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  1. You may know me too well. Although I did send some distraction flares out by bouncing around other threads.
  2. Just to avoid any possible cry of foul play... £752.00 That's an increment of more than £1.
  3. Is there still 5 minutes left? Too early to snipe. 🤣
  4. That's gorgeous. Send it to me and I'll photograph it. 😉 Might even send it back... kidding! 🤣
  5. Oooh, nice. I got to buy one of these.
  6. Some (normal size) gold, and some more big silver. Thanks to @goluckystayhappy for the Buffalo, and @Charverdude for the Double Sovereign, the 10oz Brit and the 10oz Lion. (Conflicted about the sov, since the plastic in the card is very poor, especially for photos, but removing it from the card is also wrong. Ah well.)
  7. I'm waiting for the "£702.50 + spoon" bid.
  8. I do love 10oz coins. They have a beauty all of their own, especially close up. I received a QB Completer today, to go with my Lion of England, Yale, Griffin and Falcon. I think they are beautiful, and look forward to completing my collection. (In capsules, so most of the scratches and reflections are on the plastic.)
  9. A little more silver this time. Not sure what Father Christmas has to do with Fiji. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks to @J90ord for the (other) fuzzy animals.
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