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  1. Yes, there is always a balance to be had with supporting home grown UK businesses for sure.
  2. Tariff's are not the same as VAT so it is basically "fluff" for saying trade deal. It will benefit larger importers and businesses that bring goods into the UK but for private, non VAT registered individuals and businesses it is next to meaningless. This is the same for all potential trade deals in the future. "Free Trade" with the EU or US or wherever is a catchy slogan but once again, VAT will be due on all imports that it applies to.
  3. I have posted at length about this kind of activity. Google HMRC Badges of trade and if you start to see many of those badges applying (or could HMRC argue the case that they apply) then there is a chance you might get stung by HMRC for trading. Its a fine line - but as this thread indicates, HMRC will scour various social media platforms and online market places. That also includes this site. I would be very very surprised if the powers that be are not watching this site and some of the sellers here.
  4. Not at all, the comment was directed at those that do not.
  5. Pretty stupid to rely on this. Also, last thing I would want (and I would imagine lots of people too) is to have to defend yourself in court over this kind of situation. Just abide by the law and pay taxes honestly, is it that hard to do?
  6. I have often been accused of too much of a rule follower - but lets be quite honest, HMRC are always in the know about what is meant to be paid to them and they will always catch you in time. Anyone who fudges the rules or their own books to make themselves pay less tax than they should is just asking for trouble.
  7. HA! This is brilliant, I will share the 4 cheques I am due in the next few weeks for international packages that were "returned to sender" for unknown reasons... Literally, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and Denmark This is despite the fact that 3 of the four (Italy excluded) have had items successfully sent to the same people earlier in the year with no issues with the exact same customs forms and everything. I know a lot of people hate blaming Brexit for things, but this is ENTIRELY down to Brexit and the complete mess it has caused shipping internationally from the UK into Europe.
  8. Finding FAKES In my Silver Stack - Testing My Gold & Silver with a Sigma Precious Metals Verifier!
  9. Is There Really A shortage of Silver & Gold!? - Mining Stats Suggest NO from Altaley Mining Corp!
  10. Buy this one and get in touch with me 😊 get the big 12.5 oz version!
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