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  1. The Chinese Back Street Mint are watching this post with great interest and have already roughed out some Sovereign dies with this shield design probably due for release on Alibaba mid November 😂 🤣
  2. In a slab the label would read something like this : 1917 Sov Brass Took off mount well rubbed Very rare 😂😂😂
  3. Nice deal but these are 6.1% over spot 🙂 which is a high premium for bullion
  4. They look really good 👍 who made the die coin punches for you? looking forward to your youtube links
  5. I added a note when I made the purchase for the 1/4oz ..... " Dear RM Please could you just send a replacement out as the one I ordered will probably have a few marks and blemishes , thanks " 😂😂
  6. Atkinsons have some post 2012 in for £1351 if thats any good 👍
  7. jewellerystation.co.uk might be an option looks like a good website with prices per meter under £33 👍
  8. A quick google and I found a cheaper supplier wires.co.uk 👍
  9. Weekend bump and final reduction before going to auction £435 each plus post Free postage if both purchased 👍
  10. Midasfrog

    Passive Income

    One sovereign every month 👍
  11. Looking back over the last few years am I correct in thinking gold drops towards the end of the year Oct Nov Dec then regains ground from January. October and November might see some good buying chances 🤞
  12. Next Monday £1275 again probably 🤣
  13. If anyone needs a Granny im selling one to fund this next series of beasts I could always buy her back if the collection does well 😂😂
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