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  1. MJ was on his last tour, and wanted to do something different at the end when was rehearsing for it. So his final encore rehearsal he would walk on stage naked with a cheese triangle on his tallywhacker. The tour director asked him Michael why are you getting naked for your final encore rehearsal with a piece of cheese on your tallywhacker? He just replied well the kids will anything for the taste of dairylea!
  2. I'd have £5 on the Dali Lama but only if I were a Tibetan Man! I have a great joke about a courier, but I'm afraid you may not get it!
  3. Apologies for not being clear. I've always been c**p at written English.
  4. Isn't that a further strength arguement for silver? If the market is smaller and the proverbial hits the fan, it's the greatest thing that can happen....
  5. Ok so are you pro gold over silver? I am just stating my case for silver. It's underestimated and undervalued.
  6. Ok your first line why? Your second line I think you will find historically it was money to the common man. Also when you come end game silver is going to be the better metal. Please bear in mind what I posted. End game, gold will be potentially confiscated it happened before in the USA..... So is it second fiddle?
  7. Well I was on tv once. I met Jimmy saville and Gary glitter and on jim ll fixit they took me to a farm to milk a cow blindfolded..... best day of my life 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. You should ask Mike maloney for a job. He loves the charts also.
  9. Also this https://www.cmcmarkets.com/en-gb/trading-guides/stock-chart-patterns
  10. @Kman @Madstacks @Booky586 This is really good free pdf 👍👍👍👍 https://vdthangmeomeo.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/edwards-magee-technical-analysis-of-stock-trends-9th-edition.pdf
  11. An oldie but goodie the genius of barker
  12. Love the humour and analogy but element of truths in what you say @Zhorro
  13. Could be worse I married a turtle! Go platinum also @GrahamDiamond. GD can have fellow brothers from both spheres.
  14. I'm envious I'm missed the gold boat as I say it's not cognitive bias. I wish I had gold. But for me was silver to buy 1st, gold to me is a luxury.
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