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  1. 2012 and 2002 PR 70 half sovereign 350 for 2002 355 for 2012 sold payment by bank transfer or paypal freinds and family buyers to pay postage also selling on ebay so will withdrawn on friday night - 23rd october
  2. 2005 10 oz kooks coin in great condition, any scratches is on the capsules ----------- sold 2oz lunar monkey . good condition , the capsules has cracks ----------- 48 pounds plus postage free special delivery if you purchase both coins usual payment method bank transfer or paypal friend and family choice of postage at your own risk thank you
  3. Last bump before eBay , offers will end 8pm tonight I won’t reduce anymore Especially these are two ounce coins or proof coins queen beast bull 1 coin 38.5 pounds ( a bit hairlines on the queens face caused by movement in the tube ) Queen beast yale 1 coin 38.50 pounds good coin 2018 TWO ounce perth mint end of world war 1 coin ( two punce
  4. various coins here for sale philharmonic 1 coin 22.50 milked britannia 2014 horse privy 2 coins both milked 23 each 2018 TWO ounce perth mint end of world war 1 coin ( two punce ) 46.5 pounds ( nice coin ) chinese restrike proof coin , HU POO 2 coin 33 each , in original mint packaging ( much cheaper
  5. All have some milk or tarnish Dragon ( 58 pounds each ) ----- 8 7 5 left dragon side is fine , queens side has milk Yale ( 48 pounds each ) ------- 5 4 Yale side has milk , queen side have tiny milk some are fine Bull ( 46 pounds each ) ------ 2 light milk / tarnish on queens face please see picture for details postage your choice of risk payment by bank transfer please thank you
  6. i think they delay the dispatch on purpose , i have a feeling they are actually lacking of funds or stock , so if you dont care they wont post the silver to you
  7. i have used them many times but the june delivery was really slow, they did not respond to my shipment request until i ring them up thanks to mr @Silverman2U help and advice i receive my silver after 2 days
  8. sell as bullion ------ 720 pounds + postage at your risk Gold Proof Double sovereign , nice condition, some light marks on the coin no box or coa, it is from a set , it will come with capsules only buyers pay by paypal f and f or bank transfer
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