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  1. Lovely new addition from Sovereign Rarities to the double sov special reverse collection
  2. Bump - same grade just sold for 470 at CC auction or 430 here!
  3. Just back from Numi - a lovely 2017 Proof Half Sovereign in PF70. Option 1: Coin, CoA & Box = £455+ postage Option 2: Just the coin = £430 + postage (have had separate interest in the box!) I think priced fairly (last coin cabinet PF70 went for £500, eBay seems to be £480-500) but let me know if I’m out. Bank Transfer Thanks for looking 👍
  4. Surely this is just an unwind with cash and coin returned to respective parties? The coin doesn’t look the same and the COA number looks different. This community is trust based and, prima facie, something has gone wrong here. Both are members in good standing so why not reverse the deal?
  5. Wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. 1) why would anybody offer a 3.5% discount on gold today vs spot price when it is so liquid and easy to shift anyway? 2) why would a producer sell you gold at an 18% discount to spot when gold futures are trading at a premium to current spot out to dec 2022? Doesn't smell right - steer well clear!
  6. Does anybody have a George V small head sov they might be willing to part with? Condition doesn't have to be amazing but its the only missing one from my bullion heads run! Cheers
  7. The only possible response to those sorts of fees for selling bullion sovs:
  8. Does sound cheap but was there a massive buyers premium?
  9. You’re paying quite a bit for Britannias there when you could be picking them up for cheaper either on the forum here or via the group order with Backyard Bullion. its very achievable to be picking up brits for £23.50-25.00 on here most days of the week. There are some on the trade section now for 24.25 each in capsules + post. have a look at a silver membership here which I suspect will pay for itself given what you’re currently paying for brits. also consider saving to buy a few more per purchase to cut down on postage costs rather than 2 per time?
  10. Do you have a few photos of the item? maybe intro yourself in the new members section?
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