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  1. Welcome, you've come to the right place to learn, and to quickly empty your wallet 😆
  2. Hello @FlorinCollector Do you have the boxes etc?
  3. Did they drop the EU equivalent of VAT? They really need to consider adding a UK distributer...
  4. Don't start, you'll set@HerefordBullyun off again 😆
  5. Hello @richatthecroft Interested in the third option but waiting on delivery of 1x 2022 Bu Sovereign.
  6. Exactly what I'm holding out for... I'll be going for 1/4oz gold when they show up, meanwhile it's SO tempting to hit the button for the 1oz silver proof repeater.
  7. Fine by me, keeps my 1 per month going while I'm still recovering 😅
  8. Oh. My. Word! Holy wowzers, congratulations on receiving that stack
  9. Due to the recent Silver purchase and subsequent jump?
  10. Finally got my Sov today from Harrington & Byrne, now waiting on the next from Bleyer's... ...2022 has been an expensive year already with the proof coins as well 🙈🙉🙊
  11. Nothing from the postie today, hopefully tomorrow 🤞
  12. Checked my account this morning, no change but now is also showing as complete so assume it changed today.
  13. I'm sure the same was thought regarding the 2002, 2005, 2012 etc... all now have a premium to some extent vs. other bullion years. I only started stacking last year so have to pay the premiums from dealers or individuals alike if I want any of these. As others start stacking in the future the 2022 will be similar, any coins I'm buying this year and to some extent early next will be 2022 for this reason and in a few years time...
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