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  1. It is the first 10oz britannia coin, I don't think it will be a collectable, it's nice to have in a 10oz format but there are other better looking 10oz coins on the market
  2. Last call £450 delivered for 3 krugs Itema will be going on eBay tonight.
  3. Tn21

    completed Bullion Sov

    Bullion Sov £320 plus post, year 2020 2017 bullion half sov £188 plus post (slight mark on queen's face)
  4. X 3 bullion gold 1/10 Krugerrands £450 delivered SD Or take x 5 1/10 gold Krugerrands for £742 delivered SD. No pics, will have to retrieve the coins from storage dispatch will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Bullion coins, bank transfer
  5. Let us know how it goes. Any bargains ? Selection of coins etc.
  6. You have popped your 🍒, nice work. Great coin the mapple, one of the first if not the first .999 au coins to hit the market. Buying on the forum has been worth the weight in gold for me. I am glad you shared your experience as other newcomers may gain confidence and a better understanding of TSF.
  7. Depends on your budget. Tbh any silver brand new is shinny and will be well received irrespective of the weight and value. As a gift just make sure it's shinny 🤣
  8. Tn21

    closed Some items

    Bump Britannia bar and 10oz silver coin 2 items available
  9. Tn21

    completed 2 X 1/10 Krug

    X 2 tenth out Krugerrand bullion coins £300 delivered SD Dispatch out on Monday/Tuesday
  10. Billions items bank transfer Older bullion Sov 1845 £325 delivered. Sold Krugerrand 1/4oz 1981 £353 plus post sold 1/10oz 1991 155 delivered SOLD 5g Britannia royal mint bar -£242 delivered 1st class signed for 10 Oz Britannia coin marked on queen's side -£256 delivered 2020 bullion Sov - £315 plus post sold
  11. I got a 1/4oz Brit if your looking to buy soon. I will aim to beat the dealers price. Sovs as mentioned above are very similar to a 1/4 oz, in terms of weight but can be bought with a lower premium. fYI
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