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  1. These "junk silver" coins are not easy accessible, but this is the funny part of hunting. On forum sometimes are very good offers, try car boots sales or coin shops in your area. Also, sometimes on ebay you can have very good deals. You can even put an advert on forum about wanted coins and you will be surprised how many offers you will have. Cheers! Stefan.
  2. Hi, @ColonelMustard, About 1/4 Britannia, I really don't know if 33% is good or not. Probably yes, but it is not attractive for me. Are too good, expensive and new to be considered "junk", and personally I prefer another type of "junk silver" or "constitutional silver". In UK, british old currency is very popular and very cheap (@ spot for Pre47, @ 10-20% over spot for Pre20). You are from Europe, so you can have easy access to another circulated silver coins to buy as a substitute for american "junk silver": 1: Spain - 100 Pesetas 1966 - 19g, .800 silver 2: Italy - 5
  3. Good evening, TSF members! I have for sale today a beautiful uruguayan 1000 pesos coin, 1969, mounted in a sterling silver pendant and a strong twisted chain. Totally weight is 54.14g. The coin "Mil Pesos FAO Uruguay 1969" is .900 silver, 25g (30.49g with mount) and appears to be in a very good condition, with beautiful details, and difficult to find in UK, being a "teardrop variant" . See https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces23255.html. The mount pendant (tested for sterling silver) has an inscription on the edge " Facultad Agronomia 1974" and is very well made, possibly a k
  4. Reduced only today 10% for a quick sale! Hi, everyone! I have today for sale a nice british silver circulated coins Pre 20 lot, a beautiful page from glorious british history. Condition is from fair to very good, definitely not scrap (see pictures). Comparing the weight of any coin from this lot with original weight, you can have a clue about how worn are and the condition. I can not evaluate myself, but please judge yourself from pictures and weight. 1. 1891 Crown - 28.00g from original 28.28; 2. 1889 Double Florin - 22.27g from original 22.60; 3 1888 Half Crown - 13
  5. Price Reduced! Hi, everyone! 1972 was the longest year in the history of recorded time, outlasting other years by a whopping two seconds. Maybe this was the reason for issuing the largest silver coin at that moment for Government of Panama at Franklin Mint (129.59g, 61mm diameter). This coin was made only between 1972 and 1976 and is a "must have" in any collection, especially the first year of issue (1972). With the portrait of the biggest hero of South America, Simon Bolivar on reverse and Panama National Coat of Arms on obverse, with a huge dimension and weight, this co
  6. Only one left. Price reduced only this weekend!😊 Hi, everyone! I have today for sale two coins sets issued in 1976 for Jamaica government at Franklin Mint - Mint condition, still sealed, in deluxe case, with all paperwork. The coins are perfect, as new. The biggest coin is 10 Dollars (42.80g sterling silver) and the second one is 5 dollars (37.80g .500 silver). The next seven coins are another alloys, but for sure are beautiful and maybe can have a tiny numismatic extrinsic value.. Even the quantity of pure silver equivalent is not huge per set (58.49g), the quality is impressiv
  7. Hi, everyone! When Prince Charles will become the new King, on any coin will be his actual old head. But... I have one of very few coins ever made with his young head.😎 I have today for sale 2 x 10 Dollars Bahamas 1978, with case, box, COA. See: https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces15182.html, incredible huge, weighting 46.36g, with a diameter of 50mm. Even are only .500 silver, are very collectible, a nice addition in any silver collection. On Ebay now,the cheapest one is £25, but are going higher. The coins appears to be in very good condition, not visible fingerprints or s
  8. Hi, everyone! I have today for sale three beautiful Crowns, silver proof with box and COA. The coins are apparently in very good condition, no fingerprints or scratches visible without magnifying tools for my old eyes. Anyway, some beautiful natural toning is visible, adding some character to them. 1. 1980 The Queen Mother Crown, Royal Mint, UK, see https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces37076.html. 2. 1981 Commemorating the marriage Crown, Royal Mint, UK, see https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces38852.html. 3. 1976 Washington Crown, Pobjoy, Isle of Man, see https://en.nu
  9. Thank you, BYB! I am 105.5% happy with what I have in my hands (1.055ozt)😊 The bar is showing how special you are and the packaging style is showing how special is Mrs. BYB. All the best for all your family!🤗 Stefan.
  10. I can't wait to see my little bar!. Mine doesn't arrived yet...😭
  11. Very good one, indeed! You have eagle eyes!😁
  12. Hi, @SilverFlame, The cheapest price per gram seems to be (looking on Tavex.dk ) for Dansk 10 Kroner bullion coin https://tavex.dk/guld/dansk-10kroner-christianx/. The price per gram pure silver content is DKK 378.78/g) cheaper even than 1oz gold bullion Philharmonic (DKK 396.92/g) and 100g Valcambi (DKK 389.48/g). In my opinion for you is the best option, being a good price/gram and small/affordable (4.48g, .900 purity). Easy to buy, and for sure easy to sell. Another very good option is Dansk 20 kroner bullion coin https://tavex.dk/guld/dansk-20-kroner-frederik/ with the same
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