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  1. Thanks! Dave's pictures do them more justice lol As the post states these are of limited mintage. I only found about them when I was buying them and was able to get a good deal in bulk.
  2. I love them, Dave! Your camera captures what I wish my mobile camera did Thank you If you'd be interested and these don't sell soon I'll probably be taking offers but not at the moment. For now it's these prices and any other Flash or Fire Sales
  3. Fire sale still up! Also check original listing for new high quality pictures by @DrDave £26.50 per coin posted, how come nobody is interested? CGT free coins (britannias) are going for ~£30 at bullion dealers and this coin specifically is listed out of stock at ~£35 per coin!
  4. Hey Jack, if you'd like to trade your Australian gold nugget coin for a few of my raw W. Australian gold nuggets, feel free to PM me
  5. Flash Sale! 15 coins for £397.50 with FREE Special Delivery. Terms: Only 15 coins available for this offer. Payment has to be made on or before August 18th.
  6. I think the Pro models can detect that, but don't quote me on it. The standard version only detects metal content/purity up to a certain depth in millimetres. You can use calipers to measure the width and height of the coin to see if it's within standards provided by the mint. On the standard version I own you can seleect different types of pre-loaded and calibrated coin purity ranges such as modern 999 or older 958 (i think) silver britannias. Or pre 1933 US gold coins and modern 22ct gold coins from different countries. Maybe that's what you are talking about. You select the type of coin you want to test, calibrate the sigma and place the coin on/under the sensor. If it falls in the bracket range, it's genuine. If it doesn't you can readjust the coin or turn it around etc to get a positive reading as the standard version isn't 100% reliable.
  7. Approximately £780 (after converting) with shipping included via DPD. Then VAT on top once it arrived in the UK (before delivery). If I'm not mistaken this is the link I used (link from my email/order confirmation): https://zetberg.com/sk/kupit/sigma-metalytics
  8. I bought a Sigma but my smooth brain forgot to analyse the coin! Please have some sleep my bert friend @stefffana and as soon as I get them out again i will post an update 😎✌
  9. These coins are sold out iat all major dealers and they'd be selling for at least £35 or more, so these are an absolute bargain! Go go go!
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