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  1. My very small humble stack just one gold sov lol. Rest all silver.
  2. Thanks to @ilovesilverireallydofor my 1st gold sov.
  3. I tried to book a courier online through various websites and none I could execute a laptop to be shipped from Latvia to UK. This was for one my blokes who I manage who works remotely for my team. None of the courier's have anything sorted and I suspect nothing for at least a month, then you'll have backlogs. All I was getting was errors I spent 5 hours trying to rectify and still no good. My advice is don't even attempt to buy or send anything from outside of UK as it stands. This is going to take a while to sort out. Absolute waste of my day.
  4. Pleasure! It would be wrong of me not to include silver in a forum draw.
  5. Thanks @BackyardBullion For the insights. As you know I am keen to help fellow members as best we can and your thoughts are invaluable.
  6. As we are now in the VAT regime from post Brexit are any of our fellowship of coinsters willing to set up a deal for UK dealers in the forum showing a group order? Maybe negotiation on the amount of orders could give that discount. As that Brexit suggests we should keep it British anyone willing to negotiate on behalf of fellow members of the forum doing a bulk order. I will be looking at dealers amd.sponsors who can help us on this to move it forward, I hope that it is good food for thought for both parties. I am not well qualified nor full time in the game to consider it
  7. I have some Japanese asashi 10z bars very nice too!
  8. Alisidar mcloed is very good but his forecasting on PM's is way off the mark. He really knows his stuff otherwise.
  9. I am glad we are out. Now we don't have to bail out the euro. The debt they carry is enormous, I'm am glad we aren't part of it when it goes down the fartpipe 🤣
  10. HerefordBullyun

    Music Legends

    I wouldn't as he's a West ham fan. And he would be forever singing I'm forever blowing bubbles 🤣
  11. I am not sure what powers the courts have wether to extend his custodial sentence. It probably varies from state to state
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