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  1. Hi, @Cscratchy. Without all the marks put together, we can not find out what assay office, what year, what maker, etc. The lion passant is the mark for sterling silver 925/1000 purity. Inside that type of shield was used for London (1300-present), Chester (1701-1962) and Sheffield (1773-present). Birmingham, Exeter, Glasgow, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Dublin used for sterling another symbols or lion in different shield. For sure it is another mark to show the City Mark (London - leopard, Birmingham - anchor, Sheffield - crown, etc.). The letter "m" should be analysed in accordance with all those marks to be find the exactly year. So, tell your friend, please, to make a picture of entire piece, having all together all the hallmarks and I am sure we can help. Cheers! Stefan.
  2. If you are 100% happy, I am 200% happy!🤗 Thank you for your bids! All the best!🤗 Stefan.
  3. Cupro-nickel, for sure!😂
  4. There are only three in this presidential dynasty: (I will use capital letters to not read the second or LL instead IL😁). KIM IL- SUNG (15 April 1912 – 8 July 1994), leader of the Korean Communist Party from 1966. KIM JONG-IL (16 February 1941 – 17 December 2011), Supreme leader from 1994. KIM JONG-UN ( 8 January 1982 - still alive), Supreme leader from 2011.
  5. Your coin is about Party Founding Museum (Pyongyang). Of course, Communist party, there are not another parties in North Korea. See picture from Wikimapia.org. This building was the "offices of DPRK President Kim Il Sung from his return (the Triumphal Return) in 1945 to October 1949. The museum accounts the formation of the Korean government following the Imperial Japanese surrender in 1945 and President Kim's organizing of the Party system, including the Second and Third Enlarged Executive Committee Meetings of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea". Wikimapia.org. Your coin was issued in 2019 (108 according to Juche calendar). The Juche calendar is an alternative dating system used in North Korea where the years are based on the Juche era. Unlike the Gregorian calendar which begins at year 1 according to the birth of Jesus Christ, the Juche calendar begins from 1912, the year of Kim Il Sung’s birth. Kim Il Sung is the founder and the Eternal President of North Korea. Using the Juche calendar, 1912 is known as Juche 1 to North Koreans. The year 2019 is therefore known as Juche 108. The name of the Juche calendar is derived from the state ideology of ‘Juche’, loosely translated to ‘self-reliance’. This ideology was developed by Kim Il Sung himself. Now, in 2022, in North Korea is 111.😁 About Saturn, I really don't know what does mean. Probably the birth of Kim Il Sung was under the good luck of this planet, I can only guess the significance. Obviously, The Earth surrounded by korean communist flag is their desire of ..... Now, you can use your imagination...😁 Enjoy your coin, my friend!🤗
  6. @LawrenceChard! You need to do something! Waiting three weeks for a reply it is [ʌnəkˈsɛptəb(ə)l].
  7. Never mind, mate! I will move in another neighbourhood. InferiorReasonableAlaskanmalamute-mobile.mp4
  8. Yeah! True! Very good advice! @jackflash123! Never do this again!
  9. Congratulations, @Orpster! Good for you, but very wrong sovereign you have chose t win, mate!
  10. Damn! @Orpster! What you have done, mate!
  11. Congratulations, @Orpster! It's 8.00pm and I have won £100 on you!🤗 @James32, you know my account, gimme my money!😜
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