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  1. its just your lack of feedback mate which makes people a bit nervous, especially as you are selling house bricks of silver 😅 If you're struggling offer to go through the BYB intermediary service and cover the costs. I would say its unusual to provide ID but comes down to what you and the buyer can get comfortable with - I personally wouldn't. Surprised these have hung around so long given the great pricing 👍
  2. I'm breaking up a 2007 four coin gold proof set - will be sending whatever doesn't sell to grading but a quick listing in case anybody wants to buy cheaper raw and grade themselves. 1/2 ounce - looks in nice condition, bit of copper spotting on obverse and reverse so will need conservation - £790 1/4 ounce - small copper spot above Britannia's head on the reverse so will need conservation- £395 1/10 ounce - looks decent - £175 Plenty of pics below - ask if you need more Postage of buyer's choice & risk on top at cost bank transfer preferred UK only
  3. Why not split it 50:50 and pick up a couple of low premium sovs each month and chuck the rest in a stocks and shares isa - maybe a global equity type fund so you've got a spread of investments?
  4. I'll take that offer if still available 👍
  5. Has anybody got any sets they are looking to sell on? Particularly interested in: 1998 2003 2007 - Sourced 👍 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 But happy to have a chat about any year set - PM me Cheers!
  6. I like the look of the premium set more than the main range but they are definitely trying to milk it releasing two sets to collect!
  7. I nearly spat out me tea when I saw the magnet stuck to it! Good luck on your refund - that one is a wrong 'un. You'll be fine given you've paid by credit card - go now and get a screenshot of the site so you can prove it doesn't say 'silver plated' etc
  8. Always conserve - yea its a few quid but the delta between a 68-->69 and a 69-->70 is huge on this coin. I conserve everything I send off for grading - on most coins its just a few quid although appreciate its maybe £80 on this one from what people are saying.
  9. Always the way 😅 Next time you'll hold off and it will 🚀
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