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  1. Yes if they are CGT exempt not Channel Islands and Gib sovs for example.
  2. The taxman will question who and what you sold with the transparent amount. Youd be naive if you dont think HMRC dont monitor sites like this. Like there are people who flip regular here as private sellers but really they are acting like a business. Obviously Im not going to mention names, but trading feedback is massive giveaway. They wont have that luxury when CBDCs are around.... Currently your transactions between you and someone elses bank are private. Its why HMRC can find it difficult to prove tax avoidance. The government want to stop this so all transactions will go via the central bank which are no longer private. therefore can be challenged and if they reason believe your on the make, then they will just deduct the balance either from your CBDC wallet balance or your wages at source....
  3. Why do you think the government are launching CBDCs because they will tax you at source! The TAX man will be AI at source via CBDCs....
  4. You are subject to anything over the value of £3000 thats not capital gains tax free thats in 2 years time
  5. Say the market goes crazy and you a have significant stack. In Two years time when CGT threshold is reduced to £3000 anything you sell over the TOTAL amount of £3000 per annum you will have to pay Capital gains tax at between 10-37% depending on your earnings. So Reilsilver has a stack of coins he bought that arent capital gains tax: He paid £25 an oz for some silver say 500oz = £12500 - silver mooned and went to £40 an Oz and he sold it at profit of £8000 - so of that £15 profit per oz you will have to pay between 10-37% depending on your income. The first £3000 is the threshold is free, but the further £5000 you will be taxed. But if you buy Capital gains tax free silver or gold you dont have pay it! And still have your annual threshold to use on something else! So you would have to pay £500 CGT at lower rate so youve only made £4500 *** I am not a financial / tax advisor but the highest rate You will have to pay £3150 so youve only made £1850
  6. Youve missed the elephant in the room - Capital gains tax is due to decrease in the next couple of years - so id seriously consider what you are stacking, especially if you are considering yourself a large collection...
  7. This is a mind bending thread - but very interesting nonetheless - lets go down the theory rabbit hole shall we? https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1661839309996195840.html Id be interested to hear @HonestMoneyGoldSilver opinion on this
  8. Citigroup Projects $30 Silver In The Next 6-12 Months https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/citigroup-projects-30-silver-next-6-12-months
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