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  1. Hello Pete Thanks again for your thoughts. I have the bespoke boxes for the five sets which I have. (.Horse, Dog, Monkey ,Goat and Rooster) The coins were not cheap - I accumulated them one by one and I would be very reluctant to split them - they do look magnificent. As you say it will probably be a next generation job! My recent sales result on the Forum (Rwanda Wildlife Somalia Elephants Philharmonics etc date runs) were something less than spectacular - perhaps I am greedy! Thanks again Frank
  2. Hello Could anyone give me an approximate value for a set of Coloured Lunar II in a box. (10,5,2,1,.5 oz)? They are very attractive items but not popular? I have tried Google eBay and TSF without any success. Any help would be appreciated
  3. My favourite 'completer' coin will be the 10 oz bullion Greyhound or am I alone?
  4. Various 1 oz. Silver date runs as follows. All in capsules BU Austrian Philharmonics 13 coins 2008/2020 £350 plus S D post Armenia Noah's Ark 20011/2018(Plus 2016 duplicated) 9 coins £235 plus S D post Somali Elephants 2009/2020 plus Anniversary 13 coins £350 plus S D Post Rwanda Wildlife 2012/2020 9 coins £260 plus S D Post. As a bulk sale at £1150 plus post (*£26.2 per oz) I will send them in a Lighthouse S6 case with 6 trays)
  5. Congo Gorillas BU 2015/16/17/18/19 In capsules £135 plus buyer's choice of postage BT or F&F
  6. The Hermes site says that gold/silver is on their non compensation list. Does that make it unsafe?
  7. Benin Elephant, Hippo and Zebra Chad Hippo Encapsulated 1 oz bullion coins in lovely condition £115 plus postage at Buyer's Risk
  8. Thanks Kena - my last one but it will be off my list! Frank
  9. Hello Has anyone seen the Pig edge Britannia 2019 which seems to be an elusive little beast? Thanks
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