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  1. I am not familiar either, but am now going to read and listen. It's amazing how educational coins and numismatics can be!
  2. How about a Diamond Dog instead? Doug, our photographer, said "Laughing Gnome was not reflective of his work and would never make a good privy mark. Now Diamond Dogs was, for me, Bowie at his best..." Actually, that might have come from Diamond Doug.
  3. Here is a "spot-the-difference comparison image we just created: We actually used two older photos, with slightly lower resolution than we would take now. There are lots more differences, for those who would like to look more closely. This might help to demonstrate a point I have made on a number of occasions, that it is not just "tail length", but a slighly, albeit completely, different design (if that's not too much of a paradox).
  4. Sorry. Yes, some threads can get confusing. I had to scratch my head for a moment about MAM, but got there. Yes, probably less than a year before he died, I telephoned him about this very topic, the 1891 short tail horse sovereigns. I was aware they were listed in Spink, and thought I would talk to him about them, and had noticed they were not mentioned in his, then quite recent, Gold Sovereign edition, which had been published after it was in Spink. His answer was that he wanted to research it further before publishing it. I was not entirely convinced by this, or his view
  5. Yes, I am sure you are right.
  6. I was joking, well partly. Krause does the same. In that case, logically this, and many others, should be listed as a British coin: Because it was minted in Birmingham. 1939 British West Africa Silver 3 Three Pence Coin KN Mint Kings Norton Birmingham - Reverse
  7. I agree with all of that! We are working on a programme to replace all our Human Resources with robots, but it's a long slow process, which I suspect is being sabotaged by our Human Resources. Seriously the image disclaimer is a useful precaution, which tends to go on most pages. You might be surprised how many people buy a one ounce "our choice" gold bar, then complain it is no the same make shown, or the same serial number, or... On individual coins, we are happy to confirm whether the photo shown is same, or to supply actual coin photo (sometimes a mobile phone pic) on reques
  8. Why has it got BRITISH sovereigns in an Australian coin book?
  9. Defo IS a long tail But, I have just asked Doug to do some comparison images.
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