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  1. That price is with £2500 insurance too!
  2. What on earth costs £24.99 to post!?!!?
  3. They Changed The Rules | Capital Gains Tax (CGT) | Could More Changes Be Coming?
  4. Personally I would just get it off to a bullion refinery and dealer than can pay you something for it. Getting a furnace and trying to melt it won't end up working very well with mixed metals and the additional cost won't be worth it to end up with an ugly bar! Sell it here on the forum if you can get the XRF results to prove the metal content maybe? If you have a decent quantity you can send it to Baird and Co as an individual. Probably would work out getting about 75 to 80% of melt value after they melt it and assay it
  5. I Bought A 100 oz Silver Bar Good Idea to Trade My Gold For Silver
  6. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. That's the best check.
  7. If I Had NO Gold & Silver This Is What I Would Buy TODAY!
  8. 6x 2015 Ram Privy Britannias available. Like hen's teeth these, found representative coins selling on Ebay for £40+ each. Condition looks great to my eyes. £38 each inc. postage £210 inc. special delivery for the lot
  9. These Are My REALISTIC Predictions For Silver & Gold In 2023 and What I Am Going To Buy & Stack!
  10. This is Why Silver's Evolution Will Change How We Stack, Pushing Boundaries with Award Winning Coins
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