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  1. Last week
  2. Any appropriate expression given what's going on these days. 😬
  3. Are the 2012s still available Yes. At least most, if not all. I will need to double check on the exact number remaining.
  4. Earlier
  5. Selling silver: All in capsules and in great condition. Price Item $39 (5) (2) 1 oz American Silver Eagles (2002, 2018, 2019) $36 2017 1 oz Great Britain Silver Britannia $36 2019 Rwanda Silver Lun
  6. Lowered the price.... if you find it cheaper... buy it!
  7. LF Royal Canadian or Pamp bars, also open to Royal Mint or Perth, basically any name brand bars. Will pay shipping, PM with offers.
  8. Added the wanted tag and standardised the formatting. Please make sure you have read the applicable Quickstart guide to trading as it contains useful and important information. UK QuickStart Guide EU QuickStart Guide USA & Canada QuickStart Guide
  9. We don’t have these purple boxes in U.K. we have maroon.
  10. hi all. only one left is Marvel Wolverine - 41 $
  11. https://www.emk.com/de-de/IMEX220029
  12. Sounds good. I might have some others that I can part with. I just started with the ones that I had more than 2 or 3 of. If shipping in the States, I can get 5 safely shipped for $5... maybe even up to 6 coins. Since they are in the capsules, that adds a little more weight. obviously, the combined shipping helps the cost average. That is one reason why I ended up with a bunch of the same coin.
  13. Not near as in walking distance. I am closer to the other "M" city. If you are trying to save on shipping, I can tell you that I can safely sell five to six ounces at the same $5 shipping cost. If they were not in capsules, I probably could get more before the price increases.
  14. Wanted: 1oz gold Krugerrands, 1985 or later (except 1993, 2002, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2018), 1969 or earlier bump
  15. Hey guys, new here, just looking to do a straight up trade to try and make some room. Brand name bars preferred, in assay is even better. The one ounce bars have some very, very slight toning, the five ounce is virtually mirror finished. Proof of purchase provided upon request to verify authenticity.
  16. Bump - Opening Thread Updated!
  17. PM'd ZatStakz sorted this for me, consider thread closed.
  18. jbh

    for sale Canadian Silver Lot

    Still available
  19. The halves went fast.
  20. Updated listing to show dates available for ASEs and ATBs. Also entertaining exchanges. I'd like to pick up some 2 and 5 peso mexican gold.
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