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  1. I wasn't too sure if I would keep that one but its great condition so will for the time being Love the £2 coins
  2. Received these today auction win from @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions Really happy these are some of the best examples rawnthat I have seen the 95 is amazing condition Many thanks to Louise packaging was great as was the communication
  3. Evening all I think I am a little early with this request but I have been tasked with trying to obtain 1 of each of these coins my son loves godzilla and all dinosaur 🦕 type films I would love these in the sealed packs or any type really If anyone is ordering these in could you let me know I would be very grateful of any assistance
  4. Great buy i was very tempted as special date to me
  5. Really but the wouldnt be touching the face of the coin Possibly too much hype into the coin has sent the lot to be graded As another member pointed out RM will clock this and just grade the lot job done they will get all the profit upfront
  6. Fully agree with both statements to be fair doubling your money is impressive in todays market I think if the price does drop/settle it will weed out some of the flippers as they are killing the collecting market I heard a horror story of someone holding a 5oz coin no gloves then trying to sell it
  7. Its weird as if they were all pf70 then one is no more special than the other and never will be then its just down to mintage figures Nobody would ever break out of the slab and in 100 years there will still be 3510 pf70 coins Is a pf69 so bad that there is no interest 😕 I don't mind that grade as it means it was close to perfect and some could be bumped up with conservation
  8. Just seen another raw sell for £1800 Maybe its set the base price at the moment
  9. The ebay finished £1870 so still strong money
  10. Same with my 2oz not selling so value is nice to know but not a big deal
  11. Only a pair of peidfort £2 coins one is my daughters birth year so perfect I will be buying more thats for sure I watched the 2oz 3 graces too I expected that price it sold for as its an unknown at the moment with all those 70's
  12. I was watching @CoinsOfTheRealmAuctions and had a small bid was lucky and won very impressed with the overall feel of the auction I watched the 1825 penny way beyond my budget at present but impressive price
  13. Sorry to ask is this £9.50 each or for all of them if the latter i will take these Only reason I ask is they are not at the usual pricepoint I see these
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