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  1. I got that one December last year, just not planning on selling it anytime soon unfortunately but if you'd like to follow my profile - I'll post it on here first when I decide to sell
  2. Hi how much for one 2oz? do you still have fractional sets?
  3. I agree. I don't own a safe due to the size of my stack, it's not that large or valuable yet. However, I believe the weight of the stack will definitely add to the carry weight of the safe. A bolted quarter ton safe + stack weight, wouldn't that be overkill? I am asking genuinely out of inexperience
  4. I see there is presence of silver. I have seen this issue with @BackyardBullion where his poured gold bar fail an assay test because it had minute traces of silver micro-specks in the surface of the gold bar from an error made while pouring. This is what came to mind, probably it is a mint error.
  5. * Not financial advice, just personal opinion. Act on your own accord. Collect information to make an informed decision * IMHO you're safer having the money in cash at home than in a bank. Especially with the recent economic turmoil. Since it is not accurring any interest, it is safer in your hands rather than not. FCSC does not specify a time frame to give you your money back in case of loss, this can be years or instantly in case there is hyperinflation and your money becomes worthless by the day. I'm not saying this will definitely happen. Given the current economic situation it
  6. Hey Jason can you upload a picture of the proof? Cheers -sp5
  7. stackerp5


    I agree with BYB - PM market margins are too tight for a company to be taking an 18% off (financial hit). Strange!
  8. 2021 is a mixed year in my opinion. No goal - so let's see how it goes. Tempted to buy silver, but 20% VAT is annoying! Might not even buy anything depending on prices and income.
  9. Lovely PAMP coin! Shame it's out of my budget!
  10. Quite a mouthful! haha I believe it can be done this way... Following this train of thought seems to be logical to me. Although Govts are absolutely not logical, it could be attempted! Also, "coins of numismatic interest" is extremely subjective as one could be interested in stacking 2-10oz Queens Beasts coinage regardless of quantity. I would personally do it if it weren't for my limited budget lol
  11. Do you know of any legal or registered cases where the face value was accepted instead of the metal value? What if it is old coinage, still metal value, even if collectible?
  12. I recently have cared less about price due to the current economic situation and seeing potential in the market. 1/10oz doesn't seem a bad deal to me. My initial Gold:Silver ratio aim was 1:1000 but now aiming to 1:200 or 1:100. It really varies. You can set a goal but there's no problem in changing it!
  13. For me, the price of gold and silver doesn't matter. I will buy whenever I can *NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE! THIS IS MY PERSONAL OPINION* If you check out https://silverprice.org/ and scroll down to the 3 day chart you can see a pattern. In my opinion, from what I see from observing the markets during this year, I am 70% sure the price will go down temporarily (as it does). You can see (also for previous dates) that when the HK market opens there's a drop, and a rise prior to the London & Comex market opening. I know this is silverprice, there is the goldprice website but it is un
  14. Backyardbullion are doing a last order from the European Mint specific items only, cheaper shipping costs.. Check it out and read carefully. Ask him if you dont understand somethng.
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