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  1. Let Down Again By The Royal Mint Quality control And It's Such a Shame Too - Platinum Jubilee Gold!!
  2. A 1 KILO Solid Silver Dragon Statue Is Just AMAZING - Silver Dungeons & Dragons Game Anyone!?
  3. Took their time about it, but it is finally here! https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/bullion-coins/silver-coins/the-queens-beasts-2022-10oz-silver-bullion-coin/
  4. I would be more than happy to help facilitate a sale of these - have done so many times for new members. Dealers will get whatever price they can for a quick sale, they take the risk of holding the stock for a long time. The offer you got does not seem a great price compared with taking the time yourself to find the right buyer. Time is money, they are basically charging you for their time to find a buyer.
  5. My Top Tips For Maximising Profit When Buying, Handling And Storing Proof Gold & Silver Coins!
  6. Howdy all, So, mid production of a boat load of 1 oz bars and this one came out too heavy. But, It is rather pretty and stood out to me as one that harks back to the first bars we made. Ripples, pure and simple with the leaf looking like it created the ripples as it landed. This is currently UNHALLMARKED so there will be a 2 week wait for delivery. £38.75 + postage of your choice Weight: 1.21 ozt International customers welcome Banks Transfer or PayPal PM or comment here to reserve.
  7. Nice, this looks like sterling silver if I am not mistaken? Try with 999 - it will look AMAZING!
  8. This is What I Have learnt Selling Over 10,000 Ounces of Silver - Insights from a Silver business!!
  9. Nope, I make poured silver not machine made blanks. If you want something like this you will need the services of a professional refinery rather than small independent silver pourers.
  10. Most of this won't be 999 though, anything less than 999 and it will be the same problem when melting at home
  11. If you can find somewhere that sells 999 silver at spot price let us all know!
  12. No worries buddy. Basically, if a customer came to me asking to melt these down I would say the following: I can take the coins and help facilitate their bulk sale via a scrap dealer. Based on my experience getting about 90% of spot price would be the average you will get for them. Once they have been melted the cash raised would be used as store credit for my own pieces. I would not personally melt them down.
  13. Personally I don't/won't work with anything less than 999 silver as it is just clean and beautiful. Anything less comes out all ugly, dirty and requires a huge amount of additional work to get looking anywhere near as nice. @LiquidMetalsUK has it right, cut your losses, sell them and buy 999 fine
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