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  1. Always was very interesting the reaction of investors when are this type of fluctuations of spot gold price. More pandemic than a virus is the panic. But what are doing now the biggest National Banks all around the world? They are selling? Definitely not. They are buying, especially when is expected a storm of crisis, to consolidate their currencies when necessary. I will do the same. I am not rich, I will never be, but I will preserve my wealth, avoiding to became in the future an old pauper. I will enjoy buying any kind of gold, laughing when I am buying this month more gold
  2. Yes, I agree. In any moment it is a good time to buy if you are looking for medium to long term of 5-20 yrs. In next future will be minimum one day when the price will be higher than the moment when you have bought and you can recover your money invested. I am still buying. If you are looking only for short term, it is another story. Cheers! Stefan.
  3. Hi, everyone! I've seen lot of interest on my previous sale at £25/oz = £0.80/g ( sold 30oz in 10 minutes ). I have for sale now 2 x 100g fine silver bars. First one is boxed and COA, made in 1972 for HM silver wedding, very rare, but I am selling as bullion. Second one is 100g Betts silver bar, in original plastic bag. Price for both is £160 + SD paid by buyer. Will be posted fully insured next working day after payment. Thank you! Stefan.
  4. Hi, everyone! I am re-organising my stack and I have for sale three lots of ten coins/rounds, mixed years and mints, very attractive especially for new stackers to see and feel different types of silver coins and rounds, also for any cheap silver stacker. I have pricing them at 25 pound/oz for a quick sale. Any lot is 250+postage. All the coins may have milk spots or toning, even are protected in capsules, hence the price. If somebody will buy all of them, the RMSD will be covered by me. Thank you and kindest regards, Stefan.
  5. I am very happy for you, my friend! Add some pictures to see the result. Everybody wants to enjoy a looking at a nice coin.😍 And, I am proud of you, as well!🤗😇😊
  6. Try first with a bath and vinegar. Should work.🤗 Congratulations for your purchase! Cheers! Stefan.
  7. stefffana

    What to buy...

    I will give you an example, prices from Atkinsons now: Today spot price: £1244.68/oz = £40.02/g. - 1 full sovereign 2021, price £317.24 : 7.98g at 22ct = 7.32g pure gold £317.24 : 7.32g = £43.33/g, representing £40.02 + 8.4% over spot. - 1/4oz Britannia 2021, price £358.05, 24ct = 7.775 pure gold. £358.05 : 7.775g = £46.05/g, representing £40.02 + 15% over spot. - 1oz Britannia 2021, price £1318.75, 24ct = 31.1g £1318.75 : 31.1g = £42.40/g, representing £40.02 + 6% over spot. Please, compare yourself. Mathematical, the number one is 1oz Britanni
  8. Everybody want to buy cheap. But you must understand that in any collection was invested money, time and passion. We are not crocodiles in a swamp here! I an really sorry, Stackerads...🤗 You have all my respect!!!
  9. This is more less than scrap gold value!!! 9x7.32=65.88g !!! X £40 = £2635. What is for sale it is definitely not scrap!
  10. stefffana

    What to buy...

    I am not british, can't have for me a national symbolic value 😇, but in any country you will go will be well recognised. Even over border you can go everywhere having a necklace full of sovereigns and sovereign rings and bracelets like personal jewellery, without declaring them. But try to do this with 1oz Britannia coins😂
  11. stefffana

    What to buy...

    It was the British currency few centuries in all British empire. This made him the most well known all around the world. And is made to rule because from first strike on him is a king or a queen, not a buffalo/ eagle/ panda or something else.😊
  12. stefffana

    What to buy...

    My personal advice is to go for sovereigns, for the reasons listed already above. Also, are easy so buy regularly one or more, depending on your budget, in time you can have fun swapping a long beard with a young head, a king with a queen, a short neck with a long hair, making a nice collection. Another plus for sovereigns, they are already blessed by St George's presence.😊 Good luck! Stefan.
  13. I think the spot price is heavily manipulated now, to re-build the trust in currencies and crypto currencies. But everybody knows that the economy is down all around the world. I am not a specialist, I have not a crystal globe, but I am very sure that the gold will prove again his power. I am buying now how much I can, without worries about temporary drops. In ten years I suppose the price of gold will be much higher and will cover any temporary looses. Cheers, Stefan.
  14. I totally agree with you, but let him be first stacker and then collector.😊 For bullion sovereigns is good enough the first one. After few years, he can buy THE BOX for his " My Precious... ".😎😆🤗
  15. Only today this coins are available for sale! New price for today is £800, delivery included! Good afternoon, I have for sale two very beautiful coins, both from 1969, Columbia, celebrating 150 yrs from Battle of Boyaca. Both are in very good condition,no scratches or dents, (but not untouched in their 52 yrs old ), in original false white leather pouches and with original COA inside, very difficult to find in this impressive condition. One is 100 Pesos, 4.3g, .900gold, Numista rarity index 97, see https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces128628.html One is 300 Pesos, 12.9
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