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  1. Final call on this - condition looks great so will withdraw if not sold and grade myself.
  2. For sale: a 2017 Australia proof sovereign - box and CoA included. £375 including RMSD fully insured. Recently saw one sell on here around £399 so grab a deal Bank transfer or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
  3. Looking to move these on swiftly so selling as bullion - cheaper than anything on the compare tool UK only Add postage of your choice & risk. 2007 1oz - £1390 - SOLD 👍 good condition but small ding to rim 6 o’clock on obverse 1/2oz - £686 - SOLD 👍 looks pretty good to me with light hazing, would benefit from conservation. 1/4oz - £343 - SOLD 👍 good condition with light copper spotting on the obverse which I would hope will conserve away 1/10oz - £137 - SOLD 👍 bit of hazing/marks on obverse 2006 1oz - £1339 - S OLD 👍 darker patch on Britannia’s shield - unknown if this will conserve. Marks on reverse which I would hope will conserve 1/2oz - £669.50 - SOLD 👍 light hazing, mark on obverse just behind neck 1/4oz - £343 - SOLD 👍 nice condition with perhaps beginning of a copper spot on cheek. I think with conservation this would grade nicely. 1/10oz - £137- SOLD 👍 copper spot back of the head Can sell box and CoA for £10 each on top if you want Thanks for looking 👍
  4. Does anybody have any sets they are open to selling? (Must include the 1oz). looking for 2005 and 2007 in particular but open to most years with a special design. cheers 👍
  5. PF69 1988 £2 Sovereign for sale - £730 delivered (RMSD fully insured) Bt or PPFF Comes with box & CoA. Thanks for looking 👍
  6. **SOLD pending payment** Just back from grading - a PF70 1/10th 2003 Gold Britannia. £230 Delivered (fully insured RMSD) BT or PPFF UK preferred but can ship internationally - pm me to discuss. Thanks for looking 👍
  7. Looking for spot +3% delivered so £1360. The 2013 Gold Britannia was a one year design - the first year of the coin moving to 0.9999 gold (1987-2012 were 22ct). The coin has a larger diameter than all Britannias produced 2014 onwards but is thinner. Cheaper than any Brit on the compare tool! Will be shipped by RMSD fully insured BT or PPF&F UK preferred but can ship internationally at buyer's risk - pm to discuss
  8. Open to (sensible) offers on these if anyone is interested?
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