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  1. Have you ever attempted to start a distributorship for Air-tites? No It seems conspicuous by its absence. Yes 😎
  2. I will tag in @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer so the team are aware of the interest in different capsules. Most of ours are Lighthouse (Leuchturm). The old RM screw top ones used to be the best IMO. 😎
  3. Our serration counts started because of a comment on an (American) coin forum. We only thought about denticle counts quite recently. Denticles are part ot the obverse or reverse designs, which one would expect to be less subject to variation, whereas edge serrations and lettering are a sligthly different part of the design and production processes. 😎
  4. I would leaave it alone. It would need a good bench jeweller to do it right, giving it a lengthy pickle in hot acid.
  5. Not necessarily by Victorian jewellers. Guineas probably got mounted sometime from 1816 onwards. Unless there are hallmarks on the mount, which is uncommon, it would be difficult to know. This guinea is in better condition than many mounted guineas, so is not entirely ruined. Soldered mounts can be removed, and if done carefully can be almost undetectable. As someone said, when it was mounted, it was probably only worth about £1, so in one sense there was nothing to ruin, and mounting it probably saved it from the melting pot. 😎
  6. Silver or gold? This might be interesting or helpful: https://www.chards.co.uk/guides/advice-guide-for-uk-bullion-investors/1041 😎
  7. I would like to see a two headed "mule" 😎
  8. This was a topic I started last October: 😎
  9. Your title made it sound as if you were trying to choose / decide between gold and silver. This may help you, even though it is written primarily with UK ionvestors in mind: https://www.chards.co.uk/guides/advice-guide-for-uk-bullion-investors/1041 😎
  10. 2023 King Charles III One Ounce Silver Bullion Britannias - First Photos Following on from our last Friday, here are our silver photos: Reverse, above. I have not counted the serrations! Anyone want to know how many in a tube? 😎
  11. Thanks. I needed a laugh! 😎
  12. I have not looked at the New Zealand, and don't really intend to, as I believe they are not really sovereigns. In the future, I think they will generate as much apathy as most of the "world's first" "sovereigns", with 19 sides, a hole in the middle, etc. 😎😎
  13. They are not the same Sharps Pixley as back in th emists of time. There recent reincarnation was down to Ross Normam , a PMs veteran. They are owned, I believe, by Degussa, but I have not checked this. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/06629106 Much sounder than a pound I have never noticed a Blackpool accent! 😎
  14. This is worth reading https://www.chards.co.uk/guides/advice-guide-for-uk-bullion-investors/1041 At least😎, I hope it is!
  15. One piece of advice I often give people using any website is to look for information about who owns or runs the site. If you are lucky, this may be on every page, but sometimes only on the home page. If I can't see it quickly, at the top or bottom of the page, I look for an "About UIs" page; sometimes this is just full of waffle and hype, but ukcoinage.com doe not even have one. Then I look for a "Contact Us" page, but ukcoinage.com doe not even have one. Lastly, I may look one their Terms and Conditions, or Legal pages. ukcoinage.com's T&C page fails to reveaal who you are dealing with. While their csn be valid reasons for some of this on coin dealers sites, ikt does not inspire much confidence. If you ever look, you will find all of my / our sites have our contact information on almost every single page. That is because we want people to know as much about us as possible. You may also find this helpful: https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/advice-guide-for-uk-bullion-investors/1041 😎
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