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    This shows a good example where silver has the edge over buying gold . For anyone building a house extension or even a new build project these heavy black boxes can be used to fabricate internal and external walls. They are great for hanging radiators on , nice strong fixing points. They will also maintain their value and be useful when times are hard .
  2. I think your right about that Xi Jinping is a stacker and collector . Hes got his own mines and he also imports to add to his collection paying prices that are lower than he can dig it out of the ground . I don't think the Chinese people are turning 10 tones of gold into earrings every month 😄
  3. Yes in April China bought no gold from Switzerland , India bought 500kg and Hong Kong only 1kg
  4. The US has just imported a record amount of gold from Switzerland in one month 111.7 tons in April . What will happen when China and India decide its time to buy gold again ? I think when they do there will be another sudden increase in the price of gold possibly taking it close to £2000 an oz . This could happen very soon . Buying gold in very large amounts and holding for a period of time is a method of covering some of the cost of a Pandemic in that Country.
  5. Where did you buy it from ebay ? I would check it with a tester if you know someone close who has one. Gold dosnt tarnish even after being buried in the ground for hundreds of years.
  6. She posted some pictures on the forum a few years back her user name was Mrs Dead 😄
  7. Just checked the Royal Mint Bullion site most of the gold queens beasts range are now back in stock ( just the Griffin not available at the moment )
  8. Edward The Confessor , Henry VIII and Elizabeth I all said " The time to purchase gold is NOW " 😄
  9. A box of 100 should last a long time ….. but depends how often you handle the silver and gold. Also stops all the finger prints on the RM proof boxes . 😷
  10. £1449.51 a new high today ……….so far 😀
  11. They also have a very fine grip pattern on the finger tips which helps when holding coins or coins in capsules. The 100 on the box refers to single gloves not pairs as these can be used one at a time .
  12. Midasfrog

    queen's beasts

    A sovereign set with the beasts on would be a good seller
  13. GL897 Black Nitrile Medical Bodyguards Made by Polyco Healthline I picked up a couple of boxes just before covid 19 from Ebay they were £7.00 a box at the moment they are selling for £2.99 a pair . These are brilliant for holding coins as the coins don't slip out your grip , they are also powder free . Prices will probably drop again in future. They are also useful for working on the car ect
  14. If it was mine I would send it back for a refund or exchange the QC missed this one.
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