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  1. Hi Steve, thank you for your interest! I will send you a PM.
  2. Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy you've enjoyed the coins. I will leave you feedback soon
  3. Not as reasonably priced as yours @sellerstacker! But I thank you for the mention
  4. No problem at all The Landmarks of Britain and Oriental Border Britannias were two which came in sealed rolls of 20 capsules. In fact, I have sealed rolls and individual coins for the 2019 Oriental Britannias available on this link if you're interested
  5. No problem at all Floyd! At least you've managed to make your way here No tubes of 25 unfortunately. These are all individually capsuled and vacuum sealed in rolls of 20 straight from the Royal Mint. However, if you would like to buy 25 of them I can do a sealed roll (20) +5 coins in their capsules posted SD and give a slight discount on top
  6. 1/10ths still available and open to offers via PM. Thank you
  7. 1. £34.50 posted 1st class (not tracked) each OR; 2. £34.20 posted 2nd class (not tracked) each. 3. 1 full roll for £680 posted SD You can buy all for an even better price with SD postage included. PM me to know how many I have available. Free postage upgrades on more bought. Discounted paid upgrades for smaller quantities available. PM for more info.
  8. £22.50 per oz posted 2nd class (not tracked) 2-3oz posted 1st class 9+ ozes posted Special Delivery post at buyers risk. purchased from the European Mint
  9. Full tube (25 coins) of 2015 britannias for sale posted SD for £660 to go this weekend. First come first serve. Priced at £26.4 per oz posted SD!
  10. Agreed, might I add specific gravity tests to the list. There are tutorial videos by BackyardBullion on YouTube.
  11. Above offer valid until the end of the day. After that, back to original listing prices.
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