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  1. The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa - Completer Coin for The Eternal Sculptures Coin Series - by PowerCoin!
  2. Yes, and mismarking is a pretty serious thing to do liability wise.
  3. In addition the amount of admin and legwork that is needed to get an item to qualify for the second hand scheme is high. Businesses that don't do it much or often tend to reflect this in additional premiums to cover their overheads.
  4. The most you can insure with Royal Mail International Tracked and Signed is £250. As to VAT imports, it is dependant on each EU country but from my best guess (not formal advice) the receiver would be required to pay import charges. When you dispatch it you will need to fill out a export document and for values over £270 you will need to will need to fill out a CN23 form: https://www.royalmail.com/sites/default/files/CN23.pdf
  5. @GreatBritishBullion @EuropaBullion Stunning, well done 🙂 Best budget silver coin on the market, hands down.
  6. Silver Prices go Down AGAIN but Gold Rises - Silver is always less favoured than Gold and VOLATILE!!
  7. Hazy 1988 sold This is what I have left: 1988 Proof 1/4 oz Britannia (Great condition to my eyes) (1 available) = £365 each 2002 Proof 1/4 oz Britannia (1 available) = £375
  8. I have not purchased from the EU mint since Brexit so I cannot say, best to contact them directly sales@europeanmint.com and they will likely be able to give you a better indication of the delay
  9. Success? The item has disappeared....
  10. Direct report link for this item: https://ocswf.ebay.co.uk/rti/compose?items=224541311736&seller=chriscow-43&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2566
  11. The good news is that the person that won the auction last time evidently didn't pay up and/or was a forum member stepping in to save the day. Report this item please as well.
  12. Well, they are not UK hallmarks so I cannot really say I am afraid!
  13. The question is, at what point is it morally responsible to set up a completely new eBay account and put a max bid of £1,000,000 just to make sure you win the auction and ensure nobody else gets ripped off?
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