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  1. Deal falls through because seller has put the wrong price (75 + postage ) rather than 75 delivered
  2. hi if the deals falls through i will take it please
  3. looks like this time will be gold version ?
  4. The listing will mark as complete tonight Sunday at 23:59
  5. just to update the listing, white horse sold out, will have stock back in jan and feb onwards
  6. fehk2001


    i think many people will have a wait and see approach , with someone who doesnt mind to pay a potential 20% + handling will order from europe
  7. Free tubes just pay postage 4 pound for small parcel alcohol not included , but if you fancy a couple of shot , let me know
  8. the seller is just trying to prevent you to get more nectar points
  9. i jus be able to PM now, pleae read PM thank you
  10. hi ali, i have tried to pm you about the coins i have received but the system not allowing me to send you a pm , i dont know why may need @ChrisSilver to look into it , the coins are in good conditions and as describe BUT you must have made a mistake , you have sent me 7 coins instead of 6, two rwanda lunar instead of one, so can you please PM me if you can ? if thats for my christmas presents please do let me know 😁 as well thank you
  11. will be david bowie next -------------------------------------------------------------------------- i am looking forward to queen beast 2nd series with privy sovereign stod with privy britannia with two privy so that i dont need to buy these, save my money , looking forward to it
  12. 10 queen beast white horse left and 8 aussie horse left
  13. i think the real problem with royal mint is that, when they see the coins is doing good in secondary market, they will flood the market with A LOT more mintage , sometimes with new design, the end result is not many people it because they will lose money or less collectiable
  14. maybe they will use the original design and put a privy on, here u go thats qb2
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