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  1. Hi, Goldhunter, It is true, the waiting time is huge and cancelling fees are high. Anyway, it is good to share your experience to another people. Thank you. Stefan.
  2. One day 10% off! New price now is £180 with 1st class shipping included 😊. If unsold today, the lot will be withdrawn.
  3. One day reduction! 10% off today! Good evening, everyone! Another nice set of 6 proof Dollars and 6 Half dollars 90% silver. See pictures for condition and judge yourself.😊 Price is only £200 now £180 with 1st class included for a quick sale. This is equivalent of £10/ half dollar and £20/ full dollar. The parcel will be sent next working day after payment. Thank you for looking! Kindest regards, Stefan.
  4. If the original scrap is hallmarked, leave it like this. Will sell easier than a poured 925 bar without hallmark. If your silver is in too bad condition, you can play fire games and improve your skills.😊
  5. Hi, thank you for sharing your sad experience. Probably was very clear stated in terms and conditions, even with small writing and you can do no nothing now. Maybe it is better if you will cancel your cancellation via phone and wait another two month. I really don't know, buy I would try this rather to pay £60 for nothing. Keep us updated, and good luck! Stefan.
  6. Open now for exchange offers at the same value of £420. Maybe someone really want this beauty.😊
  7. This is my last attempt to sell this beautiful set. The bonus offered was , and the price was reduced to remain the same price of £12/coin. Two similar coins sold yesterday for £25.01 shipping included on Ebay. See https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USA-1948-Half-Dollar-Ben-Franklin-Great-condition-/203787614442?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&pageci=c7fcc5e6-bf42-40bb-9a91-b85ff37a09b1&redirect=mobile&nma=true&si=I9aOpsOpaAO9HOWeA4VNtBgh5so%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  8. To be honest, are really cheap, keeping in mind these facts: 1. All of them are in a high grade, selected carefully for a nice date run collection. 2. All of them are in capsules. 3. All of them are together a collectible date run, complete, without missing mints or coins. Even the rare and sought after years are there. 4. All of them are in a beautiful display cabinet personalised for this collection, with 12 high quality description cards about Benjamin Franklin. I wish you all the best! Stefan.
  9. Hi, dear TSF members! Today I have for sale two batches of four silver bullion bars of 100g, sealed, casted by The Gold Exchange Birmingham. Nothing more to add on description. Look nice, but nothing special. Price per lot of four bars is £300, SD included, or buy all for only £580, SD included! If these will be unsold in few days, I will sell them individually at £75 plus post at buyer's choice. The parcel will be sent next working day after payment. Thank you for looking. Kindest regards, Stefan. P.S.: I need some money to pay for my bid at @HerefordBullyun's auction. So, if you want to help my dignity, buy from me or bid on his auction.😊🤗😁
  10. Only one day reduction! Now with free shipping! It is a real bargain now a complete date run all mints for only £12/coin! Loose similar coins in lower grades are selling quick @£11/coin on Ebay.
  11. My pirate chest is ugly and old, and is not with Louis Vuitton emblem.
  12. I am talking only about me and my reasons when I am answering your question. But I am sure that more than 50% of silver stackers are the same. I am still buying silver because: 1. I really love this metal with an ancestral use history. It is beautiful and shiny, with an unique feeling in hand. 2. It is affordable to buy constantly small quantities. 3. Even I am selling sometimes from my silver, I am using that money to buy another silver in another shapes, for my joy. 4. When selling silver, can be recovered from premium on second hand market. 5. When I am buying silver, I am buying only from second hand market. 6. Even I am not a big fan of conspiracies, I am very sure that the price of silver will go up in few years. Not sky rocketing, buy enough to have a decent retirement scheme and a return of my investment. 7. My wife (typical woman) is not interested about my silver, so I have all my freedom to do what I want with my pirate treasure chest. 8. Of course, I am still buying every month small quantities of gold, to keep the balance at 50-50% value gold and silver of my stack. I feel more confident to have both metals. 9. Platinum and palladium are out of my knowledge and interest. And are too similar at appearance with silver, the difference is only in price. Kindest regards, Stefan.
  13. In term of appreciation, it is difficult to say. Actual value of 2022 double sovereign bullion is @£670. If you expect to double your money in five years, I don't think it is possible with a regular bullion. I would buy a proof to have a chance, as @Paul said, but my bet is for silver. With £670 you can buy one kilo bullion bar from forum (@£20.84/oz) or 30 x 1oz Britannia and in five years I think it is possible to double your money. For short term, flipping style, only with proofs coins in high demand you can make good money, but only if you are lucky. It is a dangerous trap there and is out of my knowledge. A chunky silver bar it is anytime more safe than a fancy and trendy coin. Kindest regards, Stefan.
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