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  1. Pure Scottish Gold is a big premium seller. The head of the Edinburgh Assay Office told me really interesting stories about it and how they can test it to verify it is from that particular mine and that the mine has a regulated chain of custody for the metal all the way from ground to assay mark. He had a specimen that he was taking to Germany for the world money fair and airport security asked him to take it out so they can check it - all fine until he asked them to sign the chain of custody form and be a part of the record 😏
  2. I think this is a good way to leave the thread, this is the last I will comment on it. Again, sorry you had a bad experience and I wish you the best for future purchases whether that be the EU mint or anywhere else.
  3. I don't mind you sharing this, I mind lack of context in some of the follow up posts you and others have made. Assumptions are not good and context is often so badly overlooked.
  4. For me it was the move to gold. Just such an easier metal.
  5. Just part and parcel of buying silver bullion coins sadly.
  6. Yeah, I get this problem and it is an issue that has gotten worse in recent times. Sadly the world doesn't work like this and if there were pushbacks from dealers to mints ultimately the mints would just increase their wholesale prices to the dealers for all the returns and faff and time and expense involved with this return process. That increase in price would be passed onto the consumer by the dealers which would increase premiums significantly.
  7. This is what pissed you off? A €20 refund is about 9% of your order value and way more margin than the dealers make on these coins. Out of interest, what resolution were you expecting or would be happy with?
  8. FYI that same person left a 5 star review earlier this month too.
  9. One negative review from 25 hardly seems endemic to me. It's a shame you had this experience, but it is not just the EU mint that suffers from poor quality coins coming from mints to be passed on to customers. Again, context is everything and looking at one negative review and saying that this is their business model is a bit of a stretch. What about all the thousands of other customers that had absolutely nothing wrong with their coins? Most people don't bother to write positive reviews when things go right, but are far more likely to write a negative one if it goes wrong.
  10. EXCLUSIVE look at James Bond Themed Gold and Silver Bullion Bars by The Royal Mint - "007" Bullion!
  11. I personally think the gold is the best of the bunch. It's got a great look and surface area to it (being the same dimensions as the silver but just thinner) and there is no VAT of course. The mintage on the 10 oz silver is great - but it is supplied in a plastic sleeve which does not show it off to it's best and as yet we are not sure how the plastic might help or hinder toning and/or milk spots. Good looking bars though I have to say.
  12. I have an exclusive look! Here is some info over on my sub forum Also, review video of the physical bars going out later today at 4pm UK time.
  13. A milked coin is not a faulty coin, learn a little about the bullion market. I have no vested commercial interest in the European Mint beyond making videos of the unboxings I make. The customer did not get s**ty response, in many people's opinion this is above and beyond what anyone could/should have expected. The customer was not told to go away or accept it, this is false. If this was a breach of UK consumer laws how come there are not examples of it when a UK seller sells a milky coin? Know the market before you pass judgement on it.
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