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  1. The days of 10oz qb European orders brings a tear to my eye. Looking at royal mints website for the price of the white horse, brings even more tears to the eyes.
  2. Ok so in the end it was delivered and not lost.👍 Thanks for the reply.
  3. @GSTrading Can I ask what happened in your case ?
  4. @KDave @BackyardBullion Would you agree that having no paperwork with items being bought and sold on the forum will lead to no payout in the event the item is lost or stolen. Would appreciate any of your comments regarding SD.
  5. Sorry I should have done a bit of digging arround found the below thread however still a big ? Surrounding forum member to forum member selling and buying.
  6. Very briefly - 1/4oz Brit was sold a month ago to a fellow forum member. A few weeks past by and the item still had not been delivered. At which point a claim was made to the royal mail and I refunded back the buyer the full cost of the coin. 2-3 weeks had gone by and I thought it was a lost case. Item was eventually delivered a month late 'better late then never'. The buyer @Ducat916 thankfully is a very honest and straightforward individual. He let me know the coin had arrived and he returned back the money I refunded him. So thank you for your honesty and integrity. TO the wider
  7. I will be honest I didn't need the Wikipedia link. Strangely knew who he was 🤫
  8. Romeo & Juliet could also be a good shout
  9. Tn21

    Silver staking

    In this current climate, just take it nice and easy.
  10. Tn21

    for sale Some bits

    2020 silver Kook purchased 5 of Ash going to keep 4 letting one go if anyone is after 1. £30 plus postage otherwise will happily keep it. 1996 proof 1/10 Au Britanna, some copper spots £165 plus post SOLD 1980 proof 1/2 sovereign, handled and marked so more like bullion £177 posted SD. Comes with box and COA 2016 Gold standard coin, bullion £373 plus post 2020 Au panda sealed in OMP, £405 plus post 2018 3g panda £175 plus post Reserved 2017 trident privy Sov and half Sov only as a pair (£355+£180) plus post but can negotiate half the cost of SD. Ban
  11. Tn21

    Silver for kids

    Just an idea maybe consider just buying the milky, unloved silver which is sometimes up for sale on here at £25/£26 per Oz. The 1/2oz premiums are huge and they are are to get hold of in this current climate.
  12. It's getting harder and harder to get hold off from the retail sellers here in the UK, stock is very limited and apart from 1oz coins I'm struggling to find stock of 10oz coins and bars as well as other weights, Not that I'm in the market to buy but it's just strange to witness.
  13. No harm in investing in the paper markets @Stuntman but having an allocation of physical is also advisable imo.
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