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  1. I dont sell much silver, but the pricing of silver bullion always challenges me. Spot today 59p so £18.35 oz lots of bullion coins list at £28+ +50% una bars £38 + 100% I get the challenge with vat, but is there a driver around brands / mints or is it just profiteering. gold in general spot+ few percent.
  2. Hi There 2 x 100g Pamp Fortuna Silver bars, Looking for £117 each + postage of choice. Thanks
  3. 6 x Sovereigns for sale after £325 each including SD postage. Pretty good condition for age, if any one wants closer photos of a particular coin let me know. 1958,64,67,74 sold. 1966 reserved 1963 sold
  4. Silver Queens Beast Completer 1oz £180 + postage Bank transfer preferred, can do more pictures if needed.
  5. Devilpig

    Sales Advice

    Wow thanks for the speedy replies
  6. Devilpig

    Sales Advice

    Hello I'm wanting to start selling some of my silver stack to fund the last Queens Beastie. Any advice / tips for a newbie would be gladly welcomed.
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