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  2. I have kilo bars (poured silvertown) and RMC bars. However, looking to get $660 each. If you want more than one, I can reduce a little due to less shipping cost per item.
  3. I'm sorry to say but your prices are just way to high.
  4. No worries and happy to hear that you're feeling better... that's far more important than a few Maple Leafs 🙂 PayPal is the by far favorite for payments but I have other methods available as well if you're not set up with PayPal. Best way to proceed would be for you to email me your contact / shipping information so I can get you set up as a customer in my system. I can then invoice you for the 2009, 2012 & 2013 Silver Maple Leafs. [email protected] Great, thank you very much and I'm looking forward to being at your service, Michael
  5. Yesterday
  6. I agree... and forward us to whoever you find... I would buy Tubes at $400-$425 all day.
  7. appreciate it! I can’t believe that stayed up for almost an hour with no one claiming it.
  8. Last week
  9. It's a joke theres a pig on ebay with bids of over £200 quid the thing is this coin I'd standard bullion Britannia with pig markings around the edge deff agree where are all the pigs gone tut tut royal mint hang your head in shame !!!!
  10. Hi, I have (4) 2017s and (5) 2018s (Dragon & Tiger) all in new direct fits and stored in tubes. The plan was to build sets. Plans changed. I'd prefer selling all of them as a lot, if possible. The (4) 2017s were purchased off Ebay (on 3 separate purchases) in June '18. Purchase price was in your range, but just. The 2018s were also purchased in June '18 direct from Silver Gold Bull (price below your range). All purchases are recorded on spreadsheet. Brand new to TSF - 1st post. No idea how any of this works yet. Images included. If interested please contact me. Cheers!
  11. Yeah, the handles are hollow and sterling, the blades are stainless. Amusingly enough, I can't even find the set right now. I have looked everywhere, 42.4 toz of silver and I can't find it...ugh.
  12. Still available. More photos available upon request!
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  14. Sure, I think we could work it out through Paypal. I'll send a PM your way with details...
  15. $86.05 face value Canadian dollars pre 1967 80% silver (halves, quarters, dimes). $22.65 face value Canadian dollars 1967-1968 (quarters, dimes). If needed, I can get a breakdown of the quantity of each denomination. You may be able to see it in the pictures. $1,200.00 for the lot. $8.50 shipping to US. Will ship to Canada at cost. I have never shipped to Canada, but I’m willing to do it by which ever method is desired or least expensive at buyers cost.
  16. Topic closed as haven't heard back from @ciulumasno123 to confirm if their item is located in USA & Canada or not. If your item is still available please re-list, note the item needs to be listed in the region it is located in.
  17. Hey everyone. I’m new here thanks to Silver Dragons being a mighty influencer. I live in Arizona and I have some war Nickels I’d like to trade or sale.
  18. @ali187 I can ship to the UK, the price is a little higher than I would think, about $40 extra (for priority mail, about $25 for first-class). I am not certain how much insurance might be.
  19. First post. I don't know what else to say haha! Any ideas when Geiger will resume supplying APMEX, JM, etc? Thanks folks.
  20. Intact Gold Valcambi Combicard. Any size. Thanks.
  21. And I'll take it if that was not clear. 😁 Thank you!
  22. They are yours for $23.25. Congrats!
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