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  1. Very well done! Stunning collection of gold coins Abyss
  2. I think I would for large silver orders even with the VAT as European Mint get Silver Britannia stock . Looking to buy as much silver before brexit and then focus on increasing gold holding.
  3. Oh i see, I only saw the notification email they sent to me after paying for my Wednesday order . Guess I was unlucky
  4. Hi BYB Thanks for letting me know. I never saw the message unfortunately. Was it on the forum? Kind Regards Dave
  5. Thats right, last night when made the order , the option to store was available on checkout This morning recieved the email to say that I would need to pay for shipping by 7th Sept as all orders on storage need to be shipped by then Not sure if anyone else recieved this email or only me?
  6. I placed an order for 5 oz of silver yesterday with European Mint I recieved an email this morning from European Mint to say that all orders in storage will need to be shipped by 6th September I wish this was publicised before I made the order. Just got my orders shipped out from European Mint on Monday and thought I would start a new set of orders. Not sure how this is supposed to work with people ordering lots of pre orders and wanting storage until other pre order items come in stock. Will now have to order more oz of silver to make the cost of shipping 5 oz worthwhile. Just wondering if they could hold 5 oz for me in their pocket till October Arghhhhh!!!! Dave "Dear Customer due to a change of management board, the storage option will be suspended starting from 6th of September The storage option should be reinstated after October. We will keep you updated. We kindly ask you to reply to ths email to confirm the shipping of your storage. Please include your order numbers, name, address and phone number, as soon as possible, but not later tyhan 7th September Best Regards European Mint Thank You
  7. Today I recieved my first George V sovereign. I mainly purchase QE Sovereigns but decided I'd like to get this one via the Silver Forum. Thanks @Lindeman,
  8. I had some silver shipped from European Mint last week. I had paid for shipping but had to wait about a week for them to parcel and give to Captital Logistics. It took about 6 days to get to me last week via UPS. I had ordered as part of the Group Order but decided to get it shipped directly. I had been waiting a while for status on coins to change from preorder to available and gave up waiting and asked if they had them . I was very surprised when they said they had them all ready to ship. Hence paid the shipping to get them ASAP.
  9. I tend to store the coins in the mint tubes and then in the monster box. They seem a snug fit in the monster box. But agree coins could scratch when case is moved about unless I compact the coins in the tubes with a piece of foam The monster box Not the easiest thing to lift and move about. The monster box isnt that great The lid is easy to come off when carrying (not airtight). I decided to look at foam options this evening and was thinking around rubberized foam material would probably do the job but doesnt look like a standard thing for peli cases and probably would need source some and come up with a customization of some sorts. I did come across the plastic dividers but agree would not be suitable for kg's of weight Will definitely look at the micro peli case for the sovereign tubes
  10. Hi brya0123 Many thanks, I came across a dimensions calculator on the peli website (spain website) and it recommended the 1450 pelicase case based on 10.5 x 8.5 x 4 inches for a single royal mint monster box. I had seen reviews on youtube and the handle and case is highly durable I telephoned the Uk sales team and they quoted £120 + vat for the 1450 + 6 pounds postage and had a whole range of colours. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay and am holding off until next pay day and may go for one next week when I get paid. I have two monster boxes so looking to store the other one aswell I feel I do need a carryable proper case like one of these as want to store away and protect from the elements all year round ( moisture / heat etc) i.e not to see my silver again for a while. Looking to hold onto the coins for a long time. The 1450 has holes on either end to take padlocks. Peli sells their own padlock but is is a cable padlock so not ideal for secure storage of silver as it still allows the case to slightly open and was recommended for anything valuable to get my own padlocks I might get one of the micro peli cases to hold the sovereign tubes I have. I saw that some of those microscases can also hold 3-5 tubes of Silver coins The sales lady told me the foam would be sufficient to hold the container size I quoted. Amazon are selling the Peli 1450 for £145 each. . Its a pick and pluck fom so can be shaped to hold the monster box by picking out foam squares/cubes by hand until desired mould is achieved I think you would be correct about the movement of the monster box in there even with the foam as I never thought about that. The foam didnt look at all study. I'll defintely have a rethink and may ask Peli if they have sturdier fills
  11. A moment of dread came over me today and I am looking to store away my monster boxes of silver and was wondering if anyone has been able to store a full Royal Mint monster box worth of coins in a Peli Case or similar. I was looking at Peli Cases but have no idea what (model / case number) would be suitable. I have been thinking for some time about purchasing 2 Peli Cases or similar , one for each monster box. I have been thinking the peli cases are good solution for portability/waterproof etc Also is it a must to have silica gel in each coin tube. NB I am not looking to bury them, well not yet anyway Grateful for any advice
  12. Thanks Lawrence I'll do that now as will definitely want to put some orders in Have a nice weekend!
  13. Thanks Lawrence! Really appreciated. I will be looking to get more gold coins for mum as she want to convert money from stocks and shares into gold whereever she can Thanks for the heads up with regards to the coin and also stock consignment looking to arriving for May As mentioned the coin is really nice and I like it but mum was holding out for CGT exempt coins for the reasons above. i think in the long run she will be sticking to UK based gold. I have bought Perth Mint silver on here and really like it Sincere Thanks
  14. Thanks Liam84, I agree the coin is worth more than a Gold Britannia but had reached out to a collector who sells me my sovereigns He mentioned the world buys Royal Mint not Aussie Mint, Perth Mint etc. He also said the same about colourized coins and said stay away from them. The CGT aspect was the most important thing for my mother. Just grateful to be getting a refund to get her a UK 1 oz gold coin. Now in the market for one.
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