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  1. Part 2 link is available, link has been pasted under part 1 @Foster88
  2. Part 2 @Silverman2U Not sure the exact name but any material find IL post it here
  3. Not too sure if it will be about gold, could be about a whole different topic Ignore above part 2 available underneath part 1 @Foster88
  4. Not yet pls do share the link so others can view too
  5. I have uploaded this on the video section of the forum but I fell it won't get the exposure it deserves. For that reason I have made a thread about it. Those new to the game this is a very informative documentary, great vid to learn some of the fundamentals. Big well known names feature, such as Jim Rickards, Rick Rule, Egor Von, list goes on. It is hosted by Grant Williams who is part of Real Vision. A MUST WATCH, Please share your thoughts https://www.thesilverforum.com/videos/view-930-recent-documentary-on-gold/
  6. Brilliant vid by Grant Williams, the editing is superb and the content was just refreshing to hear.
  7. Reduced to £715 plus post Will reconsider the price tomorrow afternoon. (Won't be any lower then this price, I will just keep coin instead)
  8. Hang in there, Swings and roundabouts
  9. 1/2 Oz 2005 Britannia 740 delivered Special delivery Reduced 725 plus post Reduced yet again £715 plus post 1980 1/2 sov £187 Delivered Special delivery or £175 if purchased with the 1/2 Oz Britanna above Both proof but being sold as bullion. Bank transfer
  10. A friend is going to sell his 1/10 gold Brits 2021 to a dealer or eBay. I mentioned the forum to him, so he has asked me to get a feel for it. 10 to 15 possibly on sale in order to make the price competitive he has agreed to sell 3 for £498 posted special delivery (£166 each delivered) Alternatively if it's just the one then it will be £164 plus post. If any one is interested please feel free to comment on the thread or send me a pm. Will need to know by latest Sunday morning (less then 24 hours ) Unsure about which tag to use as expression of interest
  11. Yes true, but if you want quick cash you should not sell your au or ag. I'm sure there are plenty of excess electronics that can go before the au and ag
  12. I think the month of January also has a part to play in this as although we didn't have a normal Christmas, im sure December would have been expensive month regardless of lockdown.
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