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  1. Hi. I was a previous investor in Allied Nevada Gold prior to name change to Hycroft mining and mudrick capital takeover. I therefore own hymcz warrants and have previously owned hycmw warrants. I would not touch this with a bargepole, Having been well burnt before due to the low grade nature and cost/operations problems. I have very little expectation of the hymcz warrants being of any meaningful value prior to their expiry in Oct 2022. Having previously respected Eric sprott I'm starting to suspect his judgement somewhat with this investment! I am curious to what uranium Co AMC have previously invested so I can do further research. I have only a small uranium holding but feel I should be upping this for the next few year time frame. Cheers
  2. Good look with your collection. I too look forward to seeing it. 🙂
  3. Im sure I have a 1977 cupro nickel silver jubilee that I could probably bring myself to part with!! 😉
  4. I have reluctantly decided to let this stunning matte sovereign go. Limited edition of only 1200 coins. Never removed from capsule. It appears to be a good specimen from the Royal Mint, however photos included for your own appraisal. Price includes Special delivery. UK only Thanks PhilB
  5. Beautiful Spanish Lynx coin!!!! 😍😍
  6. Beautiful design though. Well done sir. I think that over the past 100 years the 1989 sovereign is the closest design to anything of the quality produced by William wyon
  7. I think William Wyon would be non too impressed if he saw what the Royal Mint were sending out when paying " tribute to one of the most talented engravers to work on British coinage"
  8. I cannot believe that these coins have not had the better ones picked out!! I also rsceived the silver 2oz portrait coin today which like the QA coin appears to have been packed in a talcum powder factory!! The capsule was open on the portrait and I will certainly never buy another silver proof coin frtom RM again. Gold only which shows what quality they are capable of producing. I believe theseto be the remnants after picking for grading or dealers possibly. Never again. Why can I buy Perth mint nonproof or Munich mint products such as the Somalian elephants at a fraction of the cost of these proofs with quality far superior?? The silver portraits we have seen on here today looks like the trainee dept have been left alone with no supervision! Very disappointing, pre selected silver coins I suspect, and not for me!
  9. They are beautiful!! Both a Nice investment and a Stunning sight!
  10. sounds like the best solution for everyone. it would require mint production dept to keep up with the marketing team, which they appear unable to do!!!
  11. Duh. I think no general release but continuation allocated and A. M. Sales only for the portrait!
  12. Looks like you are on the path to rehab! Most of us are still in denial 😂😂
  13. Are people just checking the G. E. Gothic crown page? Or is there another link/page? ?
  14. Maybe we have l just bought into the vicious rumour re portrait release today?? Has anyone seen an emall from the royal mint informing of a new release today??
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