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  1. I got one dragon bar 2020, if interested pl me. Just the one bar though
  2. @AJames0906 not everything has sold. What ever is showing as available is still available apart from the 1/2oz sealed Brit
  3. What would u pay for a full or half @sovereignsteve
  4. I would say the 1/4s if the premiums are the same just because I feel it may be slightly easier to liquidate.
  5. A bit of both with the premium % in mind, then buy with the lower premiums, or if there is not much difference then go for the 1/4ozs.
  6. The gold is set aside for the time being but the silver is available still BUMP
  7. Tn21

    Panda expert wanted

    @DavePanda @Agpanda @vicamy
  8. Tn21

    Yorkshire bullion ltd

    Great seller 👍, bought and sold to on numerous occasions.
  9. Loads of us including me have dealt with Harrington & Bryne @SilverMaple Mains reason being the price. The coins will arrive along with a heap of junk mail. The address in Hanover Square looks exclusive I will go an check that out. Most probably a rental office.
  10. A Sov a month sounds good, and at the cheapest possible price is 👌. Buy it from a good source which can also include this forum. Good strategy if you ask me. Fellow forums member has built up a comparison site. http://goldprice.eu5.net/
  11. Bump - non premium members
  12. Raising some £ selling some bullion. 2020 silver Britannia - £20 each (30) 20 Sold 2020 Silver Krugerrand - £20.50 each (9) SOLD 2019 Oriental Border Brit - £20.50 each SOLD 2016 30g Silver Panda - £21 each (3) 2 SOLD 2017 30g Silver Panda - £21 each (5) 3 SOLD 2020 Dragon Bars in capsule - £22.75 each Sold Dragon bar capsules - £0.50 SOLD 2020 Scottsdale Gorilla in OMP - £24 each (1) 5oz Perth Mint Rooster - £105 GOLD 2018 1/10 Gold Britannia - £160 2020 1/10 Gold Britannia - £160 SOLD 2019 Sovereign - £345 2017 trident sovereign - £355 SOLD 2020 Gold standard Coin 1/4 Oz - £395 2019 1/4oz Britannia -£400 SOLD 2019 1/2 Oz Mint sealed Britannia - £770 Postage on Top. Bank transfer.
  13. Oh wow can I ask where did you get the 20oz bar from as they are slightly hard to come by here in the UK.
  14. £420 Gold standard 1/4 Oz coin + 2019 silver britannia £420 delivered. 1st class signed Last call
  15. Raising some £, selling some bullion 1/10 Oz Gold Britannia 2018 X 1 = £160 2020 X 1 = £160 Silver Britannia X 5 = £20.00 each or £19.50 each if bought with the 1/10 gold Brit The au Brits are really only competitive when buying it with the silver. Otherwise it can be purchased from dealers slightly cheaper. Postage on top, Bank transfer http://goldprice.eu5.net/ Above is s price comparison site made by a fellow forum member.
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