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  1. Thanks for the info @Nugget & @Michal -- I'm aware of the pricing on other websites -- users are welcome to buy their PM's anywhere they like. This pricing is to incentivise larger sale or trade instead of smaller individual sales -- I'll be updating the listing to reflect that more accurately. I'll leave it on here until I decide to withdraw or close a deal as I'm in no hurry - so no need to worry, I won't be disappointed if nothing happens at these rates Thank you though, and no offence taken! As for 150oz silver Brits trade I will be looking to update the listing to offer a few
  2. What about pre 1947, or pre 1920 UK silver? They might have higher premiums now than 6 months back. Plus you'll pay a larger premiums on denominations under 1ozt. Which leads me to this: or buy couple hundred grams of silver casting grain online or in the forum. If you go with this or need more info I can send you some links or recommend vendors on here Plus, casting grain is very fun to play with at large amounts. Just be careful not to spill or make a mess! Lol
  3. Cut them %points off by becoming more Self-sustainable - buy a couple of potato and carrot grow bags, some heirloom seed or organic non GMO spuds and carrots. Basil when planted right can spread like vermin lol I'm planning to work on developing a hydroponics system and a water collection and distillation system A bit of an initial investment here and there which provides with lifelong support! * I know this isn't related to the gold thread so apologies. But what I do in all of this is put at least 5% of monthly earnings into gold, part of the gold gets reserved to pay for the
  4. I think you used one ounce (~28g) instead of the troy ounce (31.103g). 1000g (1kg) / 31.103g (1ozt) = 32.15ozt
  5. I've got a full tube of 2021 1/10oz Gold Britannia coins (25 coins, 2.5oz total). Only glove handled, held on the sides. Pics available. I've got an extra two 1/10oz coins also. OFFER 1: Selling full tube (25 coins) for £4000 + shipping. OFFER 2: Selling full tube (25 coins) + 2 extra (2021 and 2020) in 1 capsule: total at £4220 for 27 coins total + FREE SHIPPING. Shipping: at buyer's choice and risk. Only RMSD is insured and will have to be sent in two separate parcels due to insurance. TERMS: Tube and capsule is free, you only pay for the coins. Coins will be shipped at most by th
  6. Thank you for your reply I will give it a think and follow the thread. I'll PM you if I decide to go with an ASE
  7. Hello GSTrading, do you have a 1998 gold ASE? What year is the krugerrand?
  8. The only week I haven't got any £ in the bank is the week I see some good deals. Post office closed now, damn! lol - Let the race begin!
  9. I thought half sovs would be more popular then britannias? Or am I missing something? Sovs also seem to have a lower premium and more fine gold I'm more of a silver person but I hold a full tube of 1/10oz just in case - my gold fix is satiated for now hahaha - but I was considering trading for 150x 1oz silver 2021 brits,, oh, the indecision lol I will do, I have more than enough. I'm just pondering whether I will prioritise sale or trade, or if I will be holding onto them a while longer. I got most of them at the end of last year when spot was higher couple hundred £.
  10. Where can I find reliable 2021 1/10oz Britannia coin prices? I've got some to sell but cant seem to find any on here. I'd like to know what premiums are being asked on those. Does anyone have a reliable website of some sorts or a general rule of thumb for calculating premiums on 10th ounce gold brits? If I'm not mistaken, from a few calculations a while back , I've seen those premiums up to 20% over spot? Is that correct?
  11. Ignorance is bliss isn't it! ... until SHTF and all types of things start happening xD
  12. For me personally, it's all engineering consent. Create a problem, pose a "solution". Every "solution" restricts individuality, sovereignty, expression, etc. (the list goes on...) all under false pretenses. Had the problem and solutions not been there, the world would be better off. This is a blanket analogy for anything that you feel is not right with the little voice in your head, your consciousness. However, it's not hard to see a lot of people who don't listen to their consciousness, or are in extreme hypnosis aka. deep sleep... It's hard to wake up people in deep sleep. When you wake
  13. I'm all up for this. I bet other users would be too! IF/WHEN the brown matter hits the wind propeller, I'd be up for a functional peer to peer society based on trade
  14. From my understanding a short can be held as long as there's potential for profit. Just to be sure I looked at these Investopedia articles which seem to make sense : https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/12/how-long-short-sell.asp https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/011315/when-short-selling-how-long-should-you-hold-short.asp
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