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  1. Hi BM89, do you still have the 100g CombiBar?
  2. Get a proof coin of some sorts if the budget allows. Or do as above and also get a coin from the year/country of marriage
  3. stackerp5

    Junk silver

    Hi Crabby, user @sellerstacker has got some sterling silver (0.925 purity) items available. User @oldschoolsilver was selling some (0.500 purity) silver coins. I'd message them or check their listings
  4. @dmcac has got some 1/4 and 1/10oz silver britannia tubes for sale I think. They look good and are CGT free.
  5. Hi caf84, any of these available?
  6. hi @silvernewbie is this still available?
  7. I did get the alchemical symbol bit but that's good word play on Eon! I don't have many people home so "bullion" visible wouldn't necessarily be a problem. However, I can imagine how that could be one and can see myself putting it away somewhere depending on who I'd have over.
  8. That sounds great! Glad that's popped up before and that you've given it thought! I am very interested in this project. I myself might end up going with the cheaper model if I decide to buy one. I'll have to set a weekly budget aside to save up for one of these. Personally both the models look great and wouldn't mind having either one of them on my desk (although the higher-end brass model is a beaut!). I would be willing to spend between £200-£400 depending on possible variations and options. Would be interesting if you'd be willing to accept cryptocurrency as payment? Hopefully soon I'll be cashing-out on some crypto profits? I've paid the European Mint with their payment processor BitPay who charge 1% of the order amount directly to the customer. Not sure if there are any fees to be paid on the seller's end but would be interesting to look out for if others are interested in the possibility of paying with cryptocurrency
  9. Ah yes, that "No Ragrets" tattoo, I know that Sue!
  10. Hi Rory, very interesting product and stunning design! One question popped to my mind regarding the answer above. I take my privacy very seriously as I bet other stackers on here also do, even though we deal frequently and exchange names, bank/paypal details, addresses/PO boxes, etc... I would rather only myself and (a partner or close family member) know what coins/bars I've got. Is there any way to have accounts or entries be anonymous to the company, or accounts not requiring much (or any) personal information upon registration? I'm not saying I don't trust the company, nor am I saying the company would be involved in any such thing - but in this digital era, hundreds of private/public companies and individuals are targeted by hackers or people with malicious intent on a daily basis. The idea that there's an account with my name (and probably shipping/billing address) on it showing what gold/silver coins/bars I've tested as legitimate is a bit freaky. The app "ping coin" for example has the option of users uploading recorded audio of coins being pinged to be added to the database. The addition of such audio is made fairly anonymously, with any privacy concerned individuals (such as myself) being able to be mostly (or probably completely) anonymous with their information and data in regards to how the recording is sent, what number, user, IMEI or other information is sent to the app creator, etc. Disclaimer: I am not implying the creator of the app "ping coin" records and keeps personal data of users that submit samples, I am saying it is possible for the app creator to do so with/without malicious intent and I am also claiming that with this - or any other - app, if weary, the user can go the extra mile to not be identified in any way. Hope my response wasn't too convoluted. I would be more than happy to expand on this if needed
  11. Hi Pete, I believe there is a product that holds the coin firmly in the centre and there's a lever or button that you fling to strike/ping the coin. Unfortunately they only offered that product but could be used along with other apps such as the "ping coin" app. I cant remember the company/make though so that's a bummer, but I am 99% sure I've seen it, probably around the forum.
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