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  1. I do not think I’ve reached 100 gold coins yet but I do know I’ve reached 100 Troy ounces already.
  2. trozau

    Double Pixiu

    Sweet! I’m green with envy. Pixiu is an auspicious Chinese symbol that attracts wealth. Great acquisition!
  3. AAM & DMA are my daughter’s & son’s initials to whom the collection goes to. Care to share a link to your registry entries? As terakris mentioned, NGC (annually) recognizes and give awards to the outstanding collections in the NGC Registry.
  4. For those who have and collect NGC graded coins, do you have them entered in the NGC Registry Set collections. The few slabbed coins in my collection are. Below is a link and anybody is welcome to check them out... trozau’s NGC Registry links
  5. Thanks. Had to have 2 sets of 2009 5 coin proof sets in PF70UC for my 2 kids.
  6. My favorite is the 5 - coin set 2009. It goes back to the original designs and die engravings by Pistrucci.
  7. Top of my wish list would be a re-issue of Wyon’s St George
  8. The design is the first thing that draws me to the coin (regardless of the metal medium) but my metal order of preference on PMs is Au, Pt, Ag, Pd. Ultimate bimetallic combination for me is Au/Pt.
  9. Typo? Britannia bullion series started in 1987.
  10. My favorite Britannia designs are the 5 by Philip Nathan. All with the crenellated border designs. The 3 classic designs (Standing (1987), Charioteer (1997) & Seated (2005)) are faithfully traditional, while the Britannia with the lion (2001) and helmeted Britannia (2003) are fresh and modern representations.
  11. Physical all the way. If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it.
  12. @Heirlooms, food for your thought: In 2013, the US Mint issued a Reverse Proof Gold Buffalo to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the famous James Earle Fraser design.
  13. Proof. West Point mintmark (W). 2006 is also the first year issue for the Gold Buffalo.
  14. Not sure of its max weight capacity rating but 10 kilograms in each is manageable to carry for a decent amount of time.
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