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  1. Great shape 1 Pahlavi and 1/2 Pahlavi and very low mintage year (1344)/1965. Well done!🤗
  2. Hi. It is very common to see an extra stamp. Probably this anchor was their brand sign.
  3. Yep. Lovely... But totally another league. Nice to see it in daily use.🥰
  4. ".....decided to focus on another collection..." Do you tell us your new direction, please?....🙂
  5. If you need one, please, do not hesitate to message me! Nope. I am not using any new object without a proper cleaning and desinfection. This will wait few days, until my middle finger will be better.
  6. Weird habits have some people... (GO TO THE NAUGHTY PAGE!)😘
  7. My italian handmade silver .800 porringer used to stack my circulated .800 silver world coins is full already. So, I have bought another vase to continue my collection. The same style and maker, another volume and shape.😊
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