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  1. pricha

    Crypto vs Gold

    It's only a winner when you cash out and make a profit. And the nature of the beast is you dare not cash out for fear of missing out on higher gains. 😆
  2. pricha

    Crypto vs Gold

    I would have made a nice profit today if i sold Shiba , but i'm just hanging on for the fun. The problem i see is people see huge gains to be had and take out loans to chase it. Like people have said, it's all manipulated by the billionaires. If it goes higher or crashes it'll be the billionaires who will be the winners .
  3. pricha

    Crypto vs Gold

    40 years ago young people saved money into a building society account then bought a house. Today that's virtually impossible so they gamble their money on cryptos hoping to get rich quick and get a deposit for a house. But almost everyone else is doing the same . 20% is bought by desperate youngsters using credit. The questions is what will happen in a crash ? The 20% will be in major trouble. I can sleep easy every night on 50 grand worth of gold. 50 grand in cryptos would keep me awake all night . I and many olduns actually have a few bitcoin etc for a littler flutter , a bit of fun , but we won't be wiped out on a crash.
  4. Not in a million years would Atkinson's sell a London mint at that price. But it is odd they didn't list the mint , as all their other coins they do.
  5. The process of retrieving gold from laptops is time consuming and expensive so i doubt it will mean lower gold prices .
  6. I've got a Sovereign that has spent over 100 years in the bottom of the ocean . If you placed it alongside 10 other sovereigns that have never touched water most people couldn't pick it out. I think gloves are rather like face masks. Some people wear them in certain situations that might seem sensible. Others wear them like some obsessive religion at all times. Whatever makes you happy. All my sovereigns are in capsules but i'm quite happy to take them out and have a glove free fondle now and again 😳
  7. you wouldn't believe the contents we found ripped up in machines. Totally the senders fault .
  8. I never wear gloves . pre 1920 .925 silver no point . Gold No point . I see the point if 999 silver fresh from the mint. I saw a video the other day , guy had cotton gloves on all the time, and the coins never left the capsules 😆
  9. I bought a Sovereign the other day from ebay and I just assumed the seller would send SD . People don't always list the correct postage but they nearly always come SD. This one was normal post. I'm still waiting. I know they have problems at the local office . But if it hasn't arrived by Wednesday i shall be putting in a claim . As far as i'm concerned , i paid immediately , how it was posted and will it arrive is not my problem .
  10. As a business seller i would say you're correct . As an individual selling the odd coin then the risk is all yours . I posted a coin worth £60 the other day Special Delivery , the buyer paid the cost. Another thing to keep in mind is SD should arrive next day , even if you've had no mail for weeks as has happened in some parts of the country .
  11. Bit of a gray area . Old coins which are no longer tender and are for collectible purpose only are allowed . So modern coins could all depend on the interpretation of whoever is dealing with the claim on the day. ( Bank notes in birthday card won't be covered) I am surprised they have increased the value to £50 . In my experience i would say the signed for is a total waste of time. It's basically advertising to a unscrupulous person that something value is inside. And because people don't read the small print, that something could be worth far more than £50 . It's not actually signed for by the person now, but the post person and is usually just posted . Special Delivery is totally different . It's kept apart from all other mail , has it's own securer sorting station , the postman on the round must sign to say he has got the item. And of course it's insured and supposed (not always) next day delivery . For an extra £4 over signed it's a no-brainer , but it's astonishing how many people take risks. The buyer is the one who pays postage and probably wants cheaper mail, but its the sender who takes all the risks and the hassle of making a claim.
  12. http://rg.ancients.info/guide/pocket.html
  13. You wouldn't want to see my pocket piece. I'd be worried seeing a grown man fiddling in his pockets . This time of year i would prefer a conker or two rather than a coin .
  14. If it said at the local delivery office i'd have gone down there with ID and said i wanted it . Its a bit odd because even if they are short staffed SD are always given priority and sent out the day they arrive .
  15. Yes it's back to 1pm . Not sure if you'll get a refund as probably something in the small print about suspicious parcels . Any way i'm waiting for a SD today . Never arrived. So i text the bloke. It's in the post. First class not tracked . Give me strength .
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