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  1. Not the cheapest option but: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255651512504?hash=item3b860480b8:g:WcoAAOSwx9Ji4vhw Going rate is about 250 from what I’ve seen, maybe worth an offer and see if they bite?
  2. 1937 2sov PF 63 Ultra Cameo sold on the FB groups for 3.5k last week. RM historic stuff tends to be 150% -200% of fair price - the RM example you've shown there is probably 2.5-3k fair market value.
  3. Its certainly an aspirational price! Raw 2014 sets (ie the key year for Brits) trade for far less - eg £6500 +24% BP = £8060 at Sov Rarities auction 4. 2017 is not an in demand year so you'd expect it to trade more in line with other low demand 24k years (e.g. everything other than 14 and, to a smaller extent, 16). Auction results in the region of £3500-4500 would be my expectation for a set like and, and I wouldn't be surprised to see potentially lower in current market.
  4. For sale - a 1988 PF70 UC Half Sovereign £310 delivered Includes RMSD fully insured BT or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
  5. 2012 1/4 Sovereign PF70 £230 delivered RMSD PPF&F or BT Thanks for looking 👍
  6. I'll likely be popping along. Theres a bar/cafe area with plenty of seating just by the entrance to the coin fair which might suit?
  7. 2012 PF70 sovereign up for grabs RMSD fully insured included in the price BT or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
  8. MS64 1957 Sovereign £425 delivered RMSD fully insured BT or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
  9. The best design out of all the Britannias in my opinion - the 2001 Britannia and the lion by Philip Nathan. Last Coin Cabinet traded price in the pictures below. For sale here: £2450 RMSD included (fully insured) BT or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
  10. You can always ask for more and see where you get?! The 2001 bullions are not common, but equally not rare and they do come up for sale with reasonable regularity so the premium isn't crazy like some of the privy designs end up commanding. The coins are also 0.958 silver which doesn't appeal to some stackers who like the modern 999 bullion versions. Some of the sold prices on Ebay do look very steep - but equally there are probably some collectors who are backfilling sets and just check Ebay and pay whatever is being asked for on the 'buy it now' listings etc.
  11. 2001 is a lovely design - my favourite! The older bullion Brits do command a bit of a premium - I sold one of the 2001 bullion brits from my collection a week or two back on here for £32. The proofs go for a bit more, maybe £85-90 area. Ebay is the wild west - just depends on how much selling risk you want to take! if you can get £30 -32 each for them on here than I think its a fair price and you're not having to pay Ebay fees either.
  12. For sale - first year of the Britannia transition to 24k gold. PF69 1/4 - £490 - SOLD 👍 PF69 1/20th - £110 - SOLD 👍 Prices include RMSD full insured BT or PPF&F Thanks for looking 👍
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