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  1. I have a horse if you need it, i see you already potentially have that tho. And a monkey also
  2. Hopefully the postman will get bored of stealing H&B marketing between now and the next deal, but that sticker on the outside of the parcel was not needed! Got my lovely sovereign also 😁
  3. It's a shame they don't actually sell bullion regularly, at a reasonable price.
  4. If they didn't get stuck to that you have some winners 🤣 Into magnet fishing?
  5. Thank you, i was curious. This was just before i started investing in PM's
  6. You sir are correct 🤣 Doh! Ruddy expensive for a single box. This actually is a three coin box, still not what you are after tho... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294708612459?hash=item449e008d6b:g:tB4AAOSwC29h22dD
  7. It say's "Choose your type" in the title, and on the drop down menu at the bottom is the 4 coin box. Hopefully!
  8. I saw this listing.. are you going to make a 4-coin Bullion set? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383667654614?var=652068919416&hash=item59545fcfd6:g:DmoAAOSwQQlfLSwS
  9. I know who ever made it doesn't have OCD. I could never buy one 🤣
  10. Anti theft security feature..."honestly they're copper coin's Mr. Burglar" 😅
  11. When i first read about proof coins i stumbled on a post that mentioned that you should leave the parcel to "acclimatize" in a dry room before opening. Theory was that if the coin was allowed to return to room temperature it wouldn't draw the moisture outside the parcel onto the cold coin. Could be a load of bull c**p, any idea's @HerefordBullyun?
  12. I'd like to further extend the thank you to who ever was responsible for the issue 😁 Thank you @BleyerBullionfor honoring the orders , you've gained a new customer from me!
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