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  1. Back in the 1970's when I started work there was a guy I met regularly who said more than once: "Keep them poor and tell them nothing" (actually 'nowt' - he was from the North !! ) Can you imagine how he would cope with todays world ..........
  2. You have to live, so don't feel bad. I'm just trying to have something physical, for sure anything other than money in a bank for my kids/grandkids when I'm gone. I'm in the process of buying some amenity land, God stopped making land a long time ago, plus it will have to get planning one day.
  3. Only the delivery is pending, but I bought 6 @ 1kg bars on Friday night and the payment and delivery are still being processed, so kinda pending, maybe? So I did my bit ( 2nd hand 999.9 1kg bars, at a great price ), so that should knock COMEX sideways ........
  4. @GoldenGriffin Yes, I think that's a very fair summary, although if governments keep forcing electric cars on us, added to solar panels and countless other things, just imagine the silver needed to replace every UK car by 2030 - only 8.5 years now, insane volumes, plus the badly needed infrastructure/s to support the charging of all of this - there are (apparently) already industrial concerns if they will have access to the industrial bars they need. I think Keith Neumeyer setting up his own silver store at Majestic maybe a sign others may follow at current premiums; alt
  5. IMO - This seems to be a more balanced video about Silver future prospects
  6. I already suggested that above, but to gain best publicity it's arguably best to involve Martin Lewis of moneysavingexpert, he has a TV show relying on stories like this and how to resolve, name and shame; especially as ebay are also an accessory to theft/fraud.
  7. @Foster88 Sincere commiserations Foster - This potential issue exactly what I was trying to explain in my earlier post/s in this thread. It's made worse since Covid stopped buyers having to sign, which by now should have been. If you wish to get anywhere, you should open a case against ebay in the small claims court - only costs £25-00 - then look for threads and make some noise in their community sellers forum and also you may consider emailing Martin Lesis at https://www.moneysavingexpert.com If enough people take this route, maybe ebay will be forced to change someh
  8. Roy - if it's any consolation, the sort of people to who you refer, can get things entirely wrong and end 'upside down' with their "Flipping Ideas" (deliberate double entendre intended!!) Once their idea/s fail, they often want money fast, to bail and get into a new idea - therefore, I hope, your chance to buy the coin/s you missed, may, I hope, come again.
  9. Great response - very little I could add except for following my belief in "Bad money pushes out good" - as referred in "Greshams Law" : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gresham's_law I am hoping, like you, this is what the millennials and also generation X & Z buyers wanting to change the world will both understand and follow.
  10. In the frontal photo, there appears to be a scratch on the Queens cheek, or quite possibly lighting in the photo? If you could please PM me better resolution images, I maybe interested to discuss this further.
  11. There are a large number of high net worth people, plus some places demanding physical, not paper, that may speed the effects of a rise faster: This guy's take on the market is pretty good in my opinion: A slow rise is always better than a leap: look at the massive hike Palladium - a fast drop came pretty soon.
  12. Great summary sixgun - did you read Willem Middelkoop book on the great reset?
  13. Yes, me too, but don't get sucked in when the price inflates. Just grabbed 6kg @ £22.76 a bit less I think, I'm OK with prices like that to add to my bar stack, not expecting to see any premiums that low in 1st May squeeze .................
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