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  2. Good afternoon Silver Forum members, I have started to collect the Queen's Beast 1 oz silver proof coins in 2017 but I did not manage at the time to buy 4 of them... I have acquired a(nother) Lion of England 2017 recently and, I am willing to swap it preferentially for a White Horse of Hanover (2020) or a Yale of Beaufort (2019) same mintage quality - 1 oz Proof in Silver FDC. I have the coin in the original Royal Mint box with CoA. Photographs below. Sincerely, F
  3. I have quite a bit of silver for sale. QTY 29 - 2018 Chad African Lion - only 5k made- 1oz ea ($40 ea) 59 - 2012 Australia Year of the Dragon - 1oz ea ($42 ea) 20 - 2020 Tuvalu Silver ZEUS GODS OF OLYMPUS SERIES - 1oz ea ($65 ea) 20 - 1982 Mexican Libertard - 1oz ($900 for the tube) not sure I want to part with these, lol 25 - Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - ($825 for the tube) Willing to take offers on the above as well. Not all in the picture is for sale. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
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