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  1. Some folks find the dreadlocks on this Bob Marley effigy ugly but I find it uber cool (a favorite in my meager collection)…
  2. 1987 NY Coin Show Sino-American Friendship Panda medal featuring the NYC skyline with the now missing WTC twin towers. Pictures are from the World Wide Web but I do own both the Au & Pt versions…
  3. Tonight when I chase the dragon The water will change to cherry wine And the silver will turn to gold Time out of mind Steely Dan
  4. Post a picture of a coin with ties or commemorates 9/11…
  5. Just make sure you have the appropriate firearms and a healthy stock of ammo to plink out those pesky zombies. 😎
  6. 1972-1977 Philippines 5000 Piso gold coin. Biggest Philippines gold coin minted with almost 2 troy ounces of gold. Not my picture but I do own 1 of this…
  7. Die alignment looks good to me. TPG coin mounting in the holder is off. If the date were exactly at 12, coin would be straight.
  8. 1855 GB QV Sovereign (since no 1955 GB QE2 Sovereign was issued on my birth year). 1868 Philippines Queen Isabel 2 4 Peso gold (handed down from my grandmother to my father and on to me). 999 gold hollow Jin Chan figurine (Feng Shui 3-legged Money Toad)…
  9. This is a medallic issue. The obverse is shown below. Obverse: Head of Prince Albert right. ALBERTUS PRINCEPS VICTORIAE REGINAE CONJUX Below: 1845 Reverse: Equestrian figure of St George spearing the dragon left. TREU UND FEST in German script
  10. I hope they honor Wyon by picking his powerful rendition of St George slaying the dragon…
  11. The Pistrucci signature en exergue first appeared on the circulating 1818 George III silver Crown and the 1820 George III gold 5 Pound Pattern. The original dies for the 1820 George III gold 5 Pound Pattern was used in the creation of the 2009 Elizabeth II gold 5 Pound Proof.
  12. Just this one coin which sold in auction for $504,000 last Mar 26, 2021: 1820 George III gold Proof Pattern 5 Pound (NGC PR63+UC) 1 of 25 extant Totally content to own for much less this 2009 Elizabeth II gold Proof 5 Pound (NGC PR70UC), instead
  13. My PM collection/stack (mostly Au, some Pt & Ag and a few Pd) started in my 30s as a hobby that doubled as a savings (in addition to my 401K) with a plan for augmenting my future retirement. Now that I am retired and have not been able to add to it like before, I have changed my original plan to now leave them (or most of them) as a legacy to my two kids and grandkids. I am glad to have squirreled away something (a small amount at a time) not tracked by big brother that I can use or pass on as a legacy, free and clear.
  14. If you can get any or all of the other 4 22K Britannia designs by Philip Nathan, that would be my recommendation. The charioteer, Una and lion, helmeted Athena and seated Britannia by Philip Nathan are scarcer and more collectible than the original/standard standing Britannia design.
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