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  1. As the page says: "(Special Scheme Inc. VAT) 1 oz Silver Coin - Our Choice Secondary Market Our cheapest Silver One Ounce Bullion Coin! These best value silver coins contain 1 troy ounce of silver and are secondary market. Chosen from our choice of coin and date which may be silver Maples, Eagles, Philharmonics and Kangaroos. Buy Best Value Our Choice Silver coins at our lowest premiums ever! Sold on the special scheme, you only pay VAT on the dealer's margin. " But note instead of a buy/order button, it says: "e-mail me when back in stock" It is not a "VAT exemption scheme".
  2. What VAT exemption scheme? We do offer storage in Guernsey which is VAT free unless or until you take delivery of it.
  3. I think we would sell about 10x that amount if it was exempt like investment gold.
  4. A Tonne-Up Silver Delivery More than a tonne of 2020 silver Britannias.
  5. I guess I should have added a "smile" emoji after it. I might have done if you were American!
  6. A nice cool snowman... I hope it doesn't melt away in this warm weather.
  7. I spoke to Doug, our photographer, today, and mentioned the differences. He had noticed, and tried to show the frosting on the gold, but thinks it was not as distinct as on the silver. I have no idea why, except you theory is that the RM got lazy, is possibly very close to the truth, speaking of which... The fingerprints idea was not true at all, simply my sense of humour. Sorry about that!
  8. That's a very good point Seth. I had never compared the gold and silver versions directly, but yes the silver bullion ones look better than the gold ones. I need to check whether our Doug did anything bad in processing the gold ones, but probably not, because he is good, and often points out interesting features to us that we had not yet noticed. Would you be interested in the very rare version with a Freddie Mercury or Spike Edney fingerprint?
  9. Some B.U. Base Metal White Horses of Hanover: Good for international travel. You can take them anywhere!
  10. A stack of Two Pounds: Take note, as I feel sure it will end up on one of Amy's quizzes.
  11. We just bought some more of the Queen one ounce coins gold bullion version: Originally, we only bought a few as we thought they were slightly too expensive as a bullion coin. Hopefully, these might arrive with us in about a week.
  12. Most days seem to have become very similar to each other recently, but the internet is 24/7. Computers and the web don't differentiate, and don't demand days of rest. It doesn't necessarily make it a better world, just different.
  13. They got bounced off flights twice that we know of. It was simply a matter of being patient.
  14. We usually just give them away free, one with every 100 coins purchased!🙂
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