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  1. To be honest, yes, definetly feeling better without drinking. Just have not decided to quit, hehe! (1-2 beer or 1-2 schnapps in 2 days is my norm). It is great to hear that u decided to quit and have so much positive experience! Everyone should follow that example. I went the other way to relax my stress and partially quit my job. More time to enjoy nature and life. Stress makes me wanna drink.
  2. No. I feel better desinfecting my throat with schnapps after hard day at work. 😆
  3. those rounds look like phillies done something wrong to you so they got splat 🤣
  4. my thoughts on what to buy first were: what motivates me. Personally, being new stacker, I find gram gold so tiny that is depressing. 😂 so i bought little nice stack of silver first to feel like I actualy own something. this would be one way of looking at it... 😆
  5. Chronix

    European Mint

    Crazy times...
  6. yeah, paolo is selling some krugs, check the threads
  7. so how can somebody profit from negative prices of oil? i dont get that part
  8. https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/CL=F?p=CL=F
  9. I have noticed the same, but my bet would be they just took it off. 9k in one day? unlikely.. if tru, then WOW! It is interesting how most of dealers have kangaroos in stock.
  10. Why are pandas stored in trays and not tubes? Libertad tube is perfect dimension for pandas, think you can store more than 25 in them.
  11. Best dealer and site I have come across. Prices are very competitive and I would have no worries about preoder. Just got the order I made during The Crash of 2020. There was anxiety but everything went perfectly fine, I want to thank EU Mint for the professional work they do. Go for it!
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