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  2. Hello everyone! I just thought that I would ask if anyone wants to sell the coin mentioned in the title? Yes, I know that it carries a higher premium than King Kong's dump, but it doesn't hurt to ask. If all else fails, is there anyone interested in buying that coin (from/with me) if I acquire some (meaning, that I bought more to get a discount)? Obviously, if the selling price is more than my temperature, I may just opt for the proof coin at that point. So... Here is what I am talking about?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thanks I tried Quest but no go, I will try some others off the list. Pat
  5. Yes. I have shipped to the UK before. Shipping is more expensive and you will likely have to pay VAT when it arrives. Send me a PM and we can work out the details.
  6. Last week
  7. I have a 1 Troy ounce Canada Palladium Maple Leaf in sealed original mint packaging that I am willing to sell for ask spot +3%. Shipping & insurance at your cost. US sale only. Zelle or money order. Check ships after clearing.
  8. I am looking for 10 oz Geiger silver bars and don’t want to pay the crazy prices on E-Bay Please note that I am brand new at this so please excuse me if I make any mistakes in protocol.
  9. Hi, I have some sealed 1 Troy Ounce silver bars for sale. $210 USD with free shipping. Please see picture below as examples of the bars I have available. Small discount if you buy more than 10. 10 for $210 20 for $415 30 for $620 40 for $820 50 or $1015 60 or more $20 each. Prices are firm. PPFF for payment. Thanks, Tom
  10. Feel free to kid. If you find some more and can do 13X Or better I am always interested. I don’t mind sleeping in the dog house. 😜
  11. First... a belated Happy Canada Day to our brothers and sisters in the North. And an early Happy Independence Day to my fellow patriots in the US! This is a re-post from March time frame, no bites then, trying again... ---------------------- FOR SALE OR TRADE: lot of (62) 1965 Canadian Dollars - 80% silver by weight, each coin contains 0.6 Toz silver, total silver content for whole lot is 37.2 Tozs. Couple notes... (1) 54 coins are in Royal Canadian Mint original plastic, 8 are loose. (2) For some coins, the edge of the plastic separated meaning the coin is exposed to air (3) Probably a third of the coins exhibit some type of tarnish, most very minor All that said and generally speaking, coins are in very good shape, as you'd expect from being in original plastic. If you need other pictures, just let me know. Price is $720 by Zelle of PPFF; to save everyone the conversion, that's 14X face equivalent in US 90% coinage - but feel free to double check the math. Basically, $19.35/oz. Also open to trades. (1) 33 ASEs (doesn't need to be BU, but still nice condition) and we'll split shipping, or (2) combination of fractional gold eagles w/ ASEs to make-up any difference and each party pays own shipping. Or make your own trade offer... always willing to listen. I normally ship next business day upon payment confirmation, USPS Priority w/ tracking. So thanks for looking and happy holidays! V/r, 1000ozs
  12. Thanks for your listing. I will keep this one up here but for future listings please can you list any non precious metals items. E.g. all of the copper etc, in a separate trade topic in the non PM trade section here: https://www.thesilverforum.com/forum/33-all-non-pm-items-for-sale-all-countries/
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  14. SALE!!! last chance for this 6.8 grams of specimen gold with white quartz. From Canadian Yukon. $340.00 free shipping Anywhere in the US. ( international is extra) Venmo or PP Send me a message if interested , I am Also willing to trade for 6 grams of gold bars, or 19 ounces of silver. DM If you have any offers for trade, it never hurts to ask. Located in Southern California . SL is for size reference only , not included.
  15. FYI — I am on Eastern standard time, and will be going to bed shortly. My real job is as a physician so I will be at work tomorrow until the afternoon. I may not be able to answer messages immediately. Currently, there are quite a few I will try to get to before going to bed. Thank you all for your interest.
  16. There will be two more of these promotions and then we will need to close this for the moment as have ran out of ASEs A massive thank you to @Lr103 for organising these. These types of promotion to promote the USA sales section may be back in the future
  17. Holy c**p did i learn something today. Thank you sir.
  18. Thank you for your listing. If your listing has completed please edit and add the closed prefix if you would like help please let me know. Also it had the “for sale” prefix, please use the correct “for auction” of running an auction in the future.
  19. Just reduced. I have over 100 available. Thanks, Tom
  20. I’m interested in acquiring more U.S. 90% constitutional / junk silver at or about spot.
  21. Great shipping instructions! I hope i can find local buyers(losangeles area). I am also waiting for new highs.
  22. Hey All, If in the Los Angeles area or coming to the LA below is a list of items I am looking for: 2 oz Canadian Goose Silver Coins 1/4 oz Platinum Maples 1/10 oz Platinum Maples 10 oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars Kilo Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars 1/10 oz Gold Maples 1 oz Canadian Silver 150 Special Edition Voyageur 50 cents howling wolf silver half dollars Any Canadian Silver dollar Love Mexican Libertad Rolls as well.
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