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  1. I have Pd for sale listed since last July 4 and the spot keeps going up in the mean time.
  2. trozau

    Sold all my Gold

    Free will. Gotta love it.
  3. My WAG for gold is a peak just above 3K and a settle down at 2.7K. WAG 2K for platinum. WAG 3K for palladium. No WAG for silver.
  4. I borrowed the golden minion from my granddaughter who got it from a McDonalds kids meal as a prize.
  5. TTT Keeps going up. Get yours before PMs go parabolic.
  6. 1985 struck China 1/10 troz 999 gold Bao Yuan Vault Protector reproduction
  7. 1916 Great Britain 6 Pence 1985 struck China 1/10 troz 999 gold Bao Yuan Vault Protector reproduction
  8. Birth year coin is most appropriate. Lunar theme is a plus. Otherwise, whichever you decide/choose among the annual gold coin releases is fine.
  9. A pity they did not consider Czech artist Alphonse Mucha’s art nouveau pieces like The Blond and The Brunette (Byzantine Heads). I believe Alphonse Mucha may have designed some of the art work in Czech’s paper currency during his lifetime.
  10. Welcome to TSF! Great start. Although NOT 9999 pure, I recommend you get the 1 troz Au 2003 & 2005 gold Britannia for your kids’ birth year. They both have excellent designs.
  11. 2001 USA $1 ASE - 9/11/01 WTC Ground Zero Recovery (PCGS MS69)
  12. To non-US TSF members: Plan/schedule family vacation to California or Florida to coincide with a major coin show in that state and handpick your US coin/s and bring them back home with you.
  13. Britannia from 2013 and later are 9999 pure. 2012 and earlier are 22K (9167).
  14. Lunar. 2009 Ox is considered second key date of series after 2008 Mouse. I have the 2009 Ox (2 troz size).
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