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  1. Is their a definite date on the Portrait yet.. I've been hearing March, but keep hearing Feb 7th, from a couple of reliable sources?
  2. sure.. but this is coin collecting.. and a nice box, and bumpf from the royal mint, limited ed set.. makes it more fun, and collectable.. ?! I'm just pleased I resisted the urge to buy all the gold option, added everything in stock to the basket. .. my basket got up to £12k at one point! -!
  3. it is worth staying in the queue.. there are so many coins and so many options, that the higher value ones may stick around longer. I was 1500 in the queue, and most of the gold coins were still available.. resisted temptation.. but spotted under Historic Coins.. a set of three gold sovereigns, with a gold sovereign for each jubilee - silver, gold platinum - limited to 499 sets - £1800 - there was a similar half sovereign set aswell.. For me. perfect choice.. 'sovereign' and the Sovereigns jubilees - and many people have probably missed this section.
  4. £16,000 + so very close to that auction - I have agreed to get the portrait... once people have the pair.. Long term Values? graded? or not to grade?
  5. I took a risk, and bought an ebay advertised 5oz gold - (arrived this morning) I didn't bid, just made an offer, at the starting price.. and got it for under this.. so feeling relieved.. Long term hold. Should I get it graded? Not sure I like slabbed/graded coins.. but sensible head - difference value wise?
  6. I've just put a cheeky offer (still mad money) on a 5oz Gold - need reassurance it was not completely dumb? £16250 - 5oz gold Gothic Crown (and 1st refusal on Portrait) Ebay had a 2oz sell for 12995 - so ratio better!
  7. my concern is when those with special access to the Royal Mint - get to flip for instant profit - if as it were say Ferrari or Rolex, etc those with a special relationship (ie spent a lot) that gets special access - if they then flip 'instantly' for an instant profit - they would not get it again.. (and pragmatically - selling at a later date, would not be a problem - it is just the optics look bad for the company selling the products) Anybody that had access - like everyone else - that took the chance - took the risk - and then decided to quickly sell into the secondary market - that is fine - they took a risk, had equal access - vs no risk.. Those in a public equally might make a massive profit - or risk finding hard to sell something they didn't really want, hard to sell, market saturated with flippers - just trying to make a profit. rather than careing about the product
  8. LOL - idid a cheeky offer of £7200 on that - must have panicked and accepted a higher one of £8500 - short term flipper.
  9. I was 176th in the queue. no gold 2sz crowns... frankly a bit disgusted.. (I took my chances like everyone else) I agree. As with other products of this nature. those with special access- doing quick flips for a profit, would no longer have special access. The Royal Mint should think hard about this. as ultimately the dealers and the Mint, depend on the actual collectors!!
  10. I have now purchased the 125 limited plain edge 2 oz gold quartered arms, secondary market (don't ask the price! - other half might be watching - joke she knows, though not completely comfortable. for less than the highest, milled edge versions seen on ebay ) I now have the option to get the portrait.. Personally I'm thinking as a pair, I won't ever likely lose money (my main concern) and the Portrait may become very desirable by itself? (Rare coin with two longest reigning female monarch on - Elisabeth 2nd and Victoria) I have no intention of selling (maybe care home fees in 30 years) - As long as it is better than cash. I'd be happy It is however a very significant lump of money for me. Thoughts? (though this forum may be a bit partisan to think gold coin collecting is a good idea!!!)
  11. Rubbish photos.. numerous 72 and 677 Swaps for portrait matching next year.? 20211209_171211.heic 20211209_132346.heic
  12. similar - I received 2 2oz quartered arms today.. and have signed up for the portrait showing on RM website
  13. no idea! offers? - might just keep it.. it just arrived, haven't thought about it properly
  14. I'm not quite sure how I managed this but - 2 silver 2oz quartered arms arrived today. because £520 had gone out I thought, I's paid for one, and the portrait, when it comes out I also seem have the portait in my orders section and presumably money will go out when it comes out anyone want a 'spare'! I didn't think you could order 2 of the same of anything. could people order 2 gold coins - and that is why they all had vanished? I was 176th in the queue.
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