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  1. Midasfrog

    Wow. How much?

    I think this may have gone into the Tyrant collection just checked and they have a MS63 so it could be the same coin. www.thetyrantcollection.com
  2. Midasfrog

    Wow. How much?

    The Brasher Doubloon sold for 7.395 m US Dollars 😁
  3. Still plenty being sold on ebay and some in slabs . Glad you managed to get your money back @Tn21
  4. Its a fake coin only contains 0.024oz of gold 🙈
  5. Maybe its just reading the 24ct plated surface , looks a bad fake probably iron core 🙈 He has two half sovereigns selling both are 24ct
  6. Think its only just started gold is now behaving like a crypto
  7. Thanks I will keep a look out for any of those tubes , think I have seen some empty tubes being sold on the auction site 👍
  8. Have been using the Lighthouse capsules with airtite rings , they have an external diameter of 37mm . What storage tubes can I use and where can I purchase them from ? Thank you for any help and advice 👍
  9. You must be typing slowly 😋 I just looked and it was 1556.58 😂
  10. Midasfrog

    Gold bars

    The cheapest I have seen is on the silver forum 😃
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