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  1. Thanks. I called them and they said exactly the same thing to me. Blamed the website update and said it should be with me in a week or so.
  2. Hmmmm - I checked my account this morning and my order has now disappeared from my account. Still showing as pending on my credit card. No emails No communication. I have my suspicions that my order will not be honoured. Still no major loss the way gold is dropping £150 will be the price from all the dealers for this 1/10 Britannia
  3. Hi All I am on the hunt for the 2020 1/4 oz White Horse of Hanover (Bullion). I can either offer cash or exchange for a 2016 1/4 oz Lion of England (Bullion). Please PM me if you have one available
  4. Barracuda still for sale. Reasonable offers considered.
  5. Still available. Reasonable offers considered if buying all 10.
  6. 1oz Silver coins 2018 US Silver Eagle - couple of marks on coin SOLD 2017 Cook Islands Bounty SOLD 2000 Maple Dragon Privy (with screw cap) SOLD 2017 Barracuda £22 SOLD Payment via PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer. Postage at your choice and risk.
  7. 1oz Silver Dragon Bars with capsules. 2018 £23 each or buy all 10 for £220 SOLD 2019 £22 each or buy all 10 for £210 SOLD Photos of the bars below - a couple of the 2018 show a touch of toning. Payment via PayPal F&F or Bank Transfer. Postage at your choice and risk.
  8. Lovely coins. Some of which I already own some of which I need for my collection. If you decide to split them please let me know
  9. Rat

    closed Goldbacks

    Hi. Any of these left?
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