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  1. 2018 Red Dragon of Wales 1/4 Gold Proof The dragon has been imprisoned. At least he's a PF70.
  2. 2007 Proof Full Sovereign I decided to reshoot this coin for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I actually missed the focus on the front edge - just didn't notice. You can see it's soft around the 3 o'clock edge. I simply didn't start the focus stack closer enough, and just didn't notice. Secondly, I think the back lighting I used to brighten the rim, is a little too bright. It's caused a lot of quite distracting reflection, and if the edge was in focus it would probably glare. I don't want the rim to be brighter than the face, just visible. The new version is definitely sharper. Quite a different colour also, so I'm wondering if I need to calibrate my lights again to get the white balance retuned. Anyway, prefer this second version.
  3. Yep. This is an advanced tip - premium subscribers only 🤣.
  4. Collected an amazing haul of conserved and graded coins from our @GoldDiggerDave. All of these came back MS/PF70. Lovely... 2023 Coronation Quintuple Sovereign BU 2018 Queens Beasts Red Dragon 1/4oz Proof 2022 Memorial Piedfort Sovereign Proof 2007 Proof Full Sovereign Proof
  5. Ticket number 32 is the WINNER! Congratulations @PapaLazarou!
  6. A little over 2 hours to go. There are currently 49 valid tickets.
  7. Since I have not heard from you, I will discard ticket 47.
  8. Extra reminder to @Thelonerangershorse, @silverJEF and @MarkJ1576. You currently hold tickets but are not at the correct membership level for inclusion in the tombola. To be included, please upgrade your membership to at least GOLD, before the deadline tomorrow.
  9. Hi @Cking83 I noticed that you have claimed two tickets. Unfortunately, you may only keep one. Which ticket number would you like to keep?
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