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  2. Anybody offloading or have a source for junk mercury dimes at or near melt value? I'm just looking for one roll, $5 face value under $130 which is what I find locally. Thanks! Ryan
  3. POUR MANS SILVER I’d like to introduce my first poured silver product for sale, floating coin display stands Each stand is 100% hand poured 999 Silver- Made in the U.K. and hallmarked at Edinburgh Assay Office This is the first piece finished and weighs 13.5ozt and sells for $730 (postage can be discussed but I estimate $20-$30) Following pieces can be sold polished or aged, but I think they look much nicer aged IMG_7259.MOV IMG_7251.MOV IMG_7253.MOV
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  5. 1 oz hand poured silver bear claw For sale Asking $75 +$5 shipping I poured this Bear claw on may 1st 2021 this. Is part of a hand poured series called “The Navajo Nation”. I poured this To honor my tribal heritage cash app preferred $ANTORTA2021 UNITED STATES SHIPPING ONLY I will post a YouTube video SO U CAN SEE IT look for ANT ORTA Thank you 🙏 🅰️NT🅾️RTA
  6. 2021 UK 1 oz Silver Proof Queen's Beast Completer - $315 Preferred payment through Zelle (PPFF if you have feedback). USPS priority flat rate $8 (any other services at cost). Crossposted and sold.
  7. The 10oz bars look nice
  8. Asking $280 each or $555 for both. EBay listings are going for $330-$400. Price is for PPFF, venmo, or zelle. First class shipping is $5 and Priority mail shipping is $10 within the USA. Insurance is extra. Contact for shipping quote to other countries.
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  10. I can do Venmo or Pay Pal money sent as friend so there won't be a charge. Please tell me what rolls you have, thanks
  11. Hey friends. Hoping some of you might be able to help me work on my 1/10 pandas and 1/10 kangaroos/nuggets collections. I have the following BU 1/10 gold bullion for exchange. Ideally, we trade on a one-to-one basis for recent years and pay our own shipping for equal services, but I can throw cash in where necessary to close a premium gap. Thanks for your consideration! Trading with other U.S. members is easiest, but I will trade with international members as well providing the shipping costs aren't prohibitive. 1 x 1986 Maple - OMP 2 x 2008 Maple - BU 1 x 2010 Maple - BU
  12. Hello all, Breaking up a Pre-33 type set and need to sell the $20, $10, and $2.50 Liberty Head Gold Coins PRICES UPDATED All coins are Circulated/Jewelry grade and may have been cleaned in the past. I bought this in a large collection and have not cleaned them myself. $20 1897S (.96749 ozt) - $1950 $10 1893 (.48375 out) - SOLD! $2.50 1878S (.12095 ozt) - $300 Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail Insured - Buyer Pays $10 and I will pay to fully insure shipment If you prefer a different shipping option, happy to do that but you pay full shipping an
  13. I have eight 1/4 oz platinum eagles for sale. At current spot ($1250), price is $405 each. If you buy two or more you get free shipping. Price is for PPFF, venmo, or zelle. Add an extra 3% if you select G&S. First class shipping is $5 and Priority mail shipping is $10 within the USA. Insurance is extra. Contact for shipping quote to other countries.
  14. OK, thank you for getting back to me.
  15. Do you still have the round?
  16. It's a really beautiful oz of Silver. This piece is what got me into Silver and the silver community. Selling for 60$ shipped and capsuled anywhere in the US. In support of the Silver community this money will go to buying more Silver and nowhere else, I'm in the stacking stage right now so collectable silver is not for me... yet. If you are from another country but still interested we can figure something out, but I am not familiar with international shipping process or rates.
  17. Rebuilding a 1/10 oz. gold panda set. Seeking years 1989, 1990, 1993-1996, 1998-2015. Must be in original mint packaging. Can pay with Zelle or PPFF or trade any of the coins I have listed in active sale posts. I also have a bunch of random date 1/10 oz. gold maples and philharmonics if you wanted to swap. Message with pictures and offers. Cheers!
  18. Howdy, I'm Todd Any interest in trading for Bitcoin? I'm very interested either way..
  19. 1965 centenarium matterhorn swiss medal 15.1 grams 11 valcambi 1gram bars 5 art 1 gram bars 6 war nickles 1 benchmark 1 grain card 41+ grams $65 shipped.
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