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  1. Yup Ill bite There hasnt been one decent prime minister in my lifetime. Id rather you Mr C as Pm than any of these clowns we have I sure you have more integrity than the weasels that have been and in power now. Democracy is broken.
  2. i didnt I havent voted anyone for years. Democracy is a sham, doesnt matter if you vote for the left or right wing of a bird - its still the same bird. riddled with self interest and corruption. No government has been a servant of the people, they are self serving barstewards. If voting mattered it would be made illegal, as simple as that. And the old adage saying you dont vote, then you shouldnt talk about politics is a cop out, when all the same poeple who you vote for are like turkeys voting for xmas in the HoP. They are corrupt and until democracy is reformed I shall never vote. If everyone followed my lead then it could be a step in reforming the corrupt sham we have now. There is no integrity in politics, just greed.
  3. Not sure I know he said Rodney you really are a 42 karat plonker and shut up you tart!
  4. This called Karma for wearing your italy top in the Euros final 😜
  5. Only around his golf course to protect him from @Minimalist coming round with his shotgun! 😁
  6. The heavier the wieght of said bar the cheaper it is on premium.
  7. probably the price where the US debt clock price its at now...
  8. I agree reformation of the political system would be a start, reformation of the financial system. Not just by countries, but world policies. Yeah I know this is blue sky thinking, but its the only way to fix this terrible mess.
  9. No thats not free markets - its the exact opposite - its control and supression and manipulation - look at UK banks banning BTC - but Hedge funds can go and trade it. Its giving the big guy the upper hand, its double standards. Look at payment for order flow in the stockmarket for retail investors, Hedge funds are taking advantage every single day. The markets arent free, they are bent in favour of the big guy, big banks, big coropation and big government. This is the reality of the Keneysian model. Debt is enslavement.
  10. Infact Im incorrect in my last statement about central bankers they do serve a function, enslavement by debt!
  11. You dont need central bankers, they serve no function.
  12. Look at the paper markets silver for example. ratio of 500 peices of paper to every oz on the planet. Bullion banks and BIS and LMBA.
  13. Markets arent free, they currently are manipulated, thats what keynesianism created its basically crony captalism.
  14. Thats the beauty of the human race Roy, we all born to be different. part of lifes rich and varied tapestry.
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