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  1. One was available here a couple of months ago £4500 ungraded https://britanniacoincompany.com/buy-coins/proof-sets/the-queens-beasts-completer-coin-2021-one-ounce-gold-proof/#:~:text=The Completer Coin&text=As with all coins in,childhood interests in fantastic beasts.
  2. In my opinion gold will go down at some point before it goes up to the moon, it will have to fill the gap at around $1800. Prepare spare ammo guys for buying opportunity 😊
  3. Sell sell sell 🫣 RM is after cheap gold… Royal Mint told This is Money that it has seen a 'record number' of customers selling gold back to take advantage of the price soaring.
  4. Damn!! I have put a deposit down for my new car today. Now thinking about cancelling it 😕
  5. Keeeeppppp gooooiiiiinnnngggg!!!
  6. It’s only 1oz but that will do for now 😊
  7. Fed need to cut and fast. And a rate cut traditionally signals double digit gains for gold.
  8. One here for a bit less. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/1-4oz-gold-coins/pre-owned-2017-uk-queen’s-beasts-the-griffin-1-4oz-gold-coin
  9. I don’t understand how RM get it wrong every time and can not be sure that all these coins are in perfect condition before they send them out to customers, it’s only 200 gold coins ffs 🤦‍♂️
  10. Oh sugar, I must have missed that bit. Congrats @GoldDiggerDave
  11. Spot might even drop back down to £1450. The gap around 1840USD will have to be filled at some point before gold price goes to da moon. Patience is key @Kitalon
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