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  1. Received this super quick from @arshimo2012 Key date sov really happy
  2. Received these from my mom been in the family over 40 years I have been told glasses belonged to a jeweller in Birmingham his workshop is displayed in the museum and these are reasonably old poss gold ?
  3. Some of my favourite coins in there And fully agree the 70 only rule is great if you have the funds i am happy with decent grade low mintage coins its all investment for the kids anyway
  4. 6x knives and 6x forks Handles are all hallmarked .925 and business end is espns Looking for £25 plus postage Will have more silver coins up soon too
  5. Today I received the following altough upon review I will be selling as neither fit with the collection Does anyone know the silver content handles are marked sterling
  6. limited edition well sort after coin at the right price too 😉
  7. Exactly I would keep raw save money as if returned and that messy wouldn't grade well but can easily make a bit on it if you sell
  8. I would buy that still for the right price Its Worth the purchase price
  9. Great prices May get some silver sold decisions decisions
  10. I nearly nabbed the 2oz proof set but password reset put stop to that The silver 1/4 oz is still available I am tempted but is it too small
  11. Whats the budget i keep looking at the chain @ilovesilverireallydo has its different to most styles Its whether I can use it style wise is it doubled up for smaller necks ?
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