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  1. Any news back from the Fitzwilliam museum 🧐
  2. As soon as you stop buying and as soon as you start selling = you are suffering a loss 🤧😭
  3. All the time your buying and all the time its rising = all the time your gaining 😀
  4. Gold was 4% up in Thailand this week , maybe due to multiple business failures , money be pulled out of property and put into gold.
  5. Concerns over spreading coronavirus in Asian countries , Dow falls more than 700 points in the worst day since October. "Dow falls biggest drop of the year as Delta variant fears hit Wall Street Hard " I can see gold reaching new highs this year as countries with low vaccination numbers crumble under the stress of lockdowns and rising case numbers . Thailand being a prime example . £1400 spot price in August ?
  6. Looks a lovely coin 👍 these are getting hard to find now I wonder if the Yale will have the lowest mintage in the 1oz gold bullion series
  7. Thats a nice Roman coin to find in your garden I bet there are plenty more in the area probably some medieval coins to as the ground would have been cultivated for thousands of years. While the coin is damp after dabbing with a damp cloth view it at an angle and take a photo , more detail can be seen on worn coins while damp.
  8. Midasfrog


    People are now 3D printing a gun similar to the Block19 and have called it the MEGA GLOCK 19X
  9. Midasfrog


    Ebay are very slow in removing the listing ? is it because its in their best interest to keep such listing. If it was a folding multi tool with knife it would have been pulled down in minutes 😂 On the subject of fakes did anyone see the Block19 gun made to look like toy Lego bricks. In America you can make real working gun look like a toy but you cant make a toy look like a real gun crazy laws 😂 The Block19 has now been withdrawn by the gun makers after a letter from Lego was sent to them , just think how rare the few that were made will be .
  10. Midasfrog


    Reported thank you for the link 👍
  11. Midasfrog


    I wonder if his Viagra pills are fakes to or "blue man pills " as he calls them 😂 seems very dangerous to buy medication from someone who sells fake sovereigns
  12. I would purchase the beasts that are still currently available in 1/4 or 1oz depending which size you decide to collect. These will have lower premiums at the moment but the premium will increase when production has stopped or when no longer available at dealers. Buy as many as you can now and use the duplicates to swap for earlier beasts with members on the Forum 👍
  13. What beasts are you looking for and what prices are you hoping to pick them up for ?
  14. There is a beautiful Dragon 1oz gold up for sale on the forum cant remember who the seller is though 😂 Most collectors will keep the beasts in their collections once held 👍
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