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  1. Hello I really need to sell my Queens Beasts Collection (10 x 10 oz Boxed) and my 8 x 10 oz Koalas (2008-2015). Your suggestions on a reasonable asking price would be most appreciated. I would be willing to split the Koalas. Thank you Frank
  2. PS There is an Ebay offer of 80% off selling fees but I am wary about this particularly for the Queens Beasts. Frank
  3. Thank you everyone, Could anyone give me a reasonable asking price for the set of 10 oz Queens Beasts (10) boxed and the 8 (10 oz) Koalas boxed? Thank you - I do need to sell these items. Frank
  4. Thanks Lawrence, Have ordered a sleepy Koala. Frank
  5. Hello, I am somewhat out of the loop at the moment having been hospitalised. I am still looking for a Perth Mint 1 kg. silver lunar coin or preferably a Panda. The only 1 Kg coins I can find are with Atkinsons at a price of £879. Do you think that this is a good deal? The premium seems high? I should also like advice on the sale of a boxed set of 10 Oz Queens Beasts ( 10 coins no completer) and a date run of 10 oz Koalas (2008-2015) Thanks , Frank
  6. It's only 10, I'm afraid! Frank
  7. I am selling the remainder of my Silver as follows:- Queens Beasts boxed 10 oz set (circa £3000) Date run of 8x10 oz Koalas 2008/2015 (circa £2000) Date run of Britannias 1997/2021 plus varieties (37 coins at say £1000) If I offer these and they are bought as sets (!!) has anyone any advice on posting these relatively high value items - I do not think Special delivery would cover them? Do the prices seem reasonable? Any help and advice would be gratefully received _ I am getting too old for trading! (84) Frank
  8. 1 Kilogram Silver Panda wanted - any date Thank you
  9. Ah well, It looks as though I will have to hold my coloured coins until the scrap value approaches what I paid (if ever!) I cannot quite understand why these lovely coins are only worth melting
  10. I have three sets of Perth Mint Lunar coloured coins (Dog ,Monkey and Goat) 10 oz 5 oz 2 oz 1 oz and 1/2oz in fitted boxes. I mentioned them for sale on the Forum but the general reaction was a bit dismissive. I sold two sets on Ebay but the costs are a bit much. I need to dispose of them by virtue of my age and lack of family interest. If there is any demand for these lovely coins I would like to know!
  11. I have 21 american eagles which are milk spotted and in cracked capsules. Is there a demand from perhaps, pourers and if so what prices would they fetch? Thank you for any advice.
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