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  1. The two bedroom semi looked like very good value for money at £80k , prices will increase with demand over the coming years 👍
  2. In case any Landlords are reading this thread there is always help out there when you need it 👍
  3. I doubt very much that we are heading for any kind of depression . There will be a Boom as we grow the economy out of debt . Do not underestimate how clever our young working population is at adapting and turning a negative few months into a positive future .
  4. £350 & £370 both are low bullion grades
  5. A good candidate for the melting pot it could be turned into a nice bar 😅
  6. Lion £480 , Griffin £470, Unicorn £460 👍
  7. 1/4 oz gold bullion Queens beast dragon bought new for £267 will sell today for £460 ( keeps pace with gold spot price ) 1/4oz gold proof Queens beast dragon bought new for £475 will be a struggle to sell for £550 (very slow increase in value ) I have been able to pick several proof coins up from dealers for the same price as their bullion coins which is always a bonus 👍
  8. A high percentage of collector sets , proofs and specials will end up passing through the hands of dealers at scrap bullion prices. For this reason I only collect bullion unless I really like the proof or want to do a quick flip 👍
  9. Quite a few collectors out there for tiny gold coins 👍 would love to see it in a slab 😀
  10. Collecting circulated coins dosnt cost anything in theory. The chances of finding a kew are very slim.
  11. £GBP Only please ......£1404.60 - £1412.44 😄
  12. Still on the downward slide today I hope it levels off longer enough to allow some buying time before the next shift upwards. Looking much further ahead ( 3 or 4 years ) are we going to see a similar recession that occurred after the Roaring 20s The Spanish Flu had four waves and lasted for two years followed by the Roaring 20s then a deep recession
  13. Just thinking about this ten coin series gave my bank account brain freeze 😱
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