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  1. This one? Im jealous at the size of his! Or this one?
  2. Could you photograph my trumpet? Its been furiously polished , but I think you may need a strong magnification on the lense!
  3. Glad to see you have your eye on the most prized of the asset class moreso than ya stack lol!
  4. Sounds like my dad he walked in mysterious circles he had one leg shorter than the other too!
  5. Ah thats a good call do you give credit? Now you do free postage, asking for a bert friend! So can I have 5 tones of gold on credit with free postage installment starting in 2225 at 1p per month? 😁
  6. Yes Id call it The Savage gentlemen! Memoirs of Blackpools top 20 gold dealer
  7. Not having a go here but why do Jocks deep fry everything? You'll soon be deep frying ya underpants next and considering that as the next delicacy! I mean mars bars - pizza the list is endless, no wonder the jocks have the highest rates of heart attacks in UK! you have all those lovely hills and have your oats there too - you could be getting amongst it, which I suspect you do @HillWalkerDundee by your name, but your fellow kith n kin are smoking more embassies than the SAS, inhaling deep fried horses helmets etc and having 90 pints of whiskey! it makes no sense to me!
  8. I was going to comment and take the mick, but nahhhhhhh... i will save it for another day.....
  9. Well you have to say this aloud to get my joke but a hospice is about half a gallon!
  10. @James32 goals are to eventually over take Chinas gold holdings
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