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  1. The Silver Squeeze Probably Won't Work - But it is Great That More People are Buying Silver!
  2. I have a new batch of Platinum Britannias in. 3x 2019 1x 2020 £1000 each, £9 postage for 1 and £11 for 2 via Special delivery with relevant insurance
  3. Well, it wasn't a Philip coin today, but I am sure one will come soon enough 🙂
  4. New banner advert for Prince Philip, wouldn't be surprised if there is a release at 9am for a Prince Philip coin. Gonna be popular I would imagine, just for posterity if for nothing else. https://www.royalmint.com/prince-philip/
  5. Why do we bother with Spot Prices!? Buying way over spot price, selling way under spot price?!?
  6. @richatthecroft Those are perfectly adequate scales, but I have found them to require self calibration a number of times which can be really fiddly. If you are wanting a really good set of reliable scales with perfect calibration go for a https://www.adamequipment.co.uk/ branded scale. Perfect, but more expensive!
  7. So, I have never had to make a full claim for a lost SD so from that perspective I cannot comment on what Royal Mail would say is enough evidence. I have successfully made 4 claims for international packages that have gone missing and for those I was asked to provide evidence of the transaction to confirm what was in the parcel. On one of them it was done via the forum and so sharing screenshots of the conversation, agreed upon price and proof of payment (via bank statement) this was enough to successfully make the claim. Hopefully the same would apply for the special delivery side o
  8. Sorry, the seller is only looking for cash and not trades. Just shout if you find that money you havent got 😉
  9. Has the Way we Look at & Invest in Silver & Gold Changed for Better or Worse?
  10. 3x 2019 Britannias available £1030 each + £9 post or £11 post for two
  11. This is why I love SILVER so much - Making Four Kilo Cubes of BEAUTIFUL Pure Silver!
  12. Adding more Silver to my FOREVER Silver Stack - UK Pourers, St. Bees and Silver Angel Pouring!!
  13. Is there a FUTURE for Silver and gold in a Modern World of Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies?
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