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  1. A stunning five coin proof boxed set of the " African Big Five " Highly detailed Very slight mark on top of box as in picture otherwise all in excellent condition £249 + postage A lovely boxed set for £239 * PRICE REDUCED AND NOW INCLUDES SD FREE * Limited edition of 1000 Material Fine Gold Weight 0.5g Year 2019 Diameter 11mm Proof quality Country Guinea Face value 1,000 Franks Posted SD Bank transfer please thank you for viewing
  2. While in the Post Office posting some items out , picked up 5 bags of 50p Low mintage 2008 Britannia , European Union and three others 😃 Trying to get the Platinum Jubilee 50p
  3. 2018 Peter Rabbit added to the album today 👍 quite a difficult one to find in circulated change Also checking through the Shields a low mintage 2017 Shield
  4. A sealed bank bag of 500 x 50p from the post office this afternoon picked up for spot value 25 bags of mixed used coins so should be a couple of Kew gardens in this lot 😂 Opened up a few of the bags , still got ten more to open 🤔
  5. A nice selection of 60 Roman coins arrived plus some extra coins in the package thank you @Dakaras Some will be given to my grandchildren but most will be given to a local school for them to research 👍
  6. Midasfrog

    Good Dog

    Yes should be ok to keep as they were found under the back seat of the car 😂
  7. Midasfrog

    Good Dog

    How many in a tube ? 😄 Valued at £396.26 each 🤫
  8. At £1503 this morning only £77 away from the all time high 👍
  9. Not to far away from breaking through and passing the all time high of £1580
  10. 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee Medal with some nice detail for its 125 years of age Todays Charity shop pickup
  11. ATS Bullion have some in at £1762 👍
  12. Might spoil the patina look if you clean it
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