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  1. I have about 30 of them left I think at 2.50 each plus postage yes need to bulk buy them otherwise it’s not worth it , thanks for mentioning my name
  2. 2020 Gold Sovereign 360 delivered by special delivery the coin is as new condition as expected never out of capsules payment by bank transfer or paypal friends and family ( add 3.5 % if pay by goods and service )
  3. there are quite as few wanted post that means people still want to buy gold , BUT they only says e.g as cheap as possible some of them will offer you less than spot price 😆 ( that was last year ) by as much as 10% , so nowadays I normally ignore those post and sell it else where 😄
  4. u will receive one more email from them then u pay
  5. @dga00 @brya0123 he is a nice guy his price is good too
  6. I know where you live 😁 I can come and rob your pizza and drinks lol
  7. 2019 Britannia Oriental Border x1 available .....23.5 each NOW 21.5 BRITANNIA 2017 - 20th Anniversary , the one with trident / privy x5 available ……. 22.5 each NOW 20.50 BUY ALL 6 = 125 DELIVERED (1st sf) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< all the coins are in great condition , all come with original royal mint capsules postage your choice at your own risk payment by paypal friends and family or bank transfer
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