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  1. I progressed from window licking to crayon eating now - hence I fart rainbows 💨🌈
  2. I spent 7 years attached to Commando brigade.
  3. I am entitled to be Earned as a crayon eating dysfunctional veteran!
  4. Im a silver man, but have one sov lol! but 510oz of silver
  5. My story is I like to roll around in my stack naked and touch myself!
  6. Apart from @Booky586 who just liked my comment 😁 never trust a booky. The odds are stacked against you 😁, they would take your bets in gold given the chance -only joking @Booky586. You are quite welcome to marry my sister who is welsh and you should hear the noise she makes when she eats a boiled egg and she has a massive beard, one is on her face....no second guesses where the other is....
  7. OK im ex military 23 years under my belt - now an IT scumbag. So feel free to DM me. But if you are ex military. I can also smoke walts out a mile.....😁
  8. One thing ive learnt on this forum you are all shrewed to some extent. I thought being a Jus was just a french gravy. But apprently its a religion and part of stacking, Mine isnt, as Im too busy having a laugh and touching myself as much as possible. We are fundamentally survivalists, which is is a fantastic thing, however what about the other 99%, in the forum is which on 15k strong, but i know there is more in the stacking hedge community - because when you look at it your friends who dont stack, later who will be knackered in the end game. What do you say to them? are you open? Do you bring it up? Do you rant with passion about the whole ecomonic sytem, becuse your faith in the system is knackered. My passion is to tell people that actually the world is ****ed economically and it is. My experience in the military told me this. Its a game of pyschological operations driven by media, big government/tech and run by idiots whom are self forfilling. So I will give my answer the people who I trust desrve this knowledge, when you stack PMs to me you are already ahead of the game, simples.
  9. I might use my emergancy penny black thats always taped to my ronson in case of financial emergency....
  10. OI @kimchi my dirty balloonknot /1970s tea towel holder nor anyones that I am inspecting is my business! My business and clients is purely confidential. But to promote more business ive adopted this song. It normally play it when I take clients out for business lunch down the star of India. Complimentary tube of pile cream included post meal on payment of 25 oz of Silver or 2 sovs!
  11. The song was top of the hit parade for 15 straight weeks in the Japanese charts . She offered me to take part in the video and carry out said actions. I declined as I was too busy counting my stack.
  12. I know the lyrics to this. Its goes Oh herefordbullyun please come around my place and you can glady punch me the fartpipe...
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