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  1. Well I'm certainly interested in buying the dip in the aftermath
  2. Cisco could be one to watch going forward. They've invested in passwordless authentication with duo. I was looking at Thier white paper for this. If they own the patent for this it's going to be big in the tech market going forward. Very interested in this and going to put on my watchlist. The only concern I have is we are in tech bubble but Cisco are well established and can easily ride the storm. Definitely worth looking at.
  3. Have a listen to the Peter Schiff show this episode told you all you need to know.
  4. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/has-gold-gotten-too-expensive
  5. People talk about a V or U or L shaped recovery. I actually believe it's a K shaped one. Those who hold PMs bitcoin mining stocks and property mortgage free will be in the ones in the recovery of the stick where's those who don't will be down the swannie on other impoverished stick. The days of wiermarcht taught us everything we know.
  6. Gold will only go down if the money masters manipulation goes on. But they have to be careful the DOJ and other agencies after banks now the JPM lawsuit. This for me is the bull market real beginning.
  7. The BOE are being aggressive against inflation. But it's the only lever they have. But borrowing in wall st and the economy will have to continue borrowing. More borrowing more QE. We are drawing closer to an end game now. The death of this fiat is imminent. The dollar will go last but if the euro goes it's game over...
  8. Good read that @MinimalistThanks for sharing sir😊
  9. I have this heavily tarnished silver pewter port/wine goblet. It isn't hallmark but as you can tell from the tarnish it's silver. I'm looking to get rid of it for a swap for bu three brits. It has my name and regimental capbage on it used for mess dinners. If you are interested DM me. I can clean it up if needs be.
  10. Its all about a controlled DNA database mate. The government want to squeeze your liberties the point that every free speech is decimated. I think Ed Snowdon taught us that from his film citizen four. http://www.documentarymania.com/player.php?title=Citizenfour
  11. This is really what you want to be concerned about Operation moonshot. https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3558
  12. I expect gold to get smashed this week by the money manipulators. Chinese gold week. Hang seng closed due to this holiday so the Asian markets won't be buying. Hold tight all. Could be a right kicking this week but another buying opportunity....
  13. That's just a government narrative once they have your data wether biometric or digital, it's still absolute power. You haven't really understood the point of control.
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