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  1. Welcome coinster! To TSF!
  2. What a great video @GrahamDiamond. I could hear your heartfelt emotion in that story. I gave my boy his first silver coin the other day. his face was absolute picture - and why I explained it was special and I think he's hooked as hes asking me for some more already!
  3. Just a piece of friendly advice @GoldenPhil. I am going to give you a scenario, that you may wish to be mindful of, but it is exactly the reason why I dont play in the markets. What if a second wave of COVID19 comes in and the fed have to continue to bail out wall st with QE, which would keep the stocks from falling? I get the scenario that there is the herd immuunity that it will pass, but there is no credible evidence that everyone has been exposed or immune to it, we dont really know if its a true peak of epedemic or not. it maybe something to bear in mind doing a long term projected short? Im no expert - but it would be something Id be mindful if I was to go short.
  4. Given the prices are at a premium - its no brainer for china just to mine away and pay for it at price THEY dictate! They rule with an iron fist.
  5. Adam curtis a very clever guy. It was a BBC series but the only one he has on Iplayer was hypernormalisation - If you havent seen Bitter lake thats excellendt also.
  6. You wont be dissapointed a right eye opener. I had to watch it a couple of times to get my head around it but worth sticking with.
  7. @MancunianStacker @GoldenPhil dont know if any of the above links are any use to you? for your perusal.
  8. Sounds like you have had trapped nerves my friend!
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