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  1. Some smackdown, £35/oz in a few hours.
  2. Kicking myself for not getting one of those Arms coins when they were £766.
  3. It fine. I sold the set at a very good price for the buyer, they know who they are. A few pounds here and there don't make much difference. I have had some good/great deals in the past.
  4. A collectable, certified proof set at a small premium to spot/melt value. Price 1.85 x £1425 + £11 RMSD = £2647 Will edit post/price is spot moves too far up and down.
  5. Still available as I had more than 2 to sell.
  6. I remember buying one ouncers for £300 and sovereigns for £75.
  7. 2 available, £1399 + post which is a fair bit cheaper than Baird/HGM etc for a Buffalo.
  8. Price as title with postage charged at cost. 2 Tubes available.
  9. 1981 1 Ounce Gold Krugerrand Listed at spot + postage which is charged at cost.
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