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  1. Wow I can't believe I have only found this feed today I live rum and am thinking of starting a collect I do have some already 21yr Appleton estate i have already finished one bottle but have an untouched one I am hoping to get an older English Harbour soon My favourite non standard may offend a few and it's captain Morgan private stock In also thinking of building a whiskey collection I already have a decent macallan 1969 25yr old with box etc I keep that out of arms reach thats for sure
  2. That day of the dead type skull is amazing
  3. I have just finished a clearview inset deep woodburner/multifuel stove These are classed as the Rolls Royce of fires by lots of people This has had a full respray new gmbricks glass and seals Rrp £1600 ish My price-sold elsewhere Will take PM gold silver etc as payment /part payment
  4. Hello all Just looking for some bit -older the better really haven't got mega money to spend on it as i am hoping to build this Will also be interested in anything up to 1947 too Any help is greatly appreciated Have a great weekend all
  5. No worries great price 👍
  6. Is the libraries available if so interested
  7. I will be taking a pair when I can afford it and if they are still available I am still recovering from my gold purchases last month Unless I can tempt anyone for a woodburner 🤣
  8. I am after a pair of completers but not till next month
  9. I am looking to move these as I don't think incan get pairs easily and as such have my eye on something else Happy to take additional pics I bought these off a trusted TSF member If they don't go quick I may keep as proofs are stunning Looking for £250 plus postage
  10. Love the proof libbys I have a few and was going to sell but the detail and design it so nice
  11. I was looking at that its a ring first as that's what she asked for then may be buying the bracelet
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