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  1. normally if u post a wanted post in forum , someone will give u offer, you dont need to go that far for a coin
  2. All the coins are one except koala next generation Perth mint 1 OZ 2015 Lunar Goat with Privy x1 ------------ 31 each now 28 2016 Lunar Monkey x4 ------------ 33 each now 28 one with crack capsule 27.50 2017 Lunar Rooster x 5 ----------- 31 each now 28 2018 Lunar Dog x 4 ----------- 31 each now 28 one dog sold 3 left 2019 Lunar Pig x 4 ---------- 32 each now 28 Koala next g
  3. it is possible, this is all about money matters, VAT, import duty ,shipping etc
  4. I always think the silver krugerrand will end up similar to the gold krugerrand or Britannia, they are pretty much following the spot price without too much semi numismatic value added on top
  5. Una and lion bars is what I have bought because they might release three grace bars , etc Even if it is not a series , the mintage are very low for what it is the one ounce are 35k , 10 ounce 6100 bars , one ounce already sold out in many places and ten ounce prices are going up in retail price you pay for a britannia/Krugerrands vs una and lion , i am almost certain una and lion will gain more in terms of percentage provided you are an early birds on the bars
  6. 1 or two required 2020 1 oz Niue Silver Czech Lion Coin bu must be good condition, no milk spots as such please drop me a message with offers thank you
  7. take the P off ...........
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