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  1. As i say , not a problem on bullion but proofs would be a nightmare.
  2. If it was a 1oz Proof , i would be devastated.
  3. The topic has probably been mentioned many times before , for which i apologize
  4. I took a photo of a 1/10 Britannia Gold to sell on eBay . Only when i saw the photo did i notice the dreaded red spot . Magnified it looks massive but hardly noticeable with the naked eye. I have one on a slabbed coin. I find them annoying. I can't understand a copper spot on a .9999 coin ? A sovereign fair enough .
  5. That wasn't his eBay name. I'm sure he was legit and dealt with many people in the UK , just i didn't need the hassle . I think he was taking the most risks to be honest.
  6. No, this guy was Japanese . He came across as quite rude , maybe because of language differences .
  7. The US debt clock is very interesting. Especially the dollar to Gold/Silver ratio now compared to 1913 , (the creation of the Fed) . Silver $2.65 in 1913 . Today $4.909 . Gold $28.83 in 1913. Today $35,146 😮 Also paper to silver ratio 188.52
  8. Just adding the seller to my Blocked Seller list. It's easy to forget how bad some sellers/buyers were over the years. I have now ten people on the list .
  9. That's what i thought was odd. Thanks to the forum i understand how much form filling is involved in sending a coin for grading. Yet this guy is thousands of miles away , buying blind . What if it was damaged badly. Graded terribly ? Would he expect a refund LOL
  10. You're right. Far too expensive coin to mess about. That's why i cancelled the sale immediately .
  11. I had a strange experience today. I sold my Three Graces on eBay. The seller paid up THEN asked questions about condition etc. Then we stated he wanted it posted to NGC in London, i had to value it at £100 , and not use a lot of packaging ? Not sure what he meant by £100 . As i offered free postage Special Delivery and was going to pay extra insurance up to £2000 , no way was i going to value the coin at £100 . It made no sense. Then he replied he was a dealer in Japan and often bought coins this way, they got it graded and forwarded on to him. I cancelled the sale. No doubt he was genuine
  12. Anyone willing to buy for £950 plus 3 Sovereigns ? Any age as long as decent condition ( a 2016 would be great ) . The coin is shown. I can't see any major scuffs ,marks . I don't like the way the coin rattles in the capsule but they must all be the same. Thank You.
  13. until the price settles i don't think people want to risk such an exchange.
  14. £155. Special Delivery included in the price .
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