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  1. Hello @matt1r - I could be up for a trade, does it still come with the boxes?
  2. I've been on TSF ~18 months or so and signed up with a Silver membership earlier this year. Is it worth it, do we need to persuade you, that really depends on what you want out of the forum? You see listings straight away rather than 3 days later which means you get access to the deals to buy there and then and often at a good price. It opens up a few sub forums also where there's a wealth of info from fellow members and some interesting topics, the Compare tab is also useful also to glean current dealer prices on popular coins. It also opens up the next level of Prize Drawers, you never know... TBH I haven't bought that much since Gold spiked but imho I've made my membership fee back in savings already.
  3. Still hoping for a COA, interested also in the boxes if someone is willing to part with the set...?
  4. I've been holding fire on some purchases since the big jump earlier this year. Seeing history it seems obvious it will eventually drop again and that's when I'll kick start the habit again... question is when and by how much? It will be sometime before things settle again as the roller-coaster is just getting started.
  5. Can't make this one now, gutted... Done my back a couple of weekends back and it's still giving me issues 😞
  6. As per title, I'm looking for a COA for a 2002 Proof Sov if anyone has one spare. Many thanks in advance.
  7. They just don't get it's a great hobby to save money..
  8. 😂 Just before I took the dog for a walk SWMBO came home from work and I told her I've been invited out to London... ...London, can I come? Sure but I'm not sure you would enjoy it. ?? It's a coin fair. 🙄
  9. Would be great to put faces against some names, first coin related trip to boot...
  10. Tempted tag along for a pint... Depending on if SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) lets me out to play...
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