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  1. Please get in touch if you want to pre-order 100g Hammered Silver Thin Bar £95 UK Signed for postage is included International shipping is free for orders (combined with other listings) over £100 Otherwise +£5 regular and £10 tracked Payment via Banks Transfer or PayPal
  2. We have a few new pieces for sale. Each of these pieces have been videoed as they were made and are serialised as part of our "YouTube Ripple Series". They will be showcased in an upcoming silver pouring video. Pour #26 (2020) - Silver Buddha - 5.49 ozt: £155 SOLD Pour #28 (2020) - Rippled Ammonite - 2.28 ozt: £66 SOLD SOLD Pour #29 (2020) - Celtic Ripple Round - 3.12 ozt: £90.50 SOLD SOLD Pour #30 (2020) - Celtic Ripple Round - 3.22 ozt: £93 SOLD SOLD Pour #31 (2020) - Jolly Roger Round - 2.93 ozt: £85 SOLD Pour #32 (2020) - Aztec Pyramid - 5.18 ozt: £150 SOLD Pour #33 (2020) - Trilobite - 2.14 ozt: £63 SOLD UK Signed for postage is included International shipping is free for orders over £100 Otherwise +£5 regular and £10 tracked Payment via Banks Transfer or PayPal
  3. I never mentioned bullionvault by name, and this video was filmed before their website even went down...... I am pretty done with this conversation now, you seem not to take any feedback on board from me and I don't think we are going to resolve this. You are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine (regardless of whether I run a silver business or not by the way) and I think we should go our separate ways.
  4. Well, I mentioned all of these things in passing in the video - the video is about why I would not vault. End of the day, it is my content and I say what I say and that is that - if you don't like it then fine, just be a little more respectful when delivering feedback. I am always open to a healthy debate on things, but when someone calls my video biased, full of self interest and losing respectability with no tangible justifications and/or arguments it comes across quite rude and confrontational. If you had written your reply like this quoted comment perhaps we could have had a healthy respectful debate on the subject. That is my feedback to you.
  5. Did you actually listen to any of the content I made? I presented the reasons why I do not think having silver in numbers on a screen is a good idea! Physical silver and gold is (in my opinion) so much more secure and also so much LESS risk if the world truly went to hell. If you want to play the numbers, then fine but if you are like the vast majority of silver and gold buyers then not actually having your physical wealth on hand is no different to having money in a bank account - it just is not real unless you own it. This was the premise of my video and I am very proud of the argument I laid out and I like to think that many other people think that way as it has one of the highest viewer retention, watch time and view rates of my video portfolio within the first 24 hours. You disagree, fine - but no need to be so rude in your counter argument saying I have made a self interest video and that I have lost respectability....
  6. Hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions - but apparently not me!?
  7. Amazingly, I actually filmed this video about 5 hours before this thread went live last week - it was a topic that I was thinking about for a while!
  8. Only one triangle left now 2.46 ozt triangle available - if anyone wants it!
  9. @mccombie48 Great to hear you are trying this wonderful hobby out! So, graphite protector paint. You should try to get your crucible as dust free as possible. I tend to not actually use the graphite protector paint too often but when I have done so on a new crucible I will always wipe it down with a dry kitchen towel so that there is as little dust on the areas you want to apply it. Moulds Silver does not stick to graphite (otherwise how would it come out of the crucible to begin with!) The products you have seen are likely for use in Cast Iron moulds - they are needed so that the silver can be more easily extracted from the moulds. So, for graphite moulds you don't need to treat them with anything. Also, doing so will actually potentially lead to some explosive molten silver. 1000+ degree silver hitting any kind of liquid will cause immediate conversion from liquid to gas and can be very very dangerous. Graphite will naturally absorb moisture from the air, so when you are pouring silver I would highly recommend always heating up your moulds with a blowtorch. I use a tiny little butane one that you can buy off Amazon for making creme brulee! It is not going to get the moulds red hot, but it will get them to a temperature where any moisture is long burned off. The hotter your mould the easier it will be to fill it before the silver melts. Pouring hot silver into a cold mould will lead to a lot of air bubbles and/or cracks and crevices as the silver cools quickly. Hot moulds allow the extra half second for the silver to settle and fill the mould better. Furnace care I don't know which furnace you have, but the ones I use have a recommendation to leave it on, with the lid off, for at least 45 minutes so as to burn off any residue that may be on the heating elements or in the chamber. If this is not done it could lead to problems in heating (when you have the crucible in). Hope that helps! Good luck, stay safe and make sure to showcase your results on the forum!
  10. Reservations are officially closed now. Remaining members and bars will now be allocated randomly I will be shipping out the bars this coming week (posting on Tuesday as it is a bank holiday Monday). Thanks for all the support and all the feedback in this thread. We aim to do our best and have learned a lot for next time.
  11. What kind of GOLD and SILVER has been purchased during Lockdown?
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