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  1. Just got myself one of these! Thanks for the heads up my first gold purchase!
  2. If you're skilled in arbitrage, and have a buyer for 112toz of gold you could earn a good £5-6000...if you can sell them on for spot 🤣
  3. I sent them an email on Tuesday about a coin that turned up in less than desirable condition and not even as pictured on the website, i got an instant response to basically tell me to enjoy my damaged coin! I'm not fond of companies that neglect customer communications. Goldsilver.be wont be getting my orders again! Hope you can get through to them! I just used the [email protected] email!
  4. Another delivery this morning! I told myself i was investing, not buying shiny things my eyes drawn to. That plan fell apart when i first saw the NIUE Tree of life...and then a Chad Mandala Lion!
  5. I joined this forum a month ago with one ounce of silver...🤣
  6. Yet more Britannia's for the stack 😅
  7. Received some stunning 2013 Britannia's today via @Thomast
  8. Weekend non premium bumpage One more tube would be welcomed if anyone has any more for £20 a Oz!
  9. Found a great deal on silver Britannia's last night on Chard 24carat...I suspect a time machine may be required to purchase, or i'm stuck in an alternate dimension... £4.80 per Oz!! https://24carat.co.uk/frame.php?url=2013silverbritannias.php For the pedantic, yes i know this page is not current. Brought me some amusement seeing if i could place an order at that price...🤣
  10. I am looking for:- -Full tubes of Britannia's - 2014 onward's. -NIUE Tree of life 1oz coins. 2018 or 2019, i would also be interested in the 5oz version. -Empty RM monster box. That would also be perfect right now, and also encourage me to fill it! Please send me a PM with offers.
  11. I'm glad its not just me waiting then! I was curious as to when i will actually get the order, it did say the end of may for the Britannia's which will have held mine up.
  12. Hello everyone! New around here, thought i would introduce myself! I've been lurking without membership for a couple of months now, getting my head around the game. I first got an interest in silver a couple of years ago when i started investing in property and cryptocurrency. I received a couple of 1 ounce Englehard coins and a Britannia coin set as gift's that year from family, which led me to research more into coins which finally led me here Also i managed to make a purchase before my introduction, says a lot aha
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