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  1. Cheaper than here? Catawiki is very expensive with 12.5% for sellers and another 9% for buyers, and shipping fees are ridiculous.
  2. This is the reason I am focusing from a while on buying scrap or very low premium gold and silver. The intrinsic value will be there when the time will come for me.
  3. Yes, I really enjoy this game. Even my wife...😎😃😁
  4. Yes, for moment I am not selling anymore. I'm trying now to lower my averages😀
  5. For sure, will not go to the moon, but in this uncertain times I think everyone should trust in precious metals.
  6. Hi, everyone! We can see in recent months a slowing down in the sales volume on the buy&sell section of the forum, especially on silver. What's going on? There is not enough money left for investments, people have lost interest and enthusiasm for precious metals, the decrease in the spot price for gold and silver has scared investors, buyers have moved themselves to other investments or is there another explanation? Has this happened before and is it only a period, or is it something new? I continue to buy like crazy, silver and gold, trying to make the most of the low price, especially silver 800, 835, 900, 925 and 9ct gold, focusing on buying below the melting price. I am sure this will help me later. Kindest regards, Stefan.
  7. 399 + postage. Ok, fair enough, it is true, marketing and advertising are now a science.
  8. I have checked now on Numista and this proof coin is only 1000ex. Rarity index very high. Can not be sold as bullion
  9. In my opinion the coin is priced right. The difference between proof + box and COA and bullion should be visible in price. There are too many "coins collectors" on this forum who are hunting only for scrap price and bargains, trying to take advantage over desperate sellers. Yes, 408 is 35% overspot, it is true. But this coin will keep in time this premium if will be in the same untouched condition. I'd like to buy this beauty at this price, but I am very tight at the moment with my budget and I need to keep my expenses under some limits. All the best! Stefan.
  10. Hi, nice piece. 1. Try to check if is magnetic. If not, 2. If is not having a full hallmark, try to find between decorations maybe you can find somewhere written 800, 835, 900 or another numbers. This will show you that it is continental silver. If not, go to a jeweller for a test, or better... 4. Order on Amazon or Ebay a 10ml bottle of acid test for silver. When arrived, apply a tiny drop somewhere on the bottom, on a hidden area, after you have scratched a little the surface. If it is base metal, will corrode burning in yellow, green or blue. If is pewter, will do nothing. If is silver, will turn in red and after you wipe the area will be like blood on wipe and on silver will remain a tiny white spot. The remaining acid will help you in the future when you are unsure again. All the best and keep us updated. Stefan
  11. What about EON 79-47-78, atomic numbers for gold, silver and platinum?
  12. Hi, and welcome! I think you did very well 100oz silver in 6-9 month. Well done!🤗 100oz silver are not enough for your retirement. For long term run, you need to be very consistent with your stacking. Try to set up in your monthly budget a certain percent for precious metals and buy more. But not only silver. And at the lowest premium possible, easy to sell when the time will come. I don't know your monthly income, but if is a decent one you can spend every month 15-20% for gold and silver. Example: £2500 after taxes x 20% = £500 for precious metals per month. £500 = 1 gold sovereign (£325) + 7oz silver (7 x £25 = £175) monthly. In one year you can add to your stack 12 sovereigns (87.84g equivalent pure gold) and minimum 84oz silver. I don't know how old are you, but if your keeping expectation is 25 years, in your retirement pot can be 300 sovereigns (2196g equivalent pure gold) and @ 70kg silver. I can not predict a future price for gold and silver, but I am sure that will be a happy end comparing with bank savings account or NEST retirement pot. Happy stacking, my friend!🤗 Stefan.
  13. I am not a gambler, but I wish I can buy more silver now, when the price is low. Maybe not for 2022, but in few years the price of silver can go over our expectations. Silver still have a lot of potential, even now is asleep.
  14. I like silver in any shape. But for sure my vote goes to older coins. I will try my top 10: 1. LMU .900 silver - all of them😊 2. British old currency .925; 3. British old curency .500; 4. Russian old currency .900; 5. German old currency .900; 6. Spanish old currency (Franco) .800; 7. Mexican old currency .720; 8. Austro-hungarian old currency .833; 9. Netherlands old currency .720; 10.American old currency .900. Regards, Stefan.
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