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  1. Fake news on slv, so attention gets taken from GME AMC
  2. Is anyone else annoyed by precious metals dealers trying to take over the action from GME or DOGE currently going on? I keep getting these emails, slv squeeze is coming and that is NOT the case whatsover! Nobody is talking about it, someone blabbered out one post and now dealers hooked up on it.
  3. HAHAHA, this sums up the talks about grading and special coins. Keep buying what is lowest, it is all silver at the end of the day.
  4. Hello Forum Members! I would need your advice on my situation. I have a parcel sent from UK to Croatia and per track records, it says it has been awaiting dispatch since 15th October. Seller tried contacting them and they said it had to go by land so it would take up to Dec 8th. I think it is BS from their side. I am trying to make a claim or contact them in any way, but I am having difficulties finding contact since their "help" site is constructed so it runs you in circles. Any help would be most apreciated. Thanks! Chronix
  5. You will spend the premium difference on one dinner. Go get yourself damn buffalo!!! 😆
  6. XRFs scan only surface, sigmas goes a bit deeper as I understand. Had couple of eagles tested and they showed green-ish on sigma but weird thing is they showed 31.25-ish grams. anyone else got that?
  7. Everybody is talking about high premiums these days, but are they really??? Just yesterday i sold couple of ounces to a reputable dealer for 24 pounds per oz. Spot price was around 20. Usual prices yesterday were 25-26 pounds/oz. Anybody else realises that?
  8. I have never heard anyone in my life stacking metals. Did not know that existed. Until last year a friend from Belgium answered the question: where do I invest? He screamed: Bullion! ...and thats how i caught the silver(gold) bug.
  9. Am i mistaken or did the silver price just fell from aprox. 27,5gbp/oz to 24,5gbp/oz? As i see it, there are 3 silver prices. Spot price which is aprox 20gbp, dealers price which is aprox 27,gbp, and second market (tsf) which was 27,5 in the last week or two. Now all the sudden its dancing around 24,5. Correct me if I am dead wrong, please, because I am busting my brain with this..
  10. So, what if? As you all know gold is not taxed in EU. White metals are. What if suddenly goverments decide to remove taxation of silver? What effect would you expect and what are the chances of that happening?
  11. Wow amazing ! really that was fast collecting! Congratz!
  12. pandas no doubt about it.
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