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  1. No, I think they one or two sometimes just adjust prices when they want to push something with a higher % profit margin is more likely; currently 2022 Brits for example.
  2. Nobody would disagree, but look on the bright side, 1 Oz Brits etc almost back down to £1400 at dealers sites, this week maybe a nice time to buy and keep the average GBP/USD cost lower, inflation reality will hit us soon enough, and PM's will act appropriately.
  3. @Junior Here you go, these guys will welcome and agree with you, but probably not break the banks: Twitter - https://twitter.com/WallStreetSilv Twitter - https://twitter.com/Galactic_Trader Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/WallStreetSi... Monthly Newsletter - https://wallstreetsilver.ca/newsletter (NEW) Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wallstreets... Telegram - https://t.me/s/WallStreetSilver Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Wall-Street-... https://www.youtube.com/c/WallStreetSilverOfficial/videos
  4. Coverte

    2022 sov pics

    Bad luck, ask for a COA 43, I got 2 and both are perfect.
  5. The first 2 of the coins I bought arrived on Friday morning, I opened the outer box later that day and the packing slip said they were both full Sovs. I eventually opened them this morning and both of the coins are both in perfect condition, which is good. I don't buy much from RM as I'm more of a stacker, plus too many proofs seem to fall in value quite fast, so just the usual suspects, Engravers/Q Beasts/ etc - (I found the the first of the Tudor Beasts rather uninspiring personally, so not bothering) To get back to the point, both coins had a very full QC sticker of them, running over the front, down the side and onto the back, were it not for that, I suspect one of the coins, having come out of the box ring/circle, would quite possibly have opened - as we have all seen before. I have therefore left that QC sticker in place, but used both a 3x, and a 10x loop, and then a USB plug in magnifying light to ensure I didn't miss any potential damage. My QC number is 43 on both, so I am wondering what other QC numbers have been received, this maybe a guide as to the speed at which they are going out of RM. Anyone else had a different QC number?? Later - so the COA # 2174 is a loser from a recent post.
  6. Gordon Brown, the then PM is a Scot, simple as that. (HBOS should have been allowed to go bust IMO, but he wouldn't or couldn't have that on his watch).
  7. I have used their codes before - just add your purchases to the basket and as you get to pay-out, there will a box offering you to enter any promotion code, just fill the code in there and it will self deduct the % promotion.
  8. I suspect at some point within the next decade, they may be the first Country to really tie their money to Gold, which will poleax many/most other fiat currencies, along with JPM etc appalling antics. Nobody really knows how much Gold China holds off the books, but its an awful lot.
  9. Naturally I watch them, but I'm now trying not to get myself overly focussed by moves within a week or even a month; for so long as I am confident in the longer term trajectory, which I still believe to be upwards given the current global circumstances; like that I can tolerate the current short term weekly up/down/sideways price movement/s, as it's how the markets work.
  10. IMO it needs a longer sustained period of inflation for gold to react any more meaningfully, this recent GBP lower move may well just be currency related.
  11. I don't think Peter Schiff is a very good proponent for Gold personally, he gets angry far too easily and makes stupid mistakes too often in his replies IMO. With that said, I would not want to gamble my entire life and Company on Bitcoin either (as Saylor is doing), nor anything else come to that. I'm very happy I bought some BTC when I did, but don't pretend it was because I saw the future mega growth, it was just a small punt at the time which has worked out far better than some other speculations I have thrown a couple of k at.
  12. "In 2001, Fortune Magazine published a list of the top losers of the Tech Bubble. Ranked #1 was none other than Michael Saylor, who had a whopping $13.53 Billion LOSS! MicroStrategy's shares went from $3300 to $4 (-99.99% decline), and SEC even accused him of fraud." When someone pointed this fact out on his Twitter feed, that Michael Saylor own financial history was not exactly stellar, he blocked them To his credit, Saylor was 35 and has hopefully learned a lot from that in the subsequent two decades.
  13. Plus another 0.5% back on the card I used - every little helps!!
  14. Yes, it shows I bought 8 coins, double my actual purchases........
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