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  1. But not according to our Niton XRF machine! 😎
  2. Dunno, but they are cheaper in Dubai... Althought the shoplifting might cost you an arm and a leg! 😎
  3. It might be a UK thing, like police being too busy to attend burglaries, shoplifting ignored unless it's £200 or so, etc. There's so much of it going on that nobody has the time or resources to tackle it, so it gets worse. 😎
  4. Guaranteed 100% genuine counterfeits! 😎
  5. ... and ebay surely know, and are therefore part of the unwritten conspiracy to mislead and defraud people. 😎
  6. I have spent many hours, and even years, pondering the mystery, and I do think the buyers are stupid. We could analyse it into different degrees: Some are not totally stupid, and actually realise it is fake, but like it anyway, can afford £10 to £15, but not the £40+- for the genuine article. Some are stupid enough to buy, hoping the seller might have made a mistake, and it is either underpriced, or genuine, and not silver plated. Some are just stupid, and have not read to the end of the title, because it's length exceeded their attention span. Some less stupid ones don't buy it, because they are smart enough to look elsewhere, then buy from the legal (in China) Chinese counterfeiting industry, for about £2, and either keep it, or... Join the rest of the crooks on ebay and start their own fraudulent ebay sales operation, feeding off the slightly stupider. "Your" buyer probably slots in somewhere in my list. 😎
  7. I took a screenshot of his feedback page: I also think the use of a Royal Engineers badge is potentially dodgy. 😎
  8. I have just noticed this on his member / feedback page: "Hi I’m here to deliver good service and do my very best to get products to you as quickly as possible, items are described as accurate as possible and if you have any questions just ask. :)" So you could try asking why he does not state his item is not a real coin, why it is listed as silver, why he does not disclose the fact that it is a fake / imitation, and is he aware his listing is dishonest, misleading, and fraudulent. I think you should try it, and report back here with the answer, which I forecast will be to ignore you, or to suggest you enagage in a sex and travel related activity. 😎
  9. If you were asking me, it's no secret. RM original price was £1095, so we were probably priced at about £1050, although I would need to check. Gold Weight Troy Ounces 0.456 Spot gold price £1489 https://www.chards.co.uk/gold-price/gold-spot-price Intrinsic gold is worth 0.456 x £1489 = about £679, so maybe £700? 😎
  10. I'm not sure I should ask that question, although perhaps I could include it as an example. I have not yet drafted my own questions, but I think they will be quite challenging as it is. 😎
  11. So, I took a look at the first one. It appears to be a fake 2022 Australian one ounce coloured silver year of the tiger $1 coin, by Perth Mint. The title starts: Year of the Tiger 1oz Silver Coin Which is dishonest, misleading, and fraudulent. It is listed under the category: Coins, Banknotes & Bullion Bullion & Bars Silver Bullion Silver Bullion Coins Which is also dishonest, misleading, and fraudulent. Sure, the full title is "Year of the Tiger 1oz Silver Coin, Silver Plated Coin Chinese New Year 2022", which does include "Silver Plated". The "Item Specifics" state: Item specifics Coin: Australian Lunar Year: 2022 Precious Metal Content per Unit: 1 oz Which is also incorrect in multiple places places: Coin Australian Precious Metal Content Nowhere has the seller "manchester9138*" stated that it is not actually a coin, or that it is an imitation at best, or more accurately a fake. Even without looking at any of his other listings, I would concude that "manchester9138*" Business seller information Paul Clapham 7 Davenport Street Manchester, Audenshaw Greater Manchester M34 5TP United Kingdom Is dishonest, and his listings are misleading and fraudulent. They would almost certainly not comply with UK Advertising Standards, but who is going to bother lodging a formal complaint? I suspect, like many other ebay cheats, crooks, and scammers, that he only includes the words "Silver Plated", so that he can argue that his description is not misleading or inaccurate. I have also, for many years, believed that ebay are fully aware that many items on its site are listed misleadingly, dishonestly, and fraudulently, but as long is it can deflect accusations by devious devices such as "Silver Plated" on this listing, it does not care, and is happy to continue collecting fees from crooked sellers ripping off gullible "punters", many of whom are probably lulled into a fales sense of security by stuff like "Shop with confidence eBay Money Back Guarantee Get the item you ordered or get your money back" "99.4% positive Feedback", and much more. You could try complaining to ebay that this coin is a fake, and see what happens. I predict the answer would be "nothing much" Here is a screenshot of the listing: You can find these fakes on AliExpress. The first listing I found was asking 1 penny "£0.01 £3.41 -99%" "New User Bonus". If you shopped round, you could probably buy them in bulk for about £2 each. Here is a screenshot of the same item on AliExpress: The reason there are so many people offering c**p like this for sale on ebay is mainly the big fat profit margins, about £10 profit on this item. The harder question to answer is why people are stupid enough to pay £12.99 .. and why there are so many who are so stupid. So far, I have never been able to work out how and why people are so stupid, but it seems to be a fact of life, and... There appears to be no cure for human stupidity. 😎
  12. Sorry, but WTF is a CBDC? I had to use Google to remind me what WEF is (The World Economic Forum), but all I could easily find on CBDC was about Small Business Development Corporations, Small Business Development Centers, I even expected Google to ask "Did you mean CBGB's?" 😎
  13. Be very careful going onboard. TSF members are notoriously unlucky with boating accidents! 😎
  14. I doubt that the 2022 bullion sovereign range will ever go for very high premiums, when there are proofs. There should always be enhanced interest and demand for them, from type collectors, so they should always be easy to sell, but many people will have bought them because they are a special year. Everybody has made good points. You will not overpay if you buy from a well-known dealer in Blackpool, who should also have some bullion halves in stock soon: https://www.chards.co.uk/2022-gold-half-sovereign-uncirculated-coin/15696 but not quarters yet, so you could get 1 double, 2 or 3 sovs, and 1 half. I hope that helps. 😎
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