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  2. The are going for less on FeeBay now. I know because I sold my only one there and only received one bid.
  3. This sold on FeeBay... the buyer is going to get it graded but I don't know with which company. Maybe I will persuade him to join this forum. The "first day" for this particular coin is total BS because they are ALL first and only day. Such hype!
  4. Last week
  5. its on a buy it now only option. i just end the listing. either way, im able to end the listing within minutes
  6. Wanted: 1oz gold Krugerrands, years 1971 or earlier, 1985 or later (except 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015)
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  8. $2,100 The one that started it all. Shipping $8 for SFRB. Will combine shipping. Accept Zelle, Venmo, Cash app, Bitcoin. NO PAYPAL. Thank you!
  9. Hello friends. I am trying to rebuild a complete set of 1/10 gold pandas that I parted with years ago. I am hoping to trade some of my 1/10 gold coins for your 1/10 gold pandas. I am seeking years 1989, 1990, 1993-2015. Must be in original mint packaging or NGC slab MS68 or better. Available for even trade (ounce or value): 1 x 1998 AGE 1 x 1980 Krugerrand 1 x 1986 Singapore Tiger NGC MS68 1 x 1986 Maple, mint sealed 1 x 1997 Maple Leaf with "Family" Privy NGC MS69 2 x 2008 Maple 1 x 2010 Maple 1 x 1996 Philharmonic 1 x 1998 Philharmonic (
  10. Those have se neat designs! GLWS
  11. Hello friends. For my fellow Lunar Series collectors, or maybe just snake lovers, I have one Australia Lunar Series II 2013 1/10 oz. Gold Snake - in original mint capsule. $240 USD.
  12. $35 shipped 1855-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar Accept Zelle, Venmo, Cash app, Bitcoin. NO PAYPAL. Thank you!
  13. $45 shipped Beautifully rainbow toned 1881 O Morgan Silver Dollar Cross posted on other forums. Accept Zelle, Venmo, Cash app, Bitcoin. NO PAYPAL. Thank you! 62767932142__292E89EC-BAD9-4B97-9CE2-E33BA9ECB496.MOV
  14. I see, I could only think of the original 13 colonies HAHAHAHAHA!
  15. Im interested but how are we suppose to do this where nobody is necessarily scammed?
  16. Moved to the trade section Please also read the required trading Quickstart guide:
  17. Very glad it worked out Smoldish! Despite the various problems over at the US mint I'm pretty confident the cost will match your invoice. Mods please move this thread to *Silver* sub forum.
  18. Hi, I have 3 vintage silver rounds 1 oz for sale. 1990 - Merry Christmas 2000 - Merry Christmas 2006 - Happy Holidays They are toned and they are in fair condition. 33$ each plus shipping or 95$ plus shipping all 3. Prefer paypal ff. Thank you
  19. Hello. Welcome. Sellers are free to list and sell for whatever price they want. The way it works here is... if no one inquires about it, your listing goes the month and then expires. Since you are new, what that means is that you are expected to "get the hint" that an item may be overpriced if it has not sold by then. Good luck.
  20. I have 2 of the 2020 End of World War ll 75th Anniversary Silver Proof Coins. I am ask $550 for each or $1000 for both of them. Free shipping. I accept PayPal, friends and family or GS + 3.5%, and Zelle.
  21. Hey everyone! I'm new to the forums and am interested in exchanging some of my silver and/or gold for cryptocurrencies. Mostly interested in BTC or Ethereum, but also open to other tokens. Asking 1-5% over spot, about 25.5/oz for silver and 2000/oz for gold. For silver I have 1 oz buffalo rounds, 10 oz bars(APMEX and a couple other mints), a variety of 100 oz bars. For gold coins i have 1 oz Krugerrands,a Grant Wood commemorative arts medal, a kangaroo, and $50 Liberty coins. Also just noticed one of my coins is actually graded, a 1987 china panda issue. Maybe i'll post that one in t
  22. Sorry for the late reply, The post it is high, thanks anyway
  23. End of World War II 75th Anniversary 20XE American Eagle Gold Proof Coin CONFIRMED ORDER - UNGRADED, BRAND NEW WITH ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING $13,500 shipped, Paypal invoice
  24. 24K GOLD AURUM 1/10 GRAM NOTES BY VALAURUM PEAK PROSPERITY x 8 Each note is printed on a thin film of 1/10 gram 24k gold $18/ea + shipping or $140 for the lot shipped (7 left. Buy the remaining lot for $120 shipped) CROSS POSTED ON OTHER FORUMS TERMS: USPS first class @ $3, signature @ $2.50 (if desired). Will insure for 1.1% of purchase price. Shipping is at buyer’s risk. All items will be tracked unless otherwise stated. Would recommend delivery to a secure box for precious metals. Accept: Zelle, Venmo, Cash app, Bitcoin. NO PAYPAL.
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