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  1. Hello Is there a box available for three (or more) 10 oz Valiants? Thank ypu
  2. Is this the one? It is silver- sorry about the photo Frank
  3. Ordered Wednesday evening - delivered today. Best price I could find for a 1kg Koala and reasonable shipping cost
  4. Hello Is there any news on the next 10 oz?
  5. Thanks Kookaburracollector Oh dear - three more I need!
  6. Hello all, Is there a 2020 Kookaburra privy? Thanks
  7. Is the 2019 pig privy available anywhere? Thanks
  8. Hello Is there a market on the Forum for .925 and .999 silver commemorative coins at scrap value? Thanks
  9. I have the following Lady of the Century silver coins (I believe .925?) which I want to dispose of in bulk.They are in a Lighthouse S6 metal case and encapsulated.I do not have the time or ability to list them on Ebay, but I believe they have some value at worst as scrap - I think they may have only a limited numismatic value. Does anyone think a scrap sale is the only way forward? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Country Date Face Value Description Alderney 1995 5 Pounds
  10. I am looking for 10 oz Kookaburras between 1993/2009 Thank you
  11. Hello Thank you for your interest and links I have bought a few recently from the SF and Ebay and I am paying between £22 and £25 plus post. The Year of the Horse bars are lovely, and the Golden State Mint seems to have several nice bars I have no experience of buying from the US - do I have to pay VAT and Duty? Thanks again Frank
  12. Pete - I already have the 3 Dragons. Thank you for your message Frank
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