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  1. 1855 GB sovereign 1868 Filipinas 4 Pesos Chan Chu (3-legged toad) gold figurine from Hong Kong
  2. For the modern engravers, I tip my hat to Philip Nathan and his first 5 designs for the PM Britannia series: 1987 - Classic standing Britannia 1997 - Britannia as Boadicea on a chariot 2001 - Britannia as Una and the lion 2003 - Britannia as a helmeted Athena 2005 - Classic seated Britannia
  3. Sweet coin! Thanks for sharing. Keeper wife!
  4. Pics or it didn’t happen! In other words, please post pics (if able) when it arrives. Great snag!
  5. The gold coin I have most duplicates of (same design but not all the same years) is the massive 5 Sovereign gold coin (12 coins).
  6. My first exposure to gold coin is (when as a kid) I examined and fondled an 1868 Filipinas 4 Peso gold coin that was given to my father by my grandmother. While in Canada in 1982, I became aware of the 1 troz gold Maple Leaf coin and wanted to acquire one. Later in the US, my first gold coin came in 1984 when my wife gifted me a 1983 China 1 troz gold Panda.
  7. trozau

    Panda coin

    Here’s a good reference list of what to watch out for in terms of rarity on gold bullion panda varieties identified by a well known authority... Gold Panda 'year priority' list arranged in 2012 by Huang Ruiyong based on his research: 1998 Shenyang Large Date 2000 Shanghai Mirror 1999 Shanghai Small Date 1999 Shenzhen Guobao Serif 1998 Shanghai Small Date 1995 Shenyang Small Date 1995 Shanghai Large Date 1989 Shenyang Large Date 1994 Shenyang Small Date 1994 Shanghai Large Date 1993 Shanghai Large Date 1999 Shenyang Large Date 2002 Shenzhen Guobao 2000 Shenzhen Guobao 1991 Shenyang 1991 Shanghai 1996 Shenyang Large Date 1996 Shanghai Small Date 1997 Shenyang Large Date 1997 Shanghai Small Date 1982 2001D 1987Y 2006
  8. Another silver/gold bimetallic (that I have) from the Perth Mint: 2001 Australia $20 Centenary proof
  9. I have both the proof and BU versions. They are uber cool! Mintage of 5,625 for the proof and 977 for the BU.
  10. I have a 1 Troy ounce Canada Palladium Maple Leaf in sealed original mint packaging that I am willing to sell for spot +2%. Shipping & insurance at your cost. US sale only. Zelle or money order. Check ships after clearing.
  11. Got an XF 1916 GB silver sixpence off the Bay of E. This is for my granddaughter born in 2016. For her to use as her ‘silver sixpence in her shoe’ (if/when she marries in the future).
  12. Zero artistic talents. Would love to see a modern interpretation of a neo classical rendition of Lady Godiva on horseback.
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