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  1. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea which is why I felt I should post it! 1/2 oz of 999 gold #17 of #95 minted. Not keen on the actual coin design TBH but I got a cracking deal so I'm happy.
  2. Interesting topic! I understand the obligations and responsibilities placed on business owners when it comes to following the regulations but I personally just don't want the hassle of providing different forms of ID. In addition, I'm a bit paranoid about data security and so it does put me off when such requirements are involved. Perhaps I'm alone in this respect but thought I'd mention that it does influence where I purchase from - even though I promise I'm not up to any funny business!
  3. Cheers, Liam! I shall take a look 👍
  4. Thanks for your reply! It is indeed interesting to think about a coin's story. There's just so many possibilities bundled into one little piece of metal that has a societal and cultural value. I did notice what looked like clamp marks and imagine you're right which makes it even more interesting to me. I wonder why it was mounted into some kind of jewellery!
  5. Wow, fair play! Thank you.. Just noticed that its composition is listed as copper which is leaving me a bit confused.. .. I looked for a silver variant on there but couldn't find one. Pretty sure mine silver so I've just weighed it to check the difference. Pretty rare! 👍
  6. SlowFrog

    1678.. Unknown

    This silver coin/medal was given to me by my dad when I was very young. He had no interest in coins so no idea where he got it. Part of this story will make some of you numismatic folk pull your hair out. I clearly recall proudly showing it to one of my uncles who proceeded to rub his thumbnail back and forth across the face of the coin to, "work out if it's really silver". I snatched it back but he'd already done the damage you can still see clearly some 30 years later (scratches)! I've kept it in a box ever since but still know absolutely nothing about it. I've tried searching but to no avail. If anyone knows anything about its history it'd be much appreciated!
  7. Nice product! Does indeed look premium and expensive. From my perspective, I don't have enough to justify spending a lot. I rely on a combination of methods inc a neodymium magnet, measurements, weight, a loupe for visual issues and a 'ping test' comparison. Sometimes I might even go as far as a specific gravity test with some distilled water and a bit of thread! Given all that, I think I'd be tempted to go for a reliable testing option if it was under £250 - anything above and it probably doesn't make too much sense for me personally. Best of luck regardless!
  8. @Bigmarc I can't stop laughing because that is so, so accurate. Absolutely brilliant. @trozau This is terrible but I'm getting Medusa vibes! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b3/fe/3e/b3fe3e23b644b414130db1cfbf2490cc.jpg
  9. I'm totally with you and @prichaon the 2012 (it's one of the few that I do actually have) and as for that Harry and Meghan monstrosity - I reckon I'd have to get that melted down.. lol. Your George III sovereign looks absolutely awesome apart from his unfortunate profile. What's going on with his bulgy eyes? I find it upsetting..
  10. Not Mr. Pistrucci's finest work, I have to say! To be fair to him, perhaps he created an accurate depiction of old George but I find his profile so repulsive that I would honestly trade it for any coin of a similar value if I had one!
  11. Bit of a lighthearted topic but given that I'm relatively new to this whole coin collecting/buying thing, I'd love to see some ugly coins! It's a shame I can't really start it off with one of my own but I will say that I don't think I could bring myself to buy one with the face of George III.. On a slightly related note, my first purchases were a couple of 2015 sovereigns and after since buying some oldies, I have to say that the new sovereigns look ugly in comparison! Much prefer the yellow gold look. All subjective of course but it'd be great to see some contenders.
  12. The pattern is more like a cross-hatch so lines cross in both directions - I think the light might just be picking out certain lines and giving that impression. I totally see what you mean, though - looks that way in the pic!
  13. Chards is definitely one of them!
  14. Hi! I purchased 2 Britannia gold coins recently, both minted in the same year. I'm relatively new to this so I was surprised to see they differed quite significantly in colour given that they're 'pure' gold. Each coin came from different bullion dealers - 2 of the most respected here in the UK so I don't for a moment doubt their authenticity. I am however curious as to why they look so different so any thoughts/insights would be much appreciated! It's way more noticeable in real life but in the following 2 photographs, the coins switch positions when they're flipped over. One is more gold-like, and they other more reflective/silvery. Yellow coin = 31.14 grams Paler silvery/metallic coin = 31.25 grams
  15. Thanks for the info! I've not yet seen any marks left by my DIY thing but I haven't tested it with any proof-like coins and don't think I would - especially given what you've just said. There's quite a choice of 'nubs' out there for the DIY one because it has a flat surface - you can find all sorts of self-adhesive options made of silicone, hard plastic, rubber, sponge etc. The coloured things I stuck to the pink sponges are hemispheric in shape and hard plastic - it means the surface area touching the coin is absolutely minimal which I believe would also enable the coin to ring better but I have absolutely no scientific proof to back that up!
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