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  1. What happened with those women? Any arms and legs on the trophy wall in Blackpool?😊
  2. It is only one possible and realistic explanation: Some people develop a fetish over time, buying copies of real things and beings. I suppose that if Bully ( @HerefordBullyun) is happy to have a dolly instead a real woman, other people have a real pleasure buying and having plated coins instead real silver coins. The human mind is sometimes strange, and even if we have been trying to understand it for centuries, sometimes it cannot be penetrated into its depths.
  3. Go to the naughty page, mate!😁 Anyway...
  4. Yes, an info sheet will be very helpful. Nobody will be insulted by a friendly advice. Any product should have instructions of use. If this lady would read that will lose automatically minimum 1/3rd from the value she paid if will open the capsule and touch the coin, I am sure that she wouldn't do that. She is very familiar probably with gold jewellery, where taking out from box and touching is absolutely normal.
  5. Hi, @Sybilla! Welcome!🤗 Yes, you are in the best place possible if you are entering in the precious metals world!
  6. Lovely coins run! And your effort put in realising this is impressive. I will continue to try find more for you!🤗 Well done!
  7. Good morning, everyone! I have today for auction a heavy and beautiful continental silver salver/platter/tray, most probably dutch maker, possibly made in early 19th century. I have put all my knowledge in my researches, but I couldn't find any more informations about this tray. The hallmark (eagle or phoenix) on this item it is still visible, possibly dutch. So, even it is lovely, please consider this item as scrap silver when you are bidding, but who knows, I will accept any final price. Facts about this salver: 1. It is round large and thick, with a diameter over 30 cm, three footed. 2. Weight it is over 1500g. From this weight I will deduct 300g for the three feet for peace of mind, because sometimes at that period the feet were made from other alloys. So, the netto solid silver weight of this salver is 1200g. 3. It is made from minimum .900 solid silver alloy according with my tests and multiples tests made by my jeweller. But, because the item was not XRF tested, I will do my calculations starting from the assumption that it is .800 silver, the minimum grade of silver alloy used for flatware. So, the equivalent of pure silver used to make this salver is 960g, with a melting value today of £545. 4. It is in overall good antique condition, the scalloped rim is looking great, have a nice centre design, copperish colour, unknown and interesting technique. Please, see the pictures attached. The other objects pictured are only for comparing the dimensions, for an easier idea about how big is this tray. The salver appears in pictures with stains from age and multiples acid tests, but will be cleaned and made to look better before dispatching. The winner of this auction have 14 days after receiving the salver to do his own test and researches. If for any reason the item is not as described and is unhappy with his purchase I guarantee money back and returning costs paid by me. The auction is starting now and will end tomorrow, on Wednesday 22.06.22, at 21.00pm. No extended time. Starting price is half from melting value, so £272. Minimum increments of £2. 1st class signed for is included in the final price. For an upgrade to SD, should be added £8 on top (the parcel is heavy). The parcel will be sent on Thursday afternoon. Feel free to comment on here and happy bidding!🤗 Thank you for looking! Kindest regards, Stefan.
  8. Would be easy....😁 It is dissolved.
  9. The ocean's water have gold in composition, one part per trillion. There are about 1.5 million tons of gold in the ocean.
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