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  1. @ilovesilverireallydo is selling a Pamp bar which is rare. It's the Rosa design and for the middle East market. At £485 I think it was I would be a buyer if the funds allowed. 10g Pamp Rosa bar design .
  2. I started back in 2017ish after hearing gold going to £10k by Jim Rickards🎣. I am glad I got into PM's as it allows me to save as I was and still am terrible at saving. As Stu mentioned earlier you will be surprised at how a stack can quickly grow just with small purchases a month. Key is to stay in your lane and buy what you can whenever you can. I bought a standard bullion Sov at £360 which is at a loss ATM but also have bought a standard bullion Sov and £240. My point here is to pay little attention to the daily fluctuations and allow the bigger picture to take over. Gold and silver are long term plays and if your happy about that sort of time scale I believe in the metals.
  3. Do you mind sharing the total damage @ady
  4. Last call 2.5g loose Pamp bar £126 delivered. 1/2oz Brit 2020 £707 delivered 1/10oz Brit - £300 delivered for 2 Closing thread tonight
  5. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/sovereign-gold-coins/pre-owned-2005-carded-uk-full-gold-sovereign Not blue carded though
  6. Tn21

    withdrawn 5 X 1/10 Brits

    Bump, priced adjusted in line with spot
  7. 3x1/2 oz Britannia 2020 gold - £695 each delivered SD 1 sold 2 x1/4 oz Britannia 2021 gold - £367each delivered SD 1 sold 1 X 1/4oz royal mint dog 2018 - £360. delivered 1 x1/10 oz Britannia 2020 gold - £157 each delivered SD (2 sold) loose Pamp Bar 2.5g gold - _123 delivered Increased prices due to spot
  8. 1 Oz in gold all from royal mint 1/2oz Brit Royal mint dog 1/4oz 1/4 Oz 2021 britannia £1400 delivered for the 3 coins equating to 1 Oz of fine gold 2.5 sealed umicore £127 posted SOLD 2.5g loose pamp £123 posted 2.5g sealed pamp £130 posted SOLD Still valid for the time being
  9. Yes I do, and your right it is a beautiful coin. Appologies for the delay
  10. Yh had one box fresh but unfortunately it has sold.
  11. Prices adjusted according to spot
  12. Tn21

    completed Gold coins

    2021 1/10 Brit + 2021 1/4oz Brit = £510 delivered special delivery Last call no offers pls bank transfer
  13. Good to hear thanks @Midasfrog
  14. Belongs to the state 👀
  15. Tn21

    withdrawn 5 X 1/10 Brits

    £159 each delivered ATM Or still at £775 delivered for the 5
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