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  1. Very low in supply and still very high in demand 👍 The Royal Mint Bullion was only selling the latest releases when I last checked so looks like they stopped production long ago . Checking Atkinsons now and again they dont even have the latest designs in stock at the moment.
  2. Might be worth putting a wanted add on the forum for COA and boxs . The box is the same as the proof sovereign. Ebay is also a good place to find boxs and COAs 👍
  3. Have you contacted any celebrities via facebook or twitter with matching initials ? Richard and Judy 👍
  4. Have you called HMRC they are very helpful with advice over the phone they will also be able to help with any refunds that are due 👍
  5. The gold price increase may be partly due to all non essential shops reopening in the UK including Jewellery shops selling / buying gold
  6. I may have to adjust the prices now after todays sharp rise in Gold price 😅 Sovereigns are closer £320 this evening 🙈
  7. I dont mind paying for postage on top as I have managed to pick up proof sovereigns at bullion prices from the same dealer so have found its best to be fair and cover the cost of any postage 👍
  8. Just been asked the question what would I buy bullion Sovereigns and 1oz Krugerrands for today ? 13th April 2021 Checking the sales bullion sovereigns seem to be selling for £310 each , bullion Krugerrands normally sell fairly close to spot ( £1255 ) so between £1260 - £1270 What do you say ?🙄 A mile out or spot on 🧐
  9. Queen Elizabeth II Crowns sold as one group lot of ten all in capsules All in good condition as per photos £9.50 + 2nd signed for UK post £3.50 Payment by bank transfer please
  10. Yes I agree with @dicker something is odd about this coin , St Georges head and the horses head has a double image
  11. The 2019 Queen Victoria 200th anniversary set and the 2019 double sovereign have sold well on ebay , plus are popular.
  12. The Forum is the best place to buy Sovereigns 👍 Great prices + Great pictures + Great sellers + Trusted members + Faster postage + Feedback system for both seller & buyer to leave positive comments . Many listings are set at a lower price than dealers and without any problems , no unwanted phone calls or piles junk mail 😅
  13. Still really cheap even at that price if you pay using 1 BTC you will still have £10,000 leftover 😅
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