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  1. Silver is an amazing conductor of heat, as per the below. Fun to watch at least once I’ve you’ve got a bar or other lump of silver to do it with.
  2. Weird, is the plastic wrap fully intact? if not, I’d just take it out and do the aluminium foil and baking soda thing in hot water to get the tarnish off. Have you done the ice cube thing with the bar yet? Always fun!
  3. Upload a magnet test video to the forum when you get it :)!!
  4. @Jamesd is one of the resident experts I think?
  5. They are 22 carat so contain (22/24)*2=1.833g of gold 99/1.833=£54 per gram current spot is £50.166/g so these trade at a 54/50.166=7.64% premium. not terrible for fractional but there’s definitely less demand for this type of coin - I’d stick to more main stream stuff!
  6. Anybody got one they might be willing to part with? cheers
  7. For sale - MS66 NGC one ounce gold Krugerrand 2017 with 50th anniversary privy. Looking for spot +3% spot (currently 1547) so £1,590 + postage uk only, BT preferred Thanks for looking
  8. For sale - A 1985 Quintuple Sovereign in NGC holder, graded MS69 Looking for £1925, so about 4% over current spot. Postage of buyers choice and risk. UK only.
  9. Sad reality is there is just no service in retail banks as it’s not commercially viable. The drive is towards automation, self service and scalability. I work in a bank and we do lend against physical and paper gold at decent LTVs (70%ish), plus for good rates (1% margin over base type area) but you need to have a fair few mil liquid with us to get in the door so it’s not for the average punter
  10. The man himself! Questions sir: 1) What happened down at the nick? did they just hold you for a suitably annoying length of time and let you go or the full 24h? 2) What are the next steps? are they going to push it to court or have they dropped it? Presumably if you win in court then a bit of a precedent will have been set and you'll be free to pay with as many £100 coins as you want?
  11. Yes, I paid to new account details recently for the EM - was it to Best Bullion Ltd? IBAN ending 5900? Swedbank AS? If so then don’t worry - my stuff arrived!
  12. Sadly yes, it’s normal. The coins you’ve bought are ‘bullion’ - ie they come flying out of a machine and are mass produced with the bulk of their value being related to their precious metal content rather than their finish. The damage could have been done in production, transit or when the dealers split the coins out of the tubes to sell on individually - no way to really tell. The quality control varies by mint and also by batch - The Perth Mint has a good reputation even on the bullion side but the Royal Mint can be a bit variable. I’ve had bullion direct from the mint before with scratches and minor dents too Just wait until some of it starts milking!
  13. He seems to have been a bit more successful on his latest vid!
  14. So he ‘wins’ eventually, but not if he assigns any value to his time! think I’ll stick to just handing them the Amex....
  15. Clearly not worth all the aggro from the plod, but what’s his endgame in all of this? Tesco take him to the civil courts because he’s incurred a debt, and he offers to settle the debt with the legal tender coin, forcing Tesco to accept what they initially refused? I particularly enjoyed: ‘I’ll play my ace then, I’ve got a letter from Tesco saying they do accept it as payment’ ”do you have it with you sir” ”er, no, it’s at home” off to the cells you go then! what a wally!
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