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  1. Someone bid £1100+ on it in the end.
  2. Ebay item, 143696522779 This one looks fake to me but people bidding well on it. What do you guys think. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143696522779?ul_noapp=true
  3. 5 Tubes available at £23.50/coin in tubes of 20. These were from a sealed box of owls and only 1 tube has been opened for photos. p@p at cost.
  4. Perhaps the Russian vaccine works and they will sell it to other countries. No dollars though, payment in gold.😆
  5. Still surprising to see gold down over $80 given the trillions of extra dollars created in the past few weeks. I am going to get some more Pt on this fall.
  6. Maybe we have started the move to Wongers $400 target.😭
  7. 2019 Gold Proof Krugerrand set with box and coa (Cert no 6 out of 200) Coins have the one off Mintmark 1/4oz 1/10oz 1/20oz 1/50oz £700 inc Special Delivery
  8. Yes 2016 only and it was the first of the series. I am wondering though if the premium has shrunk given the rocketing gold price.
  9. 1971 20 Balboas which is 3.8 oz silver content and a 1966 Kennedy half dollar to make up at least the .2 to total over 4oz. £75 delivered
  10. What happened at 4am when the price dropped suddenly.
  11. Another day and gold crashing the wong way. Are we now not at the all time high in $ and £.
  12. It is $250 million they are losing per dollar rise.
  13. As shown in the photos, rarely used. The Marsh book last sold on ebay for £50 Both books available for £40 delivered.
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