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  1. Really good listen from Chris Powell at the GATA. talks through about the metals manipulation in full and how the fed and Bullion banks are covering up the swaps. YCC is already going on - but the fed havent publicy declared it! Theres a surprise.
  2. Well some people dont know who these legends are lol!
  3. The actual price market is 25.853, the bid may well be above, but look at something like trading view. which is the market Spot price,
  4. I was thinking more of Ron Jeremy! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Jeremy
  5. Yes it was over well over 26 today and been pumped down again today - this is blatent manipulation! just close to being smashed under again - i suspect it will before market close!
  6. The banking cartel are definately not let Silver get above $26 atm, The amount of times ive seen of late get to 25.9 and then get monkey hammmered down again is unreal!
  7. Crude is getting on close back to 70 mark again the inflation is catching up now, I would certainly be holding Oil stocks now - I can see it staying over 70 after these.
  8. PSLV not SLV etf wise. Pslv is backed by physical. but i would just buy miners as they go even higher! SLV is rigged ponzi scheme run by a cartel of manipulative bankers who are wanakers!
  9. Nope I know the reason The monthly US inflation figures released today, thats pushed gold up generaly in all currencies. Theres strong rumors that JP morgan also has been lending thier physical out to other banks mainly bank of america to the tune of 8bn and sold it to the ETF market. if this continues we are going to see serious blowouts in the market - Hold tight Stackers this is going to be very interesting few months! I am getting more and more bullish on metals day after day. The cartel are now starting to lose the battle. The inflation figures arent realistic what they are supplyi
  10. welcome to the forum buddy and enjoy the crazy world of PMs!
  11. Yes I can imagine Liz saying to Phil - I know your forehead goes all the way to the top of your bareskin.
  12. Aww when I saw the text beautiful lady - you got me all excited - now I am off for cold shower.
  13. Be nice to see one of Phil sporting his navy outfit with all his medals - hes got a fair old rack puts my 6 to shame really!
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