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  1. Hello My head is spinning a little trying to understand the VAT etc situation on importing from Germany. I want to order a silver coin for 280 Euros plus say 10 Euros for shipping. Am I right in saying that I shall be charged in the worst case scenario :- Cost of goods and shipping 20% Vat on the total cost Courier charge (£8? RM) Import Tax or customs duty? Sorry to be simplistic but I cannot trace any UK sellers for this coin and I want to know the total downside at worst. Thank you all Frank
  2. Thank you Coolsmp for your straightforward reply. Frank
  3. Hello Are the two remaining Queens Beasts and the 2021 Valiant 10 oz coins still to be released or have I missed any? Thanks Frank
  4. Thank you everyone for the information Frank
  5. Hello, Is there any news on the two remaining? Thanks
  6. Hello I am looking for a 10 oz Noah's Ark , any date apart from2020. Can anyone help? Thanks Frank
  7. Thank you everyone. I understand that these coins are the same diameter as the 1 oz Perth Mint but double thickness - is this correct? Thank you Frank
  8. Hello Is there a box available for the above set. I believe there are three so far and also 10 oz versions Is this right? If there are any of the six coins available I would be interested, in particular the Koala. Thanks again Frank
  9. I really need the earlier Kookaburras and Noah's Ark but thank you for the offers. Frank
  10. Hello I am looking for a 10 oz Noah's Ark prior to 2020 or a 10 oz Kookaburra prior to 2010, if anyone can help. Thank you
  11. Hello I am wondering if anyone has used this new service and whether it is now nationwide? The cost of 72p seems very reasonable. I am thinking about selling a fairly large number of .925 coins and I am unable to get to a Post Office. The pick up services from couriers do not seem to cover the items for the value involved, but presumably the purchase of Special Delivery from the Royal Mail will cover this? Being housebound this service would be invaluable to me and any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  12. Hello Is there a box available for three (or more) 10 oz Valiants? Thank ypu
  13. Is this the one? It is silver- sorry about the photo Frank
  14. Ordered Wednesday evening - delivered today. Best price I could find for a 1kg Koala and reasonable shipping cost
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