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  1. I can't see who i need to send prize to or what I have won-sorry its been a long week
  2. If I get you mate I will make sure your compensated Its a great group and need the fun and trust that goes with it
  3. Count me in will be a min 1oz silver just looking through the stack for a suitable prize
  4. I had this one turn up for the kids stack
  5. Wow bargain I was thinking about this one if above doesn't buy drop me a line πŸ‘
  6. Hello I was wondering if anyone has one of these for sale or if not yet could anyone help me out with the going price please? GRADED (any grade) or raw Many thanks in advance Mike
  7. Hello I was wondering if anyone has one of these for sale or if not yet could anyone help me out with the going price please? I am on the lookout for some nice decimal gold either graded (any grade) or raw Many thanks in advance Mike
  8. Hello I have 3x paddington proof 50p and 2x Beatrix Potter 50p coins all in their respective holders and boxes I am considering selling off these and other coins as have my eye on a gold coin I would be looking for Β£25 each but would listen to a fair offer Happy to get photos up dated etc Is there any interest in these at that price πŸ€” am I too cheap or too much I am also looking to sell my 40% half dollars have about 50 of these again unsure what is fair I forgot what I paid πŸ˜…
  9. I am interested in a set but its a payday job for me at present
  10. I am not sure if anyone is interested but with the mega bills due in the winter I have this defra approved woodburner/multifuel stove available I am about to add new firebricks to make it look nearly new will add pics shortly Its an expensive piece of kit offering at under 50% of retail and needs nothing ready to fit Β£475 or will take part ex in most PM
  11. Hopefully mine will be with me tomorrow
  12. I just want my items or money now Its taken far too long to send out items when the phone broke the sender should have contact the forum explained the situation and then we would have all known and gave our addresses This is getting drawn out now and I just want it sorted either way I sound moody and do feel for people when things go wrong but a simple email on the first day would have sorted this
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