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  1. .45 % for the annual charge but it is capped at £45 per year. Can you tell me a bit more about why h&l is a rip.off
  2. Tn21


    They are always people or newbies out there buying silver from dealers. Part of this is may be to avoid getting any fakes in the market and by going to the names mentioned they can almost guarantee the silver is genuine. Some of my first silver orders via BBP came to £25 each for the trident privy Brittanias in mid 2017.
  3. I think next time you come to the UK bring some Scottsdale silver 10oz or 20oz bars with you and exchange them for the qb or Britannia's gold.
  4. Ah Ok so u was the lucky guy 👍
  5. Cheers at Andrewsl76 A piece by BYB,
  6. I'm optimistic that a deal can be struck between you both. @Nick1368 and @UnoWho Commmeee onnn guys I believe in you both
  7. Just to share with the others on here, I did notice afterwards that my box had been opened and it did have UK boarder force Home Office tape arround it. They would have opened it checked the contents and resealed it back.
  8. Packaging was pretty good, decent size box with lots of wrapping preventing any movement of the contents of the box.
  9. X1 10oz Queens Beast Yale £222 posted via SD UK only Bank transfer
  10. Tip off from StackerNoob, first order from Eldarado. Great experience and top packaging. Will definitely order again sometime X2 10oz Yale QB, (selling one on the forum 🔌) X1 Scottsdale Gorrilla 2020
  11. Tn21

    Gold buyers slowing down

    Not too long ago here on the forum we were questioning a Sov priced in the £230 region (H&B early on days), I would say less then a year on @ £350 for a Sov there is still an appetite for it.
  12. Tn21

    queen's beasts

    Well I got into it at the beginning and I just thought I would carry it on. Didn't bother with the 1/4oz gold or 1oz gold as it was too costly to backdate and also a big commitment financially to go for all 10.
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