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  1. The Yale 1/4 proof has the lowest max mintage of 1000 👍 The Lion of England 1/4 proof was £455 when issued and postage was free back in the good old RM days 😄 Investment wise it is far better to buy bullion sovereigns easier to sell much more liquid and a lot less hassle than selling secondhand proofs in a fancy box .
  2. £1342 was the moment Trump departed on Marine One £1370 was the moment before Joe Bidens Inauguration 👍
  3. Midasfrog

    Fake Sovereign?

    Victoria half sovereigns are quite collectable and hold their value well even in worn condition. Its a bullion grade so I would keep it for what it is , It will be easy to sell in future 👍
  4. Gold is only £23 short of its 3 month low of £1323 Monday might see it go even lower , some great buying chances for mid January 👍
  5. I think its due to the lockdown rules , fear of the faster spreading variant , not wanting to risk being in a post office and also delays with the postal system. Selling PMs can wait for a few weeks until things improve plus there is also the chance that silver and gold will increase . 😷
  6. Very interesting story thank you for keeping us up to date 👍 it must be quite a rare trial coin if the Royal Mint dont have one in their collection. Looks like there was some round bimetal trial coins made but I cant find anything to match your coin .
  7. I cant see gold dropping below its three month low of £1323 on 30th November last year. We still have some very difficult weeks and months ahead of us when recession really takes a hold .
  8. A 50% drop in Crypto is normal and expected sorts out the boys from the girls 😂 the time to buy Crypto tokens is now. Gold price holding steady today 😃
  9. DHL stole my new carpet 😂 well nearly ....they delivered it to a house further down my road. I checked online and it said your item has been delivered. I had a look around the garden and not a carpet to be seen anywhere 😨 Later that day I went out in the car for some reason got to the end of the road and just happened to spot the rolled up carpet stuffed inside a front porch 😅 I wasnt to pleased about having to get it back home .
  10. Uk became a travel and trade island overnight due to the new corona variant . Plus continued problems with Brexit talks . Crypto trading continues to spread , with traders switching some of their gains into gold . I can see gold going past 1500 by Christmas and maybe 1600 by the end of January as the Pandemic continues 😷
  11. The story has now made it into a magazine 👍 interesting to read that the first few coins were found eyes only just laying on the surface at the edge of a field.
  12. Midasfrog

    Gold Finds!

    James 1st Gold Unite 1604 -1619 Found on 8th December 2020 by a metal detectorist 👍 A beautiful hammered gold saved from plough 🙂
  13. They have done sales before but you have to watch their prices . Its a bit of a fiddle , if they advertise 5% off on all bullion read the small print , it is only 5% off the bullion premium and a few days early the prices may have increased by a % If you shop around you will be able to find cheaper either with other dealers or on the forum 👍
  14. Like @kimchi says it will more than likely be a series of beasts on the 50ps its been done on every other size coin except the 10p 5p 2p &1p 😂 The 50p Beasts will give the Mint plenty of scope for variations in BU and proofs , in every type of metal you can think of 🙈
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