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  1. Full review of The "Italia and Germania" 1 oz Silver Round from the Germania Mint!
  2. It is not about the point of sale, it is the point of shipping, or in tax terms "supply" that counts as to whether you would be charged import duties.
  3. Well that is quite the question and the answers will range in magnitude I suspect!
  4. Another example of "Free trade" just not being free in any way shape or form https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55734277
  5. Very nice pieces my friend! I especially like the YouTube play button piece 😉 Regarding hallmarking: The YouTube play button and hammer will 100% need to be hallmarked if you want to sell them. The hammered button round is less clear as to whether it could be passed off as a bullion product or simple round. Hallmarking legislation applies to everyone, even the people that buy your items after you have sold them initially. It is especially applicable to items that are considered artwork. Really the only items that don't need hallmarking are bars and rounds that are just "bullion" or
  6. BackyardBullion


    It would make quite the episode indeed!
  7. I think its always one of the hardest time of years to sell - covid pandemic aside the time of year always comes after heavy hits on peoples wallets. I will put some feelers out on my own network 🙂
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