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  1. Whoa! £1,314 - where did that come from?
  2. That's exactly my thinking, she also gets a good chunk of the pension if I pop my clogs... my missus that is, not yours 😂
  3. Wouldn't be able to save it myself if I knew it going into PMs, it would be burning a hole so to speak... as others have stated, one Sovereign per month 👍
  4. Yep, I use T22 Air-Tites also. I just bought some capsules though, not enough coins for a tube... yet!
  5. So does the 2022 Platinum Jubilee Medal, designed by Timothy Noad give us an indication?
  6. Thank-you @LawrenceChard, account created and stock alert added🙂 I'll have to scan my documents to upgrade my account tier over the weekend...
  7. I bought some Sovs on last weeks dip so couldn't afford yesterdays, any idea of the reasons behind it?
  8. Well, I didn't received the coin today but last week... chuffed to get a 2002 sovereign at last. My eldest was born back in 2002 and as such this will be a small gesture from dad once she turns 21 😍 Ag & Au... now to complete the two for the next one...
  9. I daren't look to see what's hidden in the knickers drawer 🤣
  10. First of all, many thanks @EONfor sharing your hard work with us. I'm possibly interested in a pendulum but there is one thing that dissuades me, the name on the base plate, EON BULLION. If someone is in my property - invited or not and reads this if on display somewhere, "oh! why do they have something to do with bullion?". I know we're all collectors and share our interest here on TSF but perhaps just a logo and EON as we're quite a secretive bunch about our hobby in general?
  11. An 1817 would be top of my list, then like @Stuntman one of each monarch. After that the modern proofs - 1989, 2002, 2005, 2012, 2016 & 2017 and likely 2022. Anything left I'd go for bullion to finish off a date run or two such as Gillicks, WWI or modern QEII i.e. since 2000 but also hold out a little for the first Charlie proof Sovereign.
  12. Welcome to the forum, mine was a 1oz Silver Brit, a birth year for one of my kids. I only started in March this year with sporadic buys. I've read up on some of the wealth of information posted and have setup a spreadsheet and a monthly amount of pocket money to purchase more. It's a slow process in building a stack, like you I only have limited spare cash but we'll get there 👍
  13. Welcome to TSF @Wadsworth Now... top tip - open a bank account quick to hide your future purchases from your significant other 😂
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