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  1. I'm with you there. A currency that will be backed (at the least "partly") by gold. Even Turkey wants to (or perhaps already has) become part of it. That may be because of their crazy inflation though. They bought the most gold out of any country last year I believe.
  2. I think this is a really good deal. If I'd not just had a spending spree I'd have been jumping at this!
  3. katyc

    completed Silver bits

    Queens Beast and 2 x Valiants please 🤪
  4. Thank you @Roy You're now free to concentrate on you and your family. No more dread when the phone rings (I have a separate tenant phone which I call it the "Anxiety Phone") All the best for the future.
  5. I appreciate this info you give us @dicker. Keeping us ahead of what's going on. Thank you 😊
  6. Very interesting. Although with buy to let it generates a regular cashflow so I'll continue to do it. But PMs will always be my favourite. Way less hassle than tenants!
  7. Just.... Wow! Thats very interesting. I'm a huge fan of both property and PMs. I am still resistant to non-tangible / touchable investments but do want to diverse a little at some point. Perhaps I will when the S&P plummets another 20% this year (according to Gareth Soloway).
  8. (If still available)
  9. Battersea bar please 😁
  10. Thanks. I'm well knackered after all that drama! Awesome! Please can you PM me your details? ☺️
  11. Did I won? Yes I did! Against.... No one.... Woop woop! Go meeeee! Anyone.... Helloooo?
  12. Oh go on then £150 😁 (until the snipers come say hellooooo 😆)
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