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  1. Priced TO GO! I got a double whammy here: birthday in a couple of days AND an unexpected bill! Yay? Unfortunately can't wait any longer to sell. Please do not send offers. Thank you!
  2. 3 bars sold. more bars added! Buy all for the best deal with variety, free box and FREE SD!
  3. Hi there, thanks for your message! I have just checked and everything is as it should be Buy 8g for £422 with free 1st class untracked and get an extra 0.4g of gold (8.4g of gold for £422 posted) - hope this isn't too confusing
  4. Added a 1g Carded Umicore bar. This lowered the price per bar and is a steal with the "buy all" offer! Buy all 8g for £422, and get a free 0.4g of gold. 8.4g total for £422 posted untracked.
  5. RM shouldn't be releasing anything until they sort out their quality control (in my opinion)
  6. TO GO - ANY bar for £49 + post. Buy all 9.4g for £440.42 + post + FREE PAMP storage box. Need to free up some funds. Not accepting offers. Priced as is + post. Bar brands available: x1 Valcambi 1g loose, capsule £52 £49 + post x1 Sharps Pixley 1g carded £52 £49 + post x1 Degussa 1g carded £52 £49 + post x1 Baird & Co. 1g carded £52 £49 + post x1 Royal Mint 1g carded £52 £49 + post x1 Karatbars 1g carded £52 £49 + post x1 Battle of Britain Ingot 1g carded with certificate £52 £49 + post x1 Diana Ingot 1g carded with certificate £52 £49 + post x1 2 Umicore 1g carded (1 REMAINING) £52 £49 + post x2 Nadir Gold Life Card 0.2g carded SOLD x1 Valcambi 1g carded SOLD x1 Heraeus 1g carded SOLD Thank you for reading!
  7. By the looks of it... Appears so. But their NGC Ancients appeared to be experienced and skilled.
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