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  1. You will spend the premium difference on one dinner. Go get yourself damn buffalo!!! 😆
  2. XRFs scan only surface, sigmas goes a bit deeper as I understand. Had couple of eagles tested and they showed green-ish on sigma but weird thing is they showed 31.25-ish grams. anyone else got that?
  3. Everybody is talking about high premiums these days, but are they really??? Just yesterday i sold couple of ounces to a reputable dealer for 24 pounds per oz. Spot price was around 20. Usual prices yesterday were 25-26 pounds/oz. Anybody else realises that?
  4. I have never heard anyone in my life stacking metals. Did not know that existed. Until last year a friend from Belgium answered the question: where do I invest? He screamed: Bullion! ...and thats how i caught the silver(gold) bug.
  5. Am i mistaken or did the silver price just fell from aprox. 27,5gbp/oz to 24,5gbp/oz? As i see it, there are 3 silver prices. Spot price which is aprox 20gbp, dealers price which is aprox 27,gbp, and second market (tsf) which was 27,5 in the last week or two. Now all the sudden its dancing around 24,5. Correct me if I am dead wrong, please, because I am busting my brain with this..
  6. So, what if? As you all know gold is not taxed in EU. White metals are. What if suddenly goverments decide to remove taxation of silver? What effect would you expect and what are the chances of that happening?
  7. Wow amazing ! really that was fast collecting! Congratz!
  8. We are just missing the photo of that monster box! PHOTO! PHOTO! Glad you got it and buying anything worth that much is always stressful.
  9. pandas no doubt about it.
  10. its 2017, capsules are ugly but coins are PERFECT condition. thats what i was telling you its a hassle to get them out! hahaha
  11. Pardon my ignorance, but can somebody elaborate on this? I have some 30ish pandas and they are all in capsules. I find them a hassle to store and "stack". capsules are concave! So i figured, why not put them in a tube? I continued my elaborate reasearch finding that 30g pandas are exactly the same size as Libertads only slightly thinner. So I moved on to see how would that work in reality. Turns out, Libertad tubes are perfect for storing exactly 30 panda coins! Heureka! I find that waaay easier way to store it or transfer them, conveniently placed in a tube. Why pandas are in a caps
  12. No need to panic. I had similar experience with OTHER companies, NEVER EU mint, and things got sorted out every time. Especialy that you have monster box order (congrats on that! 😛) that would mean company is doomed if something like that went wrong. Your emails just have not got to the right people. Thats why this forum is awesome, your request will definetly be heard. Be patient and you will get your ultimate unboxing therapy. 😁
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