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  1. I'm splitting up a 2007 set and grading the one ounce so listing the fractional for sale here. I've priced this so its cheaper than the equivalents on the compare page - proof coins, a good Britannia design year and cheaper than the dealers - what's not to like! Half - £710 - SOLD 👍 Quarter - £365 - SOLD 👍 Tenth - £150 - SOLD 👍 Add postage of your choice & risk on top (recommend RMSD). Will be able to post on Monday/Tuesday at the latest. Thanks for looking 👍
  2. 2oz silver Gothic Crown for sale Box / COA etc included £410 RMSD included Some good prices seen for these in the 20th Jan Heritage Auction (see screenshot!) Thanks for looking 👍
  3. Gothic Crown 2oz Silver for sale £580 posted RMSD BT or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
  4. For sale - a 2022 Proof Sovereign Comes with box & CoA Price includes RMSD fully insured BT or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
  5. For sale: £1650 Includes RMSD Fully insured. BT or PPF&F
  6. This pics below are my 2014 PF70 - I just thought it might be useful for you to compare as a baseline and see if it shares any similarities with the 'missing die spots' on the one you graded.
  7. Did you opt for conservation as well? I’d be tempted to (ultra carefully) remove from the slab and resubmit with conservation to see if you get lucky and manage to upgrade from 69 to 70. It’s worth bearing in mind 69 is a great grade - perfect to the naked eye. A 70 is ‘no imperfections visible unde 5x magnification’. lovely set!
  8. I don’t know if just an issue my side but I can’t see the image you posted? Have looked on my phone and ipad
  9. Bump - still looking for 2005 in particular but open to most years
  10. Yes, nice example - graded and conserved myself (via Numi)
  11. Final call on this - condition looks great so will withdraw if not sold and grade myself.
  12. For sale: a 2017 Australia proof sovereign - box and CoA included. £375 including RMSD fully insured. Recently saw one sell on here around £399 so grab a deal Bank transfer or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
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