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  1. I have some GGP.L and am considering CEY.L I may venture into some Canadian stock maybe some Eric Sprott holdings I had Kirkland Lake before they delisted from London maybe I should follow them over Thanks for the reply @Bumble
  2. Might have to sell out of Highland Gold HGM this week. BOD approved 40% buy off/out on Friday by Fortiana. Lot of holders posting on ADVFN are selling up, too risky now, they may be intending to hoover up enough for 75% and delist to avoid UK regulations. Abramovitchs' lot was part of the 40%. If someone like Abramovitch is selling now under the present gold circumstances and the success and big potential future success in such a well run company either he's got a backhander of some kind or someone has pressure on/power over him. This has been my best share, my investment growing x4 in 4 years. I don't understand enough about what is really going on here so may have to play safe and sell What do you think @Bumble would you sell up now. I'd be interested in your opinion.
  3. Yeah green patina from exposure to the elements It’s not as harmful to the metal like rust is to iron/steel
  4. Yeah but how are the market makers going to interpret that Thats why long term the fundamentals are likely to come through but short term it can be a bit of a casino
  5. If you're getting annoyed you're getting emotional and the stock market is no place for emotion 🙂
  6. It's a bit like me playing chess... "fools rush in" 🤪 No offence intended. I've ****ed up shares so many times🙂
  7. The bank owns the freehold until payment is finished Seems to be, simply put,a loan/rental agreement You can check the ins and outs here https://www.islamicfinanceguru.com/personal-finance/which-uk-banks-offer-islamic-mortgage-halal-mortgages-in-2020/ and here https://www.islamicfinanceguru.com/personal-finance/gatehouse-bank-review-islamic-mortgage-a-deep-dive/ I don't know if this is for Muslims only but this site is giving information that is under UK jurisdiction Charity hasn't been mentioned here
  8. Yeah As far as I know an interest-bearing loan is prohibited under Sharia Law So they have what they call a Halal Mortgage I'm not sure exactly how it works but it"s something like renting till you own
  9. What about mortgages from an Islamic bank?
  10. I just wiki'ed Wirecard out of curiosity Interesting reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wirecard
  11. Maybe the opposite Put it in the fridge for a few minutes
  12. A conspiracy is bad, wrong, illegal. If it's good it's just a plan.
  13. Well that would come under the wrong bit... No?
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