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  1. Thank you for your input and help! Makes a lot of sense!
  2. Thanks Haha! Now I see that, gotta do it xD - thanks!
  3. I got a 1/2oz gold britannia and it came with a capsule and inside the RM plastic. Is there any use or benefit in keeping the coin in its mint packaging? What are your personal opinions? What would you do? CHEERS!
  4. Don't worry! Thank you for taking your time to reply
  5. That makes sense! Initially I had a strategy to favor gold but I am veering more into silver. I was personally thinking of a 100:1 silver to gold ratio but again, the gold prices are higher and premiums are off the roof which make me favour silver more and forget the 100:1. I am tempted though to purchase paying 0% VAT on the @BackyardBullion group purchase which is a good opportunity but I am stuck between gold & silver haha - time to revaluate the strategy!!
  6. Just out of curiosity, do you trade the G:S ratio or you just stack/prep? If you think these questions are too personal there's no need to answer
  7. I've recently been seeing online some people recommending silver stackers to hold 1oz of gold for every 500oz of silver. What is your ratio? How did you come to that ratio? *People who stack mostly gold can also answer if you'd like
  8. Interested in the (religious) Buddha one (to the right) - could we work out a better price?
  9. Thank you for your help and tips! Definitely helped
  10. Thank you for your suggestion! I will try and talk to him but might go with HH's idea
  11. Thank you for your recommendation! I should be able to do bulk .999 silver coins, correct? Dont think one by one is viable. That's surely a positive point for the gadgets, quick and easy haha Thank you again
  12. I never see a Sigma Verifier for sale in the UK and sometimes it is too expensive. Are there similar alternatives that aren't so expensive for a starting stacker?
  13. Good afternoon! I hope you are all doing and feeling great! I've decided to register on here primarly because of BYB's final collective/group purchase which I would love to take part in! I've been stacking for three years already and my only regret was not starting earlier... Although I was luckily able to buy the March dip! Can't wait to be a part of the community and to also be able to buy/sell/exchange in the future!
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