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  1. My wife would slyly check the weight so consider yourself lucky
  2. Lovely! What I'll never understand is how something like this has a face value of £5 when the a 1kg silver completer is £500. I mean, the completer most probably deserves the £500 but surely this should be at least the same?!
  3. Received this little pretty thing today!
  4. Absolutely agree! For my personal collection, I wouldn’t buy this design at spot silver/gold price. Each to their own and all that but I think it’s shocking. It looks like like a really bad attempt to recreate an old design. Nothing about it has an authentic feel. The extrusion of it is kind of sharp and flat like badly embossed Photoshop clip art. The sort of thing you’d see in a tutorial for beginners. I’m undoubtedly in a minority but just had to get that off my chest!
  5. Hi, just a quick one to say he's only missing .02 of a gram. Haven't checked current spot price for a gram but can't imagine he's lost more than a quid. Not sure those scales are super accurate IMHO and could easily be close to 0.01 out which I'd say makes the tolerances either side probably in normal range? I wouldn't be worried if they were my bars.
  6. My photographs are pretty terrible as usual but I received my first graded/slabbed coin today! Thanks to @goluckystayhappy
  7. I'm with Leon. Also been watching with interest but felt it was a huge premium. I do feel that in the long-run, those that hold on to them won't lose anything. On a related note - and I know this is entirely subjective - but I've seen a lot of love for the new coin but it fell flat for me. For me, the beauty of the original Gothic crown wasn't fully translated due to the fact it's only really on one side. Having a standard Elizabeth II design on the other side just seems wrong to me. The original Victoria portrait with its gorgeous border and font is a thing of beauty and I personally would have at least liked to see some kind of nod to that in the new coin. At least use the font?! That might have been enough to lure me in
  8. You're actually spot on in many ways. Seems ridiculous to me too even though I've joined in. I don't even like the new sovereigns.. lol. I've gone for it because I'm looking at it like a trade of fiat for spot-price gold. With the state of the economy and growing debt I know which I'd rather have it in!
  9. I was just browsing the Royal Mint's site and see they have this coin in stock for over £1200. Great price mate - surprised it hasn't been snapped up.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I've just bought one and had it go through okay as well. Fingers crossed then..
  11. Hello Max! Thank you for posting photographs of your coin - it is in beautiful condition! The edge of my coin is so badly damaged that I couldn't read the inscription properly so I appreciate the additional information.
  12. Received this silver (.986) beauty today. Edge is mangled which is a shame because it should have some writing on there. Seems very odd considering that the faces look really decent condition!
  13. Okay, so I probably have the worst camera of any forum member but I got this recently and absolutely love it!
  14. That's a really interesting and transparent post, Lawrence. Thanks for the insight 👍
  15. I completely forgot about those. Quite like them and may have to pick some up now that you've reminded me..
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