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  1. Very good price, shame that it isn't a Greyhound as I am looking for one.
  2. Great job @GoldDiggerDave Would you mind to share the technique you use? I would like to try it on some silver coins first.
  3. @LawrenceChard where can one get a decent "2.5" eyeglass from, any recommendations please. I have looked on FAmazon and Feebay and there is only a Chinese rubbish.
  4. Beautiful 2012 struck on the day sovereign, worth every penny!!!
  5. @CatStudent sold one not long ago for £1700 in mint condition
  6. Hi guys, I am looking for 2012 SOTD sovereign, if anyone has a spare one they would like to sell please PM. Thanks in advance.
  7. @Pete would you say the same applies to proof sovereigns? Thanks for sharing your experience.
  8. And what's your take on one of these please. Would this be a good coin to invest in?
  9. Come on gentlemen....I will pay good money!!!
  10. They look great in reverse frosted proof. Good luck with the sale.
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