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  1. The piece looks amazing, love the work.
  2. SilverAg

    I'm wrong?

    The price cap only applied to standard variable tariffs (SVT's) as historically these were the companies 'default tariffs' that customers would be placed on if they actively didn't manage their tariff. As as consequence, in the event you moved on a SVT you had a bit of protection from excessive prices. The cap wasn't required for fixed tariffs as this was the market companies would compete in to obtain your service. Albeit the competitive pricing of fixed tariffs was offset by charging SVT customers more. Although the companies are now unhappy with the price cap and it being restrictive for their pricing. Its worth remembering that this cap was only forced upon companies becasue they were overcharging consumers for years. It feels poetic that they now reap what the sow.
  3. I've just started buying silver. I didn't reaslise they could be such beautiful pieces of art.
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