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  1. Bump If it helps I am after smaller type chains and about 16" in length Thanks in advance
  2. Received this today courtesy of @Clockpuncher really happy One of my favourite designs Thanks again
  3. They are both stunning especially the 2001
  4. MikeG1978

    925 silver

    I like all circulated silver as it has a history and worn coins usually show its genuine however the problem is some coins are rare and actually are copied/faked a lot Morgans etc are readily available on lots of sites like Alibaba etc
  5. Does anyone have any small chains I need one for my daughter looking for about 16" not big chains Please pm with price your after thanks Not sure if I will get stung with VAT but ideally UK
  6. Ok great I did too I think he has been after one for a while Will get back to you asap
  7. Ok cheers my brother in law is after one so just checking he hasnt for one yet All working ok ?
  8. Hello is this still for sale and does it have a controller etc Many thanks
  9. MikeG1978

    925 silver

    @ilovesilverireallydo knows his stuff i only wish I had his discipline buying silver I try every year to reign it it but there is so much to choose from I love the £2 proof coins and may branch out to the £1 proofs I would love melt price decimal coins I would buy the lot
  10. That is a great price on the 2006.
  11. I am looking to move 10 brits on to pay towards new tyres I also have a 1 oz vintage sharps pixley bar doesnt fit in my stack of pairs I am looking to sell as 1 lot ideally £275 with sd included Will come in a tube or can see if capsules are available -to be discussed with buyer I havent touched these ever they are the last 11 in the tube but are bullion Photos to follow Thanks mike
  12. Received my win and all I can say is super impressed. First win of anything in decades and what a win Superbly packaged Many thanks again to @RoslandGold and@ChrisSilver What a way to start 2021👍
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