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  1. £45 each ? The floorboards wouldn't take the weight . 😆
  2. pricha

    Fed up with eBay

    Finally got a refund on the coin after almost one month . The seller has 18 negative feedbacks in that time. Not sure how eBay will catch up with the crook but that's not my problem .
  3. If i was only going to hold one 1 oz gold coin it would be Queens Beast Completer. Absolute stunning coin . Obviously that would have to be the bullion as the proof would be mega expensive .
  4. I would find it harder to trust a person who predicts highs for gold and silver but wasn't in the business . Practice what you preach . I watched hidden secrets of money years ago and it's astonishing how his predictions are coming true. The helicopter money seemed crazy at the time and now look what is happening. Yes, he does get carried away sometimes but the over all message is quite compelling.
  5. pricha

    1917 Sovereign

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284290221375?hash=item423104853f:g:0EQAAOSw075gmZOx This one sold as London Mint .... as in London Mint Office 😆 Nice try
  6. pricha

    1917 Sovereign

    A trip to NGC would surely provide the answer. If it was been fiddled with then just return it and ask for your money back, easy . 🤣
  7. The 1/10 is not a official Government minted coin is it ?
  8. Sorry for my ignorance , but we are told never to clean coins, so what method exactly do they use to produce this result ?
  9. Like in all walks of life , eBay is fine until your cross paths with the nutter. The best negative feedback i have read is after someone sold a 1/10th Gold coin . The buyer was outraged because the photo was so good he thought the coin was much larger than it actually was ... 😂
  10. I agree, probably nothing much will happen . Just as well , i don't want to pay £500 plus for a bullion sovereign 😁
  11. Thanks. Yes they agreed to post any more items via Royal Mail so it was my fault for not asking in the first place. Cant fault Coin Cabinet they have been excellent. But previous experience with Fed Ex filled me with horror.
  12. pricha

    Fed up with eBay

    9 negatives for Telepon22 now. He really went all out. I'll open my case tomorrow. That's one coin i'll never see. Along with 5 from auction that are stuck with the courier somewhere unable to deliver. . Not been a good week for me. I'm going to stick with the tried and trusted from now on.
  13. After an hour i finally found out it is in Aylesbury . 😅 That's it . Can't do anything else .....
  14. The problem is the site will not accept a tracking number. I have two numbers but neither work. Any suggestions please ?
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