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  1. All gone now. Thank you everyone for the support, it's much appreciated!
  2. Will Gold & Silver SAVE Your Money From The Coming Financial Storms? | Will A Recession = Gold Boom?
  3. Due to non payment and just no contact from a customer for over a month the two bars I was holding for them are now available. #75 #139 If you would like to get them just drop me a PM or comment here and we can link up.
  4. Silver Coin Review - 2021 1 oz Croatian Silver Dalmatian Dog Coin BU | Thanks To Europa Bullion!
  5. Holy smokes those are some mighty fine photos!
  6. @James32 thanks for the tag. I would be more than happy to act as an intermediary for any sale here on the forum. My fee would be £25 per 1 oz coin. The issue you might have is that finding buyers for 31 oz of gold on this forum at a premium would be hard. The Queen's Beasts are harder to shift at higher premiums here - but you might end up with more than with dealers. If a dealer is offering you £1500 for a QB lion or griffin try listing it here for £1550 to £1600 - that might get a buyer and you would end up with more. The issue is that it will take time to get it all sold and even then no guarantee that you wont have to go to a dealer anyway for unsold stuff. Ultimately its how much work you want to put in.
  7. Down to single digits of available bars now! Get in touch if anyone wants one before they are gone!
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