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  1. Lucylucy

    Sovereign values

    Hello I have the following sovereigns and am considering selling some to fund a silver purchase (good idea??) 1881 Victoria 1887 1899 1909 Edward 1913 George V 1915 1915 1964 Elizabeth 1966 I see that the UK dealers are offering £320/£330 to buy as bullion, but I am a bit confused with the variation in their selling prices, as some coins are significantly more expensive than this (mint marks etc) Can anyone tell me what I should be looking for on these coins in case there is a relative rarity, or should I accept the dealers offers? I am a complete novice with gold and any help would be greatly appreciated'. Thank you
  2. I have been offered a Perth Mint Kilo coin at £19 per oz. This seems a good price but has anyone any thoughts on how resaleable such large coins are? Thank you
  3. Thanks Jamesd Just what I was looking for.
  4. Hello Are there any boxes available to keep 1 oz encapsulated silver bars? Thanks
  5. Thank you for explaining the Ebay costs so succinctly - all is now clear. I must be quite naive to think that there could be an ulterior motive iin quoting a £60 charge for posting a 10 oz coin in the UK.
  6. I keep an eye on Ebay for 10 oz Perth mint coins. I see there a a few listed but the cheaper ones have a postage cost of £40/£60 !
  7. Thank you to everyone for their advice and help Frank
  8. I know that this is a very broad subject but any general advice would be most appreciated. I have made mistakes in the past accumulating in particular sets of Commonwealth commemerative coins which have poor resale values. I have decided to collect 1 oz silver bars but did not realise there were so many! I have started with two Perth Mint rectangular bars (to be received) 1) Should I stick with well known Mints (Pamp RM etc)? 2) Is buying off Ebay dangerous - are there fakes of 1 oz Bars? There sem to be a multitude of different designs, but not many at present in the dealers. 3) I am not really a stacker - I like to collect different designs. 4) do the capsules which are availble fit most bars? I realise this is a big ask but any help would be welcome. As an aside, what should I do with my unwanted coins - can I sell them at worst for scrap? Thank you
  9. Thanks again- I've ordered it - you are a star! Frank
  10. Sorry I was not clear about the coin - it is the coloured version specifically for a newborn baby It seems that I might have to bite the bullet and pay the 29 Euros shipping, but before I do I am wondering if any member is making an order to Goldsilber.be and would add this to it.I would of course pay in advance together with a reasonable sum to offset the shipping. Thanks again Frank
  11. Thanks Tritoon01, I wasn't clear in my post - the coin is a specific coloured one in a box - Perth Mint has it listed-https://www.perthmint.com/catalogue/baby-mouse-2020-1-2oz-silver-proof-coin-lun-coc.aspx Sorry about that but thank you for replying Frank
  12. I would like to get one of these coins for my Great Grandaughter due in August. I cannot find one apart from Goldsilber.be which would incur a shipping charge of 29 Euros for an item priced at 37 Euros, which seems a bir excessive. Does any know where I can source one in the UK? Thank you Frank😀
  13. Hello Is the BYB50%Off code still available and if so where do I enter it? Haven't had any success so far. Thank you
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