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  1. One went for under break even mark and one for a bit over. I am sure one will be able to pick It up for less in the next couple of months.
  2. I belive that there won't be any more bullion sovereigns with the crowned portrait of KCIII in the future.
  3. I got hit with cash advance fees by my CC provider for using PayPal F&F, I bought a couple of sovereigns on TSF. I used the CC PP FF many times before and it was fine, all of the sudden they changed the T&C and there you go... expensive lesson.
  4. There is still room for gold to go lower😯
  5. I don’t believe that they think that they are getting a real bargain 5 sovereigns for a £113 😯 He mentioned replicas at the end.
  6. Why, he clearly says they are restrike. Restrike Various Sovereigns available see my others Will come in a capsule to house the sovereign COINS These are Restrike sovereigns Replicas.
  7. Due to inflation…LOL! 😅
  8. To be honest QC doesn’t exist at RM. Due to poor quality products I have stopped buying proof coins from RM. Graded proofs is the only way for me from now on.
  9. But they might only use the crown on a special occasion sovereign.
  10. @Silverman2U yes buddy it’s a RM box from The Queen’s Beasts 2021 UK Quarter-Ounce Silver Proof Ten-Coin Set. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/queens-beasts/queens-beasts-2021-quarter-ounce-silver-proof-ten-coin-set/
  11. RM must have done a QC on those this morning and realised they were substandard, hence no longer available 😂
  12. Wow, 172 5 coin sets still available!!! I thought they would be all gone by now.
  13. Perfect, this is the one to have, I am going for a full tube of these👍
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