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  1. You’re paying quite a bit for Britannias there when you could be picking them up for cheaper either on the forum here or via the group order with Backyard Bullion. its very achievable to be picking up brits for £23.50-25.00 on here most days of the week. There are some on the trade section now for 24.25 each in capsules + post. have a look at a silver membership here which I suspect will pay for itself given what you’re currently paying for brits. also consider saving to buy a few more per purchase to cut down on postage costs rather than 2 per time?
  2. Do you have a few photos of the item? maybe intro yourself in the new members section?
  3. Freeing up a bit of liquidity after yesterdays CC auction 😅 Two One lovely Platinum 1 oz Britannia in great condition. £840 + post of your choice. UK only BT please. Thanks for looking
  4. Bump - cheaper than any half on the compare gold prices page
  5. Completely agree with this. I know Apple overcharge for everything but I just switch it on, tap in my account details and everything is set up for me. It never seems to break and everything speaks to each other without me needing to spend time or effort sorting it out. I know this is all possible on a Samsung/android set up too but it’s more involved. The effortless operation is worth the premium for me! Iphone every time.
  6. The good news is you bought it on eBay so, if it is fake, you can go via their buyer protection and get a full refund. Do a specific gravity test as well just to make double sure, take lots of photos / a vid of the results and dispute it!
  7. Clockpuncher

    Gold 1/2 sov

    Not a bad price but have a look at the compare tool - https://www.thesilverforum.com/compare/uk/
  8. These are the bullion product for 2021 so mintage will be unlimited so I think you'll just need to wait a bit whilst the initial rush to get hold of them clears and you'll be able to source one :)! if you're desperate, they are in stock at the mint..! https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/gold-coins/britannia-2021-tenth-oz-gold-coin/
  9. For sale - a sovereign balance. In 'well loved' condition. Marked with 'WT' on the arm along with a crown and 'sovereign warranted'. Plenty of pics below - if you need more then please just ask. coin not included... £25 + postage BT or paypal FF UK only your choice of postage Thanks for looking
  10. Last of my beasts as well Thanks @coininvestfor the box and @SilverTraderfor for Greyhound :)!
  11. argghh how did I miss this!🙈
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