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  1. sell me your Ferrari when the ford cars are on sale
  2. This is a nice coin , I have to buy this right away 😁
  3. i think i have heard that before from the back of argos car park ages ago , a man stands by his van with loads of tv units at the back and shout stick with me because all tv are genuine ................ ( bricks filled tv )
  4. Yes I am talking the resale as well , it’s true that rm usually sells better than whatever island , however let’s say you paid 85 pounds and I assume you can sell this for 200 until it is milked , then you will be lucky to get back the original price that you have paid , so I have to to disagree with “ superior “
  5. China don’t give a sheep ( milk )😄
  6. how about the quality ?😉
  7. He only have Zeus I think because I am going to get him Poseidon and hades next month when the coins arrives
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