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  1. Yes please! No.78's already got my name on it i believe 😎
  2. Looking for five single Sovereigns please. Nothing in particular, just in good condition 😀
  3. May be worth keeping an eye on the $dollar chart numbers, sure more of the world is trading from those magic round numbers!
  4. Found a possible solution to the delivery receiving problem at a property show i visited today... Edit to add: No you don't get a blonde...the title image could have been of the cool, secure delivery box 😅
  5. Did you happen find out how much they would sell you one for? 😅
  6. What a lovely day 😍 A @BackyardBullion hammered bar and a few tubes of NIUE - Tree of life's!
  7. Just out of the shot is a ring sensor camera, also one on the roof over looking the property entrance! Luckily I've been at home for the last five months, so i was able to get to the door when i heard the sensor go off....just to watch the postman leave it upon the letterbox and not even ring the door. A tube of Britannia's, just left for anyone to take..😅
  8. Well if you know how to do it quicker and cheaper, then let the OP know 😆 that is the point of this post after all..
  9. I just had a little search on the tube and found this. 1000oz of bar's being made into shot very simply. Just a bucket, blowtorch and a mesh to melt upon...then you could process a little easier.
  10. What is the perfect exchange rate? I'd preferably like 1000 Euro for every £1 i exchange 😅 I've got no preference as to who to exchange with these days, i just check all the provider's and choose which ever cost's less.
  11. I am sorry for whatever i might have instigated 🤣 Maybe just a give a free shiny "Proof" coin with every [email protected]
  12. Two more Britannia's for the stack from @Pete, thanks again! Completed my Oriental Britannia date run and also a lovely 2001 Britannia. Forgot to take picture's before i popped them into some airtites..not a chance they are coming back out easily, so my bad on non nude pictures!
  13. I heard @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer will give you a "95% Discount" voucher if you ask really nicely, and send them cake 😉
  14. Hello! Welcome to the forum!
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