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  1. pricha

    Shall I conserve?

    I'd leave it alone. It looks fine. Not worth the trouble i'd say .
  2. I always store them in capsules . After a while it's interesting to see how scratched the capsules become. That surely tells you something .
  3. I can understand they are busy . No problems . I just think it's unfair someone can leave a bad review and give no reason .
  4. I purchased a few sovereigns on Sunday which haven't arrived yet . I'm not too worried about that , whilst they are normally very quick to post i understand this won't always be possible. I was just casually looking at google reviews and noticed 5 one star bad reviews in the last week. To be honest they look like the same disgruntled person using different names. Not a single explanation either for the one star. An annoying thing is i can't find my invoice anywhere in my emails. It's disappeared. I'm probably getting a touch paranoid. 😳 Whilst i'm not a big fish , i always found them respectful and diligent.
  5. I think the people buying these coins already have the coins we could only imagine owning . I very much doubt they are new to the hobby. If you own everything , then something new, unusual and unique comes along and you have the funds then why not ?
  6. As westmintal has pointed out , it's a way of rich people getting rid out of fiat and into hard assets . Some pay millions for a crappy old painting. Makes perfect sense for a millionaire. I wouldn't expect these to be flipped on eBay any time soon. 😉
  7. If they are true one offs of course i'd want the Sovereigns . Any collector would. But i don't have the funds so i wont be watching the auction. Agreed the commission is bizarre . The criticism of bidders is unfair, just because i can't afford something doesn't mean someone who can is an idiot. The key , as i have said is are these truly unique one offs ? ( or will more of the same appear next month ? 😒 )
  8. I never quite understand why blokes feel gold is a guilty hobby the wife shouldn't know about. Ask yourself how much will your gold be worth in 10/20 years time , compared to all the endless shoes, handbags , dresses , cheap jewelry and all the other junk they buy over the years 😆 Pride yourself on a shewed way of preserving your wealth .
  9. Most of today's were not slabbed so prices were more realistic.
  10. I picked up a few bargains. Very pleased. 🙂
  11. I'd say the 2012 Sovereign bullion (not proof) . What a mess.
  12. Compared it to my coin. looks ok
  13. it's the same coin. Dark mark in Victoria's hair, scratch next to the nostril and the depression as seen by Cosmik.
  14. I know an elderly lady who is fleeced by Harrington & Byrne every few months buying over priced stuff. She is an intelligent person and has certainly has all her faculties . I've tried to explain, but she won't take notice of a simple uneducated lad like me 😉 . Each to their own.
  15. pricha


    Why not start a poll of members ? At what price would you be thinking of selling all your silver ?
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