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  1. For Silver that's my end game, no more no less. At todays prices it's ~£10k - £12k each in silver depending how/when they choose to offload. I'll be buying Gold along the way but the focus will be on silver, overall a similar amount of both in terms of value would be a nice amount to gift them.
  2. I'm the opposite @Bigmarc, a beginner to the world of PM stacking but often read the rule of thumb is ~5% of wealth. Over the next umpteen years I'll build a stack of Brits for the kids, a box each should be achievable, a similar value in Gold (Sovs or other CGT exempt coins) so overall will expect to be around that at the end of the day.
  3. I'm way too late to buy a set of QBs at reasonable prices but if they do a set of these in 1/4 Oz Gold I'm tempted to get on board, the the current feedback on the Silver's does worry me so will hold fire and wait.
  4. IMHO I don't see major mints allocating numbers to coins as minted, it would likely increase premiums too much, unlike watches with matching numbers engraved on the movement, case and accompanying cards/documentation.
  5. What am I, less than a month in? Now I'm up to 20oz of Brits 😲 I'm building a collection up for each of them over the years, I'll then simply start stacking whilst also buying the odd Sovereign. I'm also looking to create a list of automatic updates for deals as well as searches on eBay etc. If coins are under spot I'll place a few bids, even if I only win one every now and then, it's a small win and will chip away at the overall premium - makes the game of collecting/stacking more enjoyable. Still need to invest in a few extras to check weights, size etc. but a good set of cal
  6. So tempted to go for a tube of 1oz Beskar bars... ... this is the way.
  7. Thank-you Gordy, thankfully my average is a lot less than £35.00 😎 The way I'm reading things at the moment is that PMs shot up Feb/Mar last year, I wonder why... Time will tell if it drops, holds or shoots depending on any following recession or so called squeeze - I maybe fortunate and continue buying as prices settle downwards to a new normal, either way, small regular purchases and I'm sure things will even themselves out in umpteen years time. I should easily recoup before it goes to the kids, this is a long haul hobbie for me so they have a small surprise investment in the shi
  8. Well I'm one of these 'new investors'! Am I worried... meh... I'm only making frequent'ish purchases and joined after ownership of 3 ounces. I'll never realise any monetary gain as it belongs to the kids, I'm simply offering a collection and storage service, that gain is priceless. I'll be making sure they understand the Excel file, then and current spots, premiums paid etc. so if they decide to eventually sell to fund a life event down the road they should at least break even 😂
  9. Welcome Mark, another newish member here.
  10. Interesting timing that this thread has re-surfaced. My focus is to slowly build a stack of 1oz Silver Brits but will also want a similar ratio to Gold longer term. I'm either going down a 1/4 Oz Gold Brits or Sovereign route so will keeping things simple with RM tubes where possible.
  11. Thanks @Gordy Didn't know if this would be useful or if anyone has any pointers to improve, only intermediate knowledge from long ago... Here's a copy (Excel 365) of a list to use and abuse, thought I should share as a number of others have in the past which helped me put this one together. I've set up a simple list with a few details under 'Stack', this worksheet also contains a web link to spot prices which will update on opening the file. The 'Summary' worksheet is simply a pivot with a couple of calculated fields. Hope it's of use, I've just quickly added some samp
  12. Welcome aboard, similar situation here... I decided to stack/collect for the kids and after the usual browsing and watching on YouTube ended up joining. I'm still to sign up as a premium member, I'm focusing on familiarising myself with the site, looking at which direction to proceed etc. There are plenty of deals to be had from a great number of members and the cost more than covers itself vs. savings you'll make compared to buying elsewhere. Enjoy!
  13. Hello from the UK and welcome!
  14. Firstly, welcome... secondly, there's no going back 😁
  15. Welcome aboard, new here myself! It's a slippery slope once you get the bug - I was planning a budget of £100 or so for Silver per month... 2 weeks in... oops!!
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