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  1. Congratulations to both @Widsith and @HerbertDTurbot - nice looking bars - enjoy!!
  2. Your inbox is full so you cannot get any incoming PM's; you may want to delete some older mesages if you want to get replies. Please PM me when done.
  3. Quite possibly encouraged by the Amazon blockchain announcement ?
  4. If you have a reasonable credit score, maybe try and get a 0% interest credit card? Lloyds are doing them, others also.
  5. I know, I have an order for 10 you are awaiting stock for 😀
  6. My electrician is a damn nice chap; he's done work on multiple properties for me since about 1990 and even now at aged over 70 all the local farmers rely on his skills to keep them up and running. I'm apalled the RM have not yet released a coin in his honour, I assume they will wait until 2022 ............. 😁
  7. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/ranges/queens-beasts/queens-beasts-2021-quarter-ounce-silver-proof-ten-coin-set/
  8. Good link; actually marginally cheaper than the RM I think, after taking VAT etc into account.
  9. No reason to panic IMO, just a good opportunity for those so inclined to maybe buy a little at the lows. It's around 13 years now it was globally decided the way to deal with what was essentialy a bank credit crisis buy extending babks even more credit, so the best solution IMO is simply to keep some money aside to take advantage of the global crisis when this whole facade finally reaches an inevitable and for many, painful conclusion.
  10. Yes, every single financial newsletter, paper, comentator etc, etc is talking about real inflation, money printing and dissing Gov't claims about 'transitory inflation'. My view is pretty simple, the 2008 crisis was never really fixed, so I take it as a given that there must be a sizeable correction at some point, as we are making all the mistakes (credit) we made pre 2008. Interestingly. last time I looked, the UK had printed more in % terms than the USA; plus Russia and China are still buying gold big time; IMO inflation is far from it's peak in this cycle.
  11. "Tally charges a one-off joining fee of £20, or £2 a month. At the moment existing Tally customers can invite their friends and family to join with no joining fee. The company also imposes an 'account keeping fee' of 1 per cent a year, calculated daily and charged monthly. So, for instance, it will be 83p per month on £1,000 of Tally. The group says this covers ongoing security, storage, insurance, and operational costs. Tally insists that if the price of gold increases against pounds by more than 1 per cent a year, then 'the customer is in front." This app seems to be for dumber or lazier people who can't work out what to save or where - total waste of time for most people here IMO.
  12. I fully agree - I just wish they would release the 10oz bullion one so I can close the door on those coins.
  13. An interesting list, thank you. Notable how minimal the premium is for most. RM proofs
  14. September delivery - that's interesting, seemingly they're going to make an awful lot of these.
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