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  1. I have for sale the following Bullion. Please look at picture's for scuffs and marks, and ask for more if needed...pictures, not scuffs 😅 I have looked after these once in my possession with capsules and moisture strips. 61 x 2020 Niue Tree of LIfe - £30.50 each. 2 x 2019 Niue Tree of LIfe - £29.50 2 x 2018 Niue Tree of LIfe - £29.50 3 x Chad 5000 - set of three the Lion £32, Elephant and Rhino £29 each (not in perfect condition tbh, see photo's), or £89 for all three! 1 x 2021 Bullion Silver Brit £28 SOLD 3 x Oriental Brit's £105 for the three - A set of 2018,
  2. https://www.windsormint.co.uk/the-george-iii-1817-three-graces-pattern-crown-gold-replica-uk-2160422 £134.95 for a Gold Three Graces...shame its only .5grams of gold 🤣 but for those that missed out and have magnifying glasses...
  3. May i ask where this shop is? Fellow herts/cambs stacker...would love to support a local shop
  4. Any of this of interest..? 60 x 2020 Niue Tree of LIfe - £31 (Also have a few 2018 and 2019's around to sell) 1 x Bullion Silver Brit £28 4 x Oriental Brit's £35 each - I have a set of 2018, 2019, 2020's, and one single 2020. 3 x Chad 5000 - set of three the Lion, Elephant and Rhino £35 each (not in perfect condition tbh)
  5. Agreed. I hope a 70 will still reach the same price as another with a different label above it...as i'm going to be having TSF label on mine 😅
  6. Yes the low grade C will carry a lesser premium on resale, but also the "Minty" option may not retain all the dealers premium when sold privately. Even the mint coins will get spot on resale to dealers. The happy middle ground is the Secondary, or finding good deals on minty fresh coins as the are available. Truth is that they are all good purchase's, as long as the spot goes up 😅 Also noted that the quoted price's are for "Order-able" products, for which you could have an indefinite wait for delivery. If looking to hold your gold any time soon i would purchase else where!
  7. Seem's they are one of the cheapest places to buy on the compare tool currently. I know sharps are a little cheaper, but when you add in a free Brit they're much cheaper...in fact below spot if you sell the Britannia.
  8. Daily bump - daily reduction to £340 Willing to swap a special reverse sov, or bullion with cash my way.
  9. Wondering how many will come back as "MINT ERROR" 🤣
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