, long time buying, purchased by 9:01am, royal mint fan to get a coin. This is not who i am. My first ever purchase was on Monday, was 3500 something in the queue, fumbled with my account as i wasn't even logged in on my phone, navigated the payment process, and confirmation email arrived at 9:13am. Dispatch email today without any aid of an "account manager" conversation. Blind luck is more like it, and i'm not sure it softens it for any one who didn't manage to purchase. Just for peace of mind that a first timer got one!
  10. Just got my email telling me to "chill out, your coin's been sent you fool"...or something along those lines 🤣
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