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  1. Yh I would say so. Just give a bit of time for the dealers to unpack and display their items. I would say between 08.30 and 09.30 is a sweet spot.
  2. Tn21

    Group Buying

    Do you miss the BYB group orders ?
  3. Tn21

    for sale Gold bundle

    £380 delivered on a 1/4oz
  4. Ideally better to turn up in the morning, as by early afternoon it does tend to quieten up quickly and dealers start to pack thier stuff away.
  5. Last time I went you just turn up and it was a £5 on the door.
  6. Selection of silver items, all plus post. Bullion items, bank transfer, no refunds, no offers. Nothing super competitive in my opinion in terms of price. 100g Ag sealed TGE silver bars £80 each 100g Hoard silver bar £80 100g Hoard Silver bar hallmarked £85 each 100g 2019 The silver forum bar #69 (no coa) £90 100g Ag Metalor bar with certificate £90 1oz The silver forum bars by BYB date run 2018,2019,2020,2021 £140 Australian Wedged tailed eagle years(14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21) £275 10oz Ag Valliant 2018 - £300 10oz Ag Valliant 2019 X 2 - £285 10oz Ag Valliant 2020 - £275 (Please note that the valliant capsules are marked and scratched. Scottsdale 10 Oz Stacker X 2 - £600 delivered. Canadian Mint 2020 10 Oz - £260 10 Oz Scottsdale reserve bar sealed - £275
  7. Tn21

    for sale Gold bundle

    Bump break down in prices would be £378.50 for the 1/4ozs each plus post 1/2 Sov £173 plus post Or the whole lot delivered. 2017 trident privy sov available for £355 delivered. sold
  8. Tn21

    for sale Gold bundle

    X 2 1/4oz gold CGT exempt coins (gold standard and Britannia) & 1/2 sovereign £930 delivered via special delivery Bullion coins, bank transfer no refunds. Pics to the buyer as I will have to get the items out. If serious please feel free to message and I will try and get some pics over.
  9. Half sov loose 2021 1/10 gold coins X 2 £477 delivered via special delivery Bullion coins Bank transfer, no refunds SOLD
  10. I'm not 100% sure what the outcome of the blister pack will be years on from now but I do think it will not be as aesthetically pleasing as it was brand new. That is the case for most material items lol.
  11. Regarding blister packs of any sort a brief concern of mine is that they will deteriorate over a period of years (long term) The colours will fade over time, the thin sheet of protection similar to that of a brand new phone screen will peel and curl up at the corners. A very nice brand new item is shiny and definitely a trophy piece at the start but like anything it will show signs of 'wear and tear' no matter how well you protect/store it over time. Any seasoned stackers out there that can share their experience with any packaged bullion items?
  12. I have one which I'm willing to let go. Im sure the seller of this thread will get back to you in due course. If he is not able to meet your criteria then by all means give me a shout. Let's wait for the seller to get back to you first. @oooootini
  13. Tn21

    closed Au & Ag

    Bump reduced items in a flooded market
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